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April 30, 2003     The Perkins Journal
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April 30, 2003

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2-THE PERKINS |OURNAIL t Thursdayr May I t 2003 0 i i anyone toshareitforthatmatter, to each his own. HoweverIam Vo firmation. voting with my pocketbook in hand, I am exercising censorship in ter con pnon my household by not listening to Tim Robbins on my TV or radio. What public figures need to be reminded ofi and ofien l might add, is notices going out m mai ,#, , , ,, that many Americans such as myself do not want to hear their whining We welcome letters to the editor. All letters must be signed with a telephone number for verification of the writer (your telephone number won't be published). Please keep them as brief as possible. Letters may be edited for spelling, grammar, or length. The editor reserves the right to reject any letter that is considered libelous Or in bad taste. Letters do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publishers. Celebrities should accept results of actions Actor/Activist Tim Robbins is complaining how unfairly he has been treated recently, his appearance was cancelled at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He feels this is due to the fact that he does not support a war in Iraq. Celebrities put themselves on the spot when they exercise their right to freedom of speech, because they appear to believe that what- ever they say is gospel to the ears of all Americans. What is wrong with a negative reaction to a statement that celeb- rities might make, especially when they take an unpopular stand against the war in Iraq? Absolutely nothing. First let's take a look at a few factors that make Mr, Robbins a complete and utter fool. Our nation has many newspapers, thousands that print just what they want to print. If a particular paper wants to print an article about Jane Doe's dog biting a policeman, they have that right as long as they do not slander the persons involved. Anyone who lives in this nation is at liberty to complain to anyone who will listen about what they feel is wrong with it. That wasn't happening in lraq with Saddam Hussein, in fact they had one televi- sion station run by Saddam's son, one newspaper run by his other son and this may come as a shocking surprise but Saddam decided what could be aired on TV and printed in the paper. Is there anyone telling The Perkins Journal what to print and not? He (Robbins) should be happy that the free press has given so much free circulation to his remarks, and free of charge I might add. That does not appear to be censorship to me. I choose not to buy Dixie Chicks' CD's because its my fundamental right not to support anyone who I feel is trying manipulate thousands of people to think the way they do. The First Amendment provides that Congress shall make NO LAW abridging the right to freedom of speech; that simply means that you can speak in private or in public without fear of recrimination. Why is it that public figures feel that they are above the people who help support them? Should they not be held accountable for their rash remarks made in public? The fact is Robbins and the Chicks are entertainers, and public opinion is the difference between Rodeo Drive restaurants and McDonalds. I believe with the other 76% of Americans that we did do the right thing in Iraq, I am not infringing on anyone's freedom of speech:, nor am I &t,g THE PERKINS JOURNAL (USPS #42.8040) The Perkins Journal is published every Thursday at 135 S. Main and entered as periodical postage paid at Perkins, OK 74059-0040 by Pomegranate, Inc, P.O. Box 40, Perkins, OK 74059-0040. Printed by the Stillwater NewsPress. Phone 4051547.2411 Fax 4051547-5640 e-mail: theperkinsjournal@ theperkinsjournal.com website: www.theperkinsjournal.com Cindy and Keith Sheets.Publishers Rick Lomenick-Assistant Editor Sherry Clemens - Production Manager The publishers are solely responsible for content and any errors will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the publishers. OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. POSTMASTER: Send changes of address to: The Perkins Journal P.O. Box 40 Perkins, OK 74059.0040 ALL CONTENTS COPYRIGHTED 2001 MEMBER: .Perkins Chamber of Commerce -Perkins Main Street, Inc. :.Oklahoma Press Association National Newspaper Association rlllllllllllllllll TO SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, just fill out this form and mail with I TrehmiankiCen tsJou r n al i I ............. I --I tl it State Zip ..... ! ! One year out of state,,.$32 I iBE A FRIEND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 l off of the rates listed above if you are a current, paid .= lsubscriber. Use the form above for your ffdend and list your II iname here: ,,, I Ii... -,, -- -,. -,, -- ... -,, .,,. m -- -- --. J and moaning about how their rights have been stepped on, clearly they have not. We've heard what happened to Iraqis that spoke out against Saddam Hussein; Robbins and others who want to badmouth this nation should be grateful they live where they can say something stupid and still go home to their loved ones at night. As Forrest Gump's mother once said, "Stupid is as stupid does." Thanks, Shawn Crain Appreciating the Arts With April designated as Arts Awareness Month in Oklahoma, it seems an appropriate time to reflect upon the wonderful contribu- tions that Oklahomans have made to American culture. Our state's arts communities boast an incredible vibrancy, but they need your support and appreciation. Thankfully, Oklahoma's powerful legacy in the arts shows no sign of waning. That was made apparent last week, when I had the opportunity to visit this year's Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts, one of the finest events of its kind in the nation. Although it is impossible to pay tribute to all past and present Oklahoma artists who have so enriched our culture, I would like to highlight a few of the greats who have called our state home. The list of outstanding painters and sculptors from our state includes Wilson Hurley, Allan Houser, Doc Tate Nevaquaya, Jerome Tiger, Charles Banks Wilson, Mike Larsen, Enoch Kelly Haney, Jean Rich- ardson and Paul Moore. Oklahomans Maria Tallchief, Marjorie Tallchief, Yvonne Choteau, Rosella Hightower and Moscelyne Larkin are among the finest Ameri- can ballerinas of all time. We are a musically diverse people, as evidenced by such luminaries as Woody Guthrie, Garth Brooks, Charlie Christian, Jimmy Webb, Reba McEntire, Toby Keith, Hoyt Axton, Patti Page, Leona Mitchell, Vince Gill and Leon Russell. In literature, Oklahoma is represented by such greats as Ralph Elli- son, Angle Debo, Tony Hillerman, S.E. Hinton, Billie Letts, William Bernhardt and Rilla Askew. Among our state's treasures is poet and novelist N. Scott Momoday, who honored Oklahomans at my inauguration with a special poem entitled "Oklahoma 2003." His words depicted a bright future for our beloved state: Now we come in our turn To stand on this ground between our forebears and our children To build understanding on what has been To build greatness on what will be. If you have questions or comments, please write me at the Office of the Governor, Room 212, Oklahoma City OK 73105 or visit the "Contact the Governor" section of my website at www.governor.st ate.ok.us. It seems that we have a mystery to unravel. Last week we printed a photo of the old bank building, which had an elephant standing next to it. I'm not naming names, but there's a disagreement on whether the elephant in the photo was genuine or not. What I'd like to know is if you might remember the elephant in question and can clear the matter up? Please let us know. CS Went to t-ball practice last night and I see that things are still the same - it is an amusing game. It is so funny to watch those little kids out there playing the field. Some were busily blowing dandelion seeds off the stem, one was lying down on his tummy, one was sitting on a base, one did a cartwheel. Makes you realize what is really important. CS A pat on the back to the Perkins Masonic Lodge for kicking off an effort to get those fields lit. They are gathering donations for new lighting. What a great idea guys! CS Recently noticed flyers up around town advertising Horsethief Canyon. I'm so glad to see it reopen. You seldom see a news report about Perkins that doesn't mention the place. It's great that this site is available to the public again. CS Don't forget to get your pre-publication order in tbr David Sasser's new history book, "Perkins - Many People - One Community." If it is like the two earlier books, it will be a great volume which will become a family heirloom. David does a great job of compiling and documenting the history of this area. Don't miss out! 'IOHES ff0ADS Some registered voters in Payne County will be receiving postcards from the Oklahoma State Election Board request- ing them to confirm their voter registration information. "Federal and state law require us to confirm voter's addresses periodically," Payne County Election Board Secretary Glenna Craig said today. Voters who fall into one of four categories will receive a notice. The categories are: Voters who did not vote during the last 24 months, A voter who has the same last name, first initial and birth date as another voter in the state. A first-class mailing was sent to a voter since January 1, 2001, and was returned by the post office as undeliverable. Voters who surrendered Oklahoma drivers license to another state. Craig said it is very that these notices are not diste garded if the voter wishes toc tinue to be registered to vote. The voter should the card and return mail it the postage paid address on the back of the card. If voter does not want to registered, the card should I discarded. The voter's re tion will be canceled the 2004 General Election. For any questions, or tional information, about notices please call the County Election Board at 747-8350. 1 A weekly column by Rick I,omenick Journal Assistant Editor It has been said here many times of the kind of students we in our school system. Another great example was Friday wheat fourth and fifth grade Music Makers made their second appearanCe as many years at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts. The, a lasting impression on many of those who heard them. To be considered a part of the Festival of the Arts schedule, an act must audition either live or by quite an honor since last year was the first time the choral group performed there. But a second time is a testimonial to the instruction they receive. Although I may seem a bit biased, our kids performed before hundreds of people near the famed International Food In fact, when asked by a complete stranger in the of the kids, he was surprised when I told him. Another impressive thing was how well-behaved the kids especially when the act before them was performing. They sat ing attentively and cheered when the junior high group from finished a number. Many even congratulated the Moore kids pria | taking the Caf Stage themselves, al dessk Even during the morning session of ice skating, the kids did gOt[ St'Ap even though many experiences for bumps and bruises on the ice. ! D" a Friday..  t It was a great way to spend * * * * * q ill e r,, Another good way to spend last weekend was to attend tla[ Wood Bat Classic held at the baseball field. This year, the wealP'[ cooperated and it was a great toumament. In talking to head coach Bobby Buck about the event, he too pleased with the overall outcome. Of course. if his Demons won the tournament. He was quick to thank those who helped make this a success. [ d assisting with sponsorship were Whistle Stops, Realty, Prairie's Edge Restaurant, TCIM Services in Stillwatel Electric in Stillwater, Dr. Darrell Sadler, and P-T boys' coach Jason Reece. And, of course, thanks to the many fans for attending. Education Results by Sandy G armtt State Supe rin nde nt Saluting mothers and teachers - many are both! Whom do you admire? If you thought of your mother or a favorite teacher, you are not J Parents and teachers are consistently among the top role models# in surveys of adults and children. . May brings in special days to recognize or remember the made by mothers and teachers (both male and female) who to lives of Oklahomans of all ages everyday, yot N, , Everyone knows that Mother's Day is May 11, but know that Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 4-10, Teacher Day on May 6. !1 Just as a mother serves as a crucial guide through a child years, teachers impact children's lives every school day and s] parents as children's first teachers. - As a mother and former first grade teacher, I unders importance of these roles. One of the most powerful ways learn is through imitation" imitate parents and othel  givers, teachers and schOO Webster? p!ctionary d, teacher' as 'one whoSe v - pation is to instruct.' The dlv  u, "d'. teacher has always been 00ways00ev00ue00mo0000'00 I would like to thank all if'U- because I know they spe; ,I E1"C14 ON less hours inside and oU ".tsi classroom m01ding and  ilv Oklahoma s future one  ' mind at a time. mY  And even though . ag0,, passea many years , influence on my life o -just like the impresslO made today by motherS i the state. Have you hugged models lately? If your mother and past teachers know how positively can just say,