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May 3, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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May 3, 2012

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History THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, May 3, 2012 - A5 .=,sot= T=.= ' Water Storage Tanks Chopping wood and carrying water are held by some to be the path to enlightenment. Perkins homesteaders, however, seem to have found these tasks to be the path to drudgery, and they mechanized both processes as soon as possible. It would not be long before wood was being cut with buzz-saws and water was being transported around the farm through pipes fed by elevated l! storage tanks. Two types of well pumps were t available to the settlers. Lift pumps only raised water to the level of the open  ,._ spout from which it flowed outward Lift Pump through gravity. Force pumps, on the other hand, were equipped with a pipe connection (typically opposite the spout) which carded the water further upward into a storage tank. A valve on the spout and a packing nut around the pump rod forced the water to leave the pump only through the pipe to the tank. Both types of pumps could be operated by hand or windmill power. The storage tanks were made Force Pump of wood or steel and were usually fitted with lids. The tanks could be located on the windmill tower, in the barn Wood tank loft, in the house attic, or on a separate elevated platform. The need for maintenance access and the fact that water weighs eight and one-third pounds per Steel Tank gallon eventually made the last option the most feasible.  : As soon as it could be arranged, water = ,qll, was piped into the farmhouse kitchen or pantry. A cast-iron sink and drain pipe carried the wastewater away. As convenient as this arrangement was, mid-summer in Oklahoma had a way of giving storage-tank water some memorable flavors. So, July" and August would usually find pitchers of cool drinking water being carried directly from the pump into the house and jugs of coot drinking water being carded directly from the pump into the fields. Perhaps this did result in enlightenment, but it certainly became the stuff of fond lr -- memories.  The Farm Museum at the Oklahoma B Territorial Plaza could use photographs r of early water storage tanks and U windmills. If you have family : photographs of any of these, and you  would allow them to be enlarged for  display in the Museum, please call   Bob or Norma Constien at 405 IF" "': 547-5057. LEGAL NOTI(;E LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTll ;E LEGAL NOTIC =_. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Legal notice published in The Perkins Joumal May 3, 2012 The Payne County Commissioners met in a regular meeting, Monday, February 13, 2012. Notice of the meeting was made in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. The following were present: Gloria Hesser, Chairman; JimArthur, Vice- Chairman: Rocky Blasier, District #1 Road Foreman (1st Deputy) and Linda Hatfield, County Clerk. The meeting was opened with Prayer and Flag Salute. Blasier made the motion to approve the agenda as printed. Arthur sec- onded. Blasier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. Arthur presented the following requests for utility permits: Rural Water #3, a 6-inch water line and a 6-inch casing o be installed by trenching to crOss an East/West county road approximately 0.01 miles West of 68 and Range Road and described as 50 feet West of the SE/corner of Section 12, Town- ship 18 North, Range I East; Rural Water #3, an 8qnch water line and an 8-inch casing to be installed by trenching to cross an East/West county road approximately 0.01 miles West of 56th anc Western Road and described as 50 feet West of the SE/comer of Section 4. Township 18 North, Range 2 East; Rural Water #3, an 8-inch water line and an 8-inch casing to be installed by trenching to parallel a North/South county road approxi- mately .26 miles North of 56th and Western Road and described as 1,380 feet North of the SE/comer of Section 4, Township 18 North, Range 2 East. Blasier presented the following requests for utility permits: Calyx Energy LLC, a 3-inch tem- perary water line to be installed by laying it in the ditches, trenching driveways and running in culverts. The line will parallel an East/West county road approximately 1 mile West of Elm Creek and Grandstaff and described as 5,280 feet West of the SE/comer of Section 27, Town- ship 18 North, Range 4 East; Calyx Energy LLC, a 3-inch tem- porary water line to be installed by trenching to cross a North/South county road approximately .1 mile North of Ripley Road and 9th Street and described as 60 feet North of the SE/comer of Section 6, Town- ship 17 North, Range 4 East; SemCrude LP, a 6-inch steel crude oil line to be installed by bonng to cross a North/South county road approximately 1.00 mile East of State Highway 18 and described as 753 feet South of the NE/cemer of the SE/4 of Section 22, Township 18 North, Range 5 East. Blasier made the motion to approve the permits as requested. Arthur seconded. Blasier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. Hesser presented the annual report for Revolving Evidence Fund from the District Attorney. Hesser reported the transcript was $1,741.70 with expenditures of $1,741.70 resulting in a -$1,741.70 net income.Arlhurmade the motion to approve the report as presented. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. Hesser presented a request to use the courthouse lawn for the National Day of. Prayer scheduled for May 3rd, 2012 from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Blasier made the motion to approve the request as presented. Arthur seconded. Blasier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. Arthur presented the following resolution: PAYNE COUNTY COMMISSION- ERS Resolution # 2012-06 Re: Addition of 2 Stop Ahead and 2 Stop Signs Lakeview and Range Road WHEREAS, Title 69 O.S. 1991 Sec. 601 vests jurisdiction over county roads and Highways in the county, and WHEREAS, Tale 47 O.S. 1991 Sec, 14-113 specifies certain powers of the county commission with respect to the regulation of traffic on local highways, and WHEREAS, the reads intersecting at Lakeview and Range has a high volume of traffic and a hill that limits the sight distance. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: in open meeting this 13th day of February, 2012 by the Payne County Board of Commis- sioners will erect stop ahead and stop signs on the east-west road of Lakeview where it intersects at Range. T19N-R2E SW QUARTER OF By Charles Wall There are various uses made of old vehicles and farm machinery, besides taking them to the metal recyclers. Some rural residents show great ingenuity to make useful items and ornamental items from worn out and obsolete machines. Some people use old farm equipment as ornamental objects in their yard. It gives the yard and surround- ings a rustic look or an old farm appearance. I enjoy seeing those displays. In 1950. I did not see any of these rustic displays in yards. Some of that machinery would be around the farmstead, but it would be in operation and not for decoration. Maybe that generation was just too close to the horse-drawn implements and hand tools. They had just come out of World War II, and they wanted something modern and streamlined. But now. we often see old farm tools as decorations. I like it. A favorite is a cream separator. Other decora- tions include cream cans and milk cans. Cream cans were five gallons and milk cans were ten gallons. Also used are cultivators, cotton planters, walking plows, steel wagon wheels, and implement wheels. Wooden wagon wheels are sometimes used, but they are scarce. Old washing machines have been filled with soil and have flowering plants growing in them. Lynn and Kelly Kinder have a good yard display which includes a horse-drawn mowing machine, imple- ment wheels, and other tools. Some old hand tools are used for inside decorations like in family rooms or even in restaurants. These tools are hung on walls and include cotton scales, hay knives, hand corn planters, and cross cut saws. Another good use for old tools and horse-drawn imple- ments is for them to be put on display at the farm tool and implement collection at the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza here at Perkins. The curators of this collection, Bob and Norma Constien, have a column each week on this page which shows illustrations of the old tools. Other town have displays and museums of old farm tools, like the Phieffer collection at the Payne County Expo Center. This is good both for education and tourism. My grandsons have resurrected some old farm tools, like a corn planter, cultivator, and corn picker for their special field plots. The corn picker is Wayne Allen's which he used 60 years ago, and the cultivator was Palmer Sadler's. Since the age of automobiles, 1915 to present, vari- ous kinds of trailers and wagons have been made from old car and truck frames and chassis. My family had two grain trailers made from truck frames in Cegil Redus' shop in Perkins. Jerry Sadler did the work on one of them. K. D. Hoisington of Tryon built a really good hay trailer from truck frames for Wayne Allen. We have the trailer and it is still in use. One common type of trailer used in recent times is the bed from an old pickup with the frame and ear axle still intact with the bed. l The hopper bins of old combines make good con- tainers for small batches of feed and seed. The bins hold from 15 to 55 bush- els. The bins are removed from the original combine, and a framework of steel is used to keep it right side up. Another idea is to take the back part of an old combine body and make a little house for a calf, sheep, or dog. Gary Cun- ningham west of Perkins on Highway 33, made a dog house out of an old Alli s-Chalmers Gleaner combine. And guess what the name of his gog is? Her name is Allis! SECTION 6 NW QUARTER OF SECTION 7 T:I9N-R1E SE QUARTER OF SECTION 1 NE QUARTER OF SECTION 12 Presented and approved this 13th day of February, 2012 Arthur made the motion to approve the resolution as presented. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasler, aye; Hesser, aye. The Clerk presented a resolution to dispose of equipment and remove it from inventory. The request is from the County Clerk and the item being disposed of is a Kyocera pnnter. Arthur made the motion to approve the disposal as requested. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. Hatfield presented the following monthly reports: Court Clerk, January bond fee for benefit of Sheriffs' Office: $3,829.2O Court Clerk, January Sheriff sewice fee: $26,034.83 Court Clerk, January courthouse security: $3,478.25 Court Clerk, January Court fund ending balance cash summary: $100,978.34 January 2012 alcoholic beverage tax: $12,625.92 Sheriff office depository ending January balance: $1 50,842.91 County Clerk January cashbook: General fund: $23,319.30 Clerk copy fees and ML cash: $6,725.00 OTC, documentary stamps: $14,173.49 Clerk RM&P: $6,840.00 Blasier made the motion to approve the reports as presented. Arthur seconded. Blasier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. The Clerk presented the minutes of February 6, 2012. Blasier made the motion to approve the minutes as pdnted. Arthur seconded. Blesier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. The following bide were opened: Bid #2012232 1) Load-O-Meter, 111 Industry Lane, Forest Hill, Maryland, 21050 2).General Electrodynamics Corp. r :3. Box 150089, Arlington, TX t;b15 Bid #2012-33, Elm Grove siding project 1) Not marked 2) Camco, 4120 E. 19th, Stillwater, OK 74074 3) Unknown 4) Paul Minasian Services, 1006 S. Union Rd. Stillwater, Ok 74074 5) TS Home Exteriors, 104897 S. 3580 Rd, Prague, Ok 74864 6) Frontier Siding &Windows, 4Ot2 W. Lakeview, Stillwater, Ok 74075 (3 bids) The bids will be given to the respec- tive departments for evaluation. Blasier made the motion to approve purchase orders. Arthur seconded. Blasier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. 2011-2012 COUNTY GENERAL: 2166, STC/BUSINESS WORLD, 125.57, SUPPLIES; 2167, FENTON OFFICE MART, 137.46, SUPPLIES; 2168, FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES, 224.92, SUP- PUES; 2169, QUALITY WATER SERVICES, 73.00, SUPPLIES; 2170, WALKER COMPANIES 85.50, SERVICES; 2171, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 296.97, SUPPLIES; 2172, FLEET- COR TECHNOLOGIES, 8512.49, SUPPLIES; 2173, FOUNTAIN SQUARE CLEANERS, 741.50, SERVICES; 2174, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 1034.40, SUPPLIES; 2175, STILLWATER MILL AGRI CENTER 107.46, SUPPLIES; 2176, THOMAS FORD, 434.44, SUPPLIES; 2177, UNIFIRST, 54.00, SUPPLIES; 2178, EWlNG ELECTRIC COMPANY LLC, 49.00, SUPPLIES; 2179, EWING ELECTRIC COMPANY LLC, 15.00, SUPPLIES; 2180, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 85.00, SERVICES; 2181, LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC., 2033.86, SUPPLIES; 2182, A T & T MOBIL- ITY, 1634.21, SERVICES; 2183, DIRECT TV, 109.99, SERVICES; 2184, OSU COOPERATIVE EXT. SRV., 13428.00, SERVICES; 2185, NATL. 4-H COUNCIL, 236.00, SUPPLIES; 2186, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 81.98, SUPPLIES; 2187, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 81.98, SUPPLIES; 2188, OSU COOPERATIVE EXT. SRV., 119.00, SERVICES; 2189, STANDLEY SYSTEMS INC., 31.96, SERVICES; 2190, OKLA. STATE UNIVERSITY, 2220.38, SUPPLIES; 2191, DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY, 29.20, SUPPLIES; 2192, FENTON OFFICE MART, 1605.00, SUP- PLIES; 2193, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 207.29, SUP- PLIES; 2194, FENTON OFFICE MART, 49.95, SUPPLIES; 2195, HUGHES, WANDA S., 112.25, REIMBURSEMENT; 2196, KEN- NEDY, CODY P., 111.62, REIM- BURSEMENT; 2197, ANGEL, ROSEMARY, 10.33, REIMBURSE- MENT; 2198, BRADLEY, GARY W., 91.28, REIMBURSEMENT; 2199, FLEETCOR TECHNOLO- GIES, 163.00, SUPPLIES; 2200, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, INC., 480.00, SUPPLIES; 2201, INDUSTRIAL CHEMIST, INC., 450.00, SERVICES; 2202, AIR-O- HEATING, 6800.00, SERVICES; 2203, SUSSELL PEST CON- TROL, 100.00, SERVICES; 2204, THYSsENKRUPP ELEVATOR, 180.00, SERVICES; 2205, THYS- SENKRUPP ELEVATOR, 180.00, SERVICES; 2206, B & C BUSI- NESS PRODUCTS, INC, 129.44, SUPPLIES; 2207, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, INC., 82.00, SER- VICES; 2208, INTERWORKS, INC., 1578.13, SERVICES; 2209, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, INC., 240.00, SERVICES; 2210, M POWER INC., 150.00, SER- VICES; 2211, BUSSELL PEST CONTROL, 75.00, SERVICES; 2212, THYSsENKRUPP ELEVA- TOR 180.00, SERVICES; 2213, MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, 65.99, SUPPLIES; 2214, POT- TAWATOMIE CO. REG., 300.00, SERVICES; 2215, FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES, 97.97, SUP- PLIES; 2216, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, INC., 360.00, SERVICES; 2217, BAILEYS PAVING CO, INC., 623.28, SUP- PLIES; 2218, STEWART STONE, INC., 10766.82, SUPPLIES; 2219, BENSON, MICHAEL D., 107.57, REIMBURSEMENT; 2220, FAIR- FIELD INN AND SUITES, 79.00, SERVICES; 2221, B & C BUSI- NESS PRODUCTS, INC, 115.71, SUPPLIES; 2222, BUNNEY ELECTRIC CO., INC., 432.00, SERVICES; 2223, CINTAS FIRST AID & SAFETY, 28.73, SUPPLIES; 9")94, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 677.94, SUPPLIES; 2225, TREATS SOLU- TIONS, INC., 457.50, SUPPLIES; 2226, UNIFIRST, 526.33, SUP- PLIES; 2227, THERMACUBE LLC, 105.00, SERVICES; HIGH- WAY CASH: 932, AMERICAN WELDING SUPPLY, 605.20, SUPPLIES; 933, FLEETPRIDE, iNC., 629.08, SUPPLIES; 934, HARRIS GAS STATIONS, 302.80, SUPPLIES; 935, LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC., 929.26, SUPPLIES; 936, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 200.12, SUPPLIES; 937, UNIFIRST, 562.16, SUPPLIES; 938, STEWART STONE, INC., 10470.77, SUPPLIES; 939, KIN- NUNEN SALES & RENTALS, 170.00, SERVICES; 940, SOLID ROCK CONCRETE, INC., 600.00, SUPPLIES; 941, DOLESE BROTHERS COMPANY, 2225.25, SUPPLIES; 942, LIONEL HARRIS OILCO., INC., 1144.68, SUPPLIES; 943, QUAPAW CO, INC., 5556.60, SUPPLIES; 944, RAILROAD YARD, 2098.80, SUPPLIES; 945, INTERSTATE BILLING SERVICE, INC, 50.33, SERVICES; 946, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 177.00, SUPPLIES; 947,AT&T U-VERSE, 30.00, SER- VICE; 948, KERNS CONSTRUC- TION, INC., 257477.00, SUPPLIES; 949, STILLWATER NEWSPRESS, 45.90, SERVICES; 950, BOB BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 5437.69, SUPPLIES; HEALTH DEPARTMENT: 281, VARNELL SHARON, 27.75, TRAVEL; 282, STORAGE PLUS, 30.00, SERVICES; 283, HUCKABAY, JEREMY W., 675.00, SER- VICES; 284, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, 96.88, SUPPLIES; 285, CINTAS DOCUMENT MAN- AGEMENT, 105.00, SUPPLIES 286, FENTON OFFICE MART 53.54, SUPPLIES; 287, LOWE S COMPANIES, INC., 192.80, SUPPLIES; 288, WALMART COMMUNITY, 37.84, SUPPLIES; 289, ALLIANCE MAINTENANCE, INC., 1975.00 SERVICES; 290, STORAGE PLUS, 30.00, SER- VICES; 291, A T & T MOBILITY, 1042.20, SERVICES 1292, MEDICALARTS PRESS, 181.40, SUPPLIES; 293, STC/BUSINESS WORLD, 127.00, MAINTENANCE; 294, CENTERPOINT ENERGY, 299.20, SERVICES; 295, LAN- GUAGE LINE SERVICES, 303.09, SERVICES; 204, BEST BUY BUSINESS ADVANTAGE, 344.39,SUPPLIES; 205, JOHN E. REID, 1090.00, SERVICES; 206, WESTERN MECHANICAL LLC, 555.87, SERVICES; 207, WHITE PEACOCK PRODUC- TIONS, 178.25, SUPPLIES; 208, GALLS, INC., 539.93, SUPPLIES; 209, GALLS, INC., 539.93, SUP- PLIES MORTGAGE CERTIFICA- TION TAX: 12, SERVICES, 7.45, SUPPLIES; MECHANIC LIEN FEE: 5, INTERWORKS, INC., 340.00, SERVICES; FAIRBOARD CASH: 156, PERKINS BUILDERS SUPPEY, INC., 827.26, SUPPLIES; 157, LOCKE SUPPLY, 322.13, BURK OIL CO., INC., 104.00, r SUPPLIES; 158, ORIENTAL SUPPLIES; 951, KINNUNEN TRADING COMPANY, INC., SALES & RENTALS,, 463.60, SUPPLIES; 952, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 1317.59, SUPPLIES; 953, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 109.00, SUPPLIES; 954, P & K EQUIPMENT, INC., 17.06, SUP- PLIES; 955, SOUTHWESTTRUCK PARTS, INC., 629.97, SUPPLIES; 956, STILLWATER MILL AGRI CENTER, 146.46, SUPPLIES; 957, STILLWATER STEEL AND, 1585.63, SUPPLIES; 958, UNI- FIRST, 834.69,SUPPLIES; 959, P & K EQUIPMENT, INC., 439.30, SUPPLIES; 960, INTERSTATE BILLING SERVICE, INC, 175.06, SUPPLIES, P & K EQUIPMENT, INC., 278.40, SUPPLIES; 962, OCT EQUIPMENT LLC, 406.18, MISC. PARTS; 963, INTERSTATE BILLING SERVICE, INC, 228.34, SUPPLIES; 964, INTERSTATE BILLING SERVICE, INC, 190.47, SUPPLIES; 965, CLARK OIL DISTRIBUTORS, INC., 22705.94, SUPPLIES; 966, SCHATZ AUTO SUPPLY, 38.00, SUPPLIES; 967, RAINS DIESEL REPAIR LLC, 764.55, SERVICES; 968, RAINS DIESEL REPAIR LLC, 1910.93, SERVICES; BOARD OF PRIS- ONERS: 127,.SYSCO FOOD, INC., 18208.03, SUPPLIES; 128, ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL, 21328.15, SERVICES RESALE PROPERTY: 162, FOR THE RECORD, 8.46, SERVICES 163, DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY, 103.05, SUPPLIES; 164, STILLwATER TRANSFER &, 85.40. SERVICES; 165, LEX- ISNEXlS RISK DATA, 50.00, SER- VICES 166, COUNTY OFFICERS & DEPUTIES, 75.00, SERVICES; 167, STADLER, BONITA J., 83.25, TRAVEL ; 168, KISLER, MARTHA A., 88.80, TRAVEL 169, B & C 50.00, SUPPLIES; 159, EWING ELECTRIC COMPANY LLC, 40.00, SUPPLIES; 160, RAILROAD YARD, 2061.00, SUPPLIES; 161, STILLWATER NEWSPRESS, 114.00, SERVICES; 162, ALLIED WASTE SERVICES, 398.00, SERVICES; JAIL OPERATION & MAINTENANCE: 556, EWlNG ELECTRIC COMPANY LLC, 739.80, SERVICES; 557, FLEET- COR TECHNOLOGIES, 1937.01, SUPPLIES; 558, MYERS, DANIEL A., 32.5,00, SUPPLIES; 559, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 195.40, SUPPLIES; 560, MILAS FABRICS, 84.00, SUPPLIES; 551, A T & T MOBILITy, 742.49, SERVICES; SOLID WASTE: 148, NAPAAUTO PARTS, 29.56, SUP- PLIES; 149, PERKINS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC., 245.53, SUPPLIES 150, STILLwATER STEEL AND, 40.00, SUPPLIES; 151, STILL- WATER STEEL AND, 674.50, SUPPLIES; 152, STILLwATER STEEL AND, 309.50, SUPPLIES; 153, STILLWATER STEEL AND, 481.50,SUPPLIES CLERK R M & P: 23, KELLPRO, INC., 3458.00, SUPPLIES; 24, STC/BUSINESS WORLD, 6000.00, SUPPLIES 61, AT&T, 352.92, SERVICES; CBRI 105 FUND: 13, BRIDGE AND HIGHWAY, 10358.71, SUPPLIES; 14, JOHNSTONS CONCRETE PLUMBING LLC., 555.00, SER- VICES; 15, RAILROAD YARD, 965.30, SUPPLIES;ANIMALCON- TROL STRAYS: 2, SCHNEIDER, FRED, 150.00, SERVICES. The meeting was adjourned. Unda Haffleld Payne County Clerk