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May 3, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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May 3, 2012

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Seniors C4 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, May 3, 2012 Birthday Potluck Lum:heon at Senior Center The City of Stillwater Senior Activity Center will hold the May birthday pot- luck luncheon on Friday, May 11 at 12:00 noon. Bring a food dish to share or pay $3/person and enjoy the fine food and fellowship. Also, on Thursday, May 10 at 1 p.m. Healthcare Solutions will be here to provide free blood pressure checks. Senior participants age 50 and over are all wel- come to come join the fun. Center hours are: Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 p.m. and Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for music night. The facility is closed on weekends. Stop by 1015 E. 12thor call 747- 8080 for more information and make sure to pick up a May calendar of events. May is Older Americans month, so try something new, get out and enjoy life, and join us for some fun ! Monday, May 7 - The Center's doors open at 9: 30 a.m. Monday morning. Women's pool and a paint- ing class are on the agenda for morning activities. Pool players bring your own pool stick or use one of the Center's, and paint- ers need to bring their own supplies and creative ideas to share with the class. In the afternoon at 1:00 p.m. games of; rubber bridge, canasta, dominoes, pool, and Mexican train domi- noes, are played. Tuesday, May 8 - A free 45-minute workout, called Sit 'n Be Fit, is offered every Tuesday and Thurs- day at 9:30 a.m. Chairs are provided for each person. Some exercises are done while sitting and some are done while standing by your chair. Bouncing balls, hand weights, and stretch bands are incorporated in to the exercises for an more fun and games. Wii interactive games and ping pong are also available for participation. Afternoon games that usually begin at 1:00 p.m. include; canasta, dominoes, pool, Texas Hold'em, pitch, and puzzle solving. The adventure drama movie, "War Horse", will be shown at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, May 10 - Get toned up with the free Sit'n Be Fit exercise class offered at 9:30 a.m. Afterwards, Wii Fit is available to use. This is an interactive game system that challenges and can help improve your bal- ance. At 1:00 p.m. you can extensive workout. Wii join in games of canasta, games and ping pong are always available for a fun time, too. Afternoon activi- ties include games such as; duplicate bridge, Mexican Train dominoes, canasta, pitch, Skipbo, puzzle solving, snooker, pool and dominoes. A representa- tive from Veteran's Affairs comes in on Tuesdays, from 1:00-2:45 p.m. to help with any questions or paperwork you may have pertaining to veteran's assistance. Wednesday, May 9 - The women get out their pool sticks again for some dominoes, social bridge, pitch, pool, snooker, and puzzle solving. Also, the free blood pressure checks will be done at 1:00 p.m. At 2:00 p.m. bingo will be called. Thursday evenings the Center's doors reopen at 5:30 p.m. for Music Night. The musicians tune up their instruments and start some good o1' country tunes at 6: 00 p.m. Friday, May 11 -Pool playing and painting class are popular activities Friday morning at 9:30. There is exercise equipment, Wii games, and a ping pong table all available for use, too. May birthdays will be celebrated with a pot- luck luncheon starting at 12 noon. Bring a food dish or $3/person. Afternoon games include: canasta, pool, snooker, pitch, Texas Hold'em, dominoes, and a puzzle is out waiting for someone to find the miss- ing pieces. Last weeks winners of rubber bridge were: Norma Burk, 1 st and Dollie McClary, 2 nd. Social bridge winners were: Ina Lee Abels, 1 st ; and Orlean Hunter, 2"L Duplicate bridge winning partners were: Betty Abenante and Muma Raff, 1 st and Lionel Raft and M. Hadi, 2 nd. Texas Hold'era champion of the week was: Dollie McClary. An exciting 8- ball coed pool tournament was held last week with 31 participants. Stillwater Senior Center pool players challenged the Ponca City Senior Center pool players for the traveling trophy. The honors went to Stillwater with a score of 20 to 15. For more information, call City of Stillwater Senior Activity Center, 747-8080. CHURCH continued from page C3 Then plans for Falls Creek with food lists, plans for Bible School-need teachers, kitchen and craft help for both- --a way to serve! ! Nancy McCoy praised the Lord in song and testimony about healing in her body.--Healer or our Heart and Lover of our Soul. Thanks. Guess who turned 65 I!I Our Pastor Larry !! Happy Birthday to all those who have birthdays next week. Birthday or not remember each day is a day the Lord gives us to serve Him and Others. The Church of Christ in Perkins By Bob Penick Richard reminded us that God has blessed us in Christ with all spiritual blessings (Ephesians 1:3), and we should be rejoicing big-time. The dictionary defines rejoice this way: To welcome, enjoy, to be glad, to give joy to, gladden, and to feel joy or great delight. In the New Testament, we are urged to do that at least 43 times. In PhiliNgemas 4:4, Paul says: "Rejoice, and again I say rejoice", and in I Thesssalonians 5:16 he says: "Rejoice evermore." Christians always rejoice in the Lord. But, the Devil is a slick operator. He knows about God. He fought with him for control of the world and lost. He's headed for hell, and he wants to take as many of us with him as possible. He tempts us to reject faith in God, do as we please, and have as much fun as possible before we die. He taunts us by portraying Christians as dower, dreary,joyless, miserable simpletons who are willing to avoid anything that might be enjoyable here on earth in order to have hope of a place in heaven if we don't slip up and wind up in hell. Nothing is further from the truth. Yes, in I Corinthians 15: 19, Paul noted that if our only hope in Christ is for happiness in this life we will find ourselves to be the most miserable people on earth in some ways. Christians in hostel places all over the world are continually being perse- cuted, tortured and killed, and even in the best places to live, Real Christians will find themselves confronted in some way for rejecting worldly thinking and following their Lord. History reveals that all people who live in countries where governments follow God's commands may live more enjoyable lives than those who live in places where those rules are flaunted, but either way, Christians should be the happiest people on earth because they can look forward to living with their Lord forever in heaven. Thankfully, we live in one of those better countries, An easy choice. but Christians cannot take that as a given. We meet regularly on Lover's Lane, and sometimes we delight in some really good vitals. Come join us any time for food for the body and food for the soul. Christian Church of Perkins By Ralph Martin Sunday, our Minister, David Pock, brought a message "The Holy Spirit" from John 17. At the Last Supper, Jesus prom- ised his disciples that, after his return to heaven, he would send them the Holy spirit so that God would be with and within his followers. The Holy Spirit was made available on the day of Pentecost. It was a person of spiritual presence with a mission to testify about and reveal the person of Jesus Christ. He would be a counselor, lawyer, teacher, comforter, guidance in math about Christ, and reminder of his work. Being the Holy Spirit is not easy. He receives much praise and reverence just like the Father and Son do, but He is also too often assaulted, ridiculed, misunderstood, and his efforts quenched - just like they are. Pray we are never found guilty in any way, shape, or form of quenching his efforts. The Holy Spirit is God. He is in us. He is here to motivate, energize, and lead us throughout our Christian lives. The Bible is a love letter sent by God to you and I - his chosen children. We are royal lineage of the highest possible order. Royal heirs to all of God's blessings and grace. Co-heirs with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is a God given gift to those who are bom again. What more could we possibly want or need? We are located at 121 E. Stumbo in Perkins, OK. 405-547- 2004. www.perkinscc.2ya.com christianchurchperkins@ya hoo.com Sunday School 09:45 A.M. Worship 10:45 A.M. Bible Study 6:30 P.M. Nursery available. Visitors welcome. Members expected. St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church By Fr. Ken Harder For three Sundays, we have celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Up until Good Friday, he was another rabbi. He had followers who had varying levels of belief in him. On that day, all lost faith, except the one who conceived him in faith. Easter Sunday changed everything. Yes, the whole of creation was changed. Physically, every- thing looked the same. but there was something brand new. the man who died at a moment in history was now the Resur- rected Lord. His resurrected life meant that the previously inaccessible superior life with the Father was now grounded in physical existence. So now, the end of life here no longer meant an inferior existence in the abode of the dead but a better The Rehab Center at Stillwater Medical Center Caring for loved ones who have suffered from strokes, motor vehicle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord inluries and fractures, and much more. Call 405.742.5798 for more information. Roger Stevens f Operation X Ray Since we have grown accustomed to hearing regular news reports about radical Muslim suicide bombers kill- ing their enemies all over the world, I thought it might be interesting to look back at other such strategies that were considered and employed in the past. The whole world was horrified in 1944 when, in a des- perate effort to persuade the United States to relent in its effort to defeat their country, Japan resorted to sending their pilots to crash their planes loaded with explosives into American war-ships. History records those dev- astating showers of human bombs as Kamikaze raids. Kamikaze is a Japanese word for the "divine wind" that they believe saved them from another attack by their enemies long ago. Older people remember how dreadful it was to hear about untold numbers of Japanese pilots who were willing to give their lives in those Kamikaze raids. If our young people are still studying a bit of history, they know what Kamikazes were, but it is doubtful that many of you have ever heard about another country that considered such a tactic two years before the Japanese shocked the world by resorting to this horrific action. In January of 1942, one month after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Dr. L. S. Adams, a surgeon in Pennsylvania, side- stepping the morality of such a thing, offered his plan for a suicide squadron to the United States military. The plan was so intriguing that it wound up on the president's desk. Seeing how effective it would be, President Roosevelt issued a direct order to launch the plan, and it was given the name, Operation X Ray. Incendiary bombs were to be strapped to the chests of American paratroopers, and they were supposed to jump from bombers over Japanese cities and guide themselves to key targets before igniting their explosives. In one training maneuver at Carlsbad, New Mexico, something went wrong, and an army airfield was burned to the ground. Those were the only lives lost in training. But then, in 1943, after 20 months of training and after spending $2,000,000 on the project, the army abandoned the plan without even offering an explanation. With all of the attention then on the A-bomb, our "Kamikazes" never got to Japan. By the way, they had not volunteered for those missions. These draftees who were ordered to jump to their deaths by the President of the United States were Mexican freetail bats. Now, don't say you never learn anything from reading my column. one in which mere creatures of this world could now share in divine, etemal life. There is only one catch, a person must believe in the Resur- rection. It's not such an easy thing to do. Belief in Christ could not merely be some intellectual assent, it meant a person had to go out on a limb and mast that there is something greater than the world we see. Openness to belief allowed the Resur- rected Lord to share his life. Some could not be open to such a concept, it seemed ridiculous and so they stayed in their own little world they knew; they lost out on Resurrected Life. For these three Sundays, we have walked with those first believers, seeking to make their journey our own. As they went from unbelief to belief, so do we. It is a lifelong process, but we ritually celebrate it in three weeks. Now, the Church tums its attention to who we are with the Resurrected Lord. "I am the Good Shepherd." These words of Jesus give us the arguably most popular image of him. Our southeast window gives an image of Christ the Shepherd. It is a very consoling thought. However, we can become so used to it that we might fail to see the depth of these words, "I am the Good Shepherd." Up until now, Jesus speaks of who he is in relation with God. God is his Father; he is the Son. They have their own life together; their unity is the bond of love we call the Holy Spirit. Now he tells us who he is in relation with us. He is the Good Shep- herd who has a flock of sheep. Who are his sheep, the ones who know and hear his voice. The Good Shepherd knows his sheep and they know him. The depth of this is that this mutual knowledge of sheep and shepherd is like the mutual knowledge of Father and Son. In other words, who Jesus is with the Father is now the same as who we are with him. We have the same bond that Father and Son do. All we have to do to be his sheep isoto hear his voice that we may know him. There is a little more here than you many think. We can only know him if we accept how he reveals himself to us. Think of it. the people with whom you have the closest relationships are the ones that truly understand you; they accept you as you reveal yourself, not as they want you to be. So it is with us sheep. You and I must accept what is revealed and put our own concepts, the way we think Jesus ought to be in our lives, to rest. How do we know we are hearing his voice? By being part of the flock! There is one flock and one shepherd. In the midst of the flock, we call our Church, there is the shepherd revealing himself so that we may know him, hear his voice and have his life. v v v v v v  Stillwater Medical Center l ) Choose 0.ualit00j ( Medicare Certified ( JCAHO Accredited Hospital Based ( RNs, Therapists, Aides Health care services 405-742-5770 Serving !, ii,liii ill i, i il'l:iiiil;ill iiii:ilN:"i] :!: :tli ' iii, I} i  [,i;  .... mil{Iml{{IW:l{{lllmll