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May 4, 1967     The Perkins Journal
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May 4, 1967

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PAGE FOUR THE PERKINS JOURNAL MAY JOURNAL Publ|.hed every Thursday ir the PERKINS PUBLISHING COMP,%NY 133 S. Main Street Perkins, Okla. 74059 I.uis G. O'tIaver Chairman of the Board Harland B. tvelts Co-Publisher and Editor Imiel D. Draper Jr. Co-Publisher and Editor Noel M. Corset Production Advisor 22-2 - ----ld'Y-!)isney Society Editor and Office Mr. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $3.00 a year in Payne, Lincoln and Log.an Cour,ties $4.{t0 a year if sent out of the above mentioned counties Second Class postage paid at PerMns, Oklahoma, 74059 Tom Berry CAPI says The state Department is sure raising .a lot of 'RUKUS' over getting the Reds out of the rest: of the world. I don't kamw why they think they can ever do this when they haven't even been- : ................................................................. able to get them out of the State i 22. Swhag nnlsie 23. Stable 24. Tam- bour, ine 25. Sale notices 26, Soak flax 2g. Statt, te 30. Citrus fruit 31. Kind of bolt 32. Rose-like plant 33. Strlnged instrument s b |o 2 ACitOS 44. Guns: sl. :1. Game of I)OtVN chance 1, Falsify 5. Polar or '2. Foreign brown 3. F_dge 9. Fil'lirl 4. Poem :It). Terrible 5. Discloses 12. Non-paying 6. Lidded l,r"'t'e asian . pitcher 1:1, i.:,,:e again 7. Toward :l t. F, ipen, stern a cheese 8, Destroying ;15. Tin'ee 9. Begone ! :1i3. ty capital 11. Shelves is Bimnark: 15. Vat abbr, 18. Hideous ] 7. I rarefied 19. Tree 20. L.xrge 20. Kiud of :'. t. l"rate roll 22, Summer month /', 1 .' 23. Approach, ' as game 9 26. Symbols of .,uarriage '. 27. N:::.t '2% (';old coill " 14. 29. Type measures 17 20. 1;'ootball month Z 24 2 5, ois[Iu'e 36. Cdmbing Z'; plalt 2? 37. I2everie [;9. Explorer of 4 /'// S/llLltcn ///, Vc:;sclg 41. I,'(,rmer 51 e name of 41 Tokyo 42. {]il'. f/4" ' 12 a4V t 43, Thin 35. Style of art 38, Gelderlan4 city e! 39. Excavat 40. Man's lllllO - Department. ::: ::: :!: I was talking to an old boy who said he is still worryhag about paying his taxes. He said that he had made inquiry about living conditions in the j:iit be- cause he is afraid he mt have to spend some tkme flere. I tel4 him I knew some folks who had not paid their taxes right on the dead line and they were still around, "Why." he said, "I know 4o that; I'm not worried about this year's taxes, I am worried about those old back taxes." I was talMng to a supposedly brilliant lady and she said day dreaming is one of the finest recreations a person can have. She also said you can travel, meet new people and that way gain confidence in new exper- iences by imagining yourself in different roles. Now, she may be right; but my advice is, if you are going to day dream, don't get out in public to do it. The cops might pick you upand charge you with highway gaw- kery and attempt to mope. I learned a little trick over in Ripley. When somebody comes to call put your hat on when you answer the door. If you want him to stay tell him you are just coming in. If you don't want him to stay tell him you are just leaving. This is sure- fire unless you are bald-headed and wear your hat in the house all the time anyway. Yours. Tom Berry Jllletlllltionl expressed hereunder ire those of the writer and not netesM Ihll nwspaper or the Qkhlhoml Pte:$ Association, By Ben Biackstock The legislature is making geeat effort to get its work done so it can adjourn next week. It is girded to stay in session for an expected Saturday adjourn- ment, May 13. Work on appropriation bills is all but completed. A strike by school teachers, which would have lengthened the session, did not materialize. Pressure from higher education, which could have lengthened the senion, came only in the form of a peaceful march on the capitol by students asking greater ap- propriations. The threatened strike by pub- lie school teachers won't come of. " TIm Oklahoma Education Association has dissension with-' in its own ranks. It wants the, lqgilature to declare a $5,000 minimum annual wage for teachers throughout the state. But Okiahoma City, Tulsa and Ponca City teachers already ore. paid more than that, so those big blocs of teachers didn't warm to the proposed "strike." Making it harder to dismiss a teacher and making millage levies perman- ent were OEA legislative goals Which failed this session. , A greater effort will be made to define increased benefits for teachers this summer, and early next fall. Education leaders hope that through such demonstra- tions as a one-week school re- cess next fall, the public will become concerned. Public sup- port will be sought to force the legislature to increase salaries and for Gay. Dewey Bartlett to agree to raises. Some obsecvers thdught C,6/. Bartlett would stop talking about his "no new taxes" election pledge. Maybe the public would accept that he fulfilled that promise by staving off a tax in- crease his first legislative ses- sion. But last week, he told uni- versity sludent demonstrators that he was still committed to a no new tax program. It sounds good to pledge "no new taxes", but the cry is shal- low unless it is accompanied by aggressive leadership to plug tax loopholes and a strict en- forcement of collections. Neith- er this administration nor the Belhnon one has moved notice- ably in this direction. A govern- or cannot stop the rise in prices for labor and materials any more than he can command the sun to stand still. A tax increase of some major proportion will have to come if the services of all areas of state ZI Letters to the Editor... 30 did all they could for the better- ment of the town, the people just didn't stand by them. I sometimes think that they voted no in spite or selfishness; which I hope I am also wrong. The new town council are good men. as some of them I have known since they were babies. One of these men I have had business dealings with and found him to be fair and honest attcl a good business man. I hope the people will stand by them in what ever decisions they make as I believe whatever they do will be for the betterment of the town. I am looking f,wazd, an weekend when v;*,gh. paper to seeing the headlines that Perkins is now a city...Tt)n and only then will I know that Perkins will not be a suburb of some other city and that there will always be a PERKINS. What more could I say. Sincerely, Roy Spillers tGerman surrenderwere sitaed at Reims, Ma-J (t I qa Lon&m suffered fls:'o--Omhn bomber raid of the war, ;with destruction of the House of Conlmons, Chamber and other , famous buildings, May 10, 1941. , Christopher Columbus bean his last IW(,Hd, M__ay _.1.!, !_502._ - , ............. voyage .... to the New Dear Sir: I wrote a letter to the Perkins Journal in March stating that the people of Perkins were either dumb or didn't care, when they voted against Perkins be- coming a city. Sometimes aper- son does things on the spur of the moment without thinking that other people have a right to their beliefs as well as I do. Just because they see things dif- ferently doesn't nmke them dumb or ignorant. Each person has a right to his own opinion. I am man enough o stand up for what I think is right and also man enough to admit when I am wrong. Please accept my apology. om HISTORYT SCRAPBOOK U DATEs AND,,, EVENTS, FROM YESTERYEARS) t-, .Napoleon died, May 5, 1821. Halle Sclassie, Emperor of )Ethopia, returned to/he throne, May 5. 1941. The Gernmn dirigible Hiudenburg was destroyed by fire while landing at Lanelmrst, N. J.. May 6, 1937. " I The Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk by a German sub- tmarine, May 7, 1915. Ma y 8, 1,945 wt.VE'4' .,.h:fdl-y in Europe. Ethopia was annexed by Italy, May 9. 1936. Terms of lhq.) i  ;d[af:lbidtes and diffei'ent cities, but I believe the people in and around Per- kins are the finest people I have ever known. I have dear friends there and I did not have any intention of hurling anyone. I believe Mr. Wood and the council are good men and they government are to the same level. to soften his tax will be Gay. decision in the This legislature some sort of meaure, but it is divided on whether appoint judges and do away with courts. It could to eliminate the but it is divided on do away with inal Appeals. The Senate's to the buying of creases from the lion Commission. is. go past the session. It is a big ing many panics. The affect political didates. Since all tion commissioners crats, the future Democratic party will be affected.. The committee ahead in its letting the calling the themselves. It mess under the mittee includes integrity that the trust, that no will be done Secretary showed wisdom that the Judicial was valid. He able pressure to enough Sapreme Court pected appeals to Titan it will be ernor to call a If the it could beat form petition to In which case, backers could be position of feat the le order to give the clear-cut decision. Elastic sentencing- found guilty of law expected to co closing days of thiS der the provisions juries could no sentences, exce ally. The bill a jury returns a the judge shall fig term. It may not one-third of the which is established 15 years, whichever The Senate indeterminate provision that a son had to serve sentence to be role. Without that an inmate will be parole anytime ment. Those nuisance phone salesmen when ttB 555 went to the week for signature. far enough, but it that when stranger trying to thing, he has to he is and who he Bait questions and veys are Under the The legalized been put in deep session, In the face ened veto by was held for year vs g$ . lr :IiERKIN S