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May 5, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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May 5, 1977

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12-The Perkins Journal Thursday, May 5, 1977 happened. The nation then speech advocates and the planners, who have no con- .IUST A LINE MORE went from academic to busi- peer groups say it is, not cept of how their often hys- (From Page 1) hess with opening of the what the family, church terical theories severely west. "Given a chance, and community sets. traumatize the capitalistic hie 1960's" as the speaker the intellectuals will wreck This liberal attitude has economy of the nation. ,, destroyed esprit de corps, The intellectuals and con- called them. In 1957, for the business worldj Heifer which is vital to capitalism, sumer advocates who the first time, America was said. faced with a situation where Other important events in Heifer explained. There haven't found a place for they were second-rate, recent history that have seems to be no common themselves in the capital- Russia had evidently master- created the anti-business cause or loyalty to bring astir system, are working ed the technology to put a attitude today included the peace of mind. The author from outside it. They are man into orbit and the period following WWII warned "The capitalistic creating a smoke screen of United States had not. when a crop of child experts society must learn how to distrust and suspicion. This is when the education came upon the scene whose deal with its destroyers, Don't fall for it. You are a crisis started out of hysteria, teaching it was to make a the intellectuals." part of the capitalistic The United States mass- child self reliant, instead There is extreme danger system and should trust it. produced engineers and of dependent upon the faro- for capitalism and free enter- It has brought the nation to scientists. Institutions of ily. This allowed the peer prise today and it is showing where it is today. ReaRm- higher education geared up group instead of the family up more and more in at- bar, if the capitalistic or to turn these educated to become basic, therefore titude of the American free enterprise system can't people out in mass. there was a crop of young people and the government attract a majority to create they maintain. We are be- the economy for both the What resulted was a loss people that were trying to coming a land of thinkers majority and minority of those who would have please peers instead of pro- instead of doers who are no combined, then there is only ordinarily gone into the ducing within the system. mainstream of capitalism In 1964 there was the free longer content with mental one other way to go. They security of a job in a cam- call that Socialism or Cam- to become businessmen, speech explosion, and young munity with a school and a munism or Fascism. You, bankers, corporation chiefs, society evidently thought church. Too many have the average American, workers. Instead they be- they could have what they found they can have with- are being tugged at by two came educated, and there want by speaking out for out contributing. They can forceful powers in our simply isn't a place in it instead of earning it. become a leading force in present day society -- the capitalism for so many who People no longer want to the state or nation with intellectual, liberal group cannot produce, get there from hard work. The social philosopher There are no community what they know instead of and the private enterprise explained that 100 years measurements for standards what they do, thus the many working group. You will before, just the reverse had and morals are what the free envirorlmentalists, consumer have a chance to cast your advocates, energy exoerts, lot with one side or the other. Better be looking 'em over closely[ -0- Sound Off! (FromPage 1) My Mother is the Best because She washes clothes and makes my bed. She cooks my mals. And my morn is Jane Mictcell. She bys come clothes for me. That's why I think my mother is best. --Colt, Perkins My Mother is the best because she lets me go up- town when I want to and every parade and rodeo. And she lets me ride on the high- way. She helps me pick up alumn cans for money and she said we could go to the zoo over the weekend. My mother helps me studie for spelling tests and lets me walk to the store from my grandmother's. She lets me get ice cream and pop. In m m m N N mm mnu innu  aunnu  !M lit I u. ,..o., Yo,ow I ,,rd.,. !i m00IoN00ONS LB. 19' I COOL WHIP 9oz. tub s9.100 I o s ,., o., l-.r,..r W l CARROTS ,,b.o, 35 IFISH STICKS 3 ,0.. I;llll I I I  ...... ,, ........ n m Shurflno m ! Largo Calif. plht IARALmr n w= boxes  IIq.TE ! 00t0000ISTRAWBERenES :3 "II I,,,,,-= ,oz... I ,i,, ii i ol vs=,.. ---- m)!lb/Ii)! III II I Jl I II II I I )] ] ! ,ill I .............. _ , ii! if! i ,, , ,11 , III Zosto  EIIII. . I AIsorIed Fruit Drlnki I SALAD l .................. " ! ' 46 oz. Quart If JIJ-I s"u"'n'c""ks' II HI.C can A, , ,, I DRESSlNG 61 lea III , z oz. o.,o ,!  i 59 I I rA'ren in ,,= IPARKAY -... IIIE. = " ' - "I l/' I ur" l.i,e- ............. --,r-- .::  I u ----  .... ,i,, ,,, , mira iI,,AIA ! I n i i i iii , _ luII 00.tm I "r'or" Bathroom I Frosh Co,..,,. i',,.."'n. ,rlspy . Grade A Largo LB" BOX '' m '{ m lITuSSUE -I,.....,. ..,lCRACKERS 49'  snul I , roll pkg. 79' I ="= i' I o I , , i i!!il I [' i . -  - Chunk, Dog Food SO lb. Bog i!!'x,..nkOrop.r"ii" "'" FIELD TRIAL s6., IrdE :"" n i ill ill Ill I I WE I Lake Region 46 oz. can IIIIIJUICE 59 _ o $ oo . ....... GREEN BEANS 5 .o.. 1. [ I'.undry Detorgont''0' offlabol [" Brawny Lo;go'Roll ' - "'' '"' U l ! CHEER ,, o.. b.x'l."l PAPER TOWELS 59' sir m U'tako Reglio;llllllWg or CS ' d I"-11 dl  Shudil.e I II I I '1' '1 I Ill L I  I 00ilr,00o. ,o, I,w-PICKLES pint 59  t n n--v.-.- ,a s - " , ,, , . , ,. , "  I ! ,, : all, cans - U ol SMOKED PICNIC __. I |$,.,.no ,i ,, ,,, I HAMS 0.o) LB. 59' Grape P I glVEI I ,, o,. _,I s,,om ,c, lass !:}i HAMS, (SLICED) LB. 69  | 100. EXtn :t:m,, il A,AGE LB. 75' IE ." odeo I oat or All il,d With Purchase of FRANKS ,= oz. pkg. 58 PHONE 547-2555 PERKINS OKLAHOMA the summertime she lets me go swimming everyday. I get to take my shoes off too. --Lisa Owens, Perkins (Following are letters we considered best and second best from the Tryon Elemen- tary grades.) First Grade I love my mother because she takes me to the store. She takes me fishing. Once she made me a snowman. She made me a birthday cake, and took me swim- ming. She takes me bike riding. --Troy Brown, Tryon I love my mother because she loves me and she loves my dad. And she lets me ride horses. --Deanna Big Soldier, Tryon Second Grade What I think of my mother. I love my mother and she loves me. Some- times she gets mad at me, but she forgives me and I have a sweet and loving mother and she is the best M.other in the world. She will help me with my work most the time. And I love her very much. Because, She's the nicest and she is beautiful. I would never like any other mother in the world. Because she's the best mother in the world and there's one more thing, she lets me have snacks after school. --Jeffrey Turner, Tryon I love my mother because she loves me. She takes me swimming and she takes me skating. She loves me and she loves my family and she loves my dog. --Curtis Hunt, Tryon (No grade given) My Mother My Mother is very kind and understanding and tries to teach me right from wrong. She works and then has time to come to me and Daddy. I love my Mother very much. She lets me do most things I want and buys me clothes and stuff. She tries to help me on things I need help on. She does her very best and that is why I love and admire my Mother. --Leanna Howard, Tryon Fourth Grade My Mother is the best mother I know. She has been good to me all my life. --Becky Butler, Tryon Fifth Grade My Mother My Mother is someone I love. She is kind to everyone and everything. She corrects me when I'm wrong, when I am hurt she cares for me. If it wasn't for my mother, my sister and I would be in trouble, because we would :::::":::::::."': not know right from wrong. i i!! My mother works hard in ! everything tO provide us with food and clothes. She is the :: ..... sweetest mother to me. I don t think I could ever have a mother better than she. My mother is really something special in my family. Stacey Breeden, Tryon My Mother My mother is a loyal gentle person that is always there "::" when I need her. If I have a problem I can go to her and she helps me out. She loves me, and she gives me the best she can. I love my mother. --Sherry Burrow, Tryon THE LIGHT TH Ron Warren tnlE WE |IIIE !6iF!:i::i:i;!:::i:i:i:':!:F:)':i):!:i[ ,k American  rpot. Cloaners What My Mother means to Me--My morn is a very good mother, and she takes good care of me, and that is why I Love her so very much. She works hard to help us get well when we are sick. when I have a problem she tries to help me as much as she can and if she can't it's ok, at least she tried her best, and that is good enough for me. That is why Nobody at all can take her place! --Jamie Hudson. Trvon Sixth Grade My Mother My Mother has to do a lot of things, like clean the house, watch my grandpa and watch us kids. My mother is very nice and I love her very much. I'm glad we have Mother's Day because I like to buy her presents. Belinda Butler, Tryon Sixth Grade Conclusion: These were very difficult to decide. However, to be fair, one point was considered above others--unselfish love. Sev- eral of the youngsters expressed love for the things which THEY received from their mother. This is certainly to be commended. However, here the deter- mining factor was apprecia- tion for the mother as a person--not for material things. Children, ALL the letters would make your mothers proud!. In HER EYES You Are Each A Winner[ CONCERNED PROPERTY OWNERS MEET WITH EQUALIZATION BOARD MAY 2 (From Page 1) Assessor should not increase average assessment ratio since the county was already in compliance with the requirements of the State Equalization Board. 2. The group opposes arbitrary guidelines set up by the County Assessor's office for appraisal of property. Recommend that these guidelines be develop- ed jointly between the assessor and a committee of representative property own- ers in the county-ie, home owner, builder, farmer, commercial business. 3. Request that the Equalization Board remove the $2,000 value placed on all rural property for utilities (water, sewage, electricity) which is separate and in addition to the value already placed on all buildings of rural property owners. 4. Request that assess- ment ratio of buildings used for farm operation be assessed at the same ratio as the agricultural land' 5. Recommend and re- quest agricultural land be appraised according to aver- age productive capacity and income as agricultural land. 6. Request that fair market value of real property be based on average prices prevailing in the area where the property is located during the past 5 years. Values differ greatly from one town to another within the county. In no case should be valued higher actual selling price the applicable We feel the surpervising should readily appraised value property owner values. Had as an one home $15,000 and it was by the assessor's $18.000. 7. We recommend future that the assessment ratio be all real property. 8. Recommend appraisers make ments with the owners when they go appraise property. In addition to specific requests the proposed that the office should use appraisers to property as required and that the qualified for each property being was stressed that Assessor's office working for and interest of the Payne citizens and not Oklahoma Tax We are opposed arbitrary increase in sent values through sad appraisals and assessment ratios county was compliance with quirements. Mr. pointed out that the voted by the voted on durin assessed values were lower and these are applied to the assessed values greatly increased out the approval people. The Concerned owners are opposed attitude of SOME officials (both appointed) that taxes low and necessarily raised. We strongly feel County Equalization should be unbiased in protests from prope ers. Mildred Starks County Assessor was for the meeting and that the average ratio for all property was 13% at the Mrs. Starks stated current assessment Payne County been arbitrarily set office. Mr. J. L. Merrill, sentative of the Tax Commission, present and made and answered from the group at the the presentation. He that it was the Equalization Board to ize taxes betwee counties and not county and that County was requirements of the Equalization Board required assessment tobeg-15%. (Presented by Roy Board Member, Property Owners) "O- II I mmml Ill I 'lift I I I [Frontier Federal iOffloos in: Ponca City Oklahoma 'Enid . Stlllwator Bartlosvillo Edmond