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May 8, 1997     The Perkins Journal
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May 8, 1997

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THE PERI(INS ]OURNAL-THU , MAY 8, 1997 EFt?TO TH 7 ", ~ ii,,,~" We Welcome Letters To The Editor All letters must be signed, however we will withhold name by request. letters. Send letters to: the writer's The editor reserves the right to reject any and all The Perkins Journal, P.O.. Box 40, Perkins, OK 74059-0040 Dear Editor: Many of our elected officials, both republican and democrat, seem to wish to destroy our military superiority by ratifying the chemi- cal weapons ban treaty. This misguided attitude reminds me of when I served in the mili- tary and witnessed our soldiers die in a war (police action). At that time our government conscripted people to go off and die, yet re- fused to use the vast power of our military to defeat the enemy. We had nuclear and chemical weapons that would have saved thou- sands of our American soldiers, yet the government allowed our soldiers to fight only with conventional weapons. Since the commu- nists had plenty of conventional weapons, they were able to slaugh- ter our troops. Now our politicians wish to further destroy our ability to win wars with minimum casualties by outlawing the weapons that we have superiority in. The chemical weapons ban treaty will not eliminate chemical weapons just as a nuclear weapons ban will not eliminate enemy nations from possessing and utilizing either. If our government can produce weapons that can save American soldiers' lives I feel we should utilize them. If this liberal philosophy continues we will send our troops out with water pistols to fight enemy guns and tanks, because that is the kind and gentle way. For those politicians that voted to ban nuclear and chemical weap- ons, I suggest that they volunteer to carry a rifle in a fox hole fight- ing an enemy who will use any weapon they possess. Richard G. Murray Dear Editor: It has been mentioned in some of the Certified Cities meetings about street repairs. I would like to take aminute of your time and let you know what the Town of Perkins Street superintendent and the Utility men have accomplished over the last seven years. This is an on-going project and we are only allowed so many funds each year for these projects. The projects listed below consist of 2" compacted asphaltic con- crete overlay type B. July 12, 1990: West Side Project: -from Hwy. 177 west on Kenworthy to 3rd St. -west on Thomas to 2nd St. -lst, 2nd and 3rd Streets from Stumbo to Kenworthy. East Knipe Street Project: -from Hwy. 177 east on Knipe St, to east side of intersection of Tim- berline Drive. This total project cost $55,357.17. June 30, 1991: ..... East Kirk St. Project: -from Main St. to Timberline Dr. East Thomas St. Project: -from Main St. to Timberline Dr. This total project cost $39,328.65. August 3, 1992: Southwest Road Project: Starts at -W. Hert St. - from Main to W. 3rd St. -SW 1st St. - from Stumbo St. to Knipe St. -SW 2nd St. - from Sumbo St. to Knipe St. -SW 3rd St. - from Stumbo St. to Knipe St. Northwest Road Project: Starts at -I' V 3rd St. - from Kenworthy to Freeman St. -W. Freeman St. - from Main St. to city limits on W. This total project cost $36,091.48. Freeman St. Ibis newspaper is dedicated to the memories ot Dr. R. V. and Sea Clark (USPS 42 8040) Published every Thursday and entered as periodical postage paid at Perkins, Ok 74059-0040 122 S. Main Box 40 Perkins, OK 74059 405-547-2411 FAX 4051547-2411 Rick & Kathy Clark Publishers The publishers are solely responsible for content and any erro;s will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the publishers. Office hours: 9-5, Mon.-Fri. 9-noon on Sat. Deadline for advertising & news submissions is Monday at 5 p.m. POSTMASTER: Send changes of address to The Perkins Journal, P.O. Box 40, Perkins, OK 74059 All contents Copyright 1997 i~oNml m ml mini u I m nml Ill munll nlu I --" nnml | | mnn I u I Iml lull Subscribe By Mall Jug Fill Out This Form and. Maii With Remittance To: The Perkins Journal, P.O. BoX 40, i n Perkins, OK 74059 I I I I I IAddress .......................................................................... I I I ..................................... State ................ Zip ............... I I( ) One year In Oklahoma .... $24 m ) 6 months In Oklahoma .... $14 I ) One year Out of State ..... $28 I ) 6 months Out of State .... $16 I I J I/ill tIM mm inmill iim iiiiiii iml mllm IIm IIIIIiI mlm ~mmlm August 1993: Northwest Road Project: Starts at -NW 1st St. - from Kenworthy to Freeman. -NW 2rid St. - from Kenworthy to Freeman. -W. French St. - from MaiR to 3rd St. -W. Chantry - from Main to 3rd St. East Side Project: E. 3rd St. - from Kirk St. to Knipe St. This total project cost $50,779.48. May 2, 1994: East Road Project #1: Starts at -NE 7th St. - from Kirk St. to Knipe St. East Road Project #2: Starts at Lovers Lane - from Kirk St. to S. Hwy. 33. East Side Project #3: Starts at Timberline Dr. - from Kirk St. to Knipe St. This total project cost $45jZ76.53. July 7, 1994: Baseball Park Road Project: Starts at Intersection of 3rd and Kenworthy. This total project cost $7,613,20. July 7, 1994: Rejuvenating Seal Coat: Bituminous surface of the 1 mile designated dition to the Baseball Park Road Project. This total project cost $5,988.50. roadways, this in ad- August 7, 1995: Eaton Drive Project: Starts at Eaton Drive thru Eaton St. to Knipe St. 4th Street Project #3: Starts at Knipe south including Carol Court, Fulwider Court. Stansbury Project #2: Starts at Knipe St. thru Stansbury St. This total project cost $51,878.10. Court, and George August 5, 1996: South of Knipe Street Project: Starts at South of Knipe St., Cimarron Dr., Cimarron South, Cimarron North, SE 3rd, SE 2nd, Wells Court, and all cul-de-sacs. This total project cost $39,664.00. Sincerely for the Town of Perkins, /s Bobble D. Myers, Finance Director-PPWA Elizabeth Wise Gardens are tahn " now, and nearly all gardeners plant lots more vegetables than is needed for their own use, so their friends and neighbors benefit from donations. Wilted lettuce is always a treat. You prepare it like this: Cook two slices of bacon until crisp. Remove bacon and add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 tablespoon sugar to hot grease. Pour over pre- pared lettuce leaves, toss and serve immediately. The bacon may be crumbled and added to the salad. This is another way to serve cabbage: Slice a medium head of green cabbage very thin, and saut6 in bacon drippings (about 3 tablespoons) for eight minutes. Stir.in one 8 ounce carton of sour cream and warm thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Okra is good when it is cooked with some other vegetables: 2 cups sliced okra 1 sliced onion or chopped green onions 1 sliced bell pepper 3 medium or 2 large ripe tomatoes, cut into pieces Dredge okra, onion and bell pepper in flour. Fry in oil or bacon drippings until brown. Add tomatoes, 1/2 teaspoon salt, one tea- spoon sugar and a dash of black pepper. Cook over low beat for 12- 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. I'm not a gardener, but I sure appreciate garden products. You can't beat green beans and new potatoes, or creamed peas and new potatoes. Spring season is a wonderful time, isn't it? City Hall-Continued from Page One Chief Burns also reported another busy calls received duringApril, is higher than average. He stated that it is has begun to develop or if the calls merely crease. Ten calls were answered for citizen ambulance assists, and ten were for other agencY Twenty-six traffic stops were made, including warnings, and four accidents investigated. One made, one DUI arrest and three DUI citations misdemeanor, and three juvenile arrests Burns stated vandalism reports were and forts of Lt. Beard and Officers Ottaway increased efforts in investigating reports as well participation for the decrease in vandalism (residents) know that if they call someone will paying more attention. Also, some and watching: If they see kids out and about, Burns said. Other activity during April consisted thefts, and five informational reports. Burns stated that the newest vehicle severe engine damage. The unit's warranty the dealership where it was purchased he turer to determine if an can l the engine damage is a result of oil leaks was still under warranty. If the manufacturer the warranty, the dealer estimated $3 Town Clerk Larry Moorman reported that need a new roof. The existing one is and estimates to replace range from $3 Moorman, if the roof is is let go, which would involve tearing off the Park and Recreation Director Rick Lomenick the meeting because of the first T-ball game time, but his written report mentioned recent niles being rude and disruptive at local games. The Dept. will patrol the ballfields and make a games, which hopefully will deter similar problems Civil Defense Director Larry Dry requested the renting the old car wash from John Baker at a year, payable annually, to shed the two civil tained from Payne County. According to Dry, hicles was one of the conditions vehicles were given to the Town of Perkins, previously available to support the cost. Dr) funding necessary to renovate and/or lease mental proposed budget for 1997-98. The Board ous options before taking any action. Other action taken by the Board consisted of: hiring of Barbara Tarlton as assistant librarian; hiring of Lucinda Shirm as full-time Secretary I-. hiring of Seth Gunter for part-time Utility Dept. tabling action on the Town of Perkins Police until next month's meeting, pending review by "regretfully accepting" the resignation of Connie Park & Recreation Board; and, "regretfully accepting" the retirement, after 20 Loren "Gene" Smith from the Perkins Fire Dept. In action taken by the Board of the Perkins :apprb: was granted to seek ment of the sewer line in the Baker as approval of the proposed 1997-98 budget Hearing on June 2, 1997. The next regular meeting of the Town of Trustees will be Monday, June 2, 1997 at 7:30 p.n . School Board-Continued from Page One report to the board it was noted that enrolment is still down from May 8, 1996 attendance of 1,188. The board did take action and approved: The resignations of Frances Burden, Larry Gilliland. Employed Jim Niles as the district's treasurer. Approved the 1997-2001 Comprehensive Local (CLEP) which is a detailed outline from a Assistant Superintendent Milton Davis. Part of that plan included the ball/softball field near the new gym. An was presented for the ball field for next year, board it was unlikely the district would be able to He added that the PYSO, P-T Sports Boosters, Rec Board are raising money for the project. Approved the superintendent's "permission to used 4-wheel drive tractor with belly mower passenger buses. Approved a cooperative agreement between for the employment of a technology specialist to administrators, and board on computers and ,./., I don't normally print unsigned letters because I feel if you've got an opinion, you ought to have the guts to put your name on the letter. I'll withhoid your name by request if you can convince me that it would cause you personal harm-loss of job, or life, for example, but it would take some ' eavy convincing." I thought I would share some of a letter I received from someone who wrote a letter directed squarely at me: ..."This is personal for you only. I don't normally buy your paper because you have a very biased opinion of a lot of things and being a "news reporter" I feel that is wrong. I did buy today's paper so I could find out about the rec nt bomb scare. Once again I find my- self repulsed by your comments. You don't seem to like having "new" people in your neat little town and I don't like hearing it every time I read the paper. You don't like them changing things that people years ago had changed but they too were once new to Perkins. You expect things to be left alone. If new people didn't come here then Perkins would wither away to dust. I have been here now for years but am still considered "new" and am looked down upon by "old- timers" like yourself. How many true friends can someone like you have? "...My family came here because of a job and for the excellent schools. Perkins is a great place especially with having a large town and great college nearby. Even though we do have an overly-opin- ionated biased "newspaper reporter". You shoU you only deliver the news, not Judge the people. RVC Dear Former Reader- I appreciated hearing from you. It's always "fuzzy" feeling that I get when such a heartfel+ comes through the mail. It makes me feel even better that you spent and another 32 cents for stam Both the self appreciate it. It's probably the money Perk.ins, although I see you By the way, you might ask an Iowa Tribal , people being looked down upon by "old-timers. were here first. As far as how many true friends someone like least six...that's how many I figure will show up opinionated biased newspaper reporter for the How many have you got? By the way, I was born in Atlantic another this "old-timer" was new to this neat Sincerely yours, Rick RVC Gee, and I thought everybody loved me. RVC Perkins Chamber of Commerce member idea...put the American flag on every light pole The chamber has put together a committee to how to raise the money. If you're interested in Wes Beane, Larry Moorman, or myself. RVC It's 4 a.m. Wednesday morning and I am paper to the printer, but I have to say a quick Achievement Awards Assembly held last night. ...The new gym was as full, if not fuller, tha ball games. The folks that support this academic winners as well as the athletes. this is my "neat little town."