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May 9, 1996     The Perkins Journal
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May 9, 1996

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RNAL-TH Commissioners Proceedings In The Perkins Journal, May 9, 1996) met in II Regular mlleting Moriday, Apdl 15, meeting was made by posting an egendll It room 101. OK on Fddey, Apdl 12, 1996. The foltowing ~ present:, Cha~; Big Dqmring Vica-Chairman;i Bernice Mitcheil Member, Clerk. I called the meeting to order at 9:00 ll.m. The Chairman opened the concarning the Road Signing Project. The Chairmen ; ha= been on ongoing project for several years. It hal retantiy gained clubs llxp~ssing art Imerast in completing the project. ~, Yale, IKidra~NKI me Board stating that she ~Jpportad the to place marker= on County reeds. HOWeVer she encouraged the Wl=.l~Oaty to Historical nemll| rather 'dlan family names. She prmxmted II = ~iurong that the mad propoaNKI llS Bedy Road be changed to River=ida i m~Y,Yale, PrEsented II petition signed by member= lind former member= ,~va~. y. Community requelttng the road propelled lls Lynn Lane be Valley Road. The petition lllso stated they did not feel the public ~ invited to part.site in the naming of the roads. y ~,.. ale, encouraged the mad to use historical names rather than current ~,m s and numbers ln,the slgnlng of roads. She feit it would be ~mRmmslste me two into II common location. She noted Creek county using ~ N/S and E/W roeds. ~the County did me State system lls II uniform lldopt me County. it was hoped the common ne,Tm could be usec iotauor in .ai =re=. The paoaty go= is to idont /ra ,= mu ~, Yale, also supported me proposed Jester Road be named Eagle .~ll~mld endl st the dyer The road is commonly known lm Oak Grove on ll~t ~.the river Eagle 'Road is II lend mark on me North side of the dvar. to use h orEai lend.w u and car terle, ~f~;,Cushing, also suPl~ed using historical names and requested i!I'' "~-.ounci, Vslllly Creek Roed. . !lLng, 1de allm supported using historical names lind requested ~vor Eagle Road. , Cushing Fire Chief, llddros~KI the Board. Mr. Hinkel stated their :~ ,.v~cem was identifying and a,igning llddras=ed to rural llraas for 911 The Gdd System allows for that personal identifying mark and Sac 342, the Payne Counw Conwnms~ne~s e~anl the Payne CmmW Gt~l~rtce Center building s~pius IXoper~ as they am not needed for ~ or jell ~m~otet, A1NIO IE TT FDR'I141~ i~SOt.VaD, hyne County will ~8 the building to the highelt bidder mthm' individually or togeth~ with the i~l~loull Plyno County Depanmem building located It 701 S. Walnut in Stillwater. Pm~mtld to lind IPl~oved by the Payno Counw Bosrd of Commissioners Ulil 1 th day of April, 1996. Deering made the motion to approve the Resolution as prmmnted. Mitchell seconded. Deering, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, eye,. Motion carded. The Assllssor prasentod = ~mntrat ~hth R & S Digital Service for hardwa~ software upgr~te for the Idllppir~l system. The Asset=or expl~KI ~ all exl=ing hllrdwllra will be retained with me excaptto~ of the CPU. The upgrade ir~tudes chllnging from a UNIX base to DOS. Total colt of me upgrade ill 1r~7o5.oo. stete mknbur=eme~t funds wtU be used. Deedng merle me motion to lll:)lxove the ul~. Mitchell seconded. Oearlng, llye; Moreillnd, aye; Hitch., llye;. HoUgh carried. Oeertng mlldll the motion to edjoum for executive Session. Mitchell seconded. Deedng, eye; Moreland, llyll; Mitchell, llye;. Motion carded. The Chaimrmn called the meeting bllck to order. Mr. Chides Roger=, Assistant District Attorney, recommended the claim of Pem Brommll, stab be tabled for lldditlonel information documllnting me medical daim as filed and to advised the District Attorney to solicit seine, Oeerkag made the motion to accept the recommendation. Mitchllll seconded, Deedng, aye; Moreland, llye; Mitchell, aye;. Motion carded. Rogerl recommllnded this'Board advise the Distdt Attomlly'$ office tO vigorouely and diligentJy defend the County in the caSe of Jeff Henddx vs. Quapaw lind Peyne County. Oeedng made the motion to llcept the recommendation. Mitchell seconded. Deedng, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye;. Motion carded. \ The Board stated the County will obsewa the April. 19 Munlh ~'v, bk~g by gllthark~ on the Courthouse Lawn to dedicate the marker. Area butnesses will be invited to llttond. The Chairmlln presented invoicas for bridge inlpetio~s: Brawiey Enginel~l~, $3670.00; $1716.00;$2207.50;$2491.00 and Pllynll County, $255.87; $120.75 ;$155.25; $169.62. Deedng made the motion to forward the InvoR~= to ODOT for peymenL Mitchell seconded. Dearing, llye; Moreland, eye; Mitoheit, llye;. Moron carried. The f~4tow~g purchllse order= waro ~pproved for.Pllyment: COUNTY G EN E,l~d, 2692. QUILL CORP. 66.06 SUPPLIES 2693 A T & T 402.70 SERVICE 2694 RATHSUN, PAUL 12.24 TRAVEL 2695 GREEN, CLYDE W. 10.67 TRAVEL 2696 TUXALL UNIFORM a EQUIPMENT 62.70 SWITCH 2697 XEROX CORP. 77.50 MAINTENAMCE 2698 CENTRAL DRUG 118.94 SUPPLIES 2699 MORRIS, JAMES PRATT 525.29 TRAVEL 2700 CORPORATE ~-XPRESS 148.35 SUPPLIES 2701 ROSS, CRYSTAL D. 49.29 TRAVEL 2702 BASTION, PATRICK C. 88.62 TRAVEL 2703 CALCOMP 45.57 RAI NTEMANCE 2704 GENICOM CORPORATION 100. O0UNDERPA~H[ENT 2305 HICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICF, 76.00 MAINTENANCE 2706 WESTERN MECHANICAL i00.50 REPAIR ms ... a goal to have each resident llsstgned II house number or2707 POTTAWATOMZE CO. REGIONAL 222.20 2708 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 1347,99 ~'~..~.. Mr Long Commented thst the 911 identifler does not havll to be the 2709 SOUTHWESTERN SELL TELEPHONE 748.46 ~-~mj~mg address. Long lind others supported using II common name for 2710 PITNEY BOWBS, INC. 229.49 2712 AT,T 2713 OK= 1468.98 Yale, stated she suppo~led tha 911gdd system, howevershe 2714 OKLA. DEPT. OF HUNAM S~-RV~CES 193.00 ~,~o~=~m to use historical names for common addresses. She 2715 CUSHING TAG AGENCY 911 e. 0o ~".,mon or Riverside Road ~ 2716 PERKINS TAG AGENCY 841.35 2717 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 3.95 sSecl concem about COnverting gdd numbers to common n 42.83 :)mL.~,_ . . ames. She 2718 ACE HARDWARE ~l~:cntu'ntoa911 ca,. 2719 STE'd.T STONE 29,0.B0 2720 STEI~,M~I' STONE 4249.43 ~Ynch Cushing requested me proposed Lynn Lane be named N Kings2721 STATE AUDITOR & INSPECTOR 5644.87 J ' 2722 PAYNE CO. DISTRICT #3 45.03 ~[~ 2723 STI LLWATER MILLING AGRI-CENTE 9.50 2724 XEROX CORP. 58.00 dng Pointed out this is me problem the County has tried to llvoid. 2725 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 32.19 ~~tv~=,=,requestethismomingtoranemllLynnLane. Thefirltraquest 2726 A T , T 40.08 ~ "="~ lind the second being N. Kings Highway. HIGHWAY CASH 1259 OKLA. CITY TRACTOR & EQUIRMEN 1260 KIRBY-SMITH MACHINERY, INC. the Pdmary goal ~ to meko roads for 911 response, The Bollrd 1291 ~z~c.EN OIL CO. r]Ml~lafonl~ad~ec__~mnnllm~lforllrallro~is. ThoBoardeuggoSttKlll 1262HAPA AUTO PARTS . ~'::,'w--=mlKe~tio~sformenln1~ofn)IdL Thll 1263 HUGHES LUMBER ,ra, lld: C , an; pei H, son;1264 IONSL , RIS OIL CO.. I,D. Sh, 12,5 RIS STATION9 .... "q ztedmerBoom.w.~lei~sbemedol~zcktomeBow~lonAp~ii 1266DAR~ E@UZRMENT CO. 1267 cusHING L ER CO 1268 CROW-BURLIN E CO. 1269" CII~M~,RON TRUCK PARTS nnounced the public hearing for Solid Wlllte Manegement Pol" . 6270 AMERICAN WELDING SUPPLY =,. y=, 65. 1231 A. WARE "merallm=ldantotoattendthepublitheadngsinYale. The 1232SUPER STOP t. AUTO CENTER .... '~i ar~twillhlveanllffetoneilPlyrmCountycittzens. 1233WALMART 1274WRIGHT S LAWN & GARDEN t~nutlls of March 29 and April 1. Hitched made the motion Motionprese"ted'camed. Deedng m==onded. Oeedng, llye; Moreland. =erm~. Dearing prasented the permR from L W. :1 stthg IXl'dOul n~lt~. This will be II 1" plutk: glls line ir on II bndge; 2 1/4 miles N of 33 H~; 300' N of ~W/ 1275 J & J OKM~LGEE, INC. 1276 KIRBY-SMITH MACXINERY, INC. 1277 ARKANSAS LOUISIANA GAS 1279 CITY OF CUSHING 1279 A T & T 1280 OKLA. DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION 1281 STEWART STONE 1282 .STEWART STONE 1283 O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE 1284 STEWART STONE 1285 STEWART STONE DETENTION PLI~ Sr, RVICE MAINTENANCE DETENTION SERVICE GAS ATP ATPS ATPS SOCIAL SECURITY SUPPLIES IHSOLU~LE GRAVEL EXPENSSS FUEL SUPPLIES MAINTENANCE SERVICE SERVICE 462.11 SUPPLIES 218.01 SUPPLIES 420.65 SUPPLIES 989.72 SUPPLIES 2.32 SUPPLIES 648.32 ~PELZES 189.00 SUPPLIES 71.34 SUPPLIES 258.87 SUPPLIES 276.67 SUPPLIES 143.00 SUPPLIES 141.75 SUPPLIES 2.08 SUPPLIES 35.00 SUPPLIES 84.61 SUPPLIES 64.54 SUPPLIES 140.95 SHIFT KIT 3376.14 REBUILD 246.19 GAS 280.31 UTILITY 87.80 SE~CE 6702.75 LEASE 4165.26 GRAVEL 4167.17 GRAVEL 70.07 SUPPLIES 4222.60 GRAVEL 4203.72 GRAVEL 2356 CUSHING DAILY CITIZEN 203.07 SUPPLIES 2757 ORKIN PEST CONTROL, INC. 147.50 SERVICES 2758 NICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICE 962.48 sYSTEM 2759 ONE HOUR MOTO PHOTO 14.97 PROCESSING 2760 EASTMAN KODAK CO. 392.24 MAINTENANCE 2761 OKLA. DEPT. OZ. HUMAN SERVICES 2760.86 DISTRIBUTION 2762 UNIZ.IR~T 227,64 SUPPLIES 2763 SRIDGE AND HIGHWAY 650.16 H-llER.M~ 2364 COWBOY COPY CENTRE 390.00 BOOKLETS 2765 UNIFIRST 132.41 SUPPLIES 2766 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 35.95 SERVICE 2767 DAVIS SANITATION & LANOFILL 110.00 SERVICE NIGHWAY CA~H 1290 DEERIHG, BILL B, 52.73 REIMBURSEMENT 1291 STEWART STONE 2988.60 ROCK 1292 DAVE'S DIESEL SERVICE 601.33 PARTS 1293 UNIZ.IRST 787.29 SUPPLIES 1294 FECHNER pUMP & SUPPLY 115.99 PARTS 1295 ONE O EIGHT SALVAGE 215.00 PARTS 1296 BRIDGE AND HIGHWAY 650.16 H-SEAMS 1297 KOCH MATERIALS CO. 30.00 $5~ 1290 KIRBY-SMITH MACHINERY, INC. 948.57 REPAIR" 1299 SUNSELT EQUI~ & SUPPLY 5199.12 SHEETING 1300 CUSHING PLUMBING & HEATING 60.30 REPAIR 1301 DARREQUIPMENT CO. 2500.00 LEASE 1302 OKLA. CITY TRACTOR & E~UIPMEN 476.16 WRENCH 1303 MORELAND, CARL D. 231.69 REIMBURSEMENT 1304 ATWOOD'S 40.14 SUPPLIES 1305 UNIZ.IRST 412.58 SUPPLIES 1306 STILLWATER NEWSPRESS 68.57 NOTICE 1307 NORTHERN EQUIPMENT 50.53 METER 1308 HAMILTON ~ZCATIONS 50.00 REPAIR 1309 OKLA. NATURAL GAS 363.89 GA3 HEALTHDEPARTMENT 411 ASSOC. OF COUNTY BOARDS OZ. 120.00 FEE 412 GLENWOOD, INC. 83.94 ACID. 413 AMERICARE COMPLETE CARE, INC. 684.00 SUPPLIES 414 PROZ.ESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 17.62 SUPPLIES 415 CONSTRUCTIVE PLAYTHINGS I98.47 TABLE 416 XEROX CORP. 245.00 MAINTENANCE 417 LONG DISTANCE SAVERS 130.66 SERVICE 418 SHERWOOD MEDICAL 475.00 SUPPLIES SHERIFF SERVICE FEE 29 UNIt.fReT 34.60 SUPPLIES 30 LUTHER SIGN CO. 368.15 LETTERING 31 STILL~ATERTYPEWRITER, INC. 545.00 TYPEWRITER 32 BEAU'S AUTO GLASS 100.00 WINDSHIELD 33 G.A. THOMPSON CO., ~INC. 50.00 CABLE 34 CITY OZ.STILLWATER 139.05 UTILITY 35 A T & T WIRELESS SERVICES 283.66 SERVICE SELF-INSURANCE 114 OKLA. EMPLOYMENT SECURITY 1267.30 t~II~PLOYMENT 115 WALGREEN CO. 21.67 SERVICE 116 CENTSAL STATES ORTHOPEDIC 194.00 SERVICE RESTRICTED HIGHWAY CASH 33 STEWART STONE 4250.07 ROCK Dearthg medll the motion to adjourn. Mitchell seconded. Deedng, llye; Me.land, llye; Mitchell, aye;. Motion carried. County Clerk ' The Pllyne County Commissioners mllt in I Regular meeting Monday, AI~I 22, 1996. NOtiCe of me meeting was made by posting lln agenda lit room 101, Courttmuse, Stiilwater, OK on Thu~aKtey, April 12, 1896. The following were present, Cad Moreland, Chairman; Bill Deedr~ Vice-Chairmen;, Barnica Mitchell Member;, She~ Schleffer, County Clerk. The Chairmlln cstl#d the meeting to order st 9:30 ll.m. The Clerk reviewed me hellish in6umnca Options Iveitebte tO Pllyne County Employees. The Clerk employees have until Mlly 10 to make health insurance option| chl~'~les. PEy~e County llmployees have II cileica of HeeithChoice Plan w~lch is II PPO provided by the State; o HMO including Community Cm and ProOktehonm. The Clerk noted the HMO opttorm am new tO employees. The ~ noted me H~ option premiums plied by the County is $139.52. The HMO premiums vllry in price. Moreland recommended the County establish me HN~C~ ~ ee me premium for county paid hellish Insuranca. If employees aim:ted a HMO cov~llge isl'd~r than $139.52 tl~y diffarar~wlll mar~ by [~ dodu~tk~; if thoy eiKt~l a HMO coverage less than $139.52 me differerme will forfeited. Deedng made me motion to approve me racommendstion as made bY the Cheilmml for helllth insuranca P~ premium. Mitchell seconded. Oee~, eye; More~nd, a~e; Mitchell, aye;. Motion carded. The Chairman noted the bid spe~f~ns for leggin9 of Fllk~mund= ha= bean reviewed by the F~rd. The Chain~ln recog~ized Mr. Mike Smith, F~=oard member. Mr. Smtth I~ted me following concave and recomme~letloms for teuk~ Of F airgrounde for o~ production. 1) ~V~it ttm~ Of tease to @ monthE; 2) n~mda~ additional spacing r~ulr~nente, ~ would force ~ drilling from il,:@ouming prop ty 3) nK ro sue=ca ameer= in me amount of ,Soo.o0; 4) mr fight= in me amount of $500.00. ,Smtth explained due to the long rllnge plans for Expo Expanlion the Fakt~m:l ill opl~0~NId to a well tocatad on me E/2 Of SWI4. The Board disou~NId the matter. I~N~O made the motion not to offer the Feirgrounds property for lease at thle tknL Mttotw~z4ond~l. gearing, aye; Moreland, eye; Mitoheil, aye;. Motion carded. ~2 3/~_, oi't & gas f~ .~.w. _lln.e.. in 5.5_, casing; installed by trenching;'ln" " 12861287 ASOUTHWESTERNT= T SELL TELEPHONE 41.743.10 SERVICEsERVICE Deedng made the morton to IKIjoum- Mitcheg sec~lded. ~rt~g, aye; Morel~l, :me =r~Ny33450'l=ofSWlc@ecl2.17N.5E.$50.0Ofee 12Be oARR EQUIPMENT co. 5000.00 LZARE aye;Mltchell, llye;. Motion carded. 1289 OKLA. DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION3729.67 LEA~E 120 THOMPSON, CAROLYN L. 162.34 TRAVEL nted. Mitchell seconded. BOARD OF PRISONERS 8 '" " 2 !!, & C ~USINESS PRODUCTS 58.82 SUPPLXES 3 i.s co FEs ,78.2, ,U.LIEs Attention Farmers & Rural Residents ev~v~ngFund; 395.16; Primary Road 4SYSCO FOOD, INC. 3616.01 SUPPLIES ~ w, ,-__, ,~PqNi.' 1412 59"'Chlk~*v~Y t.,lllr~. @(JUgO.48.. . Haole. _y CSI~I. 5 RAINBO BAKING CO. " 255.28 SUPPLIES nJ~I, 421.00. =,L-" '. rm,~,ummlz~lry 1186 80" F~Ix~'-' .... 4o4 ~A office SUPPLY 28.~3 SUPPLIES ;,w. ....... . , ....o,;,,sse.u. ecia r vtgr,..,~87.@9.. ...... . ,o..uu. ~-conom~ De~mant ran o~. ~ 405 POSTMASTER 192.00STAM~= rOJ P , ,_o ,. ............... ,0,o.o0 ..o.=- s ~'~t~ns ~uo~, .9~4. ~ made the motion to Iml~ove 406 OK= STATE DE,,. oz. ,,~TH Re acement Windows & Roofin 407 LONG DISTANCE SAVERS 161.50 sm,,cz lding, ,~Pnclulted. " .......... ,u o. u edng, llye; Moreland live" Mitch=a 408CUSHING DAILY CITIZEN 17.ooNEWgP rJ .-1 This Month Only: 41oBOUT.m ERN SELL TELEP.ON 234... cE able Prices sMERI. ,s, oE FEE Z 00 % 'i to l,~pcliseilOWedfrompllymllnt The 26 VALET WASH a LURE 52.50 SEIWlCE ~ madll m, ~,~,,,v~.~. zO rlllmoumement of out Of Docket nancing ,~ .... ,~. eye; Moreillrid aw. M~t~h-- ..... ".:y., ~,-~,,,,,,-. Me.uneil 28 O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE 15]..25 SUPPLiES ' -'-, ~-,. myra,. ~ogon camed. MORTGAGE CERTIFICATION FEE 32 SOUTHWESTEBM BELL TELEPHONE 40.20 SERVICE Clerk Provide a mini seminar on purch~lng regulations to REVOLW.G FORFEZTURE 39 STILLWATER POLICE DEPARTNENT 887,57 REZMBUREEI~NT , -J',.,. r,, .un A rdad. MECHANXC LIEN FEE 21 WADE SYSTI~S, INC. 1875.00 MAINTENANCE SHERIFF'S COI~IBSARY 53 IIAGMAN'S, INCO 197.52 TOBACCO 54 OKLA. TAX COI4~SSION 75.?0 TAX The Chjm~n racassed me meeUng until Apd122. The ~ calkKI the me~ back to order et 9:00 a.m. April 22. All ~wem present "rl cteat pr Nmt util permlte: W. H. Moor=: 1" Water ti e In=tilted by parallel mad 1/4 mil NW of Ellst end of Old 51 Hwy & Hwy 51; Sac 18.19N-BE. b'WV Bell: .75" buded teieM~:,~ cabte inltJed by tnmcl~; .1 E of Hwy t77; 30' Eo SW/c Sac 14-20N-2E. Om, r,:.. de er.o,onto pW: ,ethepe.. . se maed. Ooea, . Moreland. llye; Mitchell llye;. Moron c ed. The Clerk presented II tran~er for ICED to =ul~=tement i~nonnel lend~l: M&O, 1684.52, C/O, 3000.00 to P/S, 461N.52. Deedng made the rag@on to qRm=ve the ~'ansfer. Mitchell se~c~led. Deedng, lye; MoEeiand, Eye; Mitchell, eye;. Motion carried. The following purchase orders were aPlwoved fo~ payment: COUNTY GENERAL 2723 W~ST PUBLISHING CORP. 67.50 CD 2728 WEST PUBLISHING CoRP. 70.00 CDROM 2729 PROFESSIONAL LITIGATION 135.00 PUBLICATION 2730 WEST PUBLISHING CORP. 390.00 F~E 2731 HINER, CARL C. 44.01 REXMBURSEMEMT 2732 GWIN, DANIEL O. 8.00 REXMBUESlDIENT 273~ HIHER, CARL C. 55.43 RBZMSURSlIg4~H~ 2334 GREEN, CLYDE W. 5,00 TRAVEL 2735 DOENGES-SARTLESVILLE 80.00 MA~AL 2736 FARM& HOME SUPPLY 3.10 CABLE 2737 ADVANCED Z.IRST AID & SAZ.ETY 30.00 KIT 273@ OKLA, HATURAL GA~ 114.36 UTILITY 2739 WARREN CLXNICS, INC. 93.00 SUPPLXES 2740 COOPER D.D.S., CNUCK 60.00 UNDERPAYMENT 2741 NITC/4ELL, lllPJP, MXCZ C, 60.IS REIMBURSEMENT 2742 OFFIGE DEPOT, INC. 36.85 BINDER 2743 T~OMPEON'E BOOK & SUPPLY 76.75 SUPPLII~S 2744 XEROX CORP. 29?.00 C, ARTRXDGE 2745 C.J~KLa MATCSERY 77.50 EGGS 2746 PAYNE CO, GENERAL FUND 4000.00 EXPENSES 2?47 GERMAN, J~DITH G. 5.96 REIMBURSEMEMT 2748 SWANK, MARY JANe 6.77 REX~BURS~I~T 2749 * WARDEN, SHERRY L. 7.53 REIMBURSEMENT 2750 CONNECTXNG POINT COHPUTER 45.00 SUPPLIES 2751 CONNECTING POINT COMPWteR 465.00 CAaLI~S 2752 STXLL~%ATER HIRISPRES$ 32,1~ tlIOTXCE 2?53 RADIS|ON INN 160,00 LOO~ZXG 2754 LANCE SPRUIELL BUSINESS FORMS 1483.50 CARDS 2755 WALMART 180,09 rXLM Y~t H~e Is O.. Of S~ HEALTHCOR. INC. One call for all your Home Health Cam needs. 24 Hours a day, 7 d ys a week. .Medicare Certified Health & Infusion Therapy Services .Oxygen & Respiratory Services *Physical Occupational Speech & Respiratory Therapies .Masters Degree Social Workers Home Health Aide Services, Infusion Therapies Enteral Feeding Systems Fetal Moru" torin Maternal/Child NursingConvelscent Beds & Accessories Rehabilitation Devices Registered Pharmacist ]CAHO Accredited Skilled Nursing Services, Pharmacy, HME, and Respiratory Member of The Oklahoma Home Care A~u~ciation Kay Oemw, RN 101S. Matn Perkins (Entrance on the north door of the See-Nor Video building) 405/547-5850 1400-.340.8791