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May 12, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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May 12, 1977

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10-The Perkins Journal Thursday, gtay 12, 1977 JUST A LINE MORE !From Page 1) she jots it down and has come up with quite a list. If you happen to have a CB radio and haven't yet selected a handle, perhaps this list would help you in selecting one. Here are some of those she has listed: Wonder Woman, Okie Roadrunner, Hawk Eye, Red Man, Blue Goose, Red Bacon, G 1 Joe, Desper- ado, Saddle Tramp, Wild Turkey, Triple Boomer, Big G, Chicken Choker, Coke Boz, Cowboy Call, American Flag, Prairie Dog, Rip Cord, Pole Cat, Hawk Eye, T-Dog Puppy, Short, MoonbeamoMama, Black Sheep, Spider Man, Share Cropper, Silver Dollar Queen, Funny Face, Romeo, Gray Lady, Star Gazer, Oklahoma Lion, Radiator Man, Blue Giant, Grease Monkey, Fly Wheel, Chero- kee Maiden. And, Raggedy Ann, Side Kick, Beaver Eater, Chatty Kathy, Cinderalla, Gypsy Lady, Tooth Puller, Hominy Sunshine, Pawhuska Pimple Popper, Old Timer, o, OO BAKE SALE Oo, T.;- ooo %" Saturday, May 14, Starting at 9 a.m. In front of P'J"s 4th, 5th 6th Graders. United Methodist Church Okie Catfish, Old Crow, Dizzy Giggler, Fly Rod, Blood Hound, Brae Buster, Jay Hawker, Paper Slinger Got None, Tack Hammer, and Okie Smokey. There are hundreds more, and very few are the same. One wonders where all .these come from. Over by Cushing, we heard one give his handle as "All Taken." His CB Buddy asked him to come again because he didn't under- stand that. The voice on the comeback said, "I tried to think up a handle, but they were all taken, so I just settled on 'All Taken' ". We were coming back through Drumright and Oilton one evening about dark, and the conversation on the CB airwaves was about a Smokey in the area somewhere. This one CB'er was having difficulty in pinning down just where the Bear was, when a deep, military like voice came clearly over the CB's, "If all of you would drive with in the speed limits you would not have to worry about ME." You could hear a pin drop all over Creek county. -o- Sound Off! (From Page 1) "Power of the Pen". (Apri 25, 1977 issue)-- "Law and order remains a hot issue in the 1977 session of the Legislature. It seems that every other bill is on the subject. This is particularly inter- esting in light of a Justice Department report issued last week. It proves anew that if you want to be a criminal, be sure and go into white collar crime. Even if you fail at it, the punishment is slim or none. Only a year ago the federal government successfully prosecuted 23 firms and 48 corporate executives for rigging prices on cardboard boxes.-The roughest sen- tence was 60 days, knocked down finally to 15 days to be served nights and weekends. How come? An Oklahoman whose , greatness was recognized only after his death--typical- ly Oklahoman, eh?--once summed it up in a single sonnet: Woody Guthrie wrote "As through this world I've rambled--I've seen lots of funny men-- some rob you with a six gun--and some with a fountain pen." One who in no way "robs you with his pen and is interested in law and order from a historical viewpoint, at least, is Glenn Shirley. The Perkins man, we claim, has just published "Red yesterdays". The western novel depicts characters and events concerning wild Indi- ans," bullfighters and bull- doggers, bronco busters, heroes in petticoats, rapists and rogues. His recent book review gave some highlights of the book:"Black Beaver, the WE California Navel Patio"Assorted" I]ll !!! .............. ,il  BAG Assorted Flavors Abe Lincoln of the Dela- wares. "did all he could to encourage billigerent tribes to accept reservation life. He interpreted for every agent and missionary in the Territory, made oral transla- tions of the Bible and was in demand as a speechmaker." Shirley calls the man "the most prominent of all Indians." The "Dusky Demon," sometimes known as the black cowboy, learn-bulldog- ging from his own bulldog, Spike. Bill Pickett originated the quick twist of the horns which brought the steer's nose upward. The relatively small cowboy then clamped his big teeth into the cow's upper lip rendering much pain to the animal bringing it down, just as Pickett had seen his bulldog do. Billy McGinty, who work- ed with cowboys on the Turkey Track Ranch, came to know some members of the Doolin gang there. The former Rough Rider was known as the "pint sized brahe twister." From "Women of Des- tiny" to "Rogues and Rapists", the author reveals little known or forgotten parts of the Red Yesterdays. Perhaps, the Oklahoma author feels, history has chosen to forget them. The Cherokee Strip Opening has a history of at least three hangings over land disputes. The "Mad Artist of McAles- ter", who murdered his wife, later produced over 50 M' BAGS 4 5 OZ. pkgs. SO  "Blackbeard,"The Quaker Marshall,Texas Jack,  :' Mexican Vine Ripe 1 desperado turned evangelist; Al Jennings, Oklahoma s more 'more or less famous TOMATOES LB. 29 Gold Spot Assorted Flavors train robber- attorney- ICE CREAM o.on $ 19 [i!i ............ ii ' 1'/, gal. =::::::::,:*= movieman , and Cannonball ii Green rode the wheels to sundown." Many such esca- pades bid farewell to the red It was certainly spelled wrong, but she agreed it smelled the same! The word is "asafetida" and means a "feted gum resin of various Oriental plants of the carrot family." Now I wonder where people got the product. Anyone care to drol: us a note? PERSONAL Mother's Day guests in the Wayne Allen home were Mrs. Goldie Lacy, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hughes, Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Turnham and son, Barney Lee of Enid, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Rakes and Angela of Bixby and Miss Judy Lacy of Stillwater. "O" LEGAL NOTICE (Published in The Perkins Journal, May 5 and 12, 1977-20 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received by The Board of Trustees of the Town of Perkins, Okl/thoma, 120 S. Main (P.O. Box D) Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 at 7:30 p.m., Monday, June 6, 1977, for collecting trash, refuse and garbage from all residences and business establishments within the corporate limits of said Town, hauling and disposing of the same by Sanitary Landfill Method as preserib. ed by the Oklahoma Solid Waste Management Act of 1970, and rules and regula- tions pertaining thereto, as amended. Copy of such Act, Rules and Regulations may be obtained from City Hall (O.D.H.) Bulletin No. 0524, July 1, 1973). Contractor shall furnish: BAKE SALE TO GO FOR EXPENSES The 4th, 5th and graders Sunday School of the United Church is haying a Sale, Saturday, starting at 9 a.m. in PJ's. The students are the leadership of Niles. They are planning Six Flags Over Texas on 25 and 26th, and theY trying to raise money to with expenses for this Anyone wishing to baked goods should food at the church or bake sale location as after 9 a.m. as Mrs. Niles says, would like to thank who has helped us raise money for this trip. children have worked hard and are really forward to going. have previously garage sale and bake and have also been aluminum cans to sell to[ with expenses -O o Big. Blizzard "1 do not mean to the purposes of OSHA ERISA legislation. On the  trary, the aim of these to guard the health of workers and provide with income retirement --is directed toward real But in implementing the lation, the bureaucracy often been triggered by form of regulation and has sight of the basic goals of tl laws. As a result we self-perpetuating and ing paperwork and re frenzy, not unlike the that buffaloed Buffalo." --Sen. Hubert H. Bddges Now [|[, - --- --- -- -----]TrllIRATr shudine,--- ------- eAIAI' KraWs 1,000 | yesterdays of Oklahoma's an enclosed packer truck, ! o_.L,_ ,,_,,_.._ ___ ,.... I I "v'wlrl'v I OPtl-/dtlJ I landfill site, equipment Island 16 paradoxical history. How- adequate to cover and OZ, _ IllE ever, Glenn Shirley's novels ]'/: 1::=llTZr:nlTei!r M [1 SAUCE 4*z'sll DRESSING b"ll|llfll must be read to appreciate labor,maintain the landfill site' alllicenses, permits, L,,I Y_ II ""'l 79[i insurance, andpefformance | [ Hormel W,th Beans Griffin's WaffJe 32 oz. jar i One way to find out who bond of $5,000.00. Bidder , -- ........... i ::::z::::::':: these Western Sagas. d/ " [CHILI 15:z. ,.,. ]SYRUP 99 [ reads the Journal is to admit beShall submit list of equiP-used. Collection one's limited knowledge, merit and truck proposed to L . , "  ............. Bless Emma McClain for her shall be I ] Peter Piper Sliced i , .' .... ' "' " 1 l interest and friendly efforts, made at least twice per week She looked up that "horrible at each residence and at least !]e! ! Imrw, e _ _, I Hunts Snack Pock [Pa er T ' Lar " " I GI smelly medicinal stuff" for three times per week at '-- ' I I ' ,.,.-.::o AeP l ,.,, ,,.,., ... I P OWelS g KOII I  me. business establishments. l[iDoi.Monte ! l ! !F[ i whichBidder shall specify aura-bidder will furnish for [:DILL Qua Jar v-I ruuuIN [ln t?l IAn Q ber and size of containers --..-- WK or CS . m IVU w,l[,/"u,' ! ii!i llg||r''. a S 1 i 4 can pack_ OY [ I ":', ::: LIGHTTHEHT forbUSiness distriCt.residences ContainerSwill be !! |It,,111 O cans" I . , Peter Piper No. 2'A can I WE furnished by owners. PURPLEPLUMS 43 16m Contract period will be ' July 1, 1977 to July 1, 1978. bidder shall submit bid on v .= I PORK "N BEANSI I - ' "l iii! ! Ii:!:::!:':'i:!:!::::'!'::1 "BY' with an amount per business the monthly charge together New York&ate Ill I _ _ l I DeI-Monte I ifl.n [!I Ran JIE [16 oz TOMATO JUICE I Warren and per residence ifthe total /or]obsand E cans 79 r number increases or de- lnde ,, oz. ,o. 6 3 creases by as much as ten in a given month. llf you watch a game. iu Envelopes containing bid lfun. If you play t, ts Don't Let must be plainly marked "Bid A ShurfJne IW lrecreat,on. If you work at COC COLA  .................................... i The Journa' lit, it's olf" for Trash Disposal System". or PANCAKE MIX 2LB. BOX 65 i l  ;*'* ,o bid may be submitted, u a changed or withdrawn after B'  i llHearabo t thepsychi, tric . ." [go to press . oo. . . o-^- The Board of Trustees for I us,.,., ,u u ,,,,v,,,u-. m DR. PEPPER  "--'B IIpatient who complained? tmeforopenmgbids. ^. ,-- ............ the Town of Perkins reserves without your RY MIXED BEANS 1 , **** " the right tO evaluate D 29 m s n e equipment and method I[You II alway be "so : - " . included proposed and to reject any or lbody special' when .xouJ . . i n all bLds, to waive any ldo business with Am  "-I somewher , 6 :"' 1. ' ' i CENTER CUT ill[ ..... ! " mean Ca pet eaners, d Shurflne Mars;chino II I PORK CHOPS LB. s 1.2' r CI Se informality in any bid, andto Ius soon about your dirt. accept the bid or bids, which lfurniture & carpets ] the Town's interest. lille I CHERRIES ,..,J cou.,v S.L ! i - seem most advantageous to Grooms  Amerucan t[ s/ElizabethWise FURNITURE & CAgi  4oz. jar ,,, i VW car et NI!00 ,p O,.oo.r., Townaer00 i PORK RIBS LB. 98 l 154,-2",3 22-16%11 .o- 208W.,9th. STILLW.T ra I .i I FR2-008 PORK LOIN ROAST LB. 89 I i ;lllEI ' nGreen :)tamps 1 RODEO CHUNK l !i I !! or"l ess" I w.... so I WITH o, I BOLOGNA LB. 85' i00'il :","."',"" l'x*--'" ' , [= II ili00 "sake...-- ,I ,I.A.7IhBO{DS'DiIfI%Fi;'J'E'StiII' l L00h:_Su'b I I --- Wl GROUND BEEF LB. 98 I . I , DRINK I Bowyer's j ___: _ o:_:oo00o00oo. _.....:.._....., i I I MILK I Garage o, Prices Effective A n t' l  I (iOLDSPOT,lLKitlhewhollsom, ' WntoftbeCemete 1 1 ,,-- I hllthfulg0od tasting &ink for kids of I i l.;00i , PICK-upONE'DAISEI"Im'm""mmm& DEI.IVI" ..your "" .-=::::::::.:=:= , :: :L::::: I I I I i! Pho. 372-7022 L : ......... ........ : : ..... 2:: "Serving up a black white choice between merit and growth is Every thinking person come to the conclusion can and must use our and energy to strike a real effective balance betwee vironmental protection Browth. Without growth pollute our economic merit... Without a economy, there will be income to tax nor the ity for people to en pleasures of a cleaner ment. Let's get our pnC back in order.., it tragic to arrive at the brin the 21st century only to that we had built no brid cross into it. Those bridges' have to be built --Peter