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May 17, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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May 17, 2012

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B4 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, May 17, 2012 Classifieds LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL Nq )TICE LEGAL NOTI(;E LEGAL NOTI(;E LEGAL NOTICE Legal notice published in The Perkins Joumal May 17, 2012 NOTICE OF RESALE OF REAL ESTATE FOR TAXES PAYNE COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA Notice is hereby given that; under authority and mandatory requrre- ment of O.S. 68 310S, each of the hereinafter described dots, tracts, and parcels of real estate, all situated in Payne County, State of Oldahorn wll be sold at public auction to the highest competitive bidder for CASH, provided that for each parcel or tract the bidder offers a sum equal to or greater than two thirds of the assessed valuation of such real estate as fixed for the current fiscal year 2011 or the total amount of taxes, ad valorem and special, interest and costs legally due on such property computed to and as of June 11,2012, whichever lethe lesser. Said sale to be held at the County Administration Building, 315 West 6th Ave., Room 200, StJllwater, OK, beginning on the second Monday in June, 2011 (June 11,2012) between the hours of 9.10 a.m. and 4.t0 p.m. and continuing from day to day thereafter between the same hours until said sale has been completed according to law. It is hereby stated that each of said lots, tracts, and parcels of real estate hereinafter listed have been unpaid for a period of three years or more as of the date such taxes first became due and payable as of November 1 2008. The schedule below appears under the name of the owner as shown by the last filing of deeds in the Payne County Clerk's Office, the total amount of all delinquent ad valorem taxes for the years of 2008- 2011, including costs and interest; all delinquent special assessments, costs and interest that have accrued thereon and remain legally due and unpaid as of the date of the first publication of Notice of Resale. On June 1,2012, one and one-half per centum additional interest will have accrued. The above notice applies to the following lots, tracts and parcels, to-wit: Witness my hand this 2rid day of May 2012. Bonita J. Stadler Payne County Treasurer TID: 3038 ADKINS, MARK A & NATALIE SITUS: 701 N DEPOT, CUSHING MISC TR 33-18N-05E C-S05 (.344acm/1) BEG 590' N SF_JC SW/4; N-50' W-300' S-50' E-300' POB Total: $797.47 : 254 ANDERSON, IRVIN W SITUS: 1000 S CANYON, STILL- WATER 19-19N-04E D-766 (4.99acm/I) BEG 992.55'N NE/C SW/4; W-610' N-50' W-50' N-282.95' E-660' S- 332.95' POBAKA LOT 11 HIDDEN CANYON Total: $825.59 TID: 18294 BADIYAN PROPER- TIES, LLC SITUS: 112 S MAIN, STILLWATER NORTH STILLWATER ADD BLK 2LOT3 Total: $5,620.98 TID: 6744 BEELER, JERAD K SITUS: CUSHING RURAL 13-18N-05E C-501 (6.08acm/I) TR 150' WIDTH LYINGACROSS SW/4 FRMLY RR R/W Total: $348.66 TID: 18004 BRASEL LORIN SHANE SITUS: 9215 E 9TH, CUSHING 11-17N-06E A-6 (59.21acm/I) BEG 893.71'E NW/C NE/4; S-300' E-183.71' S- 1248' E-1562.58' S- 1092'W-1980' N-1805.16' E-208.71' N.834.84' E-25' POB Total: $2,120.21 "riD: 407 CENTRAL LAND & PROP- ERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING ODOM'S ADD BLK 1 E-4' LOT 5 Total: $229.22 TID: 1108 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 305 W HICKORY, CUSH- ING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 13 LOTS 3-5 Total: $800.94 TID: 1184 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 10 LOTS 9-10 Total: $719.42 TID: 1211 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS; CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 7 LOT 12 Total: $2,125.77 TID: 1217 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 109 W CYPRESS, CUSH- ING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 7 LOT 5 & E-12.5' LOT 6 Total: $2,069.61 TID: 1263 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 305 W CYPRESS, CUSH- ING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 5 LOTS 3-4 Total: $809.60 TID: 1271 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES SITUS: CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 4 LOT 11 Total: $1,795.40 TID; 1272 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES SITUS: 1303 N SLAY, CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 4 LOTS 9-10 Total: $2,002.83 TID: 1274 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 1313 N SLAY, CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 4 LOT 6 Total: $600.39 TID: 1275 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 1317 N SLAY, CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 4 LOT 5 Total: $599.70 EMPL( )YMENT EMPL( )YMENT EMPLOYMENT DRIVERS: $1,200 STILLWATER Orientation Completion Bonus MEDICAL CENTER & make up to .43 cpm! CURRENT OPENINGS CDL-AOTR Exp. Req. www.stillwatermedical.com Many mutes avail! Call Now: 1-888-635-1678 THE TOWN OF TRYON 5.31 is seeking a part-time librarian position. Please DELIVERY DRIVERS: apply at 25 S. Main Street CDL-A. Top Earners: $651dyr in Tryon between the Safety/Perform Bonus. Full hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Family Benefits. 401k. Food Monday thru Friday. Srvce/Bevrg Exp A+. 888-880- 5.1 7 5906 5.24 EMPL()YMENT LOST & FOUND RENTALS AUCTIONS AU(;TIONS MOBILE HOMES MERCHANDISE Quality built 2bed, 14 bath home in a wonderful location. This property sells to the highest bidder subject only to distnct court confirmation. No contingencies, so make your preparations and be prepared to own this very desirable home and location. I Call Mike Bendele, United Country Real Estate, J 405-258-3876, or John Ball, Ball Auction Service i; ,1 TID: 1276 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 1319 N SLAY, CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 4 LOTS 3-4 Total: $531.42 TID: 1283 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 1322 N SLAY, CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 3 LOTS 19-20 Total: $531.42 TID: 1303 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 1318 N CENTRAL, CUSH- ING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 2 LOTS 19-20 Total: $260.64 TID: 1475 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SFFUS: CUSHING THOMPSONS ADD BLK 1 W-25' OF E-50' LOT 2 Total: $292.25 TID: 1808 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING NORTH DRAKE ADD BLK 1 N-15' LOT 8 Total: $304.20 TID: 2235 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING NORTH ADD BLK L LOTS 19-20 Total: $277.81 TID: 2238 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS; CUSHING NORTH ADD BLK L PT LOT 18 LYING W OF CENTER OF DRAW (APPROX W-90' OF LOT) Total: $232.51 TID: 4051 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING ODOM'S ADD BLK 4 LOT 7 & LOT 40 Total: $300.67 TID: 4118 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING ODOM'S ADD ELK 1 LOT 7 Total: $235.43 TID: 5865 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING RURAL 33-18N-05E D-761 (.15acm/I) BEG WHERE N/S CTR LINE INTER S R/W LINE OF AT&SF RR TRACKS S-75'W.85' N TO INTER OF S R/W OF AT&SF RR CO YTRACK SELY ALG RNM TO POB Total: $335.25 TID: 5902 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: 116 E VINE, CUSHING MISC TR 33-18N-05E B-260 (.2acm/I BEG 15'E SW/C NE/4 SE/4; E-70' N-140' W-70' S-140' POE Total: $9,314.82 TID: 9472 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING DAUGHERTYADDBLK 1 W-50'OF E-1 Off LOTS 9-11 Total: $253.42 TID: 10192 CENTRAL LAND & THE PAWNEE NATION OF OKLAHOMA is accepting ONLINE applications for the full- time, regular status position of I.H.S. Housekeeper. Go to http: //www.pawneenation.org to apply. 5.17 THE PAWNEE NATION OF OKLAHOMA is accepting ONLINE applications for the full- time, regular status positions of Lead Teacher (1 year old) and Assistant Teacher. Go to htto: //www.pawneenation.org t apply. 5.17 PROPERTIES, SITUS: CUSHING CHAMBER'S ADD BLK 6 LOT 14 Total: $243.73 TID: 12635 CENTRAL LAND & PROPERTIES, SITUS: PERKINS PERKINS TOWN CO BLK 3 N-15' LOT 1 Total: $226.54 TID: 10353 COMBS, MICHAEL D & BECHTEL, SITUS: 923 E 3RD, CUSHING CENTRAL ADD ELK 9 LOTS 12-13 Total: $2,132,24 TID: 3214 CRAMER, JUNE CAROL SITUS: 519 E COOK, RIPLEY 29-18N-04E D-755 (. 98acre/I) BEG 1225.3' E NW/C NE/4 NW/4; $425' W-100' N-42.5' E-100' POB Total: $3,686.14 TID: 12050 FISHER, HERBERT L & RACHEL SITUS: 306 E WALNUT, CUSH- ING ORIG TOWN CUSHING BLK 13 LOTS 15-16 Total: $9,909.92 TID: 2715 FREDERICK, NATHAN JR SITUS: 118 S HARRISON, CUSH- ING SOUTH ADD BLK 53 LOT 15 Total: $12,212.92 TID: 4169 FRYAR, WESLEY H & BARBARA SITUS: 710 S ROSE, GLENCOE MISC TR 12-20N-03E B-272 (.49acm/I) BEG 45'S NE/C SE/4 SE/4; W-225' N-123' E-225' S-123 POB Total: $1,514.91 TID: 1206 FULTZ, RONALD & LINDA SITUS: 1204 N CENTRAL, CUSH- ING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 7 LOTS 17-18 Total: $1,307.13 TID: 1168 FIRST FIDELITY LOAN SERVICING LLC SITUS: 2021 S INGALLS-MAIN INGALLS BLK 5 LOTS 12-15 Total: $2,460.64 TID: 9171 GNIECH, SUSAN ETAL SITUS: 9606 S PRAIRIE, PER- KINS 28-18N-03E A-3 (6.33acm/I) BEG 1182'S NF_/C NE/4; S.835' W-330' N-835' E- 330' POB Total: $1,686.38 TID.4 H'DEOPE- LLC SITUS: 398 NJART,s'I I : " WATER WEDGEWOOD SEC 60UTLOTA Total: $564,02 TID: 4665 ISBEI I, BRIAN L SITUS: 363 NORTH B STREET, YALE MISC TR 18-19N-06E B-282 (.515acre/I) BEG 370N & 752'N SF_/C SE/4; W TO RR/RW; NELY ALG RW TO PT N OF POB S TO POB Total: $941.44 TID: 79412 LEISTER, TIMOTHY SITUS: 3409 E 92 "D, PERKINS 29-18N-COL D-763 (2.12acre/I) BEG 94.5'E NW/C NW/4; E-565.3' S-152. 3' N80 W-76.4' S81 W-209.1' S45 W-51.8' W-175.7' N57 W-64.1' N5 W- 171.6' POB Total: $1,117.75 TID: 21820 LEWIS, ANTHONY L & SHIRLEY E SITUS: 1424 N DENVER CT, STILLWATER GARDEN EST ADD 1ST SEC BLK 1 LOT 6 Total: $5,707.30 TID: 3318 MASSENGALE, RETA (BINFORD) SITUS: 107 N WADE, CUSHING QUEEN HTS ADD ELK 5 LOTS 10-11 Total: $473.09 THE CITY OF PERKINS, Oklahoma has an opening for a Director of Parks and Recreation. The Director's duties include planning, organizing and directing the Parks & Recreation Department including managing recreation programs and performing a variety of park maintenance functions. A Bachelor's degree in Parks and Recreation Administration or closely reated field is preferred but not required. The successful candidate should have related work experience and must have excellent leadership, management and supervisory skills; including being a motivator, coach, teacher, mentor and rlorale builder. Salary DOE/Q. Applications are available online at wvw.cityofperkins.net or at Perkins City Hall, 11(: N. Main, Perkins, OK. Applications wilt be acc.=pted until position is fille:l. Applications should be mailed to ATTN: City Manager, City of Perkins, PO Box 9, Perkins, OK 74059. The City of Perkins is an EOE. 5.17 TID: 1885 MCABEE, KEVlN P & HEIDI A SITUS: 211 S WOOTEN LN, STILL- WATER VILLA EST LOT P. Total: $1,946.60 TID; 1976 MCCOIN, ALVIS KEN- NETH SITUS: 320 W PECAN, CUSHING NORTH ADD BLK U LOTS 15-17 Total: $1,043.43 TID: 101228 MOORELAND, ALBERTA SITUS: 212 W PINE, CUSHING WASHINGTON HTS ADD BLK 6 LOTS 18-19 Total: $10,572.00 TID: 66652 NOKES, CHARLES LYNN SITUS: 2404 N ENCHANTED LN, GLENCOE ENCHANTED FOREST LOT4 Total: $546.71 TID: 15863 NORTH MAIN PROP- ERTIES, LLC SITUS: 122 S MAIN, STILLWA- TER WATSON ADD BLK 2 N-25' LOT 1 Total: $2,820.46 TID: 18298 NORTH MAIN PROP- ERTIES, LLC SITUS; 116 S MAIN, STILLWATER NORTH STILLWATER ADD BLK 2 LOT 1 & S-25' LOT 2 Total: $12,325.28 TID: 11866 PA'I-rERSON, GEORGE H & JOANNE SITUS: 212 W OAK, CUSHING ORIG TOWN CUSHING BLK 23 LOTS 19-20 Total: $6,860.60 TID: 24253 PAI-rON, BETrYA SITUS: 314 S 3RD, YALE SOUTH ADD BLK 36 LOTS 19-24 Total: $1,322.00 TID: 3289 PERRINE, WILLIAM II SITUS; 1019 E COOK, RIPLEY 29-18N-O4E A-2 (20acm/I) E 1/2 NW/4 NE/4 Total: $1,162.70 TID: 13791 POGUE, BRUCE G & KATHLEEN M SITUS: 512 SE 3RD PERKINS MISC TR 07-17N-03E D-758 (.607acrrvl) BEG SE/C BLK 2 LOT 6 CIM HTS CTY EST 2ND; E-115' N-230' W-115' S-230' POB (AKA W-I15 BLK 1 LOTS 23-24 WELLS- WOOD ADD) Total: $164.65 TID: 49400 POLLARD, PAMELA SITUS: YALE SOUTH ADD BLK 46LOT 19 Total: $202.18 TID: 49401 POLLARD, PAMELA SITUS: YALE SOUTH ADD BLK 46 LOT 20 Total: $203.18 TID; 14714 POPLIN, L GREGORY & JERI S SITUS: 1326 S DUNCAN, STILL- WATER SUNNYSlDEADD BLK7 S-11' LOT 1 & N-15' VAC 14TH ST Total: $450.77 TID: 6894 REAVIS, BILL & HOL- LAND, BROWNIE SITUS: 1230 EOAK, CUSHING HIGHLANDS ADD BLK 23 LOTS 39-42 Total: $19,495.33 TID: 2331 RECTOR, JOSEPH MICHAEL SITUS: 214 W GREENLEE, CUSHING NORTH ADD BLKI LOTS 18-19 Total: $295.31 TID: 2333 RECTOR, JOSEPH MICHAEL SITUS: 216 W GREENLEE, CUSHING NORTH ADD BLK I LOTS 16-17 Total: $ 811.00 TID: 18100 REESE, JASON R SITUS: 6515 E 9TH CUSHING 09-17N-06E D-754 (10acre/1 ) N/2 E/2 NF_J4 NW/4 Total: $3,603.56 TID: 2111 SAMUELS, CHRISTINA L SITUS; 901 N STEELE, CUSHING NORTH ADD BLK P LOTS 21-24 Total: $10,605.78 TID: 2414 SKINNER, JIMMY DEWAYNE JR SITUS: 113 E GREENLEE, CUSH- ING NORTH ADD BLK D LOTS 4-5. Total: $7,933.04 TID: 9392 SNEED, STEVEN & BETH SITUS': 845 E OAK. CUSHING EAST BROADWAY ADD BLK 1 LOTS 4-5 Total: $2,016.65 TID: 19698 SPRADLIN, JACK L & BETTY F SITUS: 617 W FT. WORTH, YALE 19-19N-06E C-566 (.97acm/I) BEG 18/V NE/C SW/4; SELY-140' W- 140' SELY-65, W-111.5' N-205' E-247' POB Total: $615.59 TID: 24073 SPRADLIN, JACK L & BE'n-Y F SITUS : YALE SOUTH ADD BLK 54 LOTS 1-8 Total: $328.24 TID: 9467 STONE, GOLDIE SITUS: 504 S NOBLE, CUSHING DAUGHERTYADD BLK 1 W-150' LOTS 12-17 Total: $9,128.00 TID: 5571 WHEELER, FRANK & MARTHAA SITUS; 730 N HIGHLAND, CUSH- ING MAYWOOD PLACE ADD BLK 8 LOTS 21-26 Total: $8,981.15 TID: 15764 WINNIE, GREGORY E SITUS: 109 N BIDDLE, RIPLEY ORIG TOWN RIPLEY BLK 17 LOTS 1-3 Total: $1,091.08 TID: 5246 WI'RMAN, GLORIA SITUS; 516 E 18TH, STILLWATER MISC TR 23-19N-02E B-271 (.17acm/I) BEG 5671,1 SE/C SE/4 & 220V CL PERKINS RD; N-125' W-60' S-125' E-60' POB AKA DAV- ENPORTADD LOT 5 Total: $896.26 TID: 24197 WIITMAN, GLORIA SITUS: 305 S BENJAMIN, STILL- WATER BURDICK'S ADD BLK3 LOT 16 Total: $1,030.06 TID: 2335 WOOD, KAREN ANN SITUS: 222 W GREENLEE, CUSHING NORTH ADD BLK I LOTS 13-15 Total: $1,177.33 FOR RENT: 2 Bedroom/1 LOST: male terrier/yorkie bath apartment in Ripley, mix dog, brown and black. Ok. Rent is based on His name is "Taz". He income for OHFA qualified was lost near SuperKids individuals. Please call daycare on hwy 177 a 918-351-4190 for more couple of weeks ago. Has information, a red electric fence collar tfn on. Call 405-742-8654 517 FEDERAL Recovery for landowners. Zero down FOR SALE: Whirlpool and low payments. Bad Duet Gas Dryer with THE PAWNEE NATION credit and bankruptcy is pedestal, like new! $600, OF OKLAHOMA is okay. Well and septic are Older Whirlpool Electric accepting applications available. Will remove Dryer. $75. Call 405-865- for the full-time, regular existing homes. Call Heath 3007 or 405-240-2492 status position of Youth @ 918-576-3696 for your 5.24 Services Coordinator. approval. WAC NOTICES Apply online at http:fl tfn www.pawneenation.org 5.17 ZERO DOWN!! If you S E LLERSlV ICK own land or have a trade FAMILY: round-trip Drivers: Local Oklahoma in!! No minimum credit chartered bus trip to City score required. Denver, Colorado for $1,000.00 Sign-On Bonus, FREE statewide delivery! the Sellers/Vick Family Home Daily! Call Americas #1 Reunion June 21-24, If you have a personal Homebuilder for approval! 2012 departing multiple vehicle call #866-888-2825 wac locations in Oklahoma. Werner Enterprises today! tfn , Cost is $100.00 due 1-888-567-4856 no later than June 3, 5.17 YEAR END SALE! Save 2012. Family and friends Thousands! Own Land are welcome. Contact EXPERIENCED NAIL ZERO down. Turn Key. numbers are (405) 822- TECH needed. Apply in New and Repohomes. Top 4478, or (405) 269-6844, person at Hidden Oasis dollar for your trade! 2,500 or (405) 377-8729. Day Spa, 135 S. Main dollar furniture aloowance 5.24 Street, Perkins. For more w/ new home purchase. information call 405-547- (405) 631-7600 or (405) 6200 602-4526. w.a.c. 5.31 fin