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May 18, 1995     The Perkins Journal
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May 18, 1995

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We are a New Testament Christian Church, striving Christ to the best of our abilities• unday, we honored all our mothers, but three were special recognition: Gertrude Ishmael (Most Expe- Frances Burden (Morn whose child had traveled Lrtha White (Newest Mom). at several prominent women . We looked at the women the Bible praises, like Abigail, Eunice and Priscilla. While some would tell us relegates women to second-class citizenship, we Bible praises these women for their intelligence, p, their dedication to their husbands but--most of all--for their dedication to the Lord. at Jezebel and Delilah, women the Bible speaks were idolaters, schemers, lovers of personal put their own desires before all else. looked at Proverbs 31:10-31 and saw a picture of Bible praises A worn'an of intelligence, of beauty, of her family ana devotion to the Lord. "Men and women Bro. White told us, "but the difference is not to be Bro. White will be preaching from I John "Remain With Me." We will be looking at for us to remain in Jesus and not be distracted night Bible study continues as we look at C.S. "Reflections on the Psalms." Freeman, who concluded his "Soul Winning and Prophecy" this past Sunday. It's that all Christians will have Hartley's burden for win- It0 Christ. Sunday evening services will be suspended as we encourage our families to spend that time at 121 E. Stumbo, one block west of Main Street, Perkins. We have Sunday School at 9:45, Morning served to all) at 10:45 and Wednesday evening at 7. This Sunday there will also be a men's prayer 8:30 a.m.. Yaql come! Adventist place, a chance to be with your Christian beautiful Sabbath Day." All week, the weather men it would rain on the weekend. Like my Daddy always in the morning, shirt sleeves in the aRernoon." folks returned, to Oklahoma, all their children were in southern California. Leaving the children at my husband and I stepped on the plane at LAX Oklahoma a few hours later. It was a beautiful day. walled uptown. It was 80 degrees in Perkins. We cafe to have something to drink. Then while wall- temperature dropped to 40 degrees. We looked at aad just started laughing. We had never experienced We were freezing! You mothers, thank the good Lord you had beautiful all weekend. That was God's git to you for Since Mothers are honored in most churches, I of you would like to know how it got started. lady named Julia W. Howe whose mother passed her mother in her home church, everyone was to wear, her mother's favorite flower. In 10, 1908, Mother's Day became official. But it Wilson who gave it National recognition Today we wear red for the living and white for the I the Bible, there are scriptures on love---I Corinthians bow abideth faith, hope,, charity, these three; the great- which means love. Let me illustrate. paid him a few cents to go on errands. help her without any payment. One received a bill from Sidney. He had lei it on the She picked it up and read "Mother Owes Sidney" =- errands, 10 cents; for weeding the garden, 25 cents; Sue, 20 cents; for mailing a letter, 10 cents. You see, he had been to the store and had seen cost 65 cents. Mother put 65 cents beside her small son's a bill of her own for Sidney. When Sidney sat he was delighted to see the money. "Boy," he W. 19th * Stillwater reasons I moved to because of my health I love the friendly the capable people in daily living. It's -Wilda Schaefer Living For The Active Adult on 75 beautiful wooded acres across Stillwater Golf & Country Club is now being managed by the Property Group out of Due to this, several changes are occurring. We have Pear trees and repaved our parking lot. We will improvements in order to meet the needs of our present their special features and services comfort, convenience and peace-of-mind. companion apartments start at $850 per month. much to tell about this exciting Stillwater a owe it to yourself to find out more about this fulfilling lifestyle. ) 377-1114 said, "this was a way to get rich." But then he saw Mother's bill. He read it. "Sidney Owes Mother --for nursing him through chicken pox, NOTHING; for preparing his food, NOTHING; for washing his clothes, NOTHING; for picking up aRer him, NOTHING; for reading bedtime stories, NOTHING; for picking out sand burs, NOTHING. He was very quiet during breakfast. After breakfast, he followed his mother to her room, jumped up and put his arms around her neck and said, "Mother, your bill is wrong. The word NOTHING should be EVERYTHING. Mother, I owe you everything for lov- ing me and taking care of me! I'm so sorry I even thought of asking you for money for the few little things I've done for you." A mother's love is like God's love, a caring love, a love that should be written in our hearts. Bible Evangelistic Temple By Elaine Bartlett Monday--Prayer, 10 a.m. Tuesday--Bible study, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday--Christian Crusaders, 7:30 p.m .... Thursday--Prayer, 10 a.m. Friday--Bowling, 7:30 p.m. Saturday--Men's Breakfast, 9 a.m. SaturdaymLadies' luncheon (at Sister Rayetta's 4th), 1 p.m. **** My friend Jesus, yes, He is my friend He knocked at my heart's door and when I asked him to come in and when he did We had fellowship with one another, So, won't you ask him to come in and he Will have fellowship with you so He will be friends with you. he did house, 517 SE I am going to take a vacation, Yes, I am going to take a vacation• I am going to Heaven I am going to be with my Jesus So won't you come and take a vacation with me. Wyatt Earp...continued from page one few people, and was later killed offin the movie," Earp notes. The young Earp presents an imposing figure and his- torical photographs of Wyatt Earp reveal the strong fam- ily resemblance. Actor Sam Elliott once said of him, "Look him in the eye and you know he's not a joke." Earp stands 6'4" , weighs 200 pounds, sports a black Stetson, a west- ern belK light gray ostrich boots and, occasionally, a mustache quite similar to his ancestor. And although some Holly- wood agents have suggested he change his name, because it seems like a gimmick, Earp has stuck to his guns on that issue. He dropped his first name of Glen and even per- suaded his mother to call him Wyatt. "I'm so completely comfort- able in the western genre," Earp says. "I love movies with the grit of rural America because I believe that embod- ies the American spirit." (Since the movie came out, G. Wyatt did a short documentry about the movie Tombstone. He acted as an M.C. and sometimes this seg- ment is shown on a pay-for- view channel after the movie.) "W' • "', )/•. Happy 80th • Birthday AUNT PUDDY From Clem's Kids Aven...continued from page one eign cooperation and investments, to his small Kiev apartment for a chili supper, he opened the door to sharing his western tradi- I tions. One conversation led to another and after only a few months in the Ukraine, Aven was doing a country western radio show, with Lakamov's encouragement• On that show, he introduced the Ukraines to the music of some of his favorite western singers, especially Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Reba McEntire and Willie Nelson. ~| Aven compares Kiev and Moscow to "the wild west of the 1900s" ~| and says the Ukraine, which has now been independent from Rus- sia for four years, is very much like his native Oklahoma was a century ago. "It's a very hard life in the Ukraine," he says, "just as .~ it was a hard life here I00 years ago for our pioneers. ,,~ "Someone had to come and settle the American West--to make ,~ this the great country it is today. Originally many Europeans helped settle the West, especially in Oklahoma and Texas, where there are large German and Russian communities. I'm part of that heritage and I feel privileged to be at this point in history where I can share my own western heritage," Aven says. .t "For me, living in the Ukraine is a pioneering effort, There is no new frontier for a cowboy in America. I consider the Ukraine the cowboy's frontier today." ~c Aven cuts an interesting figure on the streets of Kiev. Dressed in' ~, a black felt Resistol, silver-tipped cowboy boots, a long black leather drover coat and typical western garb, Aven invites conversation, ~,; whether he's standing in the bread lines with other Ukraines or riding the over-crowded buses. ~Since I'm the only American who dresses in cowboy attire, they definitely recognize me now on the streets of Kiev," Aven says. "They definitely know I'm from out of town. "They were surprised to discover that Americans would still dress like the early day cowboys. They have seen cowboys in films, but [~ they had never seen them in real life. They think they don' exist ~ any more," he says. Aven confides that during his first few months in Kiev, Ukraini- ans could not understand why an American cowboy would want to share their meager, backward lifestyle and suffer their hardships. "While our mission with the Peace Corps is to serve as business advisors, we are also supposed to establish a better understanding of what an American is really like. Being from Oklahoma, I could think of nothing better than sharing my western heritage,~ he notes. He realized, however, how quickly he had become a stereotypical figure, on the day he didn't dress western and also didn't wear his cowboy hat. "The minister of communications told me, 'Don't ever let the Ukraines see you without your cowboy hat again. Wearing that means to them that you are still in touch with your traditions," Aven relates. "That made me realize how more fully how important the tradi- tions of the American West are to these people• To them, the cowboy is a symbol of world wide freedom. And freedom is just as important to a country that has been oppressed for three centu- ries as it is for American cowboys riding the range." 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