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May 22, 1997     The Perkins Journal
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May 22, 1997

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INS JQUl AL-THU COMMISSIONERS PROCEEDINGS a regular meeting Monday, April 21. was made by posting an =spend== at room 101, Courthouse. ', April 1997. The following were present: Carl Moreland, Gloria Ha======r, Member; Sherri Schieffer, County order =st 9:00 i.m. The Clerk prasenmd the minutes of the motion to approve the mlnutls. Hell==r seconded. Deering, aye; aye. Motion carried. Mr. Bryan Porter, Yale Emergency Services. Porter ~eHnted a ! contract for administrative services for the CDBG contr==ct with Mr Marion Stinson her expir==d. The on a w==iting list by ODCC. Peering made the motion to Administrative Service with Mr. Marion Stinson through June 30. Peering, aye; Hie=sir, aye; Moreland. aye. Motion Carried. th== BOard will renew the contract ==9==in on July 1 for one year. This with the fiscal year. Highway Cash, 169855.29; DA Revolving, 4583.11 ; Sheriff Service Fee. 70.00; Sheriff Cereals=airy Feel, Re==tricted Highway, 16776.25; Self Insurance, 1049.85; of =appropriations: DA, M&O, 1109.36 to General to Excise, 400.00 and County Clerk M&O, 600.00. the cash |ppropristione =and transfers ==== pres==nted. Hisser, aye; Moreland, aye. Motion carried. =urch==s== orders for District #1, District #2. Des=ring made the orders as presented, Hisser seconded, Deering, aye. Motion carried. thly reports: Alcoholic Bever==ge Tax, Cushing, 2333.71; Glencol, Stiltwater, 11857.97; Yale, 450.06; Ripl==y, 121,57; Consumable 0.; Health, 7116,44; Treasurer, March. Dieting made the Heseer seconded. Deering, aye; HEeler, eye; Moreland. Jeen Bradley in the ==mount of $355.51 for windshield described occurred in Payne County however, it Peering made the motion to deny the claim and advised Ms. e of filing is Logan County. Hener seconded. Deering, aye; Ha=laser, inspection from Brawley Engineering in the ==mount r mad== the motion to forward the claim to ODOT for payment from ~conded. Dieting. aye; Hesser, aye; Moreland. aye. Motion carried. Raeelution: R,Htutien # 97.Z3 ROAD =SIGN== AT YOaT L/M(II County nell Wlthm tts boundaries I o~w~ur, ty known as YO|I Lke WHeReAS. the ruleeml of Yol! Like Country Club navel rlquelted alltt thl drlvina publi of the Dolllibi~ty Of rhi~dre~ in Ihll PaYne County hal Ilrong OlSlr to protect 1he levels nd health and in prtiruta~, thol Of th childrn. NOW THEReFORe ai County will Dolt th rol~l. In rasonsbll Oroximitv of Yol! Lak Piy" s~ang. to approve the Resolution as presented. H====s==r seconded. Moreland, aye. Motion carried. for Amino=an Public Life be dropped from th== payroll there are only two employees on the program. American Public from the Employees Benefits Fair. Daering made the Public Life that effective July 1 they would no longer ba allowed premium==, H==sser seconded, Peering, aye; Hess==r, ave; Carried. to tour the third floor. meeting back to order. Deering recommended accepting th== 97-77, Shorts CarDer and 97-76, Custom Painting el the lowest Seconded. Deering, lye; Hisser, ==ya; Moreland. aye. Motion pproved for payment: to 04121107...FY 1996-1997 SERVICES H~qT SUPPLY EWRITER, INC. W. . + COUNCIL CITIEBN B' CO, ~;VENILB SUPPLY A-SICC IATE! IHC. NO. P. AI RGA$ TRUCK BELL TBLBPHONE US CORp. CEI~'ER ICAL CENTER MEDICAL FUND 3&VBR,= PUBLIC SAFBTY Amoml Raaaon Issued: 25.50 SERVICDS 128.71 SUPPLIES 06.70 SUPPLIES 191.84 MAINTEHAHCE 95.00 BOOKS 13.44 REIMBURSEMENT 432.84 I~INB~ r~gENT 1S4.69 MOOEM 34.11 SUPPLIES 28.44 SUPPLIES sa.?s CJ~l 71.40 SUPPLIBS 297.14 PUaLICATIONI 266,97 PUBLICATIONS 1320.49 SERVICES 6~1.S0 HAINTENAMCS 2lS.O0 SERVClES 228.00 SUPPLIES 42.65 SUPPLIES SS.00 HAINT~Ca 40e.21 SERVICES 29842.00SERVICEI 1684.1S BOOK 183.47 SUPSLIBS 2100,28ROCK I767.7SPiPE 229.37 REIMBURSEMENT 44.71 SUPPLIES 1320.01REPAIRS 799.50 W~BEI~ 4795.10DItSBL SS.2P SERVICES 162,J8 SERVICES lS10.00COMPUTER 94.00 SUPPLIES 7i.71 SUPPLIES 50.00 SERVICES 48.04 SUPPLIES 138.00 SUPPLIES 188.40 VOUCNE~ 90.40 SUPPLIES 1S4.91 REIMaUR$BMENT 69.78 IERVICES 250.00 MAINTENANCE 799.00 SUPPLIBS 343.90 SUPPLIES s0.go REPAIRS 478.91 SUPPLIES 3S0.00 SERVICES SHELLY 108 0O TRANSCRIPT 896.19 SERVICES H. 102.40 SERVICES R. 233.S) SERVICES ~ISSION 103.46 SERVICES meeting until Monday, April 28 at 9:00 a.m, The Cha,rman All members were PrEsent. orders for Dietriot #1. Ha=ant made the motion to orders. Dearth9 Hoonded. Dieting, aye; Hisser, ayl; S Walker, Oklahoma City OK 385.00 ea 505 Portland. Oklahoma City 459.75 aa Kansas City Me 387.50 ee Sheriff'e office for ==valuation. ro=d and bridge ~==me, q=proved fur payment: rY 1884-1987 INC IERVICE$ CARP. CORp, CORp. ORp. CBNTER CENTER Cl~ITBR INC. / :Hc. 'BIrRvIc|B UTATE IHC. CMU rulto TELEPKONB tQa.s .~n Reason tssuad: 15.81 IOd~CM BLANKET 174.39 MAINTINANCS 369.SS MOiIL| IlaVlCE! 1S.00 LONG DIST~CE 600.00 MAY RENT $S.S0 I~CN CD*RO~ 74.$0 I~CN CD-RO~ 181.50 L~W ~OOKS 61.00 OKLA. DICIaIONS 2.24 T&qVI~ PJIMgPMDqaNT ~45.~? RgD GRILL LIGHTS 10te,?Sl~Ie TAYLGR i07.93I~TE HXCHO~i 483.20INMATESWEET 10.00 ~I~B&~COCI~tE~ 6S.S2 CONFBReNCE LODGING 330.00 TMAV~L PJIMBURS~41NT 24.00 FBRTILE E~ ?56.00 LAB LEARNING KITS 12.77 REFERENCe BOOK 512.79 TV\VCR COMBINATION 32.76 PUBLICATION C~/~ET BID 3S.68 TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT 104.98 MAINTENANCE AGREIgq~NT 13P.14 TRAVEL P~IMIuastgq~NT 92,24 PD ACTIVATOR 30.29 WIRaLIL~I CHARG|B 21.00 BUI~CRI~ION R~.L 43.25 $tRVICI CALL 147.30 APRIL PI~T C~L- 140.20 CNECKIOEH~T IN JR.YL II$.S~ SAil l*q~lMq#1162 43740.00TR&l($n~or 6200.00 TPJU($/T~ OF FUNDS 200322.00 ge-l? ~PDROP, FOA II~ 34,34 BBRYICE 128.00$TN'UPB 360.02,1~, S~ COLIS~UN 3708.S8 RBPAIR TN~CHOE 149S~.75ASPHALT CHIPS RSDAY, MAY ZZ 1333 OWEN THOMAS FORD 69.40 TBNIIONtR i IDLER 1334 OUAPAW Co., INC. 3096.22 NI~IL 133S OUAP/U~ CO., INC. 2091.03 m" CRUSHER RUN Momllmd preHnted a proposes from Hickereon Mechanical Service for $625.00, The 1336 rECHNBR PU~P & SUPPLY Be. ?6 WIRE ROPB CLAMP proposes was tO Supply all labor and materiels to change oil in the air conditioner 133'7OKLA. STATe INDUSTRIES 17S.00 DECALS 1338 FECHNER PUMP & SUPPLY 4.SO O*RINGS omprlllOrB. Change out oil filters and change liguid air filters-driers as needed. Moreland 1339 G.W. VA~ KEPPIL C0. 42.59 HOSE AISI~LY ; GRSKETS rlqulSted ti~==t brlikdown on list of Pins, materiels and hours to do job be done. Motion 1340 QUAPAW CO., INC. 957,73 11/2" CRUSHER RUN tO table prong|el for further information was made by Peering, seconded by Hiller. Motion 1341 SUNBELT EOUIPHBHT & SUPPLY Sl?S $4 INTB~KIHG SKECrING carried. Oeering, lye; Hiller, aye;Moreland, aye. 1342 WALMART 75 63 I~ldP, OM BLANKET 1343 CITY or STILLWATER 144,57 UTILITIES 1344 PETROLEUN MARKETERS 170"/6.00 I'JBL TANK S IN$TALLATIOq Morelind Biked the Board table the request puMic appearance by Charlotte McKay, Juvenile 1345 GATEWAY COIq,JNICATIONI 6E~1.00 K~xo~ MOBIM ~U~DIOS Services. Moralsno noteD she hiU called ,=no could not De here. 1346 DARR EQUIPMENT CO. 3500.00 LLI~5| PAY~I~I~I 1347 StGHT'N SOUND 399.00 W/VCR OHBO 1348 ~R ~OUIPNINT co. 52~0.oo ~,~SE PAYMEnts Cad Miner. Plyne County Sheriff appeared before the Board to discuss the problem wi}h 126 THOHPSGN, CAROLYN L. 14.%. SSTRAVIL RIINBURaEHENT concerns shout dogs in rural Payne County. He noted that dogs have been chasing ca#de. 127 PAYNE CO. O5U EXTENSION CENTS 20.00 REGISTRATION PER He expressed concerns about the growth of peo~e, kids and animals in the country; the 128 COOPER'S LOCKSMITH 25.00 KEy FOR CABINET 384 OK'LA STATE DBPT. or HEALTH20016.34PAYBOLL problem will not be getting better. Hiner recommended contracting with cities and tuWnl to 33638~ CUSHINGPULLNET OOFg~JNICATIONSDAILy CITIZEN 6S.25" 9400 NOTICeD'MAIL TO BIDDERS handle PrOblems, After discus=lion the Board timid the ms=tSar for further information. 387 POSTMASTER 340.00 POIT~E 388 LONG DISTANCE SAVERS 594.91 LONG DIST)~E Moreland presented 8 Resolution of Donation from Mike and Doris RobS=son. The Robison'8, 389 A T i T WIRELESS SERVICES 20.39 LONG DIS'I')~ICB have donated $272.00 for gravel. Motion to accept donation from Mike and Dodl RoMcon 390 FOWLER, DELORIS sea. 48 Ng~ING SBBVtrES Wll mldl by Deering, laconded by Hnler. Motion carried. Dieting. aye; Hisser, 391 OKLA. STATE DEPT. OF HEALTH?25.40 REIHBUB. PHYSI. SERVICE8 lYe;Moreland, aye. 392 FULLNET COI~tl~eICATXOt~S 82. $0 DIALUP gUA~TERLY cIe~GEI " 393 ~e~I~RICAN PAGING. INC. $3. 0 PAGING SBRVICES Stewart PrRsented == mlmorlndum to remover chest freezer from the inventory of the 39431OKLA.cITY OpDEPT'ITILLWATIROr NUF, R/ $BRVIBS 112.6135" 20 MAYIrrXLITIIIIBUIT SYSTEM Sheriff. The freezer will be junked. Motion to remove freezer from inventory we== mide by 32 OIC',J.. NATURAL GAS 37.00 GAS US~GB Deering, saconged by Hespar. Motion Clrried, Dolring, eye; Hisser, aya;Morallnd, aye. 33 WESTCOTT CO~NICATION5 288.00 ~BTN SERVICES FOR MAY 3234 AA TT && TT WIRELIssWIRELESS SER~IItsSERVI~ES 304.03.0058 rE~LUIJ~I~.aRIBICH~GSSpoR PNONB Stewlll; grteented I Iunlmonl CJ97.194, Community Bank vs. Kenneth F. Jamee sial. 3 HI-TECH SERVICSS P 130.00 CANON PC,-70 EA~TRIDGKS MorelBnd noted the lumnlonl wOUld be forwarded to the District Attorney for inlwer. 297 O.S.E.E.G.I.P 194.97 NARCM & APRIL TTD PA~'HENT 298 DENTICARE OP OKLAHOHA, iNC.26.00 ~O~N s A~RIL ~TD PATMENT Moraiend Prlllflted I Pro~lmltton ProCietmin9 the weaker M==y 11 as= Oklahom~ 299 VISION IERVICI PLA/I $.15 I~CK s APRIL TTO PA~ CooNrotive ERtlmtion Week. 300 COLONIAL LIFI & ACIDEHT 32.75 I~ACN 6 APRI.L TTD PAYMENT 301 ROBINSON, JOHN N. I82.40 Ve~RCM & A~AZL 2"~D PATHENT 302 ANDERSON, RICHARD A. 32.29 AIT SETTLEHENT ~Nhlrala the Smith.Lever Act, tigned on Mly 8 1914, created #hi notional 303 1ATTLBS, CHARLEY M. 610. $1 AIT Sa'rl'Ll~lfl' Cooporottye ExtensiOn Syltem, == thral-Way Pertnerehip of federal, Irate lnd courtW 304 BLAIR, CONMI| E. 1394.00 ~tT SC[~LIL~ENT goyemmlnt lllted tO ixtend knowledge from the land grant university to the 306305 SRUNKEN,soao RAYHONDK~ Y. 2522,37.0363 AITAIT SI:T'I'LHNTSlTTL~HENTOItiZenl of the m lind Wllaral8 the week of May 1119976. hll Lien declMid 307 COO~ RIC~Y L. 737.84 AIT SETTL~NT OIdBhOml COOPOrotJYe Extan81on Week, Ind t~/htralI through education progrom,i in 308 DRY, CHESTER O. 503.33 AIT si~IJI;lll;lrr Igriru|tura, homo Ionomlca. Nral dlveloPmlnt, and 4-H youth davelopmlmt, the 309 G,~RETT, LONSB'~I'A P. lgT. 64 AST IfffJ, NEHT Oldlhornl Cool~'ttivl Ext~eton Sorvk:l, operating through and on behelf of 310 GOSNEY. NAOMI N. 942.33 AIT eBTTLBHINT Oklahoma Stere University, improved #hi liye8 of the people of Oldahomi and 311 GROOM, CLEON. 7232.40 AIT BI~I'TLZIqENT 312 ItA~Ey, 6ETT JO.-~q $3.31 AZT SI'I"rLHNT Wheraiao grograml in agriculture have allowed Oklahoms'l farmere Ind rarlchOrl to 313JIMIION, DORIS 4012. IBAIT IITTLEPJ~T take edvlntagt of raeeerrh from the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, 314 MATLOCK, J'ANB! L. 92S. 34 A|T SB~Li~V, IN? OkJihornl Stile Uniyerlity end other lind-grant univerlitiel and Wh~pal programs 316315 HURRON,NESS, SANDRAKBNNSTHM. C. 396.BS$?* {9 AITAI~ $1'FPLr.HINTBETTLINENT in home economic have improved flmliy IJfl. nutrition, fJtnisl Ind conlumif 32.7 RAINI. NT~qCY &. 2S. 14 AZT BgTTLHNT kttewl~l ~Ylong OklBhomlnl, ~ Whereas program== tn rural development have 318 ROSE, o~couI! L. 1751.52 AIT ltTTLrJ~NT Dr~ttod grlltM oPPOrtunities for aconomic development and have reeult~KI in 319 S,~DERS. N~J~OLD T. 926.35 AIT IB1"rLrMENT improved ommunity strvicel Ind ~Nllorill program== in 4-H your dlveiol:~nent hiye 320321 5TE~ART.sTITEI. RuTHCORA LEE 337.$4129" lS AITAIT $B?"FLEMENTIBTTLBPI~N? taught life 8kills tO thOullndl Of OIdlhOml youth and given them the opportunity tO 322 HAY' $ DRUG STORES, INC. 6.42 JOSHUA SlAi.ES Ite~lfit shier communities. Beeume IEsderlhip role==, and become responsible, 323 STILLiI.TER HaoIcAL CENTRe213, IS ,tOIHUA SIRIUS IbrOdvotivo oitlzlns. Now Therefore Be It REsolved that the week of May 111997 324 KELLY, FP-J~K R. 232.91 TtD P&YI~B be 4ts~lnoted Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Week in honor of the dedlclted 9 PREEDON PJ~H, tNC. 10212. S0 rEI~RU&aY COUNlaLING " INKvkte Of ~ 8teff Ind volunteer8 who mike up the Oklahoma Cooperative 8 DISTRICT ATTORNBY'! COUNCIL1900,4S PERSON~ BB~ICBS 60 GROCERY SUPPLY CO, 324.$1 00~gqlEBARY F.xterlsion Servia. 61 OROIRY SUPPLY O. 430.37 O~4IBS&Ry 62 GROCERY SUPPLY CO. - 3S4.13 OmBIB$&RY Motion to IPl~ve reeolution ES pralanted Wll ms=de by Dieting, seconded by Hiller. 3 0ISTRICT A1"roR~I;Y'S CgVltIL $774.14 P'I'ATIAZ. $.~Y MOtiOn Parded. Oeerlng, lye; Heeeer, eye;Moreland. =lye. . . Deering made the motion to adjourn. Hoaeor seconded. Dieting, oyg; Heeler, aYE Moreland. lye. Motion carried. i iii i i The Payne County Board of Commissioners met in a regular meeting MOnday, May 8, 1897 Notice of the meeting was ms=de bv POsting an agenda et room 101, Courthouse, Stillwoter OK on Friday. May 1 1997. The following were present: Cld MoralBnd, Chairman; Bill Peering Vice-Chairm==n: Gloria HRsser, Member; Core Stewart. D~puty County Clerk. The Ch==irman called the meeting to order Bt 9:00 A.M. by ChBirman Moreland. Moreland recessed th== Comm.ssion meetmg to attend the Excise 8oard meeting. new bulinBBi Moreland noted he'hed be*n contected by Sh==w~ Kelly-who works for KSPI ~ Kulh rd~llg ~bOut I CimerrOn blluttficBtion project. Kelly needed Is=ist==nca from the County on determining the number of acpal~Es to th== Cimsrron River Ind get blck with infomletlon to him. Kelly ellm noted that if Payne County knew of any iliegel dumpa along the CimerrOn River they would cieac them up. More=end racessed the meeting It 11:20 A.M. MOrelBnd relied the meBttog back to order 8t 11:30 A.M. Moreland recommended the low bid from Stuart Wholeeele for bid 97-94. Deering made the motion to accept the raommendet~n Is= =submitted. Hisser seconded. Deering, =lye; He=seer, aye; Moreland, lyt. Motion cerrlll. The following putl~hepa Orders were =apProved for P==vment: Moralend calie~ the meeting back to order at 10:00 A.M. Cora Lee Stewart, Assistant PurchEsing Agent presented the following bide BID #97-78FENCE PROJECT- STILLWATER COUNTY HEALTH DEPT I. Anson Fence Come=any. $2812,50 Rt. 3 Box 173 Perry, OK 73077 2. Davis Equ,pmant #2483.00 3. O==kl==y Fence Compenv $2398,00 2504 East 6th Stillweter, OK 74075 4. Latham Construct enter-- $4900.00 2324 W, 8th Stillw==rar. OK 74076 BID #97-79REMODELING ,PROJECT-STILLWATER HEALTH DEPT, 1, Lathlm Con==truotion # 101S.O0 2324 W. 8th Stillwlter, OK 74078 2. Alexander Construction Co. #10879.g0 P.O. BOx 1631 Stillw==ter. OK 74076 3. Meridian Construotion CO. #13813.00 801 S. Main, Suite 15 Stillwater. OK 74074 BID #g7-80REMODELING PROJECT.CUSHING HEALTH DEPT I. -Aiex==nder Construction Co. P,O. 8ox 1631 Stillw==ter, OK 74076 $299S5.00 BID #g7-93PREMIUM RIBBONS-FAIRBOARD 1. Ad Pro nb 5225 N. Sh==rt==l Oklahoma City, OK 73118 2. Deeringer Printers Bids on File 605 S. L*wis Stiliwator. OK 74074 3. Fair Publisilln9 HOUSe BtdJ On File 18 Schsule Ave. Norwl[k. OH 4. STAATS Custom Awerdl aids on RIB P.O' Sex 678 Mr. Pleeeent, Iowa $2641 BID #97-94USED TRUCK REBID-OISTRICT #3 I. Stewart Whot*saIB $2131,00 14707 Valley View Road Shawnee, OK 74801 2. Frontier IntemltiOnBI Trucks $24307,00 P.O. BOx 3866 TUIII, OK 74121 Appoved OS/05/97 o 05105/97...FY 1996-1997 GBNE~ PUND Wa~l Ieeuod To: 3207 AM OPPtO| BUPPLY 320e ~ OPFSI EVPPLY S30e J~ OFF|rE ]aPPLY 2210 AT & T 3:~11BT3LM~ATeR N~WSPRllSS 321E ~RaM OLINICE, IHC. 3213 b/~lU~ CLINIC|, %HC. 3214 AqD|~, NATHAN G. 3215 MIlO I~kRBNOUSS 3216;PIE)TO PRINT CllNTBR 3217 ITJ~N'$ orrIcB MAAT 3211 lt~NOCK FAPAICS 3211)0otlEIt, ALISDA 3220 OIO,~, BTATE UNIVeR'SITY 3221 DATA PLtX ORfO~TION 3222 COI~ECTING POINT CONPUTER 3223 ILq| BYSTENS, IN(:. 3224 FII~'S orPtcE 14~qT 322S FEWrOW'S OPFICi H~qT 3226 PtKTON*S OPPIrB ~JUqT 322? PENTON'S OFPIClC I~T 3228 SgHOGL SPBI~LTY. tNC. 322e PENTOH'S OPPlCB l~qT 3230 MAIGNT. KIHBBALY D. 3231 CI,~RK, LORRBMA H. 3232 TA~Lm~. ~ItOJ~U~ G. 3233 MUllEIn, Lisa s. 3~34 HUPP~, BUeAN K. 3~3i Igu~,~Wlt E. 315e 3~37 B~ TI.U ~. S. 3235 ~*B O/I~ZB MART 323e PAt~K| Oo III~ INSU~NI! 3~40 PlRKINB ~OURNJ~ 3241 BTILMrATEA N~WBPRBSS 3242 eke. PEP?, OF VO-TECH 322 CITY O~ STZLLM~TE0 3244 POBTMUTER 3245 $OUI~W~llT|U BELL TELEPHONE 3248 A T s T 324? PAYI~4 CO. TR~URER 3240 MON'B oPrIa IqqRT 3248 EG~r~RY OICrORT 3250 OMPOYCOPY IU~rER 3~$1 ~T~LLM~TIR NNPRESB 32S2 aOUTI~tlITIIUI DILL TtL~PHOH~ 32S3 A T S T 32S4 CITY O~ ETILLW~TER 3235 8KS PLUS, IN, 2255 JI~qlB JONBB/BOONBR AIRGAi HIGHI~kY CRJIN 1396 ~;U~, VlVlAN I. 1207 DE~R|NG. |IM~ E. 139llblSTER, CA~IJ4 J. 1399 KOLS, ~OllEP~ C. 1400 AVERT PEST ELZNXNATZON 1401 QU~P~ O., t~. 1402 aTI~TaR HIF~BPRI$1 1403 ~ J~UIPP~ CO. 1404 B~TBPJI OILL TBLBPHONB 140S A T a T t06 NORTHEIIM EOUIPMENT 1407 $TI~.,t~ATER KB~PR|Sl 14Oil PJ~LRGU Y~ 140g A T a T KIUM,21~ DEPJUR~ll~ 295 IqCI~IAT, ROBEATA 391 STI~Lli~TaA MEDICAL'CENTER IIRO|N 'AONIWlGHllDICAL ~ll~RICARI COMPLETB CARS, INC, 399 O1~. ST;~'B 9ai~, or KEALTN 00 eTt~UK~T~RNI~SPflEES 401 J~OOK, J~CK 402 rtT~ OF ~TILMOcTER 4g] sg~ ~LL T~LaPHON~ 494 SO~T~ |aLL WIRELESS 40 stlwxc1$/mva~ll 40? |OUS~ft~|P~ DILL TBLEPNON 4St IO~ll.fflt~t |I~L TEL|PHOR! 499 g.9. ~J~, I|RYlCB IlteAIPP tEaVICI 111 AIaOUhC Reason Ilsued~ llg.00 HEADSET 69.70 TONER 114.00 ADAPTBR 267.96 SSRVICES 30.36 PUBLICATION 116.00 SERVICES 23.00 SERVICES 471,24 .REIMBORSEMENT 272,57 ~ERVICES - 167.53SLIDES 94.40 SUPPLIES 19.95 BOOK 320.00 SERVICES 400.00 POSTAGE $1.67 SERVICES 60.00 SERVICES 67.00 TONER 5.36 SUPPLIES 12.60 SUPPLIES 24.90 SUPPLIES 17.68 SUPPLIES 19.g4 SUPPLIES 11.46 SUPPLIES 5.67 REIMaURS~MENT 4.61 REIMBURSZMENT 3,20 AEINI~I~ 154.80 aEIMBUR$1~IEII~ S.BT REINeuuI~Ile? S, 6? ~IMBURUNmT . 61 ItlIMBURSI~47J~ 4. Sl RiIMBtmSI~g~BT 123.00 SUPlLIEI 3S33.00 TR&NI~R 281.$8 PUBLICATION 32S.ll PUBLtCATION le00.00 LEASE,. 4774.?0 UTILitiES 9000.00 POST~B 799.25 IBRVICES 496.4S SEIVIC|$ S00.00 POITAGE ?4,00 ~3NER 42S.70 REPAIRS 3,73 C&RDS 34.13 PUBLICATIONS 34.33 S~RVICEI - 44.31 SERVICES 1301.65 UTILITIEI 10.00 SERVICES 90.00 LEA~8 67,72 RBIHBURSE~NT. 189.74 REtHBURSEMEHT S,4S ~BINauRs~eaNT IS,04 RSZM~URSF~ENT 25.00 S~RVICES 2923,34 ROCK 0.$2 PUBLICATIONS 19SS.TS SERVICED 130.S9 SERVICE5 132.84 SERVICE! 306.88 PRAT! 30.95 PUBLICATIONS 484.41 DECKING 18.02 SERVICE! 99.0 RBIHBURSEMENT ?S,00 SERVICES 823.43 SUPPLIES $94.00 SERVICES $20.36 SUPPLIES 81.22 PUBLICATIONS t7S.O0 RENT $70.91 UTILITIES 220.41 IERVICES 24~.31 eS~VICES 159.44 IBRVIcES 86.23 SERVICES 28.t0 SERVICES 216.53 SERVICES S00.00 POITAO .3S ~|'~ IK~ aIHD|HG CO. 338.00 SUPPLIES Bida were remanded to the purrhljing agent for consideration 6y k~roprtlte offioB. 36 INIILTOlt ~I~J~tIolts 6.6? SUPPLIES 3? eOUTHt~11~ gaLL TELIPHONa 53.65SERVlCBS Stewart preNnted thl minutes of ma previous meotlno. ~eering mlKle the m~tion to acoept $ll~Nll BILL TIr, I,E1PHOKB ?. 9SSERVICES the minutes il prll~NltqKI. His=sir ==emonded. MOtiOn ~Mded. Oeed~, iyl; HISSer. 39 A T S ? S.01 SERVICES 4g ~I~N BILL TELIPHONB 48.89SERVtCES 33 STILE TAG ~EMC~ 12.00SERVtC~q Bernice Mitchell, Election Board SBcratery, ~KklreeSed tl~ aOMd. Mit~hlli noted M~I wee ~ 3 ITIM, MRTIR TAG RGENCY 12.00SERVICES tO work 89eln with the County. Mitchell presented 8 rlquest for fund8 from the 9or~r~ HICI~311 LIIN 4 ~*E Ot~rll~ lq~JtT 122.5SUPPLIES fund in the amount of # 1704.8B. The funds wore to supplement plyroll for vacotMn houri S|Lr INIURANC| FUND paid to en employee. 32S o.$.|.l.G, I.P. 6O. 60PR~tUHS 32S OINTI~E OP O~, IH. Lg.00 PRMt~S Moreland presented the following utility permit: 32? VlS|ON SBRVIEE 9L.~q 9.15 PREMILr~4$ 328 KELLy, PI~NK R. 14s.0eSERVICES 32g ROP|NION, JOHN H. 114.24REIMBURSEMENT Oklahoma Natural Gas=: 2" line parallel N/S ro4d St 32nd ind Sengra; Sac 32.19N.E. 330 TIIV~ ~Ig, 9. BRENT 175.00SERVZCES 331 J~e~ Iq.D., CALVIN 100.94SERVlCE5 Motion to IPprovt the permit 08 wla made by Oeortng, HBSlor sicOndBd, MotiOn Parried, ~ ~ the motion to i~ljourn. Heeler laconded. Deering, aye; Hiller lyl; Deedng, aye; HESSer, Syl;Moreland. aye. Momlon4, II~h MotIorl riffled, Stewart presented B transfer of i~lXOprla~Otlt; Health De~nt capitol Outlgy tO ~Ite~n~ m dpaB # 0.000.00, M On to em trm f ee W= mtod medg by by Heeser. Motion Parried. Oeedng, lye; Hisser, aye;Morldand, BYe, Stewart presented the following cash oppropr~8: Law Library, 3318.60; Sheriff Service Fee, 2737.71; DA Narcotic Control. 5774.14; DA Vk:tims AtivOCacy, 1800.45; OA GrBnt Drug & Alcohol, 10212.50: Sheriff commtenry. 1139.10. Motion to iOCBpt the Palh appropriation8 8S presented wBB made by Oeerlng. Seconded by Helpar. Motion Paffied. Deenng, lyl; HesIor, eye;Moreland, iyt Stewart preeented btlnklt purrhBpa Ordert for Otlt~ #3. Stewart Stone $S.000.00; Ouapsw 18,000.00. Motion tO approve bi~ purrhapa order8 WlS mlKIi by t~NNIrtng, seconded by Huler. Motion carried. Peering, IWe; HtSler, ly~;Morliergl, lye Stewlrt presented purrhue order #4180 tO SChO~ SPeielty to be diUliowerl. Cte~t wee received to offset purch==l(ll, Motion tO dleell~w Wll aide by Deiting, Paconded by HISSer. Motion carried. Deering. eye; Hisser, ayB;Moraiend0 Syt Stew=art presented monthly reports: County Clerk. Collections, 30533.20; Consumable Item Inventory for District#l, 12533.00. Motion tO Ipprove monthly reporte 80 praeonted made by Dieting. Heseer seconded ths motion. Motion carried. Oeering, lye; HIIIM, lye; Moraiend, ==ye+ Moreiend preeonted II road lign request from Jkn ind Nedre Mieuohlin, ThBy hevl requested appropriate h)ld limit signl to bl Kited On 44th st~t betv, qNNt ~t~ Range rOIdl, The chip Ind leel roll tl lhPw~9 ~ llrlln of trlffi 4PAl will not heavy Ioedl. Moreland recommended 1 $ Toh BNI eateed mBt the ~ Win not 01k'ly he/vy folds. Morelond Iteted he lU~Iortl the raq~It. Helllr mlckl the moti~ tO ri~el#t 15 ton load limits lignl bl pltrad oll the rolKI llS requelted. Deerinl lacondld. Motion clrtied, Oeering, aye; Hisser, ayl;Morellnd, ayB. Moreland received e litter from ERstern Oklahoma YOuth Strvitt tgr e requelt to ra~ the contract for tht next tiecel year. The Board tabled the request for fvl'tlter iofo~mlltion and District Attorney ipprovsl, County Clerk iowa Tdbe provides noon meals for elders The Iowa Tribe Nutrition Center will be closed Monday, May 26 because of Memorial Day but will be open on Tuesday, May 27. The Iowa Tribe provides a noon meal for elders and disabled member= living with elders through the Title VI senior nutrition program at Whitecloud and through home delivery. For more in- formation or menu reservations, contact Elyse Gordon, Nutrition Specialist, at 547-5407. Transportation will be provided Wednesday, May 26 for doctor appointments in Pawnee and for shopping in Stillwater on Friday, May 29. The menu for Tuesday, May 27 consists of meat loaf, mashed potatoes with ravy, peas and carrots, biscuits and fruit cocktail for de ert Wednesday's lunch will be corn soup, green beans, fry bread, and pineapple upside down cake for dessert. On Thursday, May 29, salmon patties, macaroni and cheese, spinach, and applesauce cake for dessert; Friday, May 39--chicken and dump- [in@, biscuits, green beans, and pineapple for dessert. |