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May 24, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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May 24, 1984

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The Perkins Journal Thursday, May 24, 1984 -- PAGE 9 YOUR PROFESSION what I Janet F. Reeder don't consider a traditional ~n some peo- I might be," says. "I have I enjoy my and I enjoy my with the certainty of a multiple birth changed preparations for the new mother. "I've really just been winging it basical- ly," she said good humoredly. "I've got two sets of bottles, two swings, a double-wide playpen--they just came Word homemaker doesn't app- think the way to. You can have a things besides that are im- she said. the way I guess I thought it would a different person. me," Lynn she concludes, the way ! ex- I think. I just expect twins. It's twice what I how she fel ten days before In late November she was car- Lynn said, "I honest, shocked!" "I was happy shocked-- Having short time to deal Posing for a first family picture, the Cicles, Lynn holding Monica and Chuck with Clayton, are learn- ing to deal with everything two at a time. The twins, six months old on Memorial Day, have been a double blessing to the young couple who live southwest of Perkins. David's sins caused remorse ~net F. Reeder because of their strong in- speaks in clination toward their chapter of a own will. as one whose Rather, David exhorts, is forgiven, "Be glad in the I,ord, and Whose sin is rejoice. And shout for What an idea. joy!" a thought to S I ,q me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness: 12 To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O l,ord mv (;od, I will give at the same time. Thetim- out with them, I think. Just in the nick of time." The twins, Monica Lynn and Clayton James, will be six months old on Memorial Day. "Getting it all over with at once," Lynn lists as an advan- tage of her experience. Disadvantages for the young mother of two con- cern the practical aspect of mobility. ' rhe main disadvantage about twins is trying to go anywhere, especially by myself," Lynn said. "Right now, I know, that's the hardest thing. "Two are definitely not the same as having two 18 months apart, especial- ly when it comes to the three o'clock feedings," Lynn admits. 'They have been sleeping all night for the last month, though," she is proud to say. "I read somewhere that mothers of twins learn to do everything faster-- because they have to," Lynn said. Relating that to her own experience, she said, "They have a two hour nap in the afternoon and it's amazing what you can do in that two hours. I boogie--and I get more done that I used to in a whole day at home." The uniqueness of twin- ship isn't new to Lynn, who has twin brothers. But, she says, "It's kind of hard to verbalize it," the specialness of her two babies. "They're quite a bit different. They just happen to be the same age active in their roles as fathers. "I think fathers of twins get more involv- ed with their twins because they have to. And I think they get a special bonding with their babies by cuddling them and being involved with them." She feels Chuck "is going to be rewarded by it later on--the closeness from being a part of their nurturing." Asked if there were times when she felt the twins needed two mothers, Lynn said, "No. They just need me. Me and daddy. I think I could use two more hands." CHERRY DELIGHT 1-8 oz. pkg. cream cheese 3 c. milk 1 large pkg. instant vanilla pudding 1 can cherry fruit mixture Angel food cake {Betty Crocker is best) Take about 3A of round cake cream cheese & add milk a little at a time to start. Add instant pud- ding. In a 9" square dish, put a layer of angel food cake broken in bite size pieces. Add half of the pudding mixture, put another layer of cake and add rest of pudding. Top with cherry fruit mixture and chill. STUFFED PORK CHOPS 6 pork chops 2 c. dry bread crumbs 1 small onion, chopped By Janet F. Reeder ' rhere's a problem in America per se that we've grown up with a Christian minded culture--founded on Bible principles, but not related to it now," local minister Ron Run- yon says. Pastor of the First Christian Church of Perkins, Rev. Runyon agrees with a national magazine poll conducted last year which states that the biggest threat to the American family structure today is that lack of a religious founda- tion. "Not having a good foundation in Christ is part. of the problem there," Rev. Runyon said. "It's the relationship with God that's impor- tant," Rev. Runyon says, "not just religion." Tak- ing some difference to the wide use of the word 'religion', Runyon con- tinued, "I wouldn't call it a religious foundation but a God foundation. I think anytime you get off the Fatherhood of God or a relationship with God, there are going to be pro- blems," Runyon believes that many people are beginn- ing to realize that God is the only answer to the multitude of personal and family problems they face. ' rhe way I see it, every family ought to be involved in the Christian life," he said. "It's not something you can just pick up and then just leave," the enthusiastic minister adds. He feels that the reason many peo- ple fall away from a com- mitment could be because they "haven't realized the call that Christ has for "The idea of worship in the New Testament is an idea of it being an every day thing," Rev. Ron Runyon, pastor of the First Christian Church of Perkins, says. "The way that we work the way that we play is all encompassed in the idea of worship." people is the most impor- tant. To help them understand and convict them of the responsibility that the Word of God directs us in." Speaking directly about the difficulties of his pro- fession, the dedicated and vibrant young pastor assesses his position can- didly. "A minister can never leave his job. The job's always with him-- it's a commitment. Everything is always be- ing weighed in my respon- sibility to God. "The church supports me so that I can be the best minister for the Lord that I can be. Sometimes you get the idea of ownership--the church owns me," Runyon said, in regard to the unique relationship between a preacher and his church. every person. "There is a feeling in "It's not that at all. The been in Perkins since 1979. Recalling his decision to enter the ministry, Ru- nyon said, "My senior year in high school I decided it would be good to attend a year of Bible college in order to prepare myself for the attacks on Christianity in college." He was advised by many that it.would be a waste of a year as the Credits would not transfer to other universities. In his first year he "saw the need for preachers and took up the call," he said. Presently the pursuit of further studies to,yard a Master of Arts degree from Cincinnati Christian Seminary takes the local pastor to two days of classes a month in Joplin, where the Ohio based seminary holds courses for ministers that are Verse: thanks to thee forever, ing happens to be the 1 t. salt our society of what is church frees me so that I already pastoring chur- like many 11 Thou hast turned for Psalms,- .30 same for them--their en- IA t. pepper right and what is wrong." den't have need to find a ches. He also attends two OUtstanding vironment, ' she tries to IA t. sage .Rev. Runyonsaid. "But-- secular job. Someof the weeks" of intensive woro sore Braziel granddaughter explain. Enough water or stock to its not centered in duties Runyon feels are coursework each summer. his life, points 'The only thing about moisten Christ. ' Runyon feels his as a minister include "An interesting thing erred willfully i Mi T that Ididn't expect is Have pocket cut in pork that there is a growing "visiting the sick, about that," Rev. Runyon rom n ss ten contest how much you really do chops from side next to awareness of the scrip- evangelistic work, and says, "is my father-in-law He sought turally based family, helping others find their is taking the classes. We "People know that, but niche in the work of God," ride together and hopeful- to return to he could from his to be a man Lord im- iniquity, and Spirit there is no king the two are God would aCCount any man his own was kept ging his is that David ; silence about his found it was he chose to bones waxed my roaring long, for day hand was me." David COuld not carry the burden. acknowledging confessing it Lord, David It is Row as then. We same pro- as David. and the receptivity to e received caus- declare, "For one that is thee in a ,thou mayest the Lord as a David of being from trouble about ,Ongs of to trust God His Was no easier than for any often wisdom "Be not as or as the mule, understan- said from Both be bridled With a bit to ;hem to follow Lisa Kay Braziel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Braziel of Wellston will be competing for the title of Miss Teen of Oklahoma in Shawnee, Oklahoma June 7-9. Miss Teen of Oklahoma will win an all expense paid trip to the Miss Teen of America Pageant, a $1,000 cash scholarship, and other awards. Miss Teen of Oklahoma is a scholarship program unique in its selection of state and national par- ticipants. The pageant utilizes six judging categories to find the most outstanding young women from throughout the country. They are: scholastic record, service and achievement, per- sonal development, general awareness, poise and appearance and judges interview. The charity event, the judging activities, and production rehearsals leadup to the Miss Teen of Oklahoma Pageant Finals, to be held on Saturday, June 9 at Shawnee Junior High School at 8:15 P.M. Lisa is being sponsored by Shopper Saver--Herb Stingley, Wellston News--Ben Gerdes, Golden Comb--Mary Franklin, Wellston State Bank, Cooper & Associates Insurance Co., Crest Home Furnishing--George & Mary Payne, Don's Pawn Shop--Arlington, Texas, Ford's Gulf Station-- Cecil Ford, and Roark Lumber Co.--Bill & Kathryn Roark. Lisa is the grand- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Braziel and Katherine Cross of Perkins, and the late O.L. Arthur. -O" L-IS A BRAZIEL THIRD BIRTHDAY CELEBRATED Tara Denise Boyce was honored on her third bir- thday with a party by her mother, Mrs. Curtis Boyce, in their home in Perkins. Her cake was decorated as a clock with the hands on three to represent her age. After the honoree open- ed her gifts, refreshments were served. Each guest received a sack of goodies. Those attending were: Kimberly, Karl. and Krystal Longan, Neesa Wilson and Erin Cour- tright of Stillwater; Bran- don Binford, Chase Wright, Shane and Justin Grooms, Victor Tabor and Mandy Williams of Perkins; and Amber Boyce and Douglas Chan- nel of Coyle. -Oo The growth of the avocado is so prolific that trees have collapsed under the weight of their fruit. love them. It's just a dif- ferent love," she said. "God must make you love them so you can handle the responsibility. I 'd feel real sorry for a woman that didn't have that feel- ing," Lynn says. ' rhat's what keeps me going really. "I do feel lucky that I have twins. It is twice blessed." Lynn feels that there will be many challenges ahead of her as a mother. The ideal for her will be "to raise two happy healthy Christian children," she says. Con- cerns encompass a lot of things she admits. "Just the way the world is now. The crazy things that go on now. The drugs and all the things on the TV--the violence. Even just the fears," Lynn says, " of the kidnappings and things like that that go on that people didn't used to hear or worry about." Though Lynn states "you have to be an acrobat so you can feed them both at the same time," she feels she necessarily receives more help from husband Chuck than perhaps some mothers do. Of course, she finds some moments aggravating, but she feels she is learning "to accept people's help when it's of. fered and to ask for it when I need it." Lynn is a member of the Stillwater Mother of Twins Club, a special group organized for the mutual support and help of parents of twins. The club meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:30 P.M. at the Stillwater Children's Clinic. She attributes changes in attitudes of this generation's fathers to more education such as childbirth classes which Drepare them to be more bone. Combine bread cubes, onion and season- ings. Add liquid to moisten, fill pork chops and salt. Place in 350 degrees oven and bake i hours or until tender. BRAISED RABBIT 2 domestic rabbits (2-21A lbs. each} or 4 wild rab- bits, cut up 1 V2 c. cider vinegar 1 med. onion, chopped 2 T. packed brown sugar 1 T. dry mustard 2 t. salt 1 c. all purpose flour 1 T. granulated sugar 1/2 t. pepper % t. grated nutmeg Vegetable oil or bacon grease 1/2 c. all purpose flour 3 c. water Place rabbit in shallow glass dish. Mix vinegar, onion, brown sugar, mustard and salt; pour over rabbit. Cover to refrigerate; turn occa- sionally, at least 12 hours and no more than 24. Drain rabbit and pat dry. Mix 1 C. flour, the granulated sugar, pepper and nutmeg. Coat rabbit with the flour mixture. Heat oil {% inch) in 12 inch skillet. Cook rabbit until brown; remove from skillet. Drain oil reserving cup. Stir in cup flour; stir in water slowly. Heat to boiling; stir constantly. Boil and stir one minute. Place rabbit in gravy; reduce heat. Cover and simmer until tender, 1-1 V2 hours. Stir in additional water if necessary, 4-6 hours. / they don't believe it. So he says. "My family is a they see the family falling part of that," Runyon apart." According to the responded when asked young minister, "People about balancing time bet- who are not Bible ween his family and his centered will reject what work. evaporated milk. Set aside. Beat together cake mix with 3A c. evaporated milk and margarine. Bake//2 cake batter in a greased 9x13 pan in 350 oven for 15 minutes. Spread caramel mixture on top of layer. Add pecans and chocolate chips. Spread on remain- ing batter and bake 15 to 20 minutes longer. Cool before cutting into squares. Don't over bake. This tastes like chocolate turtle candy. ly," Runyon adds smiling, "we'll graduate together." Rev. Runyon was born in Vandalia, Missouri and the Bible says." Rev. Runyon has been raised in Jefferson City As a pastor, Runyon involved in the ministry where his parents, Mr. has manyresponsibilities since early college days. and Mrs. Lee Runyon, to his congregation. One He had a pastorate at live with an eight year old he feels is actually the PapeChristian Church in sister, Keri. His wife, most important. "Ithink Eldorado Springs, Twila, was raised in being responsible for the Missouri, a small country Wichita and Broken Ar- church, when he was a row. Her father pastors Word of GOd and the pro- per teaching of it, and try- senior at Ozark Bible Col- the Bixby Christian ing to find the best way of lege in Joplin. Before Church. The Runyons that, hewas involved in a have two young communicating it to the youth ministry at Arcola, daughters, Charissa, 4, Missouri. Runyon has and Angels, 2. TURTLE CAKE 1-14 oz. pkgs caramels 1 can' evaporated milk 1 German chocolate cake mix 3/, c. margarine 1 c. pecans 1 c. milk chocolate chips butter over potatoes. Melt caramels with c. (four servings} LEMON.CHIVE POTATOES IV2 Ibs. new potatoes {10-12 small) 2 T. margarine or butter t. grated lemon peel I T. lemon juice 2 t. snipped chives i/2 t. salt 1/8 t. pepper dash of ground nutmeg Heat 1 inch salted water to boiling. Wash potatoes lightly and leave whole. Add to water. Cover and heat to boiling. Cook until tender 20-25 minutes. Drain. Heat remaining ingre- dients just to boiling. Turn hot potatoes into serving dish, pour lemon MOTHER-DAUGHTER DINNER HELD Friday, May 18th, the Assembly of God held the third annual Mother- Daughter Affair at the Perkins' Lion's Den at 7 o'clock. Fifty-six ladies and girls enjoyed a time of fun and sharing. Each lady brought her favorite salad or dessert dish for all to enjoy together. The tables were decorated with ladies' hats, candles, and flowers. After a get-acquainted time, songs, poems, din- ner and fellowship, the Missionette girls gave three skits of Bible mothers for the guests to determine "who am I?" The theme this year was "Hats Off to Mom." Twerity-four ladies and girls modeled their own original cereationsof hats in the "Hat Parade." Ann Reynolds and daughter, Morgan, won first prize with their mother- daughter hats. Irene Hazelbaker, Dovie Van- Zandt and Geneva Arm- strong were runner-ups. Mrs. Betty Weems, president of Women's Ministries of the Assembly of God was the master of ceremonies. The guest speaker, Mrs. San- dy Whitener, is the minister's wife of the Assembly of God in Tryon, Oklahoma. Her subject was ' rhe Dif- ferent Hats of a Mother." Several ladies from Coyle were present with their daughters. "O- PERSoNAL Travis Lee Cundiff will celebrate his 5th birthday on May 30. He is'the son of Harold and Connie Cundiff, Rt. 2, Perkins. His maternal grand- parents are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Biswell of Ripley, and his paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cundiff of Rt. 2, Perkins. -O- d