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May 31, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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May 31, 1984

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PAGE 2 -- The Perkins Journal Thursday, May 31,~198 ~~- _ t~ T The Journal Asks: ngan-WeU, I HE PERKINS JOURNAL really don't have an RobertL. andYvonneM. Evans, Owners-Publishers II Howwlll-,ous-endthe special n From the Files long Memorial Day . . Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street .... Lona hshmg tomorrow and Post Office Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 ........ Monday, set out trot Telephone" 405-547-2411. ! L uther Foster I wiU be-- lines. ! 67 Years "~go -- -- ~ _USPS 428040 spending the long B.~rv Castleberrv--It's " Da w n --' --~ SUBSCRIPTION PRICES Memorml y eeke d ^ first wMt-ena I've h-d 11 {From the Perkins Jour-Several thousand pea- ficial L o Pavne Lincoln Logan and Noble Counties thanking the ord for Y " Y . counted a .. off m months. 1 II pro- I] nal Jul 6, 1917 67 ears ple attended the Fourth of . , - . $9.50 per year plus 6% tax [$I0,071 ~ everything, h-bh mow m .... u ago) July celebration at five and y] Elsewhere in Okla. $13.50 per year plus 6% tax [$14.31} ~ y , , yyara ana -"B n ,, Fulwider Park The pro- Outside Oklahoma $16 50 per year H imFields Well. I'm m- a o ,,a ,ouncn oz honey 0 e dry Is ", .., forthem T -- . .. plicable to the Perkins Ju- gram was gooa, wlen a days were U ing to go visit my Mom's t::Ult v f. e%my sg U ly Fourth celebration on- Negro orchestra from dry ones. grave It's over by Ponca. . Larryr .. , o .if he s going i lyas far as the spirits g" Langstn'- baseball Election!C JOURNAL EDITORIAL OPINION City. fishing. It was wet as far as the games, and the speaking held at the G weather goes. Many folksdrawing large crowds. Rebekah L g Andrea. Stafford--I II be Ko- bert Allen--Partying. i did not go to the park un- Exceptionally good order elected Dan Draper N working Sunday and And hiding from all my N til after dinner because of prevailed throughout the Stewart, r , [] monaay, girlfriends. [] the steady drizzle. The day, and little if anyBess Miller , drinking was evidenced, should sten down a Mary Brewer- I m going ...... breaking up of the . . . Vera Jones, ,t 1- ,, .... vmce remDerton-- II weather cameabout2:30ana not a single hght Ruby Albzi to spend mine laymg = ly i g=nr tg; , p.m. and folks ventured to reported, deputy; Gerl rl the ark for the Mrs R W Holbrook Representative Dan Draper, Jr., is back at his seat ::kyb t.hmg in my P " " " representa12 celebration was given first prize for assembly; l in the House of Representatives, action made possi- II ........ " the beautiful yard contest Paster Ethndge gave a - Mercer, a: ble when U.S. Dis ict Court Judge Frank H. Seay, [[ Ike Bro 1 .... Wfl! W ters--Weu, a o- fine talk prior to the hap- which was judged last representative, ............ y es-- rzsnmg, ing hings, one worz- gramea uraper, mrmer peaxer oI me rlouse, anti Tha ............ tism at the river last week. Mrs. Holbrook hadJ.M. (Mint) .... , ,, . s exactly wnere z m ing ana otner Joe Fitzgibbon, a new trial because oz azlegeo in-headed ....... Thursday 86V2 points. Mrs. Robert sold his farm cidents of 11 changes in original testimony by parrying. Miss Zella Trester, Baker was second with 80 government witnesses, who has just graduated points, Mrs. L. R. Wilhite Tommy It is difficult for some people to understand why from business college, is third with 79 points, and and Lee the juries' findings can be so easily disregarded DOC'S COMMENTS ..... Mrs Yates fourth with 78 name mr a mw aays ." ...... the 'em because some of the witnesses apparently commit- visit with her parents in pG:- s. lgn een yams John Rin ted perjury. The perjury accusations should be dealt Comfortable on the Veranda we , entered in the son-in-las with first; see if they did in fact occur, and what She has accepted a post- contest, farm. , caused them to occur. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the jury ver- Welcome to the Spring- tion of our future and we musicians and script " tion in Oklahoma City as wasFarmerSselling aUninpoundCo-Pof me an office stenographer " " dict or the committing of perjury by those like weather the Cimar- wish them well. writers of note. and will soon return to cream salt for lc, Folger's 25 Y S witnesses? When are the perjury charges going to ran Valley. It s a time for It s been a long timeThat is why I was so work coffee for 36c per pound. be dealt with? The public needs to be given an watching the gardens since the year of 1919 disappointed at not being {From the explanation, grow and the Ylowers graduation exercises at able to attend alumniBorn to Mr. and Mrs. The jury foreman and one of the jury members blossom into every color Haleyville High School. days in Haleyville where M.B. Drake of Perkins on 3D Ypn A on hal May 28, 1 presented a good case in the media when they told of the rainbow; and it s The class produced many hundreds come home for June 24, a fine girl. ~- .......... ov yearSTwoagO)busi: sa The Daily Oklahoman that they considered more nice to be comfortable on outstanding citizens who visiting, enjoying fine 52 Years (From the Perkins Jour- Perkins chang than whether the witnesses were lieing. They had the veranda and enjoy it made a name for food and dancing to the " nal June 30,1954- 30 years the past week, their instructions from the judge as the trial pro- all. themselves in the fields of music of yesterday and {From the Perkins Jour- ago) and Mrs. ClauJ gressed and they entered their chambers to deter- Most of the high school their choice. Builders, today. Also decoration at mine the guilt. Was instruction given at that time seniors are receiving their bankers, merchants, U.S. the rural church where we nal July 7, 1932- 52 years May was a wet month taking over the that they must consider only the one witness, Mrs. hard earned sheepskinsenators and con- grew up listening to the ago) for Payne County. The of- GazawayLaundry anda Hembree, who now alleges that she was forced to and plan for the future, gressmen. There are talented singers, and go- assuming oper tell the wrong story and she was lieing on the stand? It's pleasing to see a high judges of national pro- ing down to the spring for Central Gara Or did the judge tell them to consider all evidence, percentage planning to at- minence, farmers, ran-a taste of cold freestone tion. The Bal like the jurists Young and Mrs. Cable state. By their tend the college of their chefs, professional people water from everlasting Perkins. The I own statements in the Daily Oklahoman, There choice for the purpose of like doctors, nurses, ad- springs nearby. There's family will was two weeks of testimony and our decision was putting the finishingministrators, and always dinner on the from Shawnee, not based on one person's testimony, but was a con- touches on the platform members of the Unitedground and as they used Dr. R. V. Ck glomeration of all testimony," Mrs. Cable said. "It they built during their States Supreme Court,to say, "A little whiskey his veterinary just wasn't her sole testimony that we weighed our high school days. Thesports, newspaper in the woods and the devil clinic Monday judgement on. We were called to serve, did our du- graduates are the founda- publishers, and writers, all around." and began hil ty, and I am not ashamed,of the decision we made. It's the first time for me with a week-los I still think it was right, to miss both gatherings in dog vaccinat Young said, 'The key point that convinced me many years. It is with Perkins. The p regret, but things are not completed, was that he {Draper} mailed them {the absentee The oet's Corner that bad. ready to play,! ballots}. He mailed them himself because he was so , concerned about getting them mailed that he did O1 Dec received a good the Perkins not want to take a chance on anybody else mailing report this week from the them so he did it himself." The Oklahoman went fine doctors, nurses and ' i on to explain that testimony at the August trial , GATHERING IN other personnel 20 Yei revealed Draper carried the ballots to Stillwater We are being enter- it tained by local and (From the where they were stamped and then returned to Dent youfeel the hurry- Adair county for mailing. Can t you see the waste? statewide happenings, hal June 4, 195 The state legislature is ago) It s time to gather souls in, winding down for adjour- Four Payn Apparently only Dan Draper Jr., knows whether We all must work with haste. he is guilty or not. In view of the indecision he ning with a lot of unfin- area students ished basiness, but the degrees from should resign his Representative seat, and if he We have no way Of knowing legislators will be working State Unive refuses, the people of his District 34 should refuse Just when the clock will stop were Dawn to re-elect him. But, we must do all we can now. during the interim. Some- The closeness of the House vote to oust himBefore the final curtains drop. times we think they are Yale, M.S. {44-47} is indicative of the division of the people underpaid for the myriad paysical ed ............. recreation; of Oklahoma on the matter. Let s hope the voters Jesus wants to warn the world duties they are expected There are eeven d,fferencee ,n th. Hcona ,etur.. * ot them ? Chesney, of District 34 see their obligation to the people of And tell them of His plans" to perform. Former house speaker , .... .,,,. .... .,,,. ...... ., ..... . ...... economics Oklahoma and the court system that tried and failed because of a courtroom technicality. -0- In The nightmare in Tulsa Saturday night, where rains measured from 10 to 14 inches inundated most of the city, and cost 10 people their lives, could serve as a warning that this type of thing doesn't happen often, but it could happen here. Here in this instance could be in Perkins. A four inch rain several years ago caused severe flooding in the east pa.rt of town. What would a 14 inch rain cause? It has rained that much in a short time in Perkins. In 1959, it mined 17 inches in less than a week and inundated the comer intersection north of town for six months, creating a lake that nearly ruined the economy of the town until the highway department could move in and dig a drainage ditch west to Twin Lakes. The river also broke record flood stage that year and caused thousands of dollars in damage and ended the railroad for this town and all along the river. There is a project underway in the east part of Perkins to attempt to alleviate the threat of flooding along Timberline and 7th Street. A government grant is being requested by the Indian tribe, and some kind of drainage ditch will be constructed through the area hopefully to carry off flood water. This will be a quarter million dollar project. The point the Journal is trying to make with this editorial is that most homes in Perkins should beware that if a 17 inch rain in one night ever hits Perkins there will be many houses -flooded, and some may even be wiped out or severely damaged. What contingency plans have you made? This writer's house sits high on Thomas Street, but the street floods a foot deep under normal rains up to two and three inches. If a 17 inch rain ever falls in one night, we fully expect the water to leave the street and rush across the yard and vossibly under the house foundation. We doubt if it would enter the house, but it would play havoc with the foun- dation and garage. Other houses in the area could expect this also. In the lower areas east of there, it would be dif- ficult to speculate what could happen if a 17 inch We must teach and reach our brothers To place them in God's gracious hands. The shadows of our evening falls And we shall work no more So, listen--as the Spirit calls-- You can be saved forever more. L.J. Pitts LETTER FROM THE CO-EDITOR To Whom It May Concern Those of us in business aren't in it for the fun of it(maybe some of the time) but to make a living. Our living is the newspaper business. Some of the contents there is no charge for, we publicize alot of things at no charge--in the ,hopes an ad will be run to help pay for the time and ef- fort spev~ on promoting community projects. When it comes to the time everyone expects everything free, then the newspaper will cease to exist. Because "free" doesn't pay the bills. We try to promote all organizations, schbo ac- tivities, etc. in the pages of the Journal, but there does come a time when you should be more than willing to pay for an ad to advertise your project, too. It doesn't cost to advertise--it pays to advertise. -s-Yvonne Evans -O- RACE TRACK TRANSFER COMPLETE CHANDLER--Trans- fer of ownership of Mid- way Downs Race Track at Stroud was formally com- pleted Wednesday at a meeting between Jan Ross, Ada and Dave Lambert, First State Bank, Stroud. Ross plans extensive remodeling and new construction at the track. -o- rain fell in one night or day. The contingency would be to move out body and household goods if at all possible. No amount of drainage ditch is going to save that situation. It didn't in Tulsa. Since 1976, millions of dollars were spent on flood drainage along Mingo Creek, which didn't even start to han- dle the flood waters of Saturday night, May 26, 1984, a date that will make history in Tulsa, and will be inscribed on at least 10 gravestones and death certificates. Be forewarned. Be wise. If it appears a 17 inch rain is falling in Perkins in a matter of eight to ten hours, move to high ground and safety! Dan Draper and Joe Fit- zgibbon who were con- victed on charges of fraud, and received pro- mise of a new trial, are back at the capitol and have resumed their leg- slative seats. There was some opposition, but not enough to block them from serving. No doubt, the high court thought there were some ir- regularities in the previous trial. Most pie think the confusion came from acts and testimony from both sides. Lawyers are in- terested in one thing, that of representing their client's interest. Every- thing is considered fair in love and politics. A majority of the members of both houses are honest men dedicated to act in the best interest of the people they repre- sent. If they do not do a good job, they may be removed from office at election time. It's real frustrating to think of the time when they may be serving by appointment, not by the choice of the people. Cer- tain movements are now being advocated for ap- pointing most county of- ficials. That will be a sad day in the lives of all Oidahomans. Judges of the high courts who are appointed for life is a good example of appoint- meat versus a choice of the voters by vote. Think about it. Best wishes for a good summer to everyone. Arrivederci, T.C. "Dec" Banner C mword ACROSS" 35. Before Christ (abbr.) 1. Rock 37. Snare 6. Concise 39. Biblical I 1. Art of making region fireworks 41 Rodent 14. Square 43 Unemployed measure 45 Period of time IS. Interlaced 46. Wild Ox 16 To plunge 48 Air, 17. Hit lightlycomb form 19. Not any 50, Printing 21. Three (It.)measure 22. Brook 5] Sleepwalker $-z'fqSolufion suddenly ,54. Plants 24. Engrave 55 Gather 26 Comparative ending DOWN 27 Journey I. Small 29 Persian quarrels patentote 2. A despot 3}. Abound 3 Either 33. Auditory 4. At this "-' F F F F FF English school Digraph Finish' Tumult Tally Sond ridge Wild cry Pennies Separate Reverberote Magpie Despise Persion fairy Secrete Woman's title Kiss An al~oy Light boot Common man Roves Large book Mother Goddess Conjunction Eel shoped amphibian Like Diphthong LETTERS TO THE Perkins, Oklahoma and I EDITOR would like to know if you have any record or To Whom It May recollection of this family Concern: living in your town. Ralph M. Perkins, engmeenng; E. mechanical The Legion met at the Ruth Also present Evelyn Cruse, Jacobs, Mrs. Inez Mrs. Jewel Mi dries is operated by Clyde George. store will medicines, titles, has a 10 (From the nal May 30, years ago) Jim Charles been statewide bureau of the Rushmore is chairman horseman's For the past five years I have been compiling a very long list of descen- dants of an Abraham Garrison who settled here in Iowa from a long trip from Pennsylvania. His son, Daniel, had a son William Henry or Henry William born in December 1869 and married a girl named Amelia {1876). They had three children that I know of; Roy born in 1895, Ethel born in 1896, and Ralph in 1898. They settled in or near I have a desire to car- wards is respond with any the Payne relatives of this family. Chapter. The : Could you be of help to vill be me? Thank you so much. civic and tions who Sincerely, Mrs. Gene A. Clark state'S third 1139 20th Ave. S.W. dustry Cedar Rapids, Iowa The 52404 Company One termite queen pro- duces =~bout half s bil- lion offspring during her lifetime, to the located