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June 2, 2005     The Perkins Journal
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June 2, 2005

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THE-PERKINS JOURNAL Thursday, June 2, 2005 - B1 spreads out rate. It has lavender to purple flowers that cover the entire plant in the early spring and again in the fall The Ifyouhave foliage is light green with whorls trying to of narrow leaves that are similar to your plant a succulent. !want to consider a FdlglLsh I - Actually, I hesitate weeds, to recommend this one, but after groundcovers that careful thought the attributes out- and keep weigh the disadvantages with this plant. This thick-leafed, evergreen plant for groundcover does great in shady shade locations, locations. On the ground, it will it becomes mound to a height of 12 inches. back. Creeping It can be aggressive after its first inches tall andyear in the ground and cover areas :around our place just trying to get I work elsewhere husband Art is the root crops. As I bent down to check out the beet planting, I was struck by the beauty of the tops. The way the deep purple marbling mixes with the green is quickly. It will climb trees and buildings if left untrained. Please make the effort to keep this plant in its boundaries. Traditionally aplant with dark green foliage, many new variegated cultivars are available at most nurseries. English ivy has no pest problems and it has the best drought tolerance of any shady groundcover. - There are many low growing forms that inhibit weed seeds from germinating. Junipers are evergreen and do best in full sun locations. "Blue Rug Juniper' is a blue colored juniper that will spread 4-6 feet across, while maintaining a height of only 4-6 inches." Parson's Juniper' is a green, 18 inches tall juniper that has a spread of 6-8 feet. M -. - - " " : - This is a tough group of plants that do well in locations with full to little shade. They do best with morning sun and afternoon shade. Larger varieties, like 'Big Blue', will grow 1-foot tall and wide. Dwarf mondograss only grows 2-3 inches tall and wide. These plants spread by underground runners and can easily be transplanted to fill in new areas. - This evergreen I do really quite lovely. I dug my fin- ing out sap leaving unsightly to mentally gers down into the soil and to my white spots, plus they taste really is so much surprise, the beetroots were a lot bad if you accidentally eat one. bigger than I thought they would But they are very beautiful and nay favorite time be. Roasted beets with onions as I completed my walk through is so green will definitely be on the menu this section, I remembered that the vegetables we tonite! Just up from the beets we often get some good with weeks ago are are the kale and broccoli raab the bad. rather tasty plantings. We discovered Sometimes, our garden just through the kales and raab a few yearstakes an unfair punch below ago as a result of sugges- the belt. A few weeks the rhubarb tions from our ago we had a group of doing as well farmer's market cabbage butterfliescome Y does. We grow customers. They through the greenhouses. rhubarb- not are a wonderful Normally we ignore mostly because ingredient for soups these since they usually we can grow. or risottos, but on this cause minimal damage. Some about day they were more basic fare time later we noticed the holes in the stalks are for our favorite insect pest, the the foliage and the worms on the My kids like to harlequin bug. Harlequins are flowers. They ate right through rhubarb but it is brightly colored orange and my snow peas and snapdragons. black shield-shaped insects. They ate more snow peas than Creek are all of the They damage the plant by suck- I did! I paid my kids a nickel groundcover has a larger leaf than V'mca minor. It will grow 12-18 inches tall and is a fast spreader It does best in shady locations, but will tolerate some sun. There are both solid green cultivars and variegated forms. Vinca major has shown less susceptibility to the disease and webworms that attack Vinca minor. - An evergreen groundcover with dark green, shiny leaves and blue flowers in the spring and fall. This plant will reach 12 inches in height and is a fast grower. In recent years, Vmca minor has come under attack by leaf apiece for the worms, which they fed to the chickens, but in the end it made no difference and I was out a lot of money. However, the songbirds on our farm had a great time with the worms. They learned to fly into the houses and help themselves to the smorgas- bord - free for the picking. South of the main garden were the strawberries and I bent down to pick a few of the last of this year's crop. Sweet and juicy, strawberries represent the best of the spring garden. Still traveling from flower to flower, pollinating bees make their way back and forth from the patch to the hives. They ignored me as I sat and watched them become heavy with pollen, marveling at their industry. Other creatures inhabit the strawberry patch - the ever-present sowbugs, predatory ground beetles, and the box turtle. He comes back every year and helps himself to a few berries which we are glad to share, I look over the whole garden and although I am by myself I am certainly not alone. The bugs, earthworms, blue birds, cardinals, and family of red- tailed hawks all share this space with armadillos, squirrels, rabbits and even a badger. I occasion- ally see the animal neighbors, but not often. If you have a patch of garden, take the opportunity to go out and just sit in it. You never know what you might see. Astri Wayadande and her husband, Art Bisges, grow small fruits, cut flowers, and vegetables to sell at the OSU-OKC farmers' market. You can visit their web- site at blueskyeberryfarm.com or ask questions by writing to Astri at astri99.hotmail.com. spot disease and webworm, so the It is less susceptible to Euonymus spraying needed every 14-21 days scale problems than other evergreen has made this a high maintenance Euonymus. There are a number ot groundcover, varieties available, sporting dark -- An green to variegated leaves. One excellent evergreen groundcover of the newest variegated varieties, for coveting large areas in sun or 'Moonshadow',isablendofgreen, part shade. It will spread out 3-6 creme and yellow, with wine-red feet wide and stay 6-12 inches tall. highlights in the winter. Know what really turns me on? Cool.t No, not cool that you know or don't know the answer, but COOL is the answer I am impressed with a lot of things - superior intelligence, extreme talent, good looks, great sense of humor, natural smile (WAY UP THERE), personality, good carriage, power, concepts beyond my comprehension, and a whale of a lot of other things people possess. But the thing that really turns me on is COOL. If you really must fall apart, do it after you have handled the crisis. There are so many things in the course of a day, a week, a life, when you can just LOSE IT. If you aren't able to handle it with a bit of calm and class, you probably won't be invited back into the inner circle. There are a few places that are just a set up for those who can't keep their cool. Airports are one of them. The traveler is not usually as challenged as the guy that is supposed to PICK UP the traveler at a designated spot. It is time sensitive because the exact an'ival time is inexact There is no place to park unless you want to go to the parking garage, make the trek to bag- gage pick-up and after you hook up, you either have to make the voyage back to the car with luggage or again have to get in the cue to pick them up (standing by their bags on the sidewalk) without much time or space. I have been there on one too many occasions and by the time your 'picker- upper' finds you, you are both steamed and thinking the whole idea might have been a misser. What a great way to start or end a vacation. Cell phones have done a lot to ease the problem but it doesn't really erase it because the cool-free character can usually make a production out of that. OR, see if this tings a bell with you someone is taking a shower and in the adjoining part of the bath the toilet is flushed. The' showerer'jumps THROUGH the glass door of the shower to escape the hot water. Not cool. It is entirely possible to live past the hot water surge without extreme danger. The same can't be said for jumping through a glass door, even though they are shatter proof. 'Cool-ly' moving out of the way of the water would definitely have been the better choice. NOT COOL. How about this?? You see a little too late that there is a paper bag in the street. You SWERVE and barely miss it. The passenger gets a whip lash and the driver gets a rashing but you miss the bag. Now even if the bag had explosives in it which is rare, laying right by that dumpster the bag flew out of, it just might have been wiser to take a chance on it just being an old bag full of hamburger wrappings and you could have slightly turned the wheel and missed it completely or taken a wild chance and nan over it. Either would have been a much better choice than to risk life and limb for everyone with those wild maneuvers. NOT COOL. So, if defensive driving is in your blood and it takes your full concentra- tion, just drive all by yourse If. All of those wild antics might add to your enjoyment and make the trip go faster (smoother would be out of the equation). And you might also make your destination on time. - 4otally frazzled and NOT COOL. Have you ever been HERE??? You make an innocent telephone call to someone and the reason for the call is not earth-shattering anyway but you want to talk about it. Ring - ring - ring - no answer. P'me, just as you start to hangup someone yells, HELLO !- WHO ISTHIS??. Click. Not cool If they were too busy or unable to talk right then, how are you supposed to know that? Just don't answer the freaking phone ffyou can't talk. It is a communication devise over which you have a bit of control. The call was well intended, poorly received. How could you have been so insensitive to call right then about almost nothing? Didn't mean to push the panic button and I certainly don't need to talk to you NOW, So please, the next time you are tempted to lose your cool, be prepared to lose a lot more than your cool. You might be taken off the Christmas card list. DRAMA IS OVER-R/WED. COOL IS SEXY. Charlavan Baker Hart is a Perkins High School graduate and former Miss Oklahoma. She currently resides in El Cajon, California. She may be reached at charlavan@cox.net.