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June 8, 2004     The Perkins Journal
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June 8, 2004

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A4-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, July 8, 2004 We welcome letters to the editor. All letters must be signed with a telephone number for verification of the writer (your telephone number won't be published). Please limit letters to no more than 400 words in length. Letters may be edited for spelling, grammar, or length. The editor reserves the right to reject any letter that is considered libelous or in bad taste. Letters do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publishers. Thanks for wonderful 90th birthday Dear Family & Friends, What a special day each of you gave me in honor of my 90'h birthday. Thank you for the many cards, flowers, calls, and gifts. Your thoughtfulness, love, and friendship throughout these many years have made Perkins a wonderful place to live. Felsa Hastings Perkins Bond issue fees should remain open record Last year Governor Henry signed a new administrative rule to require local governmental entities to report fees paid to bond advisors, trustees, and others when local bond issues are finalized. Under the rule, the State Council of Bond Oversight would compile the information on a statewide basis. The rule is now under attack by some municipalities, school boards, counties, bond advisors, and others before it has a chance to work. The reason these entities give for repeal of the rule is that the information is available locally under the Open Records Act. While true, it takes a lot of nerve to approach local governments and ask, "What fees did you pay, and to whom, on that bond issue last year?" I'm extremely proud of the many public servants that understand : and comply with the Open Records Act. However, sometimes : you experience a negative response from individuals who think Belief in the Bible I find it interesting that all of us use our own interpretation of the Bible to support our beliefs Mr. Cassidy's response to what I had previously said illustrates this. To support his inerrancy concept, he refers to a scripture in which Jesus made reference to a Bible passage to illustrate his teaching about marriage and divorce (Matt. 19:4-5.) The other reference that he gave (the Sermon on the Mount) has to do with the keeping of the law. Interestingly, Matthew follows this statement attributed to Jesus, with an expression of doubt about the correctness of the behavior of the scribes and the Pharisees, whose central premise was the need to dutifully obey the law, down to its smallest point- and that we must expect to "pay" for the breaking of the law. Their criticism of Jesus was, of course, that he did not teach his followers to obey the law. I would suspect that they were especially critical of his teaching of the concept of God's grace (forgiveness). Again this was not necessarily a support of the inerrancy theory, but of the law. Just because a person may not believe every thing in the Bible, does not by any means say that you should discard the entire Book. When this happens, it is a tragedy. It contains some of the most profound truths that can be found anywhere. It is the story of a people on a journey seeking after truth. It is the source of information about the teaching and the life of Jesus, whom I believe left us with a message that could solve our problems in this, the 21 st century after his death But I cannot believe that they always had the truth, and that there are not other sources of truth. I cannot believe that people in Bible times had found all truth. There is no evidence that the writers in the Bible had any sense of the vast storehouse of knowledge, informa- tion, and understanding about the universe that we have today. The idea that evolution is not science is rather odd. Another of my critics, Mr. Penick, came up with the fact that evolution is a "lynchpin" in science, with which I am prone to agree. It provides a sound basic for fact - organization in biology. It has proven extremely useful in the field of medicine. Since creation is ongoing (still happening), it has been extended into the study of the universe. It is still just a "theory," subject to questioning. There are certain places where it does not fit perfectly. That does not keep it from being a useful tool for discovery. Ephraim Wall Perkins Intelligent designer or chance? I have an exquisitely shaped, obsidian arrowhead, 1" long, that my grandfather found on his farm in Oregon years ago. I can see the marks of the hand that took simple tools and formed it so J [ at OSU sports events unac Alcohol / We read with outrage the article "Liquor licen for O-State sports venues" in the Stfllwater sect o Perkins Journal. We provided financial support andl season tickets to sports events on the OSU campus: far as we know, alcohol IS NOT permitted on any C property including college campuses. Why the big donors who occupy the new suites? What kind this send to our young people? Won't they see it enough influence you can pick and choose which to obey and which ones to ignore? Keith and Doris Smalley Shawnee, OK The Children of Tar Creek i ] Tar Creek in far northeastern Oklahoma has Ion ronmental hazard, a region plagued by Iong-aband 1 and dangerously high lead levels. I recently signed ensuring voluntary relocation and assistance forl] Creek with children up to six years of age. This 14 lation is an important step toward protecting tho! protect themselves. The communities of Picher and Cardin, consider Zero" of Tar Creek, are surrounded by chat piles tl area's past of zinc- and lead-mining. As a result, have endured high levels of lead contamination. can cause a host of ailments, especially in childreJ pointed to alarming rates of learning disabilities young people. As Oklahomans - more importantly, as human bci duty to help as many of these children as possible enjoy healthy, happy and productive lives. Senate Bill 1490 establishes a local trust to assist v mentation of $5 million in relocation funds. I am legislative leaders of both parties joined together good of people who have been neglected for too 1o Our fellow citizens deserve opportunity, safety matter where they reside within the borders of our We Oklahomans are known for our ability tc storm. The pioneers who settled this land were strol l ead to a chiM -- the benefits last a lifetime. E-Mail Us! Get your ideas to us quicklyl Just e-mall news and sports Items to: news@theperkinsjournal.com ads to: ads@theperkinsjournal.corn letters to: letters@the I i I I I I / I I~ IICity Stat~Zip Rates: One year in Oklahoma $28 IBE One year out of state $32 A FRIEND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 ,off of the rates listed above if you are a current paid subscriber. Use the form above for your "friend" and list your== llAddress,II Name Perkins, OK 74059-0667 The publishers are solely responsible for content and any errors will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the publishers. OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m Saturday 9 a.m.-12 p.m. POSTMASTER: Send changes of address to: The Perkins Journal P.O. Box 667 Perkins, Ok 74059.0667 MEMBER: Perkins Chamber of Commerce Perkins Main Street, Inc. Stillwater Chamber of Commerce ,Oklahoma Press Association National Newspaper Association O SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, just fill out this form and mail with lremittance to: The Perkins Journal 222 N Main P.O. Box 667 David & Lisa Sasser-Publishers Cindy Sheets-Editor Lawrence Gibbs-Stillwater Editor Rick Lomenick-Sports Editor Sherry Clemens-Production Manager (USPS #428-040) The Perkins Journal is published every Thursday at 222 N. Main and entered as periodical postage paid at Perkins, OK 74059-0067 by Perkins Publishing Co LLC P.O. Box 667, Perkins, OK 74059-0667. Printed by the Stillwater News Press. Phone 405/547-2411 Fax 405/547-2419 e-mail: news @ theperkinsjournal.com Mark Thomas (Thomas is the Executive Vice ciation in Oklahoma City.) President of Oklahoma Press Asso- the people who buy the bonds to keep the rule that requires these fees to be reported to the state. That's where you come in. Governor Henry needs your support to stand firm, reject the attempt to repeal tliis rule, and continue to require these fees to be reported to the Council of Bond Oversight Only the voice of the people will overrule the power play of a few local governmental entities and bond dealers who want to keep these fees a closely guarded open record You've probably noticed elsewhere in this week's Journal, but there are a couple of friends and former high school classmates celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary. Congratulations to Tim and Kelly Spence on reaching that mile- stone in your lives. It sure didn't take long for summer to finally show up. For awhile last Saturday, it almost got as hot as that proverbial firecracker. And speaking of firecrackers here's hoping everyone had an enjoy- able July 4 weekend holiday. I know ours was a good one, which culminated with a cookout and fireworks display Sunday evening. It was also great to hear there wasn't a rash of fireworks-related fires in the area. That enabled the local volunteer firefighters to enjoy the holiday a little bit better with their families. And because the grounds weren't as parched as they usually are this time of year, fireworks stands did a "booming" business throughout the holiday (sorry folks, I couldn't let that one slide). Jordan and I took in Friday night's performance of the Perkins Roundup Club Open Rodeo. There was plenty of good action throughout the performance and it was great to see the nice crowd in the stands and in vehicles lining the fences. I don't believe you were too disappointed. All in all, this has to go down as one pretty good holiday weekend. And being that the next one isn't until early September, we had better make sure our memories last, unlike that freezer of homemade ice cream. i!i:/~ i~::i ~i~:~ ~:: :~: 1 Ernest Strubhar Perkins In my living room I have a glide rocker made from some three dozen pieces of oak lumber, carefully cut and sanded, joined together with screws and glues. I am told that the pattern for it came from some Hutterite craftsmen in Alberta, Canada, who brought it from Europe and passed it from generation to generation. I invite you to come relax on it and tell me if you think it was formed by an explosion in a carpenter shop plus unaided time and chance. I am writing this letter on a computer made of many components. I don't know how the parts work together or who put them together to function as they do. I didn't see anyone build this computer. But when I look at it and think about what it does, based on logical inference, I believe that it was designed by skilled engineers and built by careful laborers who knew what they were doing. All of us look at the design of such everyday things and know, with- out a flicker of a doubt, that an intelligent designer made them. When we look around at the world we live in, we see beauty, order and design all around. Some folks tell me that it all started with an explosion billions of years ago. From that explosion, unaided by any intelligence, modified only by time and chance, came forth the beauty, order and design we all see. Do you believe them? I don't. Why does anyone believe such "fairy tales"? Because they're told every body else does? Because the "tale" is repeated again and again? Because they don't stop and think? Perhaps all of these. But many believe these unbelievable "fairy tales" because they decide before they ever look at the evidence that they will not believe in the Creator God who has revealed Himself in the Bible. They don't want to believe in Him. They don't want to answer to Him. Healthy & Fit School Advisory as of Sept. 1 Our "Healthy Bodies, Strong Minds" along by Senate Bill 1627, signed by the governor Oklahoma is one of many states choosing of childhood obesity and the alarming health robbing our children of good health. Today, there are nearly twice as many 6-11) and almost three times as many overweight 12-19) as there were in 1980, according to the Control and Prevention (CDC). Serious health risks from obesity include pressure, and a tendency to become overweight or i The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition, the Task Health and Senator Bernest Cain led development! It requires each school to form a Healthy Committee to advise principals on matters re health. The committees will include parents, health-care bers. The committee's recommendations may pertain cation, physical education, nutrition and health school. Students need healthier meal and snack choices tion education, and more opportunities to be particularly with quality Physical Education. Since 1996, each Oklahoma school has had a mittee to advise principals on safety issues. and Fit School Advisory Committee may be continuing Safe School Committee or be separate. Consider volunteering for your school's Healthy! Advisory Committee. Our staff provides school staff and tools to help develop a safe and healthy clearly increases the likelihood of Our 6th Annual Safe and Healthy Schools in Oklahoma City on November 5. For details, 2106. J , a valuable tool to help local government select bond advisors and of Tar Creek. '.firms when they need these services. However, the State Council If you have any questions or comments, please of Bond Oversight recently voted to request that Governor Henry Office of the Governor, Room 212, Oklahoma C' repeal this new rule. Council members did ask insightful questions or visit the "Contact the Governor" section of during the public hearing, but there was no testimony on the side of www.governor.state.ok.us. ' you're poking into "their" business. The fees paid on bond issues nearly symmetrical. To me it's a work of art. If you would look at determination. We are rightly renowned around : are everyone s business, it and tell me it was formed by chance and time, do you think that compassion and the way in which we band togethe ', The opportunity to make statewide comparisons of fees would be I would believe you? challenges. Now is the time for us to join forces fi