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Perkins, Oklahoma
June 8, 2004     The Perkins Journal
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June 8, 2004

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As The World Thrns Emily and Chris found the key to Alison’s happi— ness. Barbara got James to 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 ,g ‘ c... ‘ DOC. Lucy’s loyalty to Dusty led Craig to take desperate measures. Molly’s ordeal ended. Wait to See: Alison and Aaron head for trouble. Emily and Chris find they must hide more than their partnership. The Bold And The Beau- tiful Eric’s announcement that Forrester will pro- duce Ridge’s new youth line caused friction between Stephanie and Eric, as well as Ridge and Theme. Brooke talked to Thomas about his feelings for Caitlin. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Rick found themselves growing closer. Both Nick and Stephanie told Brooke and Ridge they didn’t plan to attend their wedding, but later Nick convinced a drunk Stephanie to go, 'and in her inebriated rage she agreed, saying she’ll show Brooke who is really in charge. Wait to Sec: Stephanie courts disaster. 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Wait to See: John makes a chilling decision. General Hospital Sam begged Jason and Carly to believe that she didn’t intentionally kill her mother. Faith learned Sonny fathered Sam’s child. After learning his true name, but still un- able to remember his past, Nikolas lashed out at both Emily and Alexis. Lucky told Elizabeth he’s falling in love with Em- ily. Heather got Lesley to let her move into the Spencer home and care for her (Lesley) and Lulu. Courtney and Jax grew closer. Lois chose to spend time with Ned rather than go out with Alcazar. Wait to Sec: Heather devises a ,.....-. 7..‘..._;..»‘.'-....n--;.-.‘;.v.«,..-L-f..’ :3 . o G Light Michelle and Tony shared a ride down memory lane. Olivia and Bill decided to become Spring— field ’ s n e w power couple. Cassie’s interest in her identity thief in- tensified. M a rina and Sandy worked together to send Alan a message. Alex- a n d r a struggled to keep H a r l e y off her trail. Wait to Sec: Cassie and.Edmund are danger- ously close to “Princess Cassie.” on One Life To Live John and Bo reluctantly agreed to let Antonio fly to Puerto Rico with Sonia to meet the head of the Santi crime family. And later, after lying to Jessica that he’s going to Florida. An- tonio was shocked when Sonia said she’s holding Ariana hostage should Antonio try to double— cross her. Blair, who was opposed to Todd trying to make Kevin believe that he (Todd) fathered Kelly’s baby, almost told Kevin the truth about Ace. Jes- sica found a man named Trico chained to the wall in the Santi vault. Wait to Passions Fox was stunned to hear Chad talk about his relationship with Alistair and Julian. Theresa made a startling realization about Whitney. 'Aunt Irma lashed out at Eve, who sought comfort in Julian’s arms as she recalled the night many years ago when Aunt Irma turned up at the Blue Note to save her from her sinful ways. Theresa dropped a bombshell on Fox. Later, the truth of what happened at the Crane Mansion years earlier with young Sheridan and a body un- der a bloody sheet was re- vealed through Sheridan’s dreams and Katherine’s memories. Wait to See: Another stunning revela- tion is made. The Young And The Restless Recalling her own days as a runaway, Dru decided to make som'e inquiries about Devon. Claiming she didn’t want to be sober, a drunken Kay sank into a deep slumber, and was “visited” by the ghosts of Rex and Phillip III, who warned her to stop drinking. After wak- ing up, Kay stopped Jill from leaving the mansion and announced she’s go- ing into rehab. Sharon told Detective Weber that the dead man, Frank, was Cassie’s biological father, and later, Nick and Sharon agreed they had to tell Cassie the truth. Phyl— lis informed Christine that she told Daniel about his paternity. Wait to See: Christine faces a crucial decision. (c) 2W4 King Features Synd., Inc. EVBI‘V V018 counts... Spmumeu by rm: VOTE [\e ti In? 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