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June 8, 2004     The Perkins Journal
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June 8, 2004

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A6-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, July 8, 2004 l, area sprtng s li A total of 2,449 students were awarded degrees from Oklahoma ;tate University in Stillwater at the end of the 2004 spring session, ~cording to the Office oflhe Registrar. Graduates are listed by the towns they have designated as their flora.towns, along with degree and subject area. GLENCOE: Coe, Brenda Lynn, BS General Business; Crow, Joanna Megan, BS Athletic Training, Glencoe HS; Foote, Amber Dawn, BA Journalism & Broad- casting, 1999 Ripley HS PERKINS: Brown, Kessie Noel, BFAArt, 1993 Perkins-Tryon HS; Cheramie, Nicole Lea, BS Biochem & Molecular Biology, 2001 Carlsbad HS; Ferguson, Amy Lory, BA Psychology; Focht, Edka Leni, BS Design Housing & Merchandising, 1997 Perkins-Tryon HS; Frost, Cimeron Anthony, BS Animal Science, 1999 Porta Jr-Sr HS; Gill, Christine Joy, BS Elementary Education, 2000 Perkins- Tryon HS; Hilley, Josie Lynn, BS Zoology, 2000 Perkins-Tryon HS; Humphrey, Jeremy Michael, BA Psychology, 2000 Perkins-Tryon HS; Johnson, Jennifer Lou Ann, DVM Veterinary Medicine 1994 Chandler HS; McCutchen, Andrea M BS Design Housing & Merchandising, 2000 Perkins-Tryon HS; Shepherd, Billy Emerson, BS General Business; 1998 Perkins-Tryon HS; Taylor, Joshua Kent, BS Secondary Education, 2000 Perkins-Tryon HS; Thurman, Jennifer Diane, BS Biological Science, 2000 Perkins-Tryon HS; Moss, Heather Mishell, BA, English. - STILLWATER Ahrberg, Leslie Pomeroy, BS Health, 1999 Stillwater HS; Aichele, Clint Philip, BS Chemical Engineering, 1999 Stillwater HS; Akers, Michelle Lea, BA English; Aldridge, Gennie Rebecca, BS Technical & Industrial Education; Alexander, Laura Lynn, BS Journalism & Broadcasting, 2000 Stillwater HS; Anderson, Cindy Ga, BS Marketing; Anderson, John Alfred, BS Finance, 2000 Stillwater HS; Anderson, Stephanie Marie, BS Elementary Education, 2000 Stiltwater HS; Aosved, Allison Cara, MS Psychology; Austin, David Anthony, BS Finance, 1990 Enid HS; Austin, Yuliya, MS Human Resources & Adult Ed; Babitzke, Alison C MS Psychology; Barnes, Cassidy, BS Psychology, 2000 Stillwater HS; Beard, Amanda Jean, BS Family Relations & Child Dev 1999 Stillwater HS; Blazek, Michael Wade, BA English; Bliss, Geoffrey Kyle, BArE Architectural Engineering, 1999 Katy S; Blyden, Joshua Feaver, DVM Veterinary Medicine; Boles, Nancy Marie, BS Secondary Education, Lincoln County HS; Bonn r, Amanda Leigh, BS General Business, 1999 Stillwater HS; Boynton, Shannon Whitney, BA Psychology, 2000 Stillwater HS; Bradford, Donald Wayne, BS Wildlife & Fisheries Ecology, Duke HS; Brown, Brad W BS Finance; Brown, Lindsay Irene, BS Sociology; Cagle, Travis Lee, BS General Business, 2000 Glencoe HS; Campbell, Ryan Foster, BS Nutritional Sciences, i999 Stillwater HS; Carley, Erin Leigh, DVM Veterinary Medicine, 1997 Wright Christian Academy; Casey, Allison Brooke, BS Journalism & Broadcasting, 1999 Stillwater HS Chandler, Sulkee Paul, BS Chemical Engineering, 1997 Stillwater HS Christian, Lori Kay, MS Hlth Physical Ed & Leisure; Clayton, Jeffrey Don, BS Geography; Cobb, Sabrina Michelle, BS Chemical Engineering, 1999 Stillwater HS; Como, Lori Michelle, BS Family Relations & Child Dev; Cravatt, Phillip L BS Zoology; Crocker, Keith D MM Pedagogy & Performance; Cross, Kara Etchuste, BFAArt, 1999 Stillwater HS; Crouch, Carol, PhD Environmental Science ; Daigle, Joseph Vernon, MM Pedagogy & Performance; Davis, Robert Evan, MBA Business Administration; Davison, Crystal Joy, BS Education, 2000 Still- water HS; Dees, Stuart L MS Mgmnt Info Sys/Acctng Info Systems; Domnick, Noah Hart, BA Spanish and BA Psychology, 1999 Stillwater HS; Douglas, Brandi Nicole, BA English, 1999 Stillwater HS; Eakin, Leanne Michelle, BS Accounting, 2000 Stillwater HS; Eaton, Everett Ryan, BS Mechanical Engineering, 1999 Stiilwater HS; Ebert, Jason M BS Aviation Sciences, 1999 Stillwater HS; EI-Deeb, Adel Samir, BS Physiology, 2000 Stillwater HS; Ellis, Jennifer Lea, BS Secondary Education; Emerson, Brett Ryan, BS Hotel & Restaurant Admin, 2000 Stillwater HS; Epplin, Eric Matthew, BS Political Science, 2000 Stillwater HS; Evans, Trever M MS Quantitative Financial Econ; Farni, Tiffany Nicole, BS Human Develop and Fam Science, 2001 Canute HS; Foster, Melinda Sue, BS Design Housing & Merchandising, 1997 Liberty HS; Franklin, Brad Eugene, DVM Veterinary Medicine, 1995 Chandler HS; Fredenberg, Gordon Mark, MBA Business Administration; Fuxa, Robin Lynn, MS Teaching Learning & Leadership, 1996 Strother HS; Gambrell, Shona Marie, MS Curriculum & Instruction; Gardner, Jaime Louise, BS Nutritional Sciences; Gates, Khrys W BS Animal Science; Haney, Allison G MS Mass Communications; Harbison, Trent Michael, BS Animal Science; Harrison, John Robert, BS Animal Science, 2000 Hobbs HS; Harshman, Judith Lynn, MS Teaching Learning & Leadership; Heald, Blair Renee', BS Health, 2000 Stillwater HS; Henderson, Ryan Gabriel, BLA Land- scape Architecture, 1998 Stillwater; Hill, Kanda Perry, MS Teaching Learning & Leadership; Hix, John Michael, MS Mechanical Engineering, 1997 Stillwater HS; Holliday, Joshua Scott, BS Health, 1995 Stillwater HS; Horn, Amanda Anne, BS Cell & Molecular Biology, Stillwater HS; Hussar, Jaime Lee, BS Animal Sci- ence, 2000 Mustang HS; Hutchens, Shelby Brooke, BS Chemical Engineering, 1999 Stillwater HS; Ireland, Jill Kathleen, BS Secondary Education, 2000 Stillwater HS; Jones, Monte James, BS Civil Engineering; Jorsch, Thomas F PhD His- tory; Kay, Amanda Jo, BS Communication Sci & Disorders, 2000 Stiilwater HS; Kelly, Katie R BA Spanish and BA French, 2000 Stillwater HS; Kennedy, Branden Aaron, BS Microbiology, 2000 Stillwater HS; Kirktey, Bob Wayne, BUS University Studies; Krehbiel, Rebecca Leann, BA English, 1999 Deer Creek HS; Latino, Kristina, BA History, 2000 Stillwater HS; Linneman, Jerad S MS Botany; Longan, Jess!ca Renee, BS Elementary Education, 1999 Stillwater HS; Lucchesi, Daphne Rene', BS Communication Sci & Disorders; Luter, Dustin Kyle, BS Agribusiness, 2000 Morrison HS; Makin, Adam O BS Nutritional Sciences, 1999 Stillwater HS; Manske, Seth Aaron, BS Education; Mata, Candace Beth, BS Journalism & Broadcasting, 1999 Moore HS; Mayes, Veronica Anne, BA Sociology; McClurg, Emily Marie, MBA Business Administration, 1998 Stlllwater HS; McFarland, Lucas R DVM Veterinary Medicine; McGovern, Arthur Richard, PhD Educational Psychology; McKim, Joshua Paul, MS Economics; Mead, Renee A BS Biological Science; Meyer, Craig Stewart, BS Aviation Sciences; Mill!ken, Sarah Christine, BS Ele- mentary Education, Muskogee HS; Missal, Jason David, BM Music Education, 2000 Stillwater HS; Moody, Jennifer Deann, BS Marketing, 1999 Tecumseh HS; Moore, Becki Marie, BS Geology, 1993 Carney HS; Moore, Desir'Ee Ann, BA English; Niven, Jason Alexander, MBA Business Administration, 1995 Laverne HS; Nomura, Kathryn Mariah, MS Counseling & Student Personnel; Pals, Kendra Jean, BS General Business, 1998 Stillwater HS; Patrick, Damen Darren, BS Finance, 2000 Stillwater HS; Pierce, Tyler Benjamin, BS Chemical Engineering, t996 Bartlesville HS; Pitchford, Donald, PhD Educational Psy- chology; Powell, Kerris Michael, BS Management Information Systems, 1993 Caldwell HS; Pozzo, Renee Dale, BS Psychology, 1998 Western Heights HS; Pratt, Jeffrey Dean, BS Secondary Education, 1999 Stillwater HS; Raymond, Joshua Lee, BS Electrical Engineering, 1999 Stillwater HS; Rich- ardson, Jennifer Anne, BS Secondary Education, 2000 Stillwater HS; Risley, Jason D, DVM Veterinary Medicine, Cushing HS; Robertson, Janette Lynn, BS Family Relations & Child Dev; Robinson, Jodi Elizabeth, BS Management, 2000 Muskogee HS; Ryden, Verda Rea, BA English, Lawton HS; Rylant, Sky Brent, BA Political Science, 1999 Temple HS; Schmidt, Megan Lee, BS Elementary Education, 2000 Stillwater HS; Schro- eder, Patricia Anne, BS Elementary Education, 2000 Stillwater HS; Schumann, Kevin Justin, BATh at r, 1999 La Cueva HS; Self, Dustin Bradley, BS Finance, 2000 Stillwater HS; Selvey, Whitney Renae, BS Human Develop and Fam Sci- ence, 2000 Stillwater HS; Shann, lan Patrick, MS Animal Science, 1997 Stillwater HS; Shaw, Shilo Renae, MS Psychology; Shrader, Lisa Michelle, BS Secondary Education; Siliven, William Scott, BA Geography; Skoch, Stephen J BFAArt; Sleezer, Robert James, BS Electdcal Engineering and BS Computer Science, 1997 Stillwater HS; Smith, Beverly Crystal, BS Biochemistry, 1995 Eastern HS; Smith, Erica Christine, BS Secondary Education, 2000 Stillwater HS; Smith, Linda A MS Natural & Applied Sciences; Spencer, Sara Lashawn, BS Zoology, Midland HS; Spitz r, Bruce A EdD Curriculum & Instruction; Spurlin, Justin Lee, BAArt, 1996 Reydon HS; Stalzer, Robert Michael, BA Philosophy, 1999 Stillwater HS; Stalzer, Thomas Anthony, BS Mechanical Engi- neering, 1999 Stillwater HS; Stein, Edward Lawrence, BS Electrical Engineedng, 1999 Stillwater HS; Stewart, Terry Scott, BS Secondary Education; Stoecker, = Chad Andrew, MS Mechanical Engineering, 1996 Stillwater HS: Corey, BS Computer Science; Stubblefield, Trent Lane, BS mat!on Systems, 1999 Stillwater HS; Swenson, Kelly Diane, Broadcasting, 2000 Stillwater HS; Tauer, Corilyn Ann, BLA Landscape Architecture, Stillwater HS; nifer Lee, DVM Veterinary Medicine, 1996 Stillwater HS; Thrasher, MS International Studies; Trout, Joseph M BS Electrical En( 1999 Stillwater HS; Veselak, Sherrye Marie, BS Accounting, 1995 Stillwater HS; Richard, BS Communication Sci & Disorders, Broken Arrow HS; Wadsworth, Shelley M MS Counseling & Student Idashla Kane, BS International Business, 1998 Stillwater HS; topher Michael, BA History, 1998 Marietta HS; Walsh, William R Resources; Wegley, Kimberly Marie, MS Industrial Engineering & Macarthur HS; Weyers, Jeffrey Scott, PhD Animal Nutrition; White, BS Marketing; White, Shannon Elizabeth, BS Family Relations & 1999 Pryor HS; Willcox, Douglas Leroy, BS Economics; Williamson BS Horticulture, 1999 Stillwater HS; Wilson, Kathie Ann, BS Cushing HS; Wilson, Michael Glenn, BS Electrical Engineering Tech HS; Wisleder, Daniel R MS Geography; Womack, Bryan Lee, BS ( 1998 Stillwater HS; Womack, Stuart Matthew, B Marketing; Wood, BS Marketing, 2000 Lone Grove HS; Woods, Jason Michael, BA J & Broadcasting, 2000 Stillwater HS; Wright, Adam Michael, Stillwater HS; Wyckoff, Justin H:; BA Psychology, Yates, Kaysha Louise, BA American Studies, 1996 Turpin HS; Campbell, Micah Noel, BS Finance; Dyvig, Cory Michael, Edmond Memorial HS; Ferguson, Mandy Michelle, BS Elementary 2000 Union HS; Gragg, Ashley Janelle, BS Elementary moore HS; Hawksworth, Julie Ann, BS General Business 1997 Lennart, Alexis, BS Chemistry, 2000 Union HS; cation; Mitchell, Jeremy Eli, BS Construction Management Tech; Andrew, BA English, 1997 Home Schooled; Schroeder, cai Science, 2000 Putnam City HS; Semore, Brandy Michelle, BA J & Broadcasting; Sherrill, Trevan Jest, BS Marketing, Robert Edward, BATheater, 1999 Deer Creek HS; Stutchman BM Music, 2000 Thomas A Edison HS; Toiaivao, Sara Marie Jenks HS; Toomey, Kathadne DaNe,e, BS Chemical Page HS; Wilburn, Heather Dawn, MA Philosophy, 1992 Will Re( Jennifer Ann, BS Forestry, 1998 Putnam City HS; Copley, Political Science, 2000 Oklahoma Sch Sci & Math; Graves, Megan BS Elementary Education, 1998 Carl Albert Sr HS; Koehn, Nathan Construction Management Tech, 2000 Edmond North HS; Mallett, Spanish, 1998 Stillwater HS; Meyer, John Michael, Systems; Miller, Sharon Kay, PhD Educational Psychology; Valann, BS Elementary Education, 2000 Ada Sr HS; Sheueckuk, Human Develop and Fam Science, 1995 Putnam City David, MS Natural & Applied Sciences; Ware, David Christopher, BUS Studies; Burdge, Amber Michelle MS Counseling ,~ Page; Welch, Angela Dson, BS Mechanical Engineering; PERKINS- TRYON BREAKFAST - 9-10 a.m. M O.BI;IOy ]J.I~ Cinnamon roils, sausage patty, fruit juice, Tg.@~iOy. TJ .l~ Scrambled eggs, raisin toast, fruit juice, ~(;IJ3@~IJ;IL~ Ham & cheese bagel, fruit juice, milk. IhgrJ~ay~JL~ Breakfast Bites, toast, fruit juice, milk, jelly. Eddoy. TJ tGLSausage gravy, biscuit, fruit juice, milk, jelly, patty. LUNCH - 12-1:30 p.m. Pepperoni pizza, tator tots, applesauce, milk. ]F gg.Sdoy TJ l~ Burritos beef & bean, refried beans, diced picante. Ham sandwich, Doritos, pineapple ice cream, milk. ~3g[lil;[ayJ~Lt.~Beef ravioli, salad, fruit cocktail, garlic Eddoy TJl6; Hoagie sandwich, lettuce w/tomato, diced milk. Children ages 1-18: Free. Adults: $3.00. WE ARE PROUD BE A PART OF THE PERKINS COMMUNITY AND BOOSTERS OF PERKINS-TRYON SCHOOLS! Drive.In. 547-2800 US 177 & SH 33 Hours: 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. Now Open for Breakfast Gd (Demons! THE Support our future - Encourage our students! "Now That's A Pizza Present This Coupon For $2.00 OFF ANY LARGE PIZZA One coupon per customer per visit. One pizza per coupon. Not valid with other discounts. Coupon!" "Now That's A Pizza!" Perkins 547-2456 './' HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Service and Repairs David Lara, Owner/Manager 122 E. Thomas - P.O. Box 254 Perkins (405) It's Hard ~b Stop 547-5046 Bank Payne County Bank Main Bank 202 S. Main, Perkins, OK - (405) 547-2436 www.paynecountybank.com Convenience Branch 417 E. Hwy. 33, Perkins, OK Main Bank Lobby Hr$: M.-Th. 8-3, Fri. 7:30-6 & Sat. 8-Noon Drive-Up Teller: M-Th 8-3, Fri. 8-4:30 & Sat. 8-Noon Convenience Branch Drive-Up Hrs: M-F. 7:30-6 & Sat. 7:30-Noon ) Available at both locations 24 Hours Steve & Kristy Willingham PERKINS-TRYON SPORTS BOOSTERS MEMBER 246 S. Main 547-2414 Proud to be a supporter of Perkins-Tryon students! 247 Valley Co-op S. Main, Perkins 547-2423 Conveniently Servin, Perkins For Over 25 124 N. Main SH33 and US177 219 SOUTH MAIN "PERKINS " 4712S S Shortcakes Diner Is proud to be a booster of Perklns-Tryon sports Gayla Glen 219 N. Main Stillwater CORPORATION Go! Perkins-Tryon Demons! Stillwater 743-2132, Chris McCutchen Highway 33 and Sadler Road Larry Pete