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June 8, 2004     The Perkins Journal
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June 8, 2004

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B6-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, July 8, 2004 . [] ~L(tBd;L~.V,~ 10:35 p.m. - found dog in road Inspector Scott Stropes at Whistle Stop #2 on Main; took t 8:47 p.m. - traffic stop at W. dog to shelter Chantry and Main, verbal warn- ,11:07 p.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 Jng for defective equipment and Twin Lakes, verbal warning ? 8:57 p.m. - traffic stop at W. for speed "Knipe and Third, verbal warning 11:19 p.m. - traffic stop at W. for defective equipment. Knipe and S.W. Second, verbal Wednesday. June 30 warning Stropes 12:06 a.m. - traffic stop at S.E. Ronspiez Third and Knipe, verbal warning 12:09 a.m. -checked out report for failure to signal, of fireworks on Stansbury. Officer Jeremy Ronspiez 1:05 a.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 8 p.m, - traffic stop at SH 33 and and Twin Lakes, verbal warning Pogue, cited for speed for speed. 8:32 p.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 1:19 a.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 and US 177, written warning for and Lovers Lane, verbal warning defective headlight, for speed. 8:47 p.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 2:56 a.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 and Twin lakes, written warning and Twin Lakes, verbal warning for defective taillight, for speed. - 9 p.m. -traffic stop at SH 33 and 3:06 a.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 US 177, verbal warning and N. Main, verbal warning for 9:04 p.m. - traffic stop at Main defective headlight. and Chantry, verbal warning for Officer Mike Munday defective headlight. 6:20 p.m. - traffic stop on S. 9:44 p.m. - traffic stop at W. Western, warning. Knipe and S.W. Second, verbal 9:05 p.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 warning for speed, and Sadler Road, warning. 9:58 p.m. - traffic stop at US177 11:42 p.m. - traffic stop at and SH 33, verbal warning. N. Main and Freeman, citation 11:52 p.m. -traffic stop at SH 33 issued. and Twin Lakes, verbal warning Ronsplez for speed. 6:48 p.m. - assisted Lincoln ~allf31~llly~lgly~. County Sheriff's deputy at Fourth Ronspiez and Kirk. 12:12a.m.-trafficstopatSH33 8:01 p.m. - traffic stop at SH and Twin Lakes, verbal warning 33 and Payne, verbal warning for speed for speed. 7:37 p.m. - traffic stop at Main Officer Warren Grider and Stumbo, verbal warning for 8:42 p.m. - took robbery report speed, at residence on S. Main. 9:56 p.m. - traffic stop at W. 10:15 p.m.-checked out report Knipe and S.W. Second, verbal of fireworks in 500 block of E. warning, chantry. 10:14 p.m. - checked out report of fireworks in 100 block of E. Ronsplez Kenworthy. 12:43 a.m. investigated report of accident at Main and N. Park. 2:14 a.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 and US 177, verbal warning. 2:21 a.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 and Twin Lakes, verbal warning. 5:39 a.m.- traffic stop at SH 33 and Payne, verbal warning. Stropes 8:28 a.m. - traffic stop at Main and Thomas, verbal warning for failure to stop. 9:04 a.m. - traffic stop at S.E. Third and Knipe, cited for no seatbelt. 9:22 a.m. - traffic stop at W. Kenworthy and First, cited for no seatbelt. 9:39 a.m. - traffic stop at Main and Thomas, cited for no seat- belt. 10:24 a.m.- traffic stop at N.W. Third and Freeman, cited for no seatbelt. 3:03 p.m. - traffic stop at Main and SH 33, cited for no seatbelt. 3:25 p.m. - traffic stop at Main and Chantry, cited for speed and no insurance. 3:44 p.m. -checked out report of hit-and-run at Main and Chantry. 4:23 p.m.- checked out report of domestic disturbance at residence on S.W. First. 4:36 p.m. - notified that suspect in hit-and-run was at Stillwater Medical Center; arrested suspect there. 9:11 p.m. - traffic stop at Whistle Stop #2, cited for failure to yield for emergency vehicle. 8:53 p.m. - assisted Stillwater Fire Dept. at attended death at residence on W. Freeman. 11:32 p.m. -checked out com- plaint about trash from fireworks in 400 block of S.E. Third. 11:36 p.m. -checked out report of power loss in S.E. Fourth area. 11:44 p.m. - traffic stop at SH 33 and Payne, cited for speed (65/45). Legislation based on ALEC model bill would make jury service easier WASHINGTON, D.C. - Okla- homa Gov. Brad Henry signed the S.B. 479 into law on June 10, strengthening the state's jury system by making it easier tbr citizens to serve as jurors. Governor Henry's approval follows the Oklahoma House of Representatives passage of the comprehensive jury service improvement law by a vote of 92-7 on May 28. The bill had passed the Oklahoma Senate two days earlier by a 45-1 vote. The legislation, introduced by Representative Jari Askins (D-Duncan) and Senator Jerry Smith (R-Tulsa), is based on a model Jury Patriotism Act developed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, the nation's largest nonpartisan, individual membership group of state legislators. Oklahoma is the eighth state to enact legisla- tion based on ALEC's model. "Plaintiffs and defendants in both civil and criminal cases deserve to receive a fair trial before a true jury of their peers," said Duane Parde, ALEC's Executive Director. "That's why making jury service more appealing and rewarding to citizens is so critical. The Jury Patriotism Act will help strengthen Oklahoma's jury system." Oklahoma's new jury law will: Provide those summoned to jury service with the right to One automatic postponement with a simple and convenient fnethod of rescheduling service to a more convenient time. Reduce the length of jury ser- vice from a two-week term with the potential to be required to serve as many as 18 days each year to no more than one day at the courthouse unless selected to serve on a jury panel. t Protect citizens from being called repeatedly for jury ser- trice by limiting jury service to tao more than onc every two t years. Fairly compensate jurors selected to serve on lengthy trials. Citizens who not fully compensated by their employ- ers would be eligible for com- pensation of up to $200 per day after the tenth day of service. The additional compensation would be financed through a $10 fee paid by attorneys filing civil cases in state trial courts, and would not require an alloca- tion of state resources. Provide jurors with greater employment protection. Jurors would be protected from any adverse action on account of their response to a juror sum- mons and could not be required to use leave time in order to serve. Differ jury service for an employee of a small business if another employee of the same business is summoned for ser- vice during the same period. In consideration of the addi- tional flexibility of jury service and to ensure the most repre- sentative jury, the new law also would make it more difficult to get excused from jury service for reasons other than true hardship, and provides for a fine of up to $500 or required community service for those who ignore a juror summons. "Oklahoma's new jury law will make jury service easier for all Oklahomans and protect the right to representative jury,' said Kristin Armshaw, Director of the ALEC's Civil Justice Task Force, which developed the model legislation. Oklahoma jurors will benefit from the new law when it takes effect on July 1, 2004. Additional compensa- tion for jurors on lengthy trials will become available on Janu- ary 1, 2005. PMA FARMERS UNIOt PERKINS INSURANCE t AGENCY, INC. MARY A. MORRIS, AGENT 121 N. Main P.O. Box 136 1! 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Williamson, who was accused Payne County District Attor- of illegally using Lincoln ney Rob Hudson, who appealed County Jail inmates to work Corley's decision dismissing on private property in Payne the case against Williamson, and Lincoln counties, said Wednesday, "We're very Three weeks ago, all charges pleased with the court's ruling," of embezzlement by an officer reinstating the charges against -- two counts each in Payne and the former Lincoln County Lincoln counties -- against Wil- undersheriff. liamson had been thrown out of Pottawatomie County Associ- court by Payne County Special ate District Judge John Gardner District Judge Phillip Corley. -- who was specially assigned to In refusing to order William- hear the prosecution's appeal -- son to stand trial on the charges, ordered Williamson Wednesday Corley said on June 10, "While to appear before Corley on July I believe the acts of the defen- 12 to be bound over for trial on dant were totally inappropriate, the embezzlement counts. I do not believe those acts fit the "We look forward to pros- statute at this time." ecuting this case as we think it Corley noted that while it should be prosecuted," Hudson was once a crime under state said Wednesday. 7~ a Prosecutor Tom that inmate labor lawfully for certaiti like beautification of . house, but inmateslay' be used for the pers0 i/ke 8 of a public officer oppo said. Y~ Hudson said the legislature ute in 2002, did not remove providing that you appropriate a thin Williamson, 63, who resigned as County probe by the Bureau of Investi summer, could for comment If convicted of all Williamson could to as much as 80 according to court Although it may seem like "Extreme heat affects infants by putting a common sense to many, par- and small children dispropor- on the frompassen ents should be reminded that tionately," said Terry Stull, even putting yourl as summer temperatures rise, M.D. at OU Children's Hos- handbag in the leaving children in parked pital and medical advisor for the child to vehicles can have deadly SAFE KIDS. "Heat rapidly have to go into consequences, overwhelms the body's abil- before leaving the' "Parents who think theyity to regulate temperature. "Not only are can leave their child in a car In a closed environment, the risk for heat for just a few minutes don't body can go into shock and have been injured understand that in those few circulation to vital organs will windows have bee minutes, tragedy can strike," begin to fail." tally said Martha Collar, coordina- The Oklahoma SAFE KIDS ings and have tor, Oklahoma SAFE KIDS Coalition urges parents to be by putting the car Coalition. Since 1996, more particularly vigilant about then trying to than 225 children, most of their children's safety on days bottom line is them age 3 and under, have when temperatures reach 70 is not a safe .place died of heat stroke after being degrees or higher, by offering child - even for a trapped inside a parked car2 ' the following safety precau- said Collar. "We encourage everyone in tions to combat heat-related Currently 12 Oklahoma to be vigilant this injuries in cars: laws that prohibi summer and to help prevent Never leave your child children these needless tragedies," said unattended in a motor vehi- mobiles, but Collar. "We especially want to cle, even with the windows not include Okli reach out to bystanders who down. states where no see unattended children in a Teach children not to play in exists, state and hot vehicle, to urge them to or around cars. ecutors have the ! contact emergency services Always lock car doors and to criminally immediately." trunks - even at home - and under existing When left in a hot vehicle, keep keys out of reach ofgerment laws. a young child's core body children. To receive a temperature can increase Watch children closely chure, "Never three to five times faster around cars, particularly when Child Alone," than that of an adult, caus- loading or unloading items. 866-700-0001, ing permanent injury or even Always make sure all child load the death. For example, when passengers have left the car www.safekids.org. the outside temperature is 93 when you reach your destina- The C degrees Fahrenheit, even with tion. Don't overlook sleeping Coalition is a a window cracked, the tem- infants. Be especially careful Oklahoma State perature inside a car can reach if transporting children on a of Health, 125 degrees in just 20 minutes specific day or time is not tal at OU Medical( and about 140 degrees in 40 part of your normal routine. OU Children's minutes. Make a reminder for yourself t - -. SATURDAY, JULY 10, 2004 10 A.M. 1212 N. Parotte Rd Cushing Location: From 33/18 Intersection west of Cushing, go I mile west and 1/2 mile i Owners: Estate of Claud & Eileen Todd HOUSEHOLD- MlSC: 2 Student Desks; GE Dishwasher; 2 Maple Twin Beds & 3 TVs (RCA, MGA); Jewelry Boxes; Small Fans; Card Table & Chairs; w/Cabinet; Singer Featherweight; Sewing Notions; What-Nots; Binoculars; Camcorder; Foot Stools; Night Stand; Sweepers (Kirby, Eureka, Dirt Devil); Nice Lane Cedar Chest; Large Storage Cabinet; Old Lamp Table; Old End Table; of Drawers; Handmade Linens; Handmade Sofa Pillows; King Refrig.; Microwave; Corelle (12 pc.); KiJtchen Table & Chairs; Cookbooks; Holiday Glasses; Knives; Pyrex; Plastic Wares; Dining Table, Chairs; Glassware & Amber Glassware; Bread Machine; Blender; Covered Cake Plate; Toaster; Mixer; Salad Maker; Pots & Pans; Food Processor; Silverware; Kitchen Ceramic Birds; Maytag Washer & Dryer; 2 Upright Freezers; Wheal Chair: & Wood Rocker; Upholstered Cedar Chest; Wrought Iron Loveseat; Craft Su Decorations; Love Seat; 2 Swivel Rockers; Overstuffed Arm Chair; Small Lots of Plastic Storage Boxes; Yard Furniture & Tools; Rower Pots; Wash Tub; Eater; Garden Tools; Tomato Cages; Small Cream Can; Christmas Decor; Convalescent Items; Car Ramps, Bird Houses; Cassettes; VHS Movies; Shell Books; 2 Old Working Computers w/Monitors, Keyboards; 1 Apple Printer and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Classical Spanish Guitar; New 3/4 Harmony Ukeleles; Autoharp; Xylophone; Keyboard. TERMS Cash or Personal check with positive ID. All buyers must register with current ddver's license. Tax Exempt Certificate for exempt purchases. Reulers must have Okla. Tax Permits on file. Announcements made day previous advertising. Not Responsible for Accidents. For Sale Dates csl Carl Tarver Peterman Reed Tarver