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June 9, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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June 9, 1977

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8.The Perkins Journal Thursday, June 9, 1977 JUST A LINE MORE (From Page 1) filter on the camera, but much--way to much-- of it has to be reset. This will throw us about two months off schedule. Our goal now is to have the books printed and ready sometime in September. We were on schedule for a June and July delivery date. Incidentally, our attorney is litigating with the typeset- ting machine company to see if they won't help us with the resetting of the faded type. They say we should have known the photo paper pro. duced only a temporary Closed For Vacation IWILLBECLOSEDFOR VACATION June 14 thru 18th Casey's Barber Shop PERKINS, OKLA. copy. We contend- they should have told us when they installed the machine or have it included in their operation and instruction manuals. XXXX Don't know whether you have noticed it or not, but the four-way stop at the old bank corner doesn't seem to be sufficient to allow for pedes- trian traffic and parking and backing from the curb. With today's modern auto- mobiles, a driver can drive down Main Street, touch base lightly with the stop sign, and be going 25 or 30 miles an hour again within 100 feet. This doesn't give" the poor pedestrian time to hardly make up his mind whether he can make it or not. A backing driver can see a clear street behind him one United States UN Ambass- ador Andrew Young is more totally than ever demonstra. ting that he is too prejudiced and small for such an un- usual job and should be re- moved from that office. He's beginning to sound like a broken record. Mr. Young is demon- strating selfishness and has a chip on his shoulder. There are more people in the world than just blacks, and if he is going to be constantly pre- occupied with his own race, then he's not big enough for the job. He should ask himself, "Am l the Ambassador of the black race to the United Nations, or am I the United States Ambassador to the United Nations?" 'Nuf said. "O- second, and the next have a car whiz by 25 miles an hour. Sound Off! Wonder if the day will come when it will be neces. (FromPage 1) sary to have a traffic device there that will require motor. ists to stop until the timer says it's time to go again? XXXX ther or not the fears are legitimate, the doctor is at fault, although he is not wilfully so. In a recent case of breast cancer, the patient had gone through a cancer clinic after noting a series of "minor" lumps periodically. As a result, mammograms followed at specific inter- vals. During the screening and observation period, about six months prior to a radical mastectomy, a physician not connected with the program, found nothing "suspicious". He felt the patient was un- duly concerned since her mother had a history of breast cancer. Around four weeks prior to this same patient's breast surgery, an- other general practitioner gave the patient a clean bill of health. Nonetheless, the woman could detect the lumps easily so she went to her health clinic for examinatin. When the staff there found the danger symptoms, the patient was pre-admitted to a hospital after confu-ma. tion by the third physician and surgeon who diag- nosed the mass of "cancer" until proven otherwise. The 1 BANQUET Gl[ FANCY BLACKLEDGE 14 OZ. CREAM PIES 49 PEACHES LB. 39' BANOUET CHICKEN, BEEF. TURKEY C ljS;Eh S snm T V DINNERS 59' LB. 25' :[- SHURFINE 2LB. BAG FRESHTEXAS FRENCH FRIES 69 e CANTALOUPES;s I/liE __. . .. I;11100 = SHURFINEALUMINUM SHURFINE ,--- SHURFINE SWEET J HEAVY DUTY - 3 LB. CAN Cucumber Foil 69' Shortenln $ |s, [ Chips 'r ] SHURI:INE CHUNK STYLE SHU-RFINE gl 16OZ JAR 4Y 8 O ' Bleac HALFGAL. Tuna 65 h 49 : LA'NDRY nrcn_es,T ...... , ,, v u., ,nu,::ml q SHURI:INI: ''l 84 OZ. SIZE SHURFINE SALTINE i - .... "" -- ' r'U00D Sqls I Apnle Buffer ,lll I lil;; Ilk /-- r" 1 HORMEI. WITH BEAN$ Crackers [ 00soz--- 61 15 OZ. 1 LB. BOX / ...... ,,I [Ch00l00 can 57 --. 49 _ i! ,,  , , , HUNT'S TOMATO .... - .... I i /VII away Pai, liP,  CANS I . .... wh, - , =m_lMiracle $-,sP II SHURFINE 46OZ. CAN lllllIl QUART | I Gr " "/_'" .... apefru,t Su,ce ,59 i *SHuRFINEsLICED, CRUSHED OR TOWELS :!i CHUNK No. 2Oan Job Squad LARGEROLL 65' [p; ,,,,Ir_.nearr.e__ 55* 5LB. BAG WAGO.. TRAIL U.S. CHOICE BLADE CUT CHUCK ROAST Grape Jelly 18 OZ. GLASS 49* BIlE Angel Food U. S. CHOICE 7-BONE U. S. CHOICE m Am ROAST U. S. CHOICE RIB STEAK LB. 95' LB. El" i Cake Mix following week, the radical mastectomy was done after numerous tests confirmed the malignancy. The theory that a woman (or man) knows his or her own body better than anyone else held true in this case. Much credit goes to con- scientious staff members of the Payne County Health Department who are often extremely helpful in such in- stances such as breast examinations. Again, perhaps, this is due to the fact that another woman may observe abnormality because of her personal familiarity with both normal and abnormal structures of her own body. The Cancer Answerline explains their view on two controversial issues-- Laetrile and Mammograms. First in regard to the drug laetrile they say: ANSWERIine: After care. ful study of the literature and other information available to it, the American Cancer Society has found no evi- dence that treatment with Laetrile results in any objective benefit in the treat. " ment of cancer in human beings. The ACS notes EIW that there are almost 2,000,000 Americans alive :;:.":"*-"::: ..... today cured of cancer -- and i I they would not be if they had ::: received an unproven ...... : remedy rather than treat- ment scientifically tested WE and known to be effective. Secondly a woman in her EI 40's writes: "I have a large bosom and i while I have been trying to do breast self-examini- ..,.. . tion for cancer, I don't be- lieve that I am thorough enough. Should I have  mammography?" ANSWERIine: Mammo- "grams, x-rays of the breast, should be taken at a phy- sician's dision for women in your age group depend. ing on whether or not therf is an indication of higher "-> .... than normal risk factors. While large breasts are cer- IIm_llllll tainly not risk factors, they lUll may indeed be difficult to ::. examine for lumps and for that reason your physician may order mammograms. An encouraging note ac- cording to this same source says it is NOT true that the cancer death rate has in- creased drastically, the mis- !][ ]!I! I !ii !iii i! : leading fact was that in 1975 it seemed that the nation's cancer mortality figures had increased enormously. quote-- "However, when a final analysis of the com- plete year was done an ac- tual decline of .7 percent was clearly seen. It might interest you to know that the i cancer death rate would be going down very dra- matically were it not for the fact that the lung cancer death rate for both American men and women is sky- El rocketing." -: :!ii i Other intere sting notes are that many teenagers do not smoke although most of them think of their genera- tion as smokers according to ANSWERline. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. , Fortunately, because it is i easily seen, it is usually i! treated in an early stage and is therefore highly cure. "---J able. Over exposure to sun should be avoided to pre- vent skin cancer. "O" : .....  '" Area men to meet Parole Board ' Area penitentiary inmates l to meet the Pardon and Pa- role Board at their June ll meeting are: Larry Edwards, lll lima Lincoln .County, for posses- lime BOX . WICKHAM (SLICED) sion of marijuana, 2 years; SLAB BACON LB. $ |9 Terry D. Love, Lincoln Coun. ty, 3 years for five charges -_ i related to drugs; Freddie ,,,t,...o.-,...-,... , ,,,***, Springer, Payne County for [ Food Stamps ,-It I  PRICES EFFECTIVE  t operating a vehicle under t W'''O/ff'E" l& 1.  q, FR[., SAT., & MON. ..... (  / influence, second subse- i li5.  J June 10, 11 & 13th '-' l EiW quent offense, two consecu. " I '[ ' --'--' . I ''I:I:L .......... ii I G;S:   rive terms of OoZe year each. ] PH?NE r] : PERKINS A !' Xnie S.e. llu.t.p., "Your Frlendl ,, AFFIIIAT[II ' [V 547 25  ,S ,/.,. OKLAHOM I I I IV (From Page One) CITY COUNCIL worked out details of Hall's contract and adjustments were made according to in. creases and/or decreases in the town's residents now to- taling 594 plus approximate- ly 35 businesses. The bid was accepted and approved. The Council approved the /Lions Applicaton for a public fireworks display to be held at the football field in .rPerkins. Members of the 'Lions Club will shoot the show on the night of July 4. The town attorney stated , that the policy the town has with the county be renewed. This agreement entails work on streets and alleys. The po- licy is for the Town of Per- kins to purchase materials and the county provides the manpower and equipment. Any new work must be ap- proved by the town and negotiated separately. The attorney advised the board to renew the contract as it was in the best interest of the town to do so. A mal-functioning siren near the greenhouse was brought before the council by the Chief of Police. It was suggested that the "motor may be buimed out." The board agreed to check out the problem and act accord. ingly. Harland Wells talked in- formally concerning the pro- blems of annexation. He also offered his services in behalf of any town project in which he might be able to help. He added that most of the time it is a matter of contact. ing the right persons and then to present the needs to these and elected officials frequently. One particular reference was made to Ozar. ka's obtaining a federal grant on the water tower pro- ject. The council had receiv- ed a letter stating that the project is finally ready to go. P--T SCHOOL BOARD (FROM FRONT PAGE) Jarvis. Mrs. McCutchen was absent. 1. After the Clerk read a letter of resignation from Di- ane Biggs, the Board dis- cussed the matter. 2. There was a discussion of the Administration's rec- ommendation of Mr. Earl Madison for the High School Boys' Basketball coaching vacancy. 3. The Administration rec- ommended Rick Evans for the position of Head Base- ball beach, assistant high school football coach, head junior high basketball coach, junior high track coach and social studies teacher. The Board discussed the matter at length. 4. The Board adjourned to public session to vote on the above matters. The Perkins-Tryon Board of Education re-convened in public session to vote on the matters discussed in execu- tive session. Present were Mr. Robinett, Mr. Wesffall, Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Ward. Mrs. McCutchen was absent. l.Motion was presented by Mr. Ward and seconded by Mr. Jarvis to accept the resignation of Miss Diane Biggs. Motion carried as fol- lows: Ayes:Mr. Robinett, Mr. Wesffall, Mr. Ward, and Mr. Jarvis. Nays: None 2. Motion was m'I Mr. Jarvis and by Mr. Robinett, th Earl Madison be junior high coaching and employed as, in to his other duties school boys basketballc his salary to be plus state raise and ment if any. The carried with lows: Ayes: Mr. Wesffall and Mr. Nays: Mr. Ward 3. Mr. Robinett that Rick Evans be for 77.78 as Social teacher, junior and track coach, high school football and head high ball coach at an of $9635 plus state any. After Mr. Jarvis ended the motion, the | voted to Ayes: Mr. Wesffal 1, Robinett and Mr. Jarvis Nays: Mr. Ward 4. After motion by Robinett and second Ward, the meeting unanimously -s-by Danny Acting Methodists to have Vacation Bible School The Perkins Methodist Church announced their Vacation Bible School will be held June 20.24' Teachers are: hies) Alice Niles; 2-3, Mrs. Irene NicholS; dergarten, 4-5, iel; Mrs. Betty die Elemeutary, 8-9, Kirby, Older 10-11, Rev. Allen. Assisting with the groups will be Moorman, Sheryl Beth Branstetter, Hall, Karen Wanda Scarbrough, Dickson, and Shelly Mrs. Theresa Niles is tor. Arts and Crafts will by the teachers with tance from Pare Twila Brixey. Music Skits will be an highlight provided Methodist Youth director All are welcome. -O- Announce ado of Peter Ray Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rt. 2, Perkins, adoption of their son, Ray, born April 7, weighed eight poundS measured 20 inches. Paternal Mr. and Mrs. l.ester Perkins. Maternal ents are Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore, Cushing. grandparents are Elsi more and Allie Cushing. "O" Twirling Ages 5 and Grand Cham Ind. $3.00 Phone 372.5331 matiott for "goodness" DRINK MILK / l