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June 14, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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June 14, 2012

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C2 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, June 14, 2012 O PICKS OF WEEK "Big Miracle" (PG) -- This based-on-a-true-story family flick tells the tale of three trapped whales and the people who come together to save them. A likable young TV reporter in small-town Alagka (John Krasinksi) finds out iibout a family of whales stuck under the ice, cut off from the ocean. What starts as a local news piece becomes a story watched by the whole nation as an activist (Drew Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston in "Wanderlust" The bottom line is this: David ful of middle-class suburban Wain writes, directs and edits teenagers throw a mega- funny things. He has many huge party, and film the funny fiiends whom he casts whole thing. It's not a wild Barrymore) and many others in his movies, and they usu- premise. The most auda- (it's a big cast) get involved, ally give great performances, cious thing about it is that the Krasinski brings his "Jim His works usually fall in with movie uses the found-footage froni' I'he Office" charm, and the absurd, subversive and perspective, and expects that hel keep the movie light. It cultish, but this film is aimed is, all, a movie set in the at a slightly broader audience. "Wanderlust" (which he directed and co-wrote) isn't his finest work, but it certainly produces laughs. "Jeff Who Lives at Home, (R) -- Jeff (Jason Segal) is 30, lives in his mother's basement and doesn't have much besides a finn belief in destiny. His older brother, Pat (Ed Helms), has a wife (Judy Greer), a job and an unimpressive place to live. While nmning an errand for their mother, Jeff gets caught up in Pat's neurotic plot to catch his wife cheating. An awkward, funny, authentic story comes together over the rest of that day. "Project X" (R) -- A hand- to bring this non-story to life. The resuk is 87 minutes of mean-spirited adolescent humor. The characters and filmmakers have seized upon the tenets of repug- nant high-school mentality: women are sex objects sent to earth to frustrate young men; anybody different must be ridiculed; and everything is a competition. TV RELEASES "Louie: Season 2" "Wilfred" "Tyler Perry's House of Payne 9" "Franklin & Bash: The Complete First Season" "Web Therapy -- The Com- plete First Season" (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. real' world where saving the whales: requires help from such cynical source.s as politicians and oil executives. The balance between reality and feel-good is impressive, and successfully delivers the warm, fuzzy feeling. "Wanderlust" (R) -- Emda (Jennifer Anniston) and George (Paul Rudd) are a Manhattan couple frayed and overpressured by the big city life. When George loses his job, the couple decide to pack it in and start over somewhere rise. On their way to Atlanta, they stumble upon Elysium, a sort ofhippie commune full of friendly weirdos who invite the couple to stay. By Charlavan Love or Lust. Is there a chance we are missing the point here? The line is really murky when we try to separate love and sex. I am not sure they are even the same subject. I decided to do some research here. I'll be right back. "I am madly in lust with you." I am afraid that is the real meaning for let's have sex and talk about it later. Being in love is a whole different issue but the result is often the same. Being 'in love' is something that happens in the brain, not just the body. The very same thing that drives a drug addict to need a fix is the brain chemical dopamine. It is driving the boat. Just loving something is very different than being 'in love'. Love is something you can control without chemicals. In fact, I may withdraw my love if you screw up: It is an option. See, I knew there was more to it than just the physical thing. It is a crime on so many levels when the sexual drive is directed to involve abuse on any level. Yet, it is the driving force in many, many cases. That is not love. It is NOT LOVE. We think it is funny to watch a film, for instance, about animals and their need for 'pro-creation'. Depend- ing on the size of the brain, do you really think that rabbit is in love? No, that is lust. Really, really urgent lust. Now I am the last to ques- tion the programming of the body to fill this universe with more and more people to further the need for 'love' because I don't have a better plan myself. I just know that this one is flawed and abused. This one certainly is driving the courts, the churches, the counselors, the entertainment industry and just about every other faction of our lives. No, I couldn't have done it that well. Even with the plan in place, we may just need to enjoy the dinner and movie. I presume that is still in place?? Get back to me. V;: } )! !/ . Dependency, is it a good thing? Western culture has for decades deemed the answer to be a resounding "NO!" Independence is what our forefathers fought for and the idea of being independent has trick- led down and become the goal of every man, woman, teenager, tod- dler and country in the 21 st century. Youth strive to be independent of their families, taking the big step of moving out of their parents' home with the promise of fun and freedom once the move is made. Intellectuals strive to be independent thinkers sloughing off the mores and ideologi- cal teachings of an out of touch generation. Entre- preneurs work their tails off to become financially independent answering to no boss or shift supervi- sor. I have to admit that I have come to believe independence is truly nothing more than a con- cept unless the specific constraints one seeks to shed is established. Parents and grandpar- ents are usually willing to help their children even after they establish their own residence. The degree and type of "help" varies from family to family, but their remains a dependency that actu- ally runs both ways. Youth may at times rely on parents for a small monetary loan. Single mothers or young parents may, in a pinch, phone a family member to baby- sit. My father took it upon himself to warn and notify me Of upcom- ing daylight savings time changes and followed through to be certain I changed all my clocks. For him and me and the other examples listed, the benefits are mutual. Parents continue to have purpose; children have a pillow of sorts. For both there is a connection, a dependency. Thoughts may be original and creative, they may even be arranged in a way that is new; yet thoughts are dependent on a mas- sive number of ideas that have been taught to the independent thinker. What is "new" is actu- ally a fresh realization of concepts and beliefs that most likely come from hundreds of thousands of other peoples' thoughts. Textbooks, advertising, media and conversation all contribute to an inde- pendent thinker's bright revelation. Similarly, financial independency is noth- ing more than freedom from a 9 to 5 job, for a mere glance at econom- ics reflects the truth that in the marketplace, everyone is dependent on someone else. Be it the farmer who harvests the cotton for the q-tipS or retaining the end consumer's favor, eco- nomics relies on others. Even inherited, wealth came from somewhere. Years ago I read a Thor Heyerdahl book He told of him and his new bride heading to a South Sea island to live off the land for one year. First meeting with the island's chief, the Chief refused to let them attempt the excursion without two things--a cast-iron skillet and shoes. The couple depended as well on accumulated knowl- edge of survival skills, local flora and fauna, knowledge of the island, etc. Their "independent" endeavor still required a degree of dependency, though in no way does this diminish their feat. Dependency is not a bad thing it is a human thing; even more than human, it is an earthly thing...all species in some way depend on another spe- cies for survival. Why then has mankind devel- oped such an aversion to the word and concept of dependency? Could it be an attempt to divide and conquer? Recognizing and accepting our depen- dency on each other, on other species and (heaven forbid) on an unseen higher power grows the flower of compassion in our heart. Recogniz- ing and accepting others dependence on us helps us to step up and lend a hand or a hug. Recog- nizing and accepting our own dependent nature keeps us from a false sense of isolation; we realize we are not alone in our need for others. Dependency, is it a good thing? It just depends. ........ ! ............................... I -7-i iliZ ...................................