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June 16, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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June 16, 1977

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8 I&apos;I),+" lh.'rkins Journal Thursday, June Ib, 1977 't "+I \\;IINI Mt)RI: tl t,,m l).tc I) tic showed me his proud- est possession, a new 15 inch color television he bought at the Barnsdall OTASCO store -- 12 $32 a month pay- mcnts. He unplugged an old black and white set we had given him and set it by the door for me to take back home. We made small talk. "How's your car running?" It was okay and had enough gas to get by until pay day Tuesday night. "Have you got any money?" Yes, he had $4.50 which would take care of his noon meal on Monday and Tuesday and allow a dollar for the laundry that afternoon. "How long does it take to do your laundry?" An hour or so, he said. "What will you do all evening?" I asked tugg- ing at a curtain to let some light in. Nothing he guess- ed. I pulled out my billfold and asked "Can you go to a movie on $27" He thought he could. 1 had to thumb through a $20. a couple of $10's, and $5's to find two one dollar bills. I started to pull out a $5, but decided l owed it to him to let him learn to appreciate paydays, and there is little better way to learn than to be broke. What is this summer of independence costing him? Every dime he makes, but it is really a bargain as we see him match his hard earn- ed paycheck against the de- mands of rent payment, food, laundry, gasoline, car repairs, entertainment. I think he'll make it. There is no doubt in his mind. xxx In fact, I just don't know how I'm going to survive all the milestones that have piled up on me the last 3 weeks. I've had my first birthday on the other side of middle-age; observed my 20th wedding anniver- sary; my only daughter is about to take her driver's license test; my baby just got his first "real" bicycle on his 8th birthday, and popped my buttons with three un- assisted outs on first base for his T-ball team. How do you slow it down! -O- Sound Off! (From Page 1) statement that l have made has been to the effect that the safety of Oklahoma citizens must come first," the governor said. 4t* 4t* Let's be frank about it. The lady was in earnest when she called the Cushing police to come and kill a spi- der on her back porch, and they did t 4t * 4t * When Dude County, Flori- da, repealed the gay law which supposedly discrimi- nated against homosexuals in housing and employment Anita Bryant is said to have danced a jigl The inter- national controversy has just begun, however. Similar laws are on the book in about 40 other communities around the nation, including a Cali- fornia school system which is offering a course to "show the children there is nothing wrong with gays." Parents beware ! Scientists still say saccha- rin is a potential cause of cancer. The FDA, in a "con- troversial decision earlier this year, plans to ban the artificial sweetner in foods and beverages but per- mits sale as a single in- gredient, non-prescription drug that would carry a label warning that it could cause cancer." And the ERA was rejected in Louisiana. The 11 to 5 vote all but extinguished backers' , hopes the measure will be ratified in Lousiana, this year AP states. **** The Italian Senate, by a narrow margin of two votes, killed the abortion measure '+ WE 611/t GIVE in this heavily Roman Catho- lic nation. On a more serious note, things are not going so well for the promiscuous owners of CBs. Alias handles like, quote "Pink Lady or Gentle- man Jim" are running into trouble. It seems the Citizen Band radio is giving venereal disease a "mobile and anonymous dimension." The results are a new kind of gonorrhea according to the AMA Journal. One major complication is that those participating are using a different handle to protect his or her identity. Dr. E. Michael Lewiscki warns lis- teners to alert potential vic- tims that certain "handles" are not safe partners. However, it must be said that CBers have been very helpful in emergencies and this is why it is unfair to all those who enjoy the legiti- mate use of these radios. As Norton Thomas, who is doing Doc Banner's column, says, "I hear it is forbidden to cuss 3 heads $1 10 Ears s 1 U.S. No. 1 New Crop Yellow Fleishman's Egg Beaters Shurfine WE GIVE and swear on the box," but added she didn't know the rules or laws. Neither do I, but I do know it is sad when a few abuse privileges thus making it hard on those who do not. However, the seriousness of the matter warrants attention to those who dol It would seem in order to prohibit their using "handles" other than a reg- istered one. If it is unlawful to curse or swear on the CB, it certainly would seem un- lawful to spread disease via the communications. This is a case where the "good guys" can work out their own system to stop the "bad guys". There are enough health hazards as it is without unnecessary ones. Hats off to you who use and enjoy the CB as I'm sure it was intended. It could be the difference between life and death. -O- (From Page One) BLOODMOBILE are protected by medical histories, temperature and pulse. The donor's hemoglo- bin is also checked before blood is given. The painless procedure takes seven or eight minutes and may save a life. Donors may eat a regular meal. Blood may be given as often as eight weeks, but if it is the first time, you will receive a card showing blood Woe. Requirements include a minimum weight of 110 pounds. Age limits are 17 years through 65. ARC blood is a healthier blood due to screening processes. No one with a history of hepatitis, jaundice, cancer or diabetes is accepted. The patient who receives Gl GIgE :.. WE Gillie +i:: WE Onions Ill +"-+= :-Shurfresh -='"---- "'qiSlices -!+ Pork & Beans . ...... " 1 $ 79 tm American t +? bott]o 1 Shu.ino 1+ oz. S 1 oh-...., ,,00oshcou000000. " i,I. .." o0J I Grade A Large All quarters AAtt 12 oz. pkg. 7. I . .-.. _ .^, uleo Pound ,t,,'"" +i , L , ......i + I,.blqdO uozen ill l II Ill Ill II II l ..... ll  417 Ill i Shurfine .Whole Kernellshurfine Ill l le" ICorn l I Trash Bags I Jell-o 5 3z' $I I _q 303 $11 8o count $1 19 I Assorted Flavors,, pkgs. [ v cans l " l+ ilL " 7 Shurfine Smo0thor Crunchy :::M the donor's blood pays noth- 2 LBs 29' Lemonade 3 12 oz. 79 ? ing in return when he re- !iiiil't : ceives it. The hospitals must cans l-- i![---/t+, charge for the transfusion I Ill I !i.J and related services. At you Peanut Butter I I I Shurfine 18 oz. Jar 79 46 oz. can I I +" _ I I L I Ill II Shurfine Cut Green Beans 4 303 cans $ 1 I I II Ill!  +   " lW. .... -I ............... qllll _ ii ii Shurfine Tomato Juice [' ITexsun II .... Salad Oil 24bottleOZ. 89 + Grapefruit Juice 46canOZ 59 + IToilet Tissue -' Shurfresh Assorted l l " - Northern.._, Sandwich Cookies0000k269' UO"r' l BACON i- . 2 Betty Crocker Layer Ranch & Rail 2 LB PKG $ ! 9 Cake Mixes Each 49 100 Extra S & H Green Stamps with Purchase of Glory Rug Shampoo Rodeo All Meat or All Beef BOLOGNA Rodeo All Meat or All Beef WIENERS 12 oz. pkg. 59+ Fresh LBS. OR GROUND BEEF 3 owR Lb.69 + Affiliated CANNED HAMS Size s7 2, RS PRICES EFFECTIVE FRI., SAT., & MaN. June 17, 18 & 20th ?PERKINS, "Your Friendly S & H Store.' AlFll,mt_u(.lat/n OKLAHOMA 24 oz. can Stamps GlUE WE SIR WE GIIll. WE GlUE ....... <:::.::.:::::. :+7, PHONE 547-2555 request, the ARC will re- place the blood used in has. pitals outside the area served by Tulsa Regional Blood Center which includes Payne County. The American Red Cross program believes it is the responsibility of healthy individuals to use their blood as a human resource. In turn it is available to all who need it regardless of economic status, ability to donate, preplace or replace, place of residence, or mem- bership in a specific group. -O- (From Page 1) 135,000 BUSHEL calamity before he harvests it, he would lose that risk. But that's a chance he has to take. Harvest can be defined as the act of man's manipula- tion of nature to physically sustain himself. If we didn't have grain, or farmers to mine it, and sell to his fellow man, where would we get bread? And how often do we eat bread? Jesus Christ once told some Greeks this: "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." (John 12: 20, New American Stand- ard Bible). (From Page 7) GOV. BOREN der the last four Legislatures of the old system and it rose to well over 8,000 in the past four Legislatures. In the past several years, some of our best le have retired from service because they no longer afford to t away from their jobs, busi-+ nesses, homes and families for such a long time year. In short, our state seetr to be steadily moving a full-time, Legislature and away from part-time, citizen Legisb" ture. I believe that you, and every other citizen of this state, should be deeply cott- cerned by this development. Therefore, I will propo to the Special Session of the Legislature June 13 that the people, be given an op" portunity to decide this queS" tion for yourselves. I will ask the Legislature to give you the opportunity to vote for shorter sessions of the Legislature by th question on the in next year's general eleO tion." -O- RECEIVES AIR FORCE COMMISSION Carl W. Bradshaw Claremore received an Air Force commission as a see" and lieutenant in ies in Stillwater recently. Bradshaw is a 1977 graduate of Oklahom State University where he majored in accounting. Bradshaw is married to the former Linda Diane Smith of Perkins. -O- SMALL ANIMAL CARI! CLINIC TO BE The Payne County Sum" mer Youth program is spon" soring a small animal care clinic June 22, 1977. It is open to everyone and is free of charge. It will be held at the Ripley School building. It will be from 9-10 a.W' Plan to come and learn how to better care for your small animals. If you have questions, please contaCt Larry Eslinger at (918) 372-4242. Instructor for the demon" stration will be Renee' Caldwell, a teen 4-H leader. She has put on programs d the same nature for various events in Payne County. "O" THE LIGHT TOUCH Ran Learn m avoid nasty re ,marksthey give the hearer nor any lasting satisfaction. Learn to stop grumbling. If you can't see any in the world, keep the to yourself. Learn to hide ache' with a smile--nobody interested anyway. Learn to keep to wants to take them you. Above all, learn smile. It pays I it also pays to call... t' American It: Carpet, Cleaners [7-2 '': 225-1696 DRINK MILK