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July 7, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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July 7, 1977

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8-The Perkins Journal Thursday, July 7, 1977 JUST A LINE MORE (From Page I) The problem is, there is no compensation or adjustment that can be made when a situation develops as critical as an emergency ambulance or fire run. It is vital that all motorists be alert when they enter Main Street from a side street or when backing from a curb. Listen for sirens and watch for red and blue lights. With air conditioners, closed car windows, radios and stereos in automobiles, it would be easy to not hear a siren. Do your part. Be alert when driving into or on the main thoroughfare of Per- kins. XXXX Charlie Anderson just came in to tell me that it was '66 years ago this morning (July 4) that he won a dollar in a horse race during the all-day 4th of July celebra- tion that was held "out in Jerry Sadler's pea patch" just east of Timberline Drive. Charlie said he had a young mule that weighed about 400 pounds. The favorite was a big white horse. The object was to race the animals while the rider was holding an egg in a spoon. Charlie said the boy on the white horse was bound and determined to win, but he slipped his old mule out in front just a little. The boy on the white horse dropped his egg, and at the same time ran his horse into Charlie's mule to keep him i lil I lib i I CENTRAL RURAL ELECTRIC Box 591 372-2884 fillwater I Jl i gIVE ,: GIVE from winning. Charlie saw these shenanigans coming, so he just put his thumb on the egg and held it in the spoon during the collision. The mule came out the winner with Charlie and the egg still on his back. They were the only ones to get across the finish rme and Charlie pocketed a dollar. He was 12 years old. Charlie said the celebra- tion would go on all day. There would be ball games, contests, races, a merry-go. round, balloon rides, and a table 200 yards tong with everybody eating ice cream i and fried chicken. There' would be a big tank of cold lemonade for a nickel a glass. Charlie remembers the pit where they would burn kerosene and the fumes would go upward into a balloon. After enough fumes got into the big bag, it would take off into the air with the passengers in a little basket beneath. Charlie said he remembers Vic Holbrook got in the basket with the pilot GIIIE SANTA ROSA PLUMS 39 e CALIFORNIA LETTUCE LARGE HEADS 29' EACH CALIFORNIA and before they could get up !high enough, the basket hit some trees and dumped the two out into a corn field. They came walking back, evidently unhurt. i "Wish we could have i another 4th of July celebra- trained to do so. American industry has been able to coordinate their systems with European metric sys- tems. If there is a drastic, urgent i reason that Americans must go through this change, the tion," Charlie lamented, government, or One World "But we won't never, 'cause Government, or someone has there's too much television, failed to get the reasons shooting and killing and across to the American i cars. People ain't got time people. Just like any law, it for things like that no more." is no better than the majority x x x x of the people's will to abide Mrs. L. O. Gaither of by it. Apparently there is a Carney doesn't like the new question whether the major- metric system changeover ity of the American people that faces American citizens, see the need to change their and she's doing something measurement system for an about it. She is going European model. door-to-door in Perkins with x x x x a petition that will be sent to Would you believe after Washington, pointing out years and years of bike riders the reasons why the metric straddling a bicycle seat, an system should not be inventor came up with a adopted, bicycle seat you sit onl It is We agree. The United called the "Bummer". The States can survive quite well foam-filled naugahyde seat with their present system of is suspended from 2 pivot measurements. Engineers, points, permitting it to flex. chemists, and other profess- It fits most makes of bikes, lanai people who must work and should conform to all with universal figures are shapes and sizes of poster- BANQUET Cream Pie$r 4 oz. size SHURFINE NON-DAIRY RED SWEET ONIONS 25 Creame PINT 31' POUND r CARTON I ,, ,, , I , ,, , , ,, ,,, , CITY COUNd'L lilt SHURFINE . , (From Front Page) SHURFINE Pineapple I SHURFINE (QUARTERS) Oleo 'ou.o39' Tomatoes wt 2 Imnt lots. If room permits, we will reprint a picture of it in The Journal. XXXX Another new invention, or adjustment. Dr. John Ger- fish, an agriculture engineer at Michigan State Univers- ity, has modified his V-8 engine in his 1968 Impala Chevrolet to run on half of its cylinders. It gets 26 miles per gallon of gas. The motor was modified to leave the intake and exhaust valves closed on the unused cylinders. In the 2 barrel carburetor, the barrel serv- ing the unused cylinders was blocked. It cost $3 and required 3 hours work. It will save up to 30% on fuel. Dr. Gerrish says "Some of the savings comes from increas- ing the efficiency of the engine, and the rest comes from the changed driving habits that this modification causes." XXXX I don't need a new invention today, but am looking for someone to install me a flag pole hole in front of The Journal office. When the new sidewalk was put in, someone forgot the flag pole hole. XXXX Well, got to close up shop for a few hours and head for Yost Lake where we are going to get together for a family reunion and eat lots of fried chicken and potato salad. Sure wanta get back in time for the fireworks display tonight. XXXX Oh, incidentally. Did someone in Perkins win a prize in the Reader's Digest contest? A friend in Barns- dall said a winner from Perkins was listed. Who are you? How much did you win? -O" and decided the only way would be through a govern- ment grant. The matter :;ound Off! (Continued From Page2) freedom to act accordingly -- for health's sake. (I write this nibbling on a cookie and drinking a diet pop.) One day this past week the air conditioning was off all day. Ordinarily I am not one to drink a lot of water, but I became so thirsty I visited the City Hall and drank my filH Bill Lott has the best ice cold drinking fountain in town, But I believe Cupid's was the coolest place I found o cool off[ ' The Journal received'the following notice from the office of Public Affairs, EPA, Washington, D.C.: Dear Editor: After June 24 of this year, the citizens of your commun- it) may begin receiving notices concerning the quali- ty of their drinking water. The attached article by EPA's new Administrator, Douglas M. Costle, explains what those notices will mean. We believe all citizens should be concerned about the quality of their drinking water. But it's also important that these concerns are not based on needless fears. If enough interest is shown in connection with the campaign for "Drinking Water Clean-Up" a summar- ized article will be published or the total information if interest warrants. The idea seems to concern chemicals which are "suspected of causing cancer when taken into the body in large concentrations." "Controll- ing this type of contamina- tion is now the subject of the EPA's extensive research, the lengthy report stated. The Miracle of Sight You have an opportunity to help perform a miracle. Until one sees the physical Dry 35' mE COUNTRY LARGE GRADE A !i SH UR;';NE PIN-K UN SW EET;NID [i i ......... .-., =, , ,, 46oz. Roe Eggs oo.00. 49' Grapefruit Juice ,,, distress an emotional ment to the loss of si easy to dismiss the ida contributing to the Eye Bank sponsored by Lions of Oklahoma. Several years ago, impressed--maybe ly--with the idea that my death my eyes the means of bringing into another's life. I quite young and death the fartherest thir mind. But the remain a vital someone else deeply. I had long the card I carried billfold until the came to the Journal After much found the card. One witnesses who had me is now a glaucoma and How thankful I am eye sight. The rules are simple there is no charge. The r is not a sacrifice but Any Lions club member furnish you with the details and a card. treated for health purposes and put back into use this summer to help meet water pressure needs during the hot weather. The grant for the repair and renovation of the tower has been slow in coming and the work is What happens donor dies? As notified, the eye immediately assume sponsibility and takeS all arrangements delay, preferably hours. Doctors next on list are notified that Bank transplant. Then eyes transported to the usually by the Highway patrol. transplant is miracle of sight takes The eye bank has 3,033 eyes, as of MaY since it was or 1957. It is not often a can choose to be a part miracle live his own life has good feeling. j [Kraut 4AN: , ' !iiii E.r. Dobson was on hand SHURFINE TOMATO i[ SHURFINE t 'i wastablod. l 2 No.2eAN s uce 467Z. (; and submitted a lengthy re- C  " 6 5 1 port on the Kaw Water pro- Don't lose your cool :l [ SHU'RFINE is OR WK " -- , , ,H,, T2 LAORT" M He suggested that a recom- over air conditioning ]q}'[/' ' t,., SHURFINE , Gil mended 6 inch line from Stillwater to Perkins be costs = IC ". changed to an 8" line to more f, orn 3 Shortening ! Jell-o adequately meet the needs.  '- .... 303CANS 89 3 LB. cAN $]83] 5 PKGS. : ' Perkins is No. 40 on an ex- __ tended list for a tentative ,, E .... - .... lagoon and sewer project. It was reported that the ........... old water tower will be !Ji -- EIU not yet completed, but the tower is going to be pressed ii PETER PAN 18 OZ. GLASS SHURFINE into emergency summer use ..... before renovation. . i:3 Butter Pancake Mix connectH'L'Baker requestedtOto city water to SIll[ s.U.F,. (CuT)l amm   ----' '" supply a 5 acre mobile home offee-M te ,, oz ,,. s1,, park he is developing. The IGreen Beans matter wastableduntilthe council could talk directly ",,)q. [ I d[I 303 $1 ........... with Baker. -o- ! I KINGSIZEDE;ERGEN'T ' PICNIC HAMS WHOLE LB. 59' EIW Cheer so,, N ! '"' !: !, . PORK LIVER LB. 39' Vi ,,O.T !OUCH i HUNT'S U Tomato mac cou..00 .= SlO, GIVE Sa n, uo STYLE PORK LU. Ran :: " uce Fill Warren PORK CHOPS cu, LB. sis' took up cattle ranching as !i::! 1 5 8oz. CANs $1 PBCN[C HAS SLICED PUND 69 : it,::iad::ieneddo::itdehdahv:li::dybetter than coaching. v,w [ ' PRICES EFFECTIV ahmni," he explained. Food Stamps .. t Any fool can be a smart O i,  . l FRI., SAT., & MeN. i I Ii ,u,.Y s, ,.., ,l,,, alec--andmo,st/oolsare You'll always be some- body special when you do business with American Carpet Cleaners. Call us il soon about your dirty car. !1 Be sure your home is properly insulated -- ceiling, walls an! floor -- so the cool air stays inside, and the hot air staY outside. Keep shrubs away from the air intake and exhaust'-" and don't stack furniture in front of your air conditioner Install a vent fan on the roof to keep attic heat from radiati downward. A light-colored roof will hetp prevent attic hea Locate air conditioning units in the center of the area t0 cooled -- preferably on the shady side of the house, Avo' Keep air conditioner filters clean Dirty air filters restrict air flow and make your air conditioner work harder. Keep windows and doors closed, and check for possible leakS .... Uflny around them, Close drapes, shades or curtains on me o 7 Don't add extra heat to your home by leaving on radi, television sets, lights or ranges when they are not being usSo". 8 Don't over-cool. Keep the thermostat between 76 and 7. degrees. Try to keep the inside temperature only 10 degree= betow the outside temperature. If ou leeve for the week ndor v m0stat y e a acation raisethether ,, five degrees, Turning off the unit means' it will take longer zu cool the house when you return, Have your air conditioning unit serviced promptly whe ! ,! n i u needs it. An out-of-adjustment air conditioner not only oP " Use all the electricity you need, but don't was/ ' i