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July 8, 2010     The Perkins Journal
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July 8, 2010

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4 - THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, July 8, 2010 Upinions I want to take a minuke :o thank Pastor Kitchen md River of Life Church who enabled Michael and a, ngela Miller to provide t spectacular firework Jisplay at the church on unday, July 4. The occasion attracted aundreds of spectators. Thanks also to the Perkins Fire Dept. for providing Bruce Davis and a fire truck as support personnel. Mr. Davis delighted children when he bought sparklers t the church stand and distributed them before the 'show" began. For early comers, the :hurch provided a free hot :log feast. It was good to visit with the "locals." Above all, it was once again a reminder that we live in the "land of the free and the home of the brave." My husband and I stand firmly beside River of Life to "thank God for liberty." We thank God for freedom which isn't free. Ou founders based their faith, their lives and their new government on their Heavenly Father. That was their intent and that is a part of our Declaration of Independence. Thank you, River of Life for honoring God and country. Thank you, River of Life for declaring boldly to our community: God Bless America! Fran C. Miller, Perkins .... ::!!i!i!!iiii? :: i ..... ii!ii : .... ii!iiiiiiiiTi!iTii!iiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiTiiiiii!iii;iiiiiiiiili!ii!iiiili!?  . ....... iiiiiiiiiiiiililiiii!iiii!iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiii!  ..... %iil ................ .... .... ......... .::=::!'i i:: ........ ::!i!iii!!iT;!i! I : By Cecil Acuff Foods which nutrition- ists recommend people at more of - vegetables and fruits - are considered pecialty crops - they aren't eligible for govern- ment support (foods sub- sidized - corn, wheat, and soybeans, go to livestock feed, which produces those delicious steaks). The cost of these have gone up 50% since 1985 - meat, oil, and soft drinks are down 5% to 25%. Each day, 25% of adults eat fast food; favorite vegetables are potato chips and french fries. (potatoes may be veggies, but they're not one dieticians recom- mend). For every dollar the USDA spends on nutrition education, the food indus- try spends $25 on ads and marketing, not great odds; again, education is usually the last name drawn from money pot. Marketing research is a silent dictator of that which people buy and eat. It explains why some people think some things are "icky," Some years ago, a university professor of psychology took a steril- ized cockroach, dipped it in a glass of orange juice, then asked who would take a sip - nobody. The Psych person was demonstrat- ing the universal concept of touch transference. If something repulsive touches a benign thing, the latter becomes ,infected." Marketing researchers say this phenomenon has implications for the con- sumer marketplace; not only some products - trash bags, diapers, kitty litter, and tampons - but others may bring a subconscious feeling of disgust even before being used for their purposes. They can also transfer their ickiness to anything they touch. Supermarkets deal with food's small profit margins by product positioning. Cheese is shelved near wine, or an attractive sales- person shows a selection of 5-6 samples. Some products have a rub-off effect; shop- pers who buy silver polish tend to spend $200-$300 per trip, so low-turnover products are kept on the shelves. Diapers may have an "icky" factor, but some stores position them in the same area with all the other baby products, since customers spend only 7-10 seconds before a selection. Research also shows that diapers in opaque package- ing may evolve less disust as opposed to transparent packages. Because of the same factor, kitty litter makers are encouraged to use bright, attractive pack- ages. If spouse says to spouse, "Are you nuts? Why did you buy Krackles cereal instead of Krinkles?" Shopping spouse replies, "I dunno - I just liked it." But, the Shadow knows. It's that odorless , invisible cloud that hovers over shop- pers' subliminal beings. The shopper's cloud may be benign, or malevolent, would it be the shopper's choice? It's as A1Capp's Joe Btfsplk, (Capp says that's pronounced as a Bronx cheer) and his black cloud - the world's worst jinx - instantaneous bad luck to all in the vicinity. Another of Capp's characters who manipulates people, Senator Jack S. Phoghorn - a thinly disquised variant of "Jack- ass" - a blistering anti-New Deal Dixiecrat. A corrupt, conspiratorial blowhard, wearing a coonskin hat, and carrying a ramrod rifle to impress gullible con- stituents. In one sequence, Phogbound is unable to campaign in Dogpatch, so his aides carry on old h0t-air gasbag resembling Phoghorn. No one notices the difference. To this day, "Phogbounds" still inhabit Washington, D.C.? The Walmart Corporation and it's constant changes resemble Transportation's CBS's - Cones, Barrels, and Sticks. Intense traffic causing floor repacement is logical, but some other changes seem to be just for, "There's gotta be some changes." But, The Mart's Marketers know more about shoppers than shoppers know of them- selves. A shopaholic may think, "I don't know why I love you, but I do." The marketers know exactly why a certain demographic buys anything. About Walmart's Chang- ers, to the tune of, "There'll be some changes made .... "When there's a change in the weather / There's a change at Walmart./The company's changers have changed all the carts, / The signs will be different, the names not the same, / Nothing will change about the changers, they'll always remain, / They can't change their way of livin' / That won't be enough, / If they change the way they strut their stuff, / Walmart won't want them, / They'll stop their pay, / There'll be some changes made today, today,/There'll be some changes made." By vernor Brad Henri Beat the summer heat Summer is here, and temperatures in Oklahoma have started their reach to the century mark or, in some places, already exceeded it. Oklahoma's abundant sun makes our state a great place for outdoor recreation, but it's important to remember that, during this time of year, the sun can also be deadly. A few common-sense precautions can protect the health and safety of you and your family. While the very young and the elderly are most at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke, even the most physically fit among us can suffer from too much sun. Excessive heat can lead to serious symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, and can even be fatal. It's important to drink a lot of water and to limit outside activities to mornings and evenings when the temperatures are lower, especially if you're not outside much and your body hasn't acclimated to the heat. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing to reflect the sunlight and avoid bundling babies in heavy blankets. And, of course, wear sunscreen. If your home isn't air conditioned, try to spend a few hours each afternoon someplace cool, like a community center or the local library. Many communities have cool. ing stations, so contact local health department officials if you are in need of break from the heat. A few simple measures can help ease the energy costs that come with such high temperatures. By keeping the air moving, ceiling fans decrease the work load of air conditioners while using considerably less energy. Try to limit the time you spend cooking with the oven or range, or using the clothes dryer, during the hotter times of day. Most importantly, check on elderly or ill family mem- bers, neighbors and church members. Oklahomans always look out for one another, and catching heat-related illness early can be crucial to preventing tragedy. Summers are a time for vacations with the family, cookouts in the backyard and excursions to the lake. Enjoy these long summer days, but be smart and keep yourself and your family safe. If you have questions or comments, please write me at the Office of the Governor, Room 212, Oklahoma City OK 73105 or visit the "Contact the Governor" section of my website, www.governor.ok.gov. I Perkins, OK 74059-0667 il I Name Address City State__Zip__ I:::::'::, I ....... iii ji!iiiii Rates: One year in Oklahoma.. $a0 ........ One year out of state ...... $35 BI= A FRII::ND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 off of the rates listed above if you are a current paid subscriber. Use the form above for your 'friend and list your name here: - -- -- - .......... -- ,m:,,ii