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July 14, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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July 14, 1977

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Commissioners RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE HEETING Of THE PAYIIE COUNTY IOAIIO OF cGRnISSIONERS 'llleilo=lnD. proceedings will be prssontod to the Iolrd of County Com, lssl .... aS IIltex it the rating to be held July S, 1977. 1. Ilrd of Cmmty mlsslmrs let In regu er meting On Thursdey, June 90, ....  llwlng rare present: ASMers: Ulysses E. Cruzon, Cbelrmon Gob White, Vlce-Chelrlman Orvel Asyfleld, Itewber Others: Llnda G. Allmsorth, County Clerk kttlu Wilson,  Rpporter celled to order at $:00 e.a, The procuedlngs from the rating held prosrated. A orr=tlon on  three :henglng the explelnetlon qi hotel Co. free $re9 Iron to bettorlex. Hr. White the proceedings is corrected. Hr. Asyfleld neconded the Ontlon, rlth ell llnslrs tlng lye. '-- --.- ,n tbe --.t of ,,.00 the city of St, l.. doptr tmnt. suited the boerd his reculvl 4 letter from Cooermld Property 0liners, L. Ycmker, Pmldunt, regarding request to remove the Ixrdls eppolntsmnt tings to the Exclse-Ecluellsutlon Boerd. Mr. neyfield requested th4 elnutes uet ote for fir. Asstlngl to be the boerds uppoltoent, hr. Whtte the letter has ilsreprexextetlon by the ordlng of threats and by the Cowley Assessor. Nr. White suited he did not feel the or the District Attoreey lld thruetem the board. It ues noted |qwIIItotlon has a tern thet runs cohcurrent vlth the County Comlssloners. County Tr/Hlsvrsr, presented i resolution for the Investment of the etlon  Sinking Fund. Hr. N|yfleld amde I motion /hut the the rt On the rsl lltlon Ullmltnd Tex  of l and resolution el presented for the investment of $)$,000.00 tO be due I, 1578, end the rmlnder of the $195.822.56 to be due on June 25, 1978. the notlon. The motion carried wlth ill Issloners tlng eye. Id II the llnutex to reflect he Is In iorlt wlth of the Eguallcatlon Board to the County Assessor. the request to the Cxclne Board for the eppreprletlon of $95Q.00 se!erlex. ! ekncledged a copy of letter frmt the 0epartmeflt of Trsneportetlon Okl City, on the requlrueents for the'strlptng-pregram. ls presented e request for utility pemit from H. L. Baker, for a he Ioceted beginning et the SE corner of Tlaberllne  continuing feet E. to the f./2 IW/4 NF../4 atE/4 Section 7 TITN, R]E. Mr. Vhlte made the rlquext be grsoted. Rr. Asyfleld sire:reded the motion. The motlon missioners voting eye. 11 fellllng SeutMmstere Ball Tulelone Pemlts uere uppreved el presented: qey'/r4rut?el'fr=tsellU ,,ur ,u .--I-Nq-I''lr*-In'gl'at'tbe IN corner of 8-17-6 Ind extending . Ceble for telep6one use beginning It the NE corner of 5-18-] and extending I feet. IQerd IIroved the ellocotlon of $6851.OI In iIcohellc beverage taxes. approved the requeut to the Excise Board of the appreprlatlon of Ireprlltions for the 1977-78 flscel yur: k, Tnlml 30000.00 ,  I SOD.00 I'T, I I.23 I18.8 T, It, Surf., . 10451.45 '. mO 15.60 bid fm Vlls4e Ceapony ues presented vbld had he rmoelved 1 the County liT/, for mtorlllp. Hr. WHto male Ilion to return the bid Cmlpony with in expleluetlcm. Hr. Asyfleld semednd the motion. eli Isslmmre voting eye. IIproved I bind for flue dqxtlex for the County Clerk's office lung. l lllug lelon wre preuexted and all.roved for ppyunt: IIter  Press slut's Photo-CrePt c. Lley Elevator Service LoW Ins. Fund EImotrl Staten t ltllo Printers Jml ry kll kll I11 Sterks f. Ilth HaStings Orug Store H. Next Ings Ikrf T. NCLOUry Letor F, Selth :::,.-- Irduere fire Supply Shorter C. D. GIIpbel I A, llll ICOI CO, Crs k)herts usgreue Doll Lore Barre Discount Grocery C. Ikuchp Stork ay Umsey llll Itel ex Gillette Norlnek J. Hurnen Monco Cruzex Meyfleld Hcgey Pore f V. Dms L. Srkey Itorrlson J. Fr AI lexkorth Irley lyons  I.yn Asmmm |. De,son ccoms Tonchar Astl remnt f. Storks th S. Geman H. /Uercor frank P. Anderson i S. Thresher I. Jervls R. Shirley Ilul I emlors S. IIdhem re N. dess J. Griffin ASkl onburg Ily ASl lenders |alley Eu Telley Tea( Callles Ion I Bins Shield : Ibtl. 14nk Rut I relmot fund Ilel lesurem:e State ASI. kll Tell. u publ lcat Ion, Gen. 81.70 supplies, Pevel. 99.66 rentel, Assessor 20.0 trsvel, BA 89.50 service, Gex. 27.50 nervl 1, Gun. 1019.OO Irlursnce, Dim. 446.68 nervlco0 Ban. )88.50 carvlue, Churl ty 19.00 SUP*pl lax, Reval. 111.75 budgets, Ica 700,00 Suph es, Ext, )).OO Suppl lex, D.A. 8.00 lervlue, Co. Clerk 87.71 suppl los, Treas. I (,O. 7] service, Surveyor 21.66 service, COn. . t revel, Assessor 125.00 " 18. per diem, Excise 900.00 " 300.00 " 300.00 mdlnet Ion, Vet firs 3.45 ' 7.64 travel, Excise 115.80 " I9. " 62.76 service, Treas. 26.@8 service, Elect Sd. 44.28 service, Assessor 74. $I lex, Sherl ff k. suppllex, TI. 28.34 trl1, Revel. 31.10 18.12 " 34.94 " 41.U suppl lax, . 681.29 nervlca, Elect, Sd. 6.00 ).50 " 7.50 " " 17.00 " I0.00 " 15,00 " 2.50 grec., 1 fare 29.91 salary, DA 70.00 salary, Sheriff 700.00 ,, 00.OU " 145.00 " 145.00 " 765.40 " 925.50 " 832.95 815.00 eelery, Sheriff 765.O " 765.40 " 75.O selery, Trees. 925.)0 " 625.00 " 5O.00 " 575.00 " 575.00 " S55,00 ,lery, Com. 925.50 " 925.50 " )25..SO celery, Ext. 046.00 " 486.OU " @03.00 " 5.00 " 528.00 " 420.00 l*. Co. l*rk 25.50 i 625.00 " 575.00 " 555.00 " 47.18 nele, Sept. 825.50 - . rut I rsmmt 20.93 s elery, Assessor g25.S0 ' 625.OU " 575.00 " 575.00 " 625.00 " 555,00 " 625.00 leliry, Ct. Clerk 925. " 625.00 " 555.00 " 555.00 " 555.00 " 825.00 575.00 le, Surveyor 120.00 salary, Cram. 680.00 slary, el. 450. I) 271.25 " 250.25 " 277.50 sall, Engr. 625.00 taxes, Don. 373.41 Ins., . Mg.O fedl. tm 3546, 90 retl rext, rdm. 92O. 50 Ins., Sen. kO,50 ret I rsmet 26.25 nervlco,  154.34 imrvlco, Supt, 47.73 service, Sheriff PJ3.14 +i + C morro. Dance Every Saf. Night 9-I with : Cimm'n Cowboys " The Perkins Journal Thursday, July 14, 1977-9 proceedings RS6-004-10 lnoim as Coyie Reed. Hr. lqeyfh;Id stetnd he mould not second the motion dun tO the fK:t he fold thls S ll +llgsti funds. Hr. Ethan relinquished the chairmanship to the vlca-chel.  Vico-Chelrwm acGIpted the chuimlnshtp. Rr, Cruzan s.onded the notion. The Vice-Cbeirln returned the chalrlmship to Mr. Cruzln. Hr. Cruzun accepted the lIp and called for tbe vote. Asyfield: no White: aye Crucan: Uyl Itot Ion carried. Ll Shlpmon" IUU.OO IlllllMy CAlm 'qbl" JoAnn Bauernge ,, 530.00 116 Stemrt Svpply" Co. lulllex 1453. Baloris Fowler " (#A.00 II;  O11 i Trlmsportetlon -- servlcos 5)).00 The Surveyor presented the ReSOlution uestl strtlon of the faro tO 897 honey Giles " 8).00 HarRet Project with Federal Aid. Nr. nite mlde I motion thee the Puyne County Vickl Ann Asshunlu|sly '* 9)5.00 Rr. 14Hto  I mollm to dlsello laim 14IG. Hr. nfleld seconded the motion. Board of County Coisslolers approve the Resolution Requesting the Cmistructlon Vlckl WIlllm " 2.SO ?1 ration carried ulth ell mllslooerl voting eye. of the Perm to @lrket Project with Federal Aid, ntrect hethod. The Chllrmn Iterlmn Jones " 21. celled for i second. There bei D no second, the Chelrn rellndulshed the cheir,ln- Oneld Frmm* '* 100.00 ! Rr. WIto Ide e adrian to edjoutq to rKortvene July 5, 1977, It 1:00 e.m. ship to the Vice-Cheirawn. The Vlce-Chirm|n Iccopted. Nr. Cruzan seconded the 8)8 Stele EIpleyees Group Neelth Iltsurmc Insurexce 290.4 Hr. Iqleld se0ded the lotion. The aotlm carried leith ell mlesloners votln 9 motion. The Vice-Chairman returned the heirmanshlp co Mr. Crucan. The chairman Ily, called for the vote as follows: INtfelly emitted: ayfleld: no (A i .... ye Crucan: aye Lhll 0. AIIonlNrth Notion carried. 61tl LImM Andrso salary 180.00 COunty Clerk 834 US POll Office rental 20.00 The Board requested the surveyor to look at Norfolk rod and advise the bord if 835 |;Ibeo,'s Suppllex I .l the reed Is ready to ndvertise for rk tO he done on tt. (2 ItsoIth Depprtlmnt Betlslmunt retlrsimt M.O (All Federal Tax remission tines IOI5.90 The following claims were presented and approved; Oklahoma Tax Isslon " 127. GENERAL: REVENUE SIUUtII41G: RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE EETIle; OF THE 1629 A& Termite Co.any services, Sheriff 60.00 106 ltobe Lumber CO. supplies, C.0. 15.84 PAYNE COUNTY BOARD OF coHnISSIOnES 1775 6&C Office Supply supplies, Assessor 95.19 207 Astorele Cmunlcotlons " 580.00 1786 Eastnn Kodak Co. supplies, Co. Clerk I).52 The following proceedings will be presented to the Board of County Codmtssloners 1787 Addressograph Hulttgreph mint. Areeent, Assessor 1125.00 210 Ikel J. Stolon services, Charity 19.00 for approval as minutes at the next meeting to be held June 90, 1977, 1788 " 211 TIger Drug medlcotlon IO5.70 reline. Agree, Trees. 1125.00 212 lurreughs Corpprstlon supplies 962.OO 1789 NeEDy. Mecklenburg S Associates, renatl, Gin. 75.00 The Board of County Commissioners met In a regular meeting on W:lnesdey, June 22, 1790 Okla .h SchOols Supply, supplies, Supt+ Schools 1.96 219 Humpty Drug Imadlcatlon, Charity 50.84 1977. The following were present: 1791 Glenns Discount Grocery groceries, Welfare 28.71 214 Itlallpty OImPty Dru 0 " 4).17 Dr. LIoy Fred Allen nervlces, hurley )0.00 1792 Weilmuenster's obiT gasoline, Cen. 3.OO 1114 Corppretlon typm*rlter, Elect. 747,00 henVoers: Ulysses E. Cruzan, Chairman 1793 US Postmaster rent, Elect, Bd. t6.00 le ASell s*rvlces, Cherlty 120.OO Bob White, Vice-Chairman 179 Stillwater Postmaster rent, Treas. 20.00 Iteirthstone nursing Ileum services, Charity 576.00 Orval Mayfield, Rember 1795 Southern.Living subscription, Ext. )8.00 le Ast|lrellmt Systl retlremnt IB.75 1796 Gibson's Discount supp)ies, Co. Clerk 25.00 Okleheae Astlrlmnt System retlrsmnt .O Others: Linda G. Allensworth, County Clerk 1797 Sherri Itusick travel, Co. Clerk 52.00 liue Cress & 8lee Shield Ineurexce 2730 Bett;e Vilson, Hews Reporter 1798 Linda G, AIlensorth 25.00 Colonial Insurlmco " 2.00 Greg Tatch;o, News Reporter 1799 US Postmaster Local rent, Co. Clerk 16.00 Oklahoue Tex Coundsllon tlXeS .48 Blake Etter, lions Reporter 18OO Grimsley's supplies, Gin. 8.10 18OI Xerox Corp. rental, Den. 596.58 NOId Selph Illiry, Elect Sd 375.00 The Chairman called the meeting to order at 9:60 a.m, The proceedings of the 1802 Dearinger Printing service, CO. Clerk 25.00 222 PetrlcluPUtrlcle n.J CharlesFrank caler," CETA 650.00700.00 meetln O held June I), 1977, were presented. Hr. White made a motion to approve 1803 Glenn's Discount Groc. grocery, Welfare 29.92 2211 First Mtl(ntl 84k fMrel teues 90.20 the proceedings Ss presented. Nr. Mavfleld seconded the motion+ The notion cerried with all o-missioners voting aye. CIVIL DEFENSE: 177  Hill Ilery 959.00 The following Southwestern Bell Telephone Permits were approved: 1804 Oklahoma Natural Gas utilities 3979.90 Drsedi Corppnter 44. 55 1805 ,, 179 Fonton'$ 0fflco Supply supplies ).88 bore and place telephone cable across section I ine road approx. 21O' west 35)7.65 174 ASln AUtO Supply Suppllex 47.94 of the NE corner of 26-18-2 178 First IMtlonel Ikmk txes 12).80 bury cable for telephone use beginning et corner of section line road of HEALT tlT: 17 Okll Suite Setlremont retlronext 70.28 17-17-2 and extending west approx 2550' 616 L;nda H. Sh;prn travel 8.)0 180 Olkleh Tax Comlssion texes 11.68 bury cable for telephone use across section l;ne road beginning approx 1800' 623 Larry Shlprn services 15.OO caSt of the S4 corner of 6-18-). 62 Scientific Products supplies )6.00 HIGFFJAy 'P' bury cable for telephone use aoeglnnlng at the SV corner of 6-18-k and extending 625 Kathy Stinson Lravel 41.25 769 Sooner Ford supplies )56.44 south 5830' 626 Tiger Drug Store supplies 74. I0 7 Inghll I.dr Clppny suppl|ex 20.70 627 Laura Shaw travel 90.30 @00 lob htte trevel 200.00 Hr. yfleld anounced a Congressione Program is pending for one county In 628 Hargo Haley travel 7.19 8OI Ulysses E. Cruz,1 " 200.00 cach state for the food StUI progr. This program would require eech able bodied 629 Xerox Corp. Supplles 53.20 802 Orvel R. Asyfleld " 12.00 recetplent to work. The board voiced they ould Ike to correspond with our 60 Harrison's Electric service I0.00 80]1 Stute I.surlm fd Insurenca 2327.44 representetlves to request Pey County be the pilot county for Oklahoma. 6)1 Xerox Corporation rental 65.00 632 Oklahoma Naturel Gas Co. utilities 6.2 804 ks Ires. Asterlel CO. lllel 11)7,50 hr. White stated he would like the h}ghw4y workers to be given pay Increase 633 Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. 19.66 805 O'K Badlutor Service service 190.25 Itlt Asrt supplies )0.00 of $25.00 per month beginning July I. 1977. Hr. Wh;te made a motion that the Payne 807 Barrsll Asklexburg carvlcos I96.38 County boerd of County Coemissloners as of July I, 1977, increase the wege scale oP REVENUE SHARING: the county highway workers $25.00 ppr month per men ePfective July l, 1977. Hr. 203 B&C Office Supply furnitire, O.A. 1013.13 808 " " 93.76 lyfleld seconded the motion. The otion carried with ell commissioners voting eye. 204 809 " " 140.19 38.70 20 Gr;rsley's supplies, Elect. Bd. 62.0 810 noh&.d Tlrs lrshoune #7 supplles 159).98 gerrell Hecklenburg. County Surveyor. presented the board with the terorery 208 Bi)l Story Frre Eqpt. equlprent. C.O. 7.7 81E Itott Pump & Supply Company eupplles 422.30 8111 Soor Ford suppllex 16. channel e4sements from Billy lloyd Berry end Buck 0avenport for their flies. 209 Kelly Horton Signs service. C.D. .1.00 814 " 4.31 815 Bob White trsvel 92.00 Cherles heudrick, glstrlct Attorney, was present and reported to the bourd that CIVIL OEFENSE: 818 Albert Equipment suppIlex 4).29 Nr. Poster does not OWn ell of the property described In his offer to sell hlch 165 0tasco supplies, 7.9 817 Southwestern Ball services 110.06 was previously presented to the bord. The Oistrlct Attorney agreed to Give the board 166 Southwestern Bell service 132.28 818 Southwestern Ball service 9.89 a letter telling of his opinion In order for the bord to teke epproprlate action. 67 S-95 827 Harvey btlln Illlry 700.00 168 Bud's DX service 89.5/ Pllul Rlllney " 500.00 Mr. Nocklenburg presented his recommendations on the b/ds previously opened 169 . " 89.9 E. D. Prim " 675.00 bY the boerd. )r. White mode notlon thet the boerd follow the recomendetlons oP 170 Stlllwater Typewriter supplies 23.O L. E. ens " 575.00 the County Surveyor end the 1o bidders be elopted as follows: HIGHWAY CASN "T" V. It. Griffin " 575.00 Kenneth Aslson " 575.00 Lionel Harris 011 CO., r-so11ne end diesel fuel (being assured the fire Is uslng 786 Dyke's elding service 26.00 Phllllp Nettles " 575.00 temperuture correction.) 787 Hike hoyt supplies 180.00 Petroleum Products: use of type of oil sut table for type of equlpet.. 788 Calell Implement supplies 339.30 Ivex Focht " 575.00 Eobby Rey Stephens " 575,00 Tires: ohek Tire tereheuse NO 79, grader tires; Goodyear Service Store, 789 Oklahoma Natural Gas utilities 9.62 Johnny L. Slasler 20.12 Stillweter, truck tires. 790 Southwestern Bell service 98.28 79i Indepe(dent ce Co.any Ice :)oks 0.00 Hr. Nayfleld seconded the otlon. The motion carried lth all commlssloners voting 792 Albert Equipment suppl;es 629.11 aye. 79) Ducal I Wholesale suppl lee 21. I S 794 holmes Hardware suppl lee 1 S* 78 Itr. Hecklenbur 0 presented his recommendations regarding the six month road and 799 Shaw Gulf supplies 9529.45 bridge noterlal bids. Itr. heyfleld mede U motion to accept the recommendations 796 RA Young & SOn Co. supplies 21.66 Cheter Dry salery 79.00 f the County Surveyor for the six month road and bridge rater]el bids for June S 797 Albert Equipment supplies 112.6 Pete 8therlle " 575.00 thru Oeceber 31, 1977. Itr. White seconded the notion, The ration carried with 798 987.26 N. 111 " 000.00 III co-missioners tlng aye. Lerd L. Slr " 575.00 HIGIUAY CASH "-T" |Wleee F. Groves " 579.00 The CheirlMn caiJnd for a recess u 10:05 a.. The Chairman culled the meeting 112 Norman Carroll Trucking service 9,0 Becky Sottfrled " 57.00 Mck to order Ut IO:15 u.m. II) 3601.2 Flwd' o JOWLS " 575.00 11J Dawes Bros. Kterial CO. supplies 3386.2S i Asrorove " 575,00 A bid from Hrrll Supply Company, PO Nox 29)0, Rlpley, ws preseflted. This bid 115 Thurman Bridge & Rlcok supp)les 196.60 Charley kttlex " 575.00 D|onler " 2.12 Itr. White m4de a motion tO table claims T773. T765. Nr. Hayfield seconded the le Sylvnster +' 575.00 motion. The motion carr;ed with all commissioners votingae. Itr. White made =lrlt E. lull " 57.OU a tlon to dfsa$1c claim MDS7. Hr. Iyfield seconded the motlon. The motion i |tharl " ]119,68 carried wl th all commissioners voting aye. hrold L kber " $75.00 -le ler + " 575.00 as filed on June 16, 1977 after the Jane I), 1977, deadline for bids. Mr. Whice The Board approved a check from Cushing Metal Co, for $25.60 for sale of scraF , 8, de( fiLl '* S75-00 made a motion lhet the bid from Itarrls Supply Company received June 16 bu returned  m iron. . ++ ..... - , Ilmeld 11m 550.00 unopened and a note attached stating this was received after the deadllne. Hr. Jeck L, Alemaeder " 201.1.12 Nayfleld seconded the motion. The motion carried with al) commissioners voting Mr. MayfIeld made a motion to adjourn to meet again on June JO, 177. Hr. Ikert Lorett II 575.00 aye. White seconded the motion. The otion carried with all commissioners voting aye. 14mrl A. Asrrey " 10/I.56 R, I. Luell " $7.00 Hr. Nocklenburg presented certain docui1nts required for the CGyle Roed Respectful Jy submitted: Teyl Cook " 575.00 Project (0-123-03) for the board to execute ana*send to the State. Itr. White ? / (, |.  " STS.00 made a motion to approve the coples of the resolutlon requesting the Dep;,rtment of +/,L.] .(+ //'--'" :]+ g. D. kker " 555.00 Transportation supervise the construction of FAS Project #RS-6004, and also approve Linda G, Allensworth, County Clerk Tell/ lloblnson " 575.00 the right-of-way certificate for FAS projects, and approve the copies of the egree- lob Rdlelr " 79.00 ment by the county to maintain the road. Itr. Itayfleld seconded the motion. The wld R. Focht " 52.00 motion carried with all commlssioners voting aye. Jlaw D. Ito " 575.00 .... iIrd g. orkilo8__Cpllilr "' ,7,.0087"00600"OU portionHr" Itecklenburg noted the state has purer the Coyle road project. .... t Imate of $82,000.00 o th ...... i es  k' Sp'/l# . ShOVp" " Villi== ledllr " 575.00 Nr. Hecklenburg noted the state has agreed to allow the county to pay for the J, 0. Illno " S75.00 Coyle Koad Project out of the 20t fUndS on deposit with the State T ......... After MATERNITY WEAR Stole 0etlrmmqt Fund retlrtnt 2467.811 discussion, Itr. hite made a motion that the Board of County Comlssloners of Payne ' CoImlel Insurance , Insorenco 2.0 County approve the resolution with the State Deportment of Transportation ;n the I flret tlml  fed. texex 12".@O .... t of $85,000.00 to b out of the 20t HIqhway mbnles Per Federal Project dlll.eERl10 INFANTS" AND CHILDREN'S WEAR flue g I flue Shleld lur I2.45 Okl Tim e---luulcm texeu 12S.)4 J 107 Wst 7th St. Phone 37"2-3265 215 216 117 218 2111 124 225 218 127 121 831 4111 1 | m I I I iilIII IIi I mil-| I i "-- | Iii i I I i I I i i- i I I i _ .- -- , ii i iiiii iiiiii iiiiiiii ilillllllllilililllll i iIi llliilili ill ii ill iIi lillllilllllilllllliilllilll II iIII I lilll liili i i i i . 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