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July 27, 1989     The Perkins Journal
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July 27, 1989

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PAGE I0 -- The Perkins Journal Thursday, July 27, 1989 By Lane Spence /Editor's Note: Lane Spence ". recentty returned from Germany a Foreign Exchange Student with Youth for Understanding. Lane was asked by The Journal to pro de some pictures and a - -story about his experience as an exchange student. Before I start with some of the adventure I experienced over my , .one year in Germany, I would like to tell a little about my host fern- ....... ,fly. I f it were not for them, I would ,, :not have been able to do a lot of the things I have done. -- First, my father, Manfred Mueller. He is the president of the ".. Elbschloes beer brewery in Ham- ' burg, West Germany. :He is a very funny, layed back " ~" man at the age of 49 with the desire ._ to be 18 agai He has a strong urge ~,~ play jokes on everyone. However, when he had a job to do i " {e.g. watering his flowers), he was very serious. His passion was with flowers. Our entire house look- - ed like a jungle. ;, My morn, Barbara, is a school teacher. She is 53 and has a degree 'r in computer programming. She was the first person to work on the big IBM computers that first creme to Germany back in the ' '50s. She is quite knowledgeable in many cress. One of her specialties is culture Finally, my brother Marcus is 18 " years old and was an exchange stu- Lane wasn't without "American culture" while in Germany. He~ is a pictmm of the local McDonald's in Freibourg, West Germany. Natural By Dr. Jeff Black Biology Dept., East Central Ada, Oklahoma Univ. young scorpians in several months. A female scorpion can pro- duce over 80 young in a litter. Im- The fnmt desk in my laboratory mediately after birth, the young .at the University is covered with soorpimm crawlontethair mother's jars, cam and every other im- (from t (Erma) Brixey, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds) Dr. and Mrs. R. ! Ewing, Perkins, Perkins Tennis, Virginia., And, Mrs. Courtright) Okla., Pearl Okla., Mr. Perkins, Okla., Mrs. Carl Perkins., Mrs. Otey Gage, George M. Mr. and Mrs, Shelby, Carolina, Mr. A. Dick Perkins, And, Mr. and (Eva Mac) Mr. and Mrs. lots of other Creatures that will get their freedom over the weeken The only animals not released are fiddichack or brown recluse spidem, scorpions aud black widow spidarL bw.k muJ dm carries them for 2 or Bridenstine) aginablecontainer. Eachcontainer 3weaks,pausingonlyffouefalleoff Perkins, J. B. contains some living animal. .or to help them catch food. Guthrie, Mr. I must have turned loose a dozen The young scorpions soon tarantulas this week and there are become independent and hunt for Dickey, Tieton, food on their owa Scorpions eat a variety of insects, spiders and even other scorpions. They do not stalk their prey, but usual lie in wait and grab the prey with tlmir frcmt pincers and ad- minister a sting with the pointed end of their tail. Some scorpions have been reported to survive for two years without food or water. Every students collect scor- pious for my classes. They find most of them under rocks, boards, logs, loose bark and beneath and Mrs. Ed Perkins, Mr. VanZandt, and Mrs. Jack Vassar, Perkins, And, Mr. and Don (Diane) Mr. and Mrs. Erwin) Jarvis, and Mrs. Job Howell, I have been alarmed at the number of people bringing in rid- dlebnck spiders from their homes. It is surprising that more people are not bitten by this dangerous spider, at least in this part of the state. The other common arachnid found in homes seems to be the stinging scorpio ' dent at Fort Wayne, Ind. during Live scorpions inside homes are rubbish. Mrs. Marvin: the 1987-88 school year. He was not uncommon in mint parts of Even thou,rh sco--ions a-^ Henderson) reaily helpful in explaining whet " ' " "P " Oldahoma, espeaally m late sun dryland - i .ala th. ....... M r. a n d ' an exchange student might go mer when they are wandering to t--he viclnitv---d ;lifh---Jt m--d.tuw"~ "" through in a typical year. lind a place to spend the winter. A (Gwendolyn I He, like my German parents, was Most people do not like the Lawrence, Pe --t . - . ~ 8-lIR"mm ................ just like any other family member. nougn .o! being. stung one aspion am rarely deadly andMrs. Wayne We could go out together and he neygom ezoo acr sumnooror ummllvd, d1 l d i t ,t, Perkins, Mr. W around each other and even have crawl into "- ..... Houston, Sti A scorpou m a shoe m an exc t/ng But them is always a chance of a .... disagreements together without ..... = us. '. ever having problems later, and painful event and is perhaps nereoo h, mz hvn r smaitive ta a Oleta Show Hi We were (and still are) a family, the reason tbet cowboy, on the so .---'vhv.i" _-Mr Lee r, I even earned the title '~Brewer's range often slept with their boots n~ t~ h~ ~s~l~'~ ..... ! son Two." on. Set of can, year ,ak- to man in , . AsI said, they made many of my ing {or ways to rid the house or that th--% dod~mt~vmlnt nfhm-m.Kirksville, Mo., ! adventures possible, so this b of scorpions, ful-- lec-'t - cia--nt-l p-le-ha-ve dedicated to them. Vat Mutti and corpions are somstimm calledalso attributed the scornious with Markee, Perkins, Marcus, even though you aran't insects, but they are relatives of the magical wers -= Church, Tulsa, her thanks for everything, mites, spiders and ticks (Srchnids) d'av "in mrt nf Bradley, Perkins Germany is a laud of many dif- and ere not insects at alL 'E .... Mrs. Jerral (SuS :; ferent elenants of society. It has " There ere about 700 different to dive c/l as a remad- for ~.--o s corpmne m the worl& about 50 dif- They am also used as food in the Jimmy (Becky) : the modarn new skyscrapemmixed ....... 7 ...... Perkins, Mr. ! ,~ with the quaint, old buildings and terent specias in the U.S. but only Far-~East and have a taste which is : villages. TheGermans are very prc ..... a few epsc/es in Oklahoma said to be not at all .nnl mant Perkins, Mr. and ud of their achievements in Seorpi'ons-ere-.a v.ery_anclent,. Beforeyoueefl he or---i --N(),' (Karen Bostian) tschnology and innovations, but group, znown as menus zrom over , dm Dkek family has never eaten. Harrah, Okla., M are mpec*mlly prmd melt | I 400 miUiop yeFs" ago and they have scot imai * : : old culture. Sometimm, to the point .... [ undergdr Very little bodily change Pete (Josephine that they are very arrogant, up to the pre nt Bostian, Perkins, Suchwas the caas with my mom, ~ne.~,can live 3 to 5 years with (~ Mr. and Mrs. St, , mating taking place m the fall or : Barbara, as we were on vacation This was Lanes host family during his stay in Germany. Pictured ere .arl " t Willingham, Pc! Christmas break in the Black {left to right) Msnfred Sueiler, LaneSpence, MercusMueller, andBer- _ : .... fJ[ Those who wc Forest. bera M....ile~ am~,l~.,,t a~m um~ u~bwwu m~rp~o~s m ~..~,.j~m~f .... - usually preceded by a very buy a copy of the L It all started as the family went elaborate "nupital dance" which August I, may sel to Freibourg (in the middle of the Black Fm st) to plck up my uncle ................................. ............ e ablas the male tu lead the female $1.96 sales, t Peter from the train statioa " ............ onto a packet of sperm despoeited "~rJ~/'~/...;! ~. Oklahoma, and : We decided to walk through the by the male end deposited into her ' ' ;tow~ It was amazing to say the reproductive opening, wish it mailed, to east. There we were walking The femalesometimasshewsher - HISTORICAL S( ,'through a busy town *center that appreciation to the male by killing ~/ O. Box 788, was built some 300-500 years be- and eating him at the conclumon of Oklahoma 74059. .fore I was borr It was truly a mating. The eggs develop within rjf 'sight! I took quite a few pictures the mother scorpion and hatch f i/ o'that day. Then" we walked to the old part of town, and there is was, the oH -.;cathedral of Fraibourg built in the "-t200-1300 time perio& It was so huge I could not get it all into the view of the camera We went into the cathedral and what did we see? We saw beautiful " stained glass that survived fires throughout its history and two world wars. It was truly un- believable. , We left and went outside the cathedral, and there stood an old ~. hotel that wen lavishly decorated ,~ about 1650. It is still being used. With all "culture" the million dollar question of my morn was in- ~/;. evitable to com~ Immediately, she ran to me and nudged .=t=. Tben she said, 'Whet do you " think? You do not have that in . Americ& You do not have culture v# J~ ~L in America." I retired, '~as, we d~ It is on- ly a different culture that is not so old." The rest of the day we toured, and out of fun she taunted me about how the Americans were un- cultured, and then my break came. I stood and edmired the old ' mlk." In fact, I almost jumped for joy. Then, I went to my morn and said, 'q ere is our culture" She looked and langhed. Tben she said, 'q rest my case for now, maybe you do have culture even ff it is different " My savior, the hu~, was the new "American McDouald's"in the old 16th century German building. My family and I went on our way to find other "cuitural"thinge to do. This lavt motel, built eroead 1650, le still bein8 mad today by tom4st from aroma! the workL The Frdbourg town square. 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