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July 30, 1915     The Perkins Journal
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July 30, 1915

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J WENrY.FO- T YEAR. PE U PAY E cor TY, o LAHo i, F'mDaY, Jtrr,Y 0 - " . J, C. Dttnn was ia town P/on- Mzs. Sarah Brooks was called Mr. WDson left Monday forI |o~,Vll. " 2 " Mi I ," " ' " ' " ' * "" -: " '" i- " . " " " ' "" " call.e( . "eSi~i d me~!~dS: al:i~,ii-li~t--ii!i-ii--iiiiii~?i~~i- i c~hil)/ell en s en~i,iltg.-" is! ~geI~ )i sl; l;llat seve~i!i m a,l pI!!? ersons w~~i!i~ii!tl~iii . . . " M ss Edna Sears of " a d see our stockand a w:e.c v th a mowing maci, ne . store. John . Seethosedandy auntletgov l { ; S ulsburYtbarllam" Ratliff &and Wild./ home AnotherStlllwater mer- Wagner was elected s" esformen, at T J Wi'so,'s-/] gue.sLa no.r uncm ana/man Adv J.w. spent Sun(my at chant has m }ns store all the lat. and Frank Hardinre zder t , / aun s home 'f. m. tsager / " I the home of I;rank Orner }z secretary ol . est catalo zues of the mail order one mere zair a ' : Airdorne Satuadav rd~ht t]-~o, l, M,s,~ Mac I~edburn ,s vm, t,g l theAb :;n25n:'ll~25w :ke~.:,f]~e' ldaE~met A~ffe?.has~pent a few thouses' artd ,s prepared to show/~usiness was ?:adn::c?tef 'l cW~nm! i' ; ." "" !net ranoparents near Tryon . -. o "T v in mflmono. He to ms customers that, he can sell mittee on b " " ."" . reels T, ey 0 hea,'t.% flft,~,nth this week leojoyed a bountlfuls,~read i, the [returned home Tuesda . tth m th. ,: ./~ ur ufldlng and /oeat,o~ : eplsode, closing the serial O her " I roveone mile east of Vine, I . Y la ffooasl . * z en v orthy, John Boone, " I .I " IttCS. dO|In J~ISCusentelt' "t-,iuwer UI'ICeS 14110 oellver mem ano b " good p,cture --Adv and, M John wagner There is noth'zng that' strentr b ,- m ecl . Wfldman. " wlss t)ee Mathia. " . . um mass so much as for i s " . ' - " st. " "*" . C,s},l drs. Noah Laker autoed to Ken /memhe,o,o;, - ltoanmedmnerof frmdeh,eken . an(ies, the tt o tems above al supt of the fair. W i llv?[ OI tl)p+~r( ~b~ VI~';lt!n}Z her drick wednesuav ' /mcn to,m-t and other good thin e'.s, at five Ia'e taken :trom the Sti lwaterlCOooer cheiz -marshal a "e, ne. . ]rSo V. ! -1 " " " / . ]"O,=,; ta, o or tne!o,ctoek ice cream and cake wer ]/Li z tte of last week and indi-/Frame was rand "o . . j ,l wn) nas been hel same ooara ana (lrirlK fr~;P~t t ~oI, . ' t. OI ftOrS ' ' Morns S n th whoban ,i-, - o J !s, r ed, aml the y )unff )eo!)l cate an awaken nls that town d spla 2 b: - bt, iDwater "n |same cup. atteru nn : rsevoral ", . t . c( elc . Idi Y. .T Lowerysuptmule -*,ug his grandparents 3 [,) '3a-- l is 1)~ a-.~ e l |k,aab, i !l,<, teu home having s ent :liie WItII our edi-idepartm mt, W -I-~ }-lfti'l~TT.~ ~h,~;,; 1 i . .--~Ib~SL umce lop past ten,v.~ at~e(l aiqfl lrDt.'q~(I-- f ~ ,'. e . . " " '-~,*u~l~ er returned hon=e Y,~hd.~-, ~ ~,: . ,~lormus day. A b o u t twenty It' f~al o, la.Jt v: eel.:, though not d~splay, Yes " - ' .- " ' '" I s returnee nameMonda, preparatmns were made. * " ' -, : :.--- . . . I K~rk hogs d splay. You shou d thn, e ,l "" I for the "hom were present. I-, mreuoy that article thelr-,a Clark cattle disnlav i~'" ' ' ~ee the new lot of suit cssesat "."" '~ ~ . - . reason these items we " Sere " "' "-V~ TamO banters at Vvils;on's--,'i' 1 Wi, o '1 M,'cbp, mse andcreditisd, e! IvanKn xandfamltyand Mrslrl re 'ivenl,ggs poultry display, J. W. Someoftho, ln, ,m " -or, me as lOW aslu;o f:, -, i("m ssp(mte,e,r .-, ni(~ht IuHe[oLIODCaOOtlE the same timeluarnernorticu!tur, "~.[t~xcouC, I~Li'Ds['~[ 01jI.Q}, t ft'~tl ,~,{'N l-~ -~,~, 1 1. .3 / ~:a x.#lllU~ WIISOt] aDO ?,rF ; ~3': tJct~, ,'Aat*t ~h(.ll -. . -- -- ~/,3 -- " "-" "**~'~IJ'o Y~ gl, lltll -txdv. [ : oct, anu |Gilbert Jonn n,-o .-,-/ : ,~ ~ i t3unday'a~ the home of Ed ~" '~a' s was tten and these met. |~. A. l- ostmn, grain display .- - lento and str'on -met l binding|n,ffo.t; " ' r:. ":'.' ";- '.', "'' "'i ' 2[' ', cnantskne,v r, othingofourideas, In the womens de-art ,Mr. O. W. Annis e-,m~ ]torte[ --,~therqualities at $1.25 and g ". r ~ ~n aenver~ng tn~. mere ,~(soarnes ~vlebowen and ICme nor we of theirs ]Miss Ar~;~ ': P ment ll~ ,tk , xrom Yale Snnda r oers m their cars both to and sl,ent ]'uesda . e,wor nv was ma(le ' y to visit with I };1 o0 each Adv," ' " "- " y afterrmon visitln Stillwater merchants suffer general su t an his Uncle Levi Ha ,er ri ! ]from the grove. /MesdamesGeerin -andCas :, / P .d Mrs. John I t~evl ttatrar of Victoria I11 an ! ! ~' "' I --,s ev,~ the same as tne/~yer bupr. ot ccokint dlalal~.' Walt . . ' / M :. ' " . . er.Petersand w,te returnJuneleorO, w. Anms has been/ lhaveseve, Mottled it, I rs Geer, n ,lett our vfllage/smaller towns and we are g adlM,ss Mable Willett" was ma ~fd[ * . ' * * .-. - ~,*- . de + xrom tne,rtr, p to Kansasa/V,: mn .the Ann,s home sincelono pulletsand One eoekrel/ Ja saay f')r her home m/ neyaretakm aetmntoeambatl. uptoftheartdepartment. zew tla s a o,lvespar Kansas Every one was remarks we made last Messrs John W " Y g . /Jatur,lay and Tuesday accomlfor sale these bi " I, agner ras are mnn " ' . , ' n e sorry to see her leave, as durra week wall apply to any eommu Jorns and T , Ladles and,pa,d Mr Anms to Yale Mr the A g I oxfords in all .si:h Id :T a" enjoyed his vmit here and li)ya teoe: C ffdleg;r,:jd(,! ther four months visit here she tnity, large or small. It has been [made a special cTrn teJ ~ has made many frmnds mumated to us that a award non s,-Adv " " " /expressed himself aa pleased IShepards Aucono /arm "and/- " . Her t least five . In addition to the er- Count " . . . ;with Oklahoma. /have- an avera re of aaughter Mzs. Jessie Case and/hundred, dollars per month leavesl 'sons named others will" ho ummmsmner Overho't l"e" h .-."" . . '/children accompanied her as far|this community for mall order upon to lend t " " " was In town ThursA~, z ; ~ xxeep your mlna on the lown- I ~" ~ ,~u p~. y~ar.:~ee them I.~ o-- - - H .~ ]t . helr asmstance. hess. ~ ~ uu~, ~, shin,~ fni. ~ t" ,~r,~ ,- ~"~" !at the Methodist. na,-.o ~ ,/'~'~n ~,utnrm an(~ spent, the day at I~n uses'. ,it tins be true, zt means[ 'me tnne set for the falr "~s ,ev c e home of Mrs will Barton mx thousand dollars a year Sept 17 and 15 - I this fall T J Wilson will -iveI R . Marvt Bell, owner " I . . . . It is expected tnree reels fifteenth episode a 'i ;"- ", " - I Perktu- " Mr and Mrs o tt tins true of thin commu- there will be a ener Trey O'h /" o g ,oerm premmm Ior me, ; . J hn 15ut]er and I .- g pus response da,- a,r,/best general display of farmnro-] " p t Sunday at the/m~y' wou a SU.]tro he have anv- nmsning the serial : "" / uospel lemn theme ot Job, "Iral t mes six thousand dollars/thing to disn/av -f- ner. good p,ctures. -- Adv. " 'i?o:;np tVo~'P]~u~'il I~Or~w,v ,vetnl's v r ze,h, u, . The second annual carrip meet'kins. " m rer/must leave, this county, annually/hibits will be w el/wJrt u ' itinet'vz Mtss Mau,' mg came to a close Sunday eve to help braid u busme and a o d corn um P ss else g od attendance w II : "lcote andIlat m "ty and is not restricted tning' and to say it was a success Mrs Geor re Main visited Mrs. wher - .| .be on + rya.tl were the guests of Miss to Ehn Grove and Perkins town. |would bespeaking lightly Bro !walkerof Perkins one e to, our de!nmen!: Isn t and to show appreclatlon of. aessle asse Wilson eerta -" ~ '~ oo mme to make mazl oraer four zarmers ann others who r Thursday lshlp --nor even to Pa"ne coun-| " inly preaclaed thetweek "-",will . .-. . |, a |truth without "fear nr / " buyers and merchants See thesel umake a pod e uon e'reeci!,- g xh b bon of stoc ofCushin w ea nd. {'ss Suman o /Manvc.am.etoatrue knowledffe!. Every one that read the open/P,olntsand get together al!overlgrains, fruits and other, vrodu . . ~.l~,d a~ ~ ~'~ t~je ~ues[s Ot ueL rrme retry nour on |or tne .gnt 'tbe Gospel of mg ctaapter of the new serml i !the county for their mutiaal in- Iof the farm o. a -,'+ tua mas Weclnesdav after ltrial and you can immedl-t,d, I esus Christ Many whose live I the =-, emem r ~ ~ L .%" ", ~l ,Juurnal are very in auu~uv~[lua/ffe.~ armers uer cnlslsazreelair nuon. judge its u',lities A v nau oeen men(men wnn some . . . . . . andfor twO, / t- . I d. lchurch, yet their hearts wer^jterestedln It, and are ]oo king [ all over the county are umtmg m /days, whlch should be redleter the clo " " = fo . ,- . stag of the serml/ Mr. E. H. Justmeand wife oflhun ry came to see and under rward to thin week s paper varmusorgamzatmns to better |days m our h story. rev O hearts stand their o-t n t their cond tmns D . . at the Airdome Chnton" Indmna," were here from I! . " epp,u i y in Christi.Mrs. Coats ounaa . / ImProve their,irector W. A. KniDe will 1, na aturaay nilght Three reels /Friday of 'ast week to Mon,la, /t o.enjoy fu!] and free sa]vation, lat th- . mgnt|crops, get better markets for/his valuable assi rice t " ,Iso other good pictures --Adv visiting with his brother C M' m nv. a, products, and mercantile movement to theSteand th .th S, ' ' . " ." ~ ~. ~mlllCltUCle zor 'er, s . u . v,mt,ug lrleno~ or . . . . . at llazsses E! Justme and family Mr, Justmethese serw e m Perkm gamzahens are lending azd to fazr will be able to send ma and wandaMc/. "" " s and left on the morn/+he ! the be t mniels Gilbert Jenning,'s a Theological. student and. is/part of our lives:. ] ing train for ~-lonn~ ~, w,t~t-et se. movements mutual in- joz.zcs exmb tmns the. . County I e bantry autoed to Stillw - |preparmg to enter the mmmtry, |Marwn Bell, Pres. /she will visit |terest and farmers and mereh-I mr, and use every effort to attlrdav eveni,-- " |He preached an excellent sermon," " |ants are working together hat- that it shows up second to non;. i - /at thd Chri tian church Sunday / CenterView I znere was no evening service|moniously along these lines, lit hoped we will be l read is most satisf - ",last n . . able to actory mght ihey left Monday for I .Su day at the Vmeo churchAnd why noteonmder tbe marl some reeogmtion a amtame when m ' " t rowaea ouc ms(wee ) . . ]so at the Okla : ' Perry" flour A ev f ' PmdeIstil]water" thence go to wichita/ Mr C L Burdick n - ,l :he;Yrhhdof .preacher atlnrder busmess with them and try]h ma state fair. Let usall laUt "-- . Ivisiting other relation a few d famil l . . st m Perkins, Ito keep the money at home to#ur shomders to the whe You can't find any prettier days thence home [are spenamg this month on the a n rorner tmrner thou zhtlbuild up our own community? push this enterprise. It .el and ams" than } :,I farm. l lmlany of the members herewould I We are using the wGrd communi ed that all persans who ha d?nr' Y are 0cand$J 00. Adv. Brass .)el)er Pound CoD-I Mr R-Daveand son Eddre Ikean opportumty of hearlngltzesm ts" broadest sense. We h.i.ng to offer for hese two da vv, scn,'NIEI) To urchase old 'aitbert Markee an-' ^],)er 5, n, T " ' ,: Imrnea trom Kansas Saturday I n. meanmat not only the town, but wnl bring orsendthe . ;: u .nnc oc per zo,m to W. W, :;,:g in Kansas visiting at [Rubber lc per pound / Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Risch/d aj;cfEd:: G::::art ann little ?:sdhtor dec::;t,itory sur/i; rd::l g;fn l, S.upt. or. to the Doints and report them J W.H. LACE ]from Albert Oklahoma came over J ,- . Pj e day 1 a s t o : tute thel e. that they may be ; e as n'o in "'," . /we at the nome of her e mmumtv, we m the towns mtea ann stored u " . ] y g me trip m mew ear ann visited M . - . ntfl the hme 1 J. Wilson IS offering a hbe. IRiseh's mother " " . rs /: irs" Oddm Hicks Ihke to see thetown mprove, but comes for their plaem o J. wilson has taken a three tral premium for the best ann rosterMrs, I " l +, g nexbib, " ~ - ~- . ' ~ ~ee tne country surroun- ,-~- m ~ne pro er : I vacatmn Wallace and Mrs Frame Br ve are rlad to re0ort Mrs P aepartmvnk :,' " and is spending-[raldisplav of farm produets.atlY " wnJMar= " lding us improve as well I' ;l e at Enid ~ our (,las week ~a ~lllOEl: lS a llEEle petter " at the outb- J distri 't fair. Competition Im / I Your -i " " / -----" : : trachon show l " Elmf r thec.rPrize is not restrided to Mrs. Bryan and dau rhter Miss thzs' wee - 'yours. ajn ". pC.neE, coloI: secretarYfai of the t: .Vla~skninD~m~!ii!!ser~wr~i?~.o:,!i!~! ?~tlli::i:d!:i!ili!;~~~~~ I ~~!~e ~ate~!O:d/3~~m~hrn~i ,~e:!u;i:C!;ve~':aOcg n e:ta~:n:::'ii~" v.vuu li:!~ae~?o~iea~ti:~:~i!~i~iancl j. l Moor " f the machinery rl " . Julius/ ' m il order houses can do hut lit I gg any tmn 9 Letu tmmcn ann her problem" For uons tna were hel u ?demonstrate its practical . ": g', shearfr myoulFast" /th r 2: :, tle. Organized. effort can dolu pf 1. at frame, show us sometTi?,gt,y ne,hbors I Mrs. Wallace visited the fir+t |"Loo +n+ ,o, another Christ'+ wm l hove Bra, ns,energy and push Hast,ngs was present ,Morehead was in " Iof the week with her son Davel' - rcome (ms evil, and who . ann While honored ,- inch Thursday. He l:or - tat Tryon. I;or;;Jat :2e:ee'c me these el'em? ,tsdo not exist]!img"used'' tlst at this timb:[ t t::Uojdh:d:ales flastl t,a ons or Iraoe I Bert Treaster was elected treas| Marvin Bell Pastor. thin al e Teao . :Tg:Srn :stSandwi|l.+ and is r isl '" g ", work harness, ear lurer, at our school m eting . to make }acres thisyear which, alllriages, i)ug ies and buggy har.l ,- *, .-, . }, ff/rs. tumpanclthi e children + -------:----. Im. ,s azrawmner. A goodplace =' ! / turs xi, wJ Liarvl,i entertained leIC IvlOhCla.V Ior Musko ree Will oe Iound consider is in good conditness, tan on lne +-- ;" . L + -, o-- for Till= Illrr'Bt ]w for him, -' ' . I - (L SHANNON.'"lone oenect mb rhursdayafter, la visit, They will return about INr ii+ .e'sh P'ngaereapsaI ]noon.Those pt+eaent were.[Augustl0th. [ l, Onbm.ngadvmedofthehotlor Vmcent," Kenworthy," Since Ol:lp last issue many ofPilaff(owed upon he,and if the in. . . Mesda ,esm Christian Church . timation that shemi Mr W 0 Wh tlock a former Mc m l ght ha to Mart, n and John wflk,ns/ / Da e s, Huddleston, Drake, ] Ithe large weeds ab ut t wn m "set em u . ve . /Perkins business man an The sub ect at P ', Mms Ripley are in Perkins to wife s"ent from "" ' " d- his!Thoroughman, Foreman, Bryan, I . J the Christian/alleys and vacant lots have been " Kenw .ulatmg a petition for a Mond of tl" r oay ,last to Treaater, VanGriethuysen, E [church next Sunday evenin removed. There isstill room for smmvR yreplied, she would road between Per-I . . as wee Z, S. IBoone and Misses Arle,rz ' !will be Change of Heart. Some improvmen however ana o to remember the + tao~se]ton home -~+,w~,- ~ Cushin,and took m the n people have been mm whmh leaves us zn " g, eonnectinzl " [thy a d Ila Bryan. Ice " ".'i formed 'more days will see these ,laces ." d6u main road Perkins to! : nP vms? tm -, .T ey.enjoyed and eake was served and all Lby being told that w. do not looking verydifferent. A num. whatshe meant,L The petmon zs Le]n y wtm tnezr old nezgh re rted a lea beheve m change of heart be o em up-r " "" '" g bors . " - po p sant afternoon ",]am r f yards have also been ' v signed and will be' . tm r nome mis time " " one w ao t)efieves in ehange of much improved. ,the e0unty ommml']'i: +M:ramec':he' 'g ged m bus,ne+soMr Whltl k Myrt/e Boane aindhtm;tg hwe: t;veCtTe out .nd hear what NO TRES] J. C m e at