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August 8, 1985     The Perkins Journal
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August 8, 1985

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2Έ I, ~X{~E S The Perkins Journal Thursday, August 8, 1985 i The Natural Way Dr. Jeff Black Professor of Biology Oklahoma Baptist University One of the "hits" at the animal which is attached to a long neck, talks Andrew and I gave at local makes one very cautious of this tur- libraries was the snapping turtle, tie. They are appropriately named This is one of the most commonbecause of the speed with which aquatic turtles in central Oklahoma they can snap with their vicious- and easily recognized by many looking head. Andrew could have people, told the audience at the library Snapping turtlesresemble some about the time we were photo- prehistoric monster, especially graphing a 30-pound snapper in the when you see one walking across Little River near Maude. We {he i the highway or attached to your still says it was my fault) let it get fishing line. Their strongly hooked too close to his bare legs and with beak on the end of a large head, a lightning-fast strike, the huge ’. snapper grabbed him by the thigh, ever is available including small Fortunately it immediately let go mammals such as mice, baby but left a massive, deep and pain- ducks, plants, insects, frogs, ful bruise and a boy dancing across snakes, other turtles, crayfish, the sand in pain. worms and clams. This turtle is too Snappers have a hard upper shell slow to catch most healthy fish and that is larger than the lower shell, probably eats only those that are The upper shell is tan to brown in sick or dying. color and frequently covered with Snapping turtles mate through- mud or a dense growth of green out the year. A male and female will algae, which helps this turtle to face each other, wave their heads blend into the bottom of a pond. and necks, and gulp and expel They are active in Oklahoma water through their noses. Really from March to October. We see sounds romanticdoesn'tit?Mating them crossing roads between bodies takes place in the water and the of water in spring and after rains, male's sperm can remain alive to The rest of the year they spend fertilize eggs in the female's much of their time buried in the reproductive tract for several years. mud at the bottom of ponds and A single female can lay 25-30 round rivers. Most of their activity is at white eggs in a nest dug with the night when they search for food. hind feet. Nests can be some dis- Many people blame snappers for tance away from the water and are killing game fish in ponds and kill usually 6 inches deep in sandy, these turtles whenever possible. All moist soil They hatch in 2 to 4 biological studies have found that months, dependent upon the tern- snappers are omnivorous {eat both perature. plants and animals) and eat what- Even though snappers have a nasty disposition, are garbage ....... disposals and stink, they are one of the best eating turtles we have in the county. There is nothing better than Judith's turtle soup! "O" ~ ed for September 23, has been mov- - .... . " , .... * ed to October 22 at the Holiday ~ " " " • ~ ~ ~ ' I " " " : " : "~ ~ : 4 "~:-~ nn, Stlllwater.The s oc, lal will start ~: " at 6:00 p.m. and hers d oeuvres will ~: THE'SNAPPING TURTLE be ~rved. This ~ a great opportuni. ~y mr interested women (and men) ~*%~.~.~°~°~%~%~°~.~%~°%~..~%°°°~°~°~°°~°°%°°°°~°°°~.~%%~%°~%°°°~%• ,•o ° %° • • ° • ° • ~.~-o-•-~-o-•-~-o*•%-o*o%-o°•O°~ ° • • ° ° • • • • • * * * • • • • • • • • ~•.• •-•-° °-,.o.~-•-•-•.o-°-•-°-•-•-o~•-•-•-•-•-o-°-~ .-,-o.o ° ° • • • • • • • • •, • • ° • • • ° • ° • • ° ° • ;£; ........... '" ...... ................................. V''''""'''' '"" ........... :i: '' '"":,,' """'":"" can STILLWATER BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMENS ORGANIZATION By Gloria Smallwood Thank you for the interest you have given in our club activities. I would like to notify you of some up- coming events and changes in the StiUwater BPW chapter agenda. The BPW Picnic, scheduled for August 13, has. been moved to August 27. The picnic will be held at Windrock Townhomes in their clubhouse. All who are interested are welcomed to this event. Wind- rock Town Homes are located at 1000 North Star, Stillwater. Bever- ages and utensils will be provided All are requested to bring some- thing good to eat. The Membership Social, schedul- One food that often hits the bottom of the list in popularity, especially with the youngsters around your table, is liver. UghI you are saying, or at least someone around you will say, when you mention liver is on the menu. But it need not be. Liver is a nutritious foocL It is well known for its iron content. Did you know that three ounces of cook- ed beef liver provides about 40 percent of an adult's recom- mended daily intake of iron? This is especially important to teenage girls and adult women who require more iron. Liver helps bodies build healthy blood cells, carry oxygen to cells, in- crease resistance to infection and aid in their use of energy. Liver is also a good source of high-quality protein and the vitamins A, C and riboflavin. Liver does have a stronger flavor because it is an organ tissue rather than a muscle. When' prepared properly, though, liver can be quite tender and tasty. Probably the most popular way to prepare liver is to saute it with onions. However, there are numerous other ways. Liver can be dipped in batter and fast fried, then simmered slowly for a "steak" treatment. It can be cut into tiny cubes and fried in diced onions. That has long been a family favorite. Simply cut the liver into tiny bite sizes and fry in with an abundance of diced and thinly sliced onions. The small pieces of liver tend to cook crispier and more tender than a large slice of it will. There is nothing wrong with "steak" frying liver, then prepare a gravy from the grease. Liver gravy is quite tas- ty, especially if you leave small bits of onion in the grease. And why not make a thick gravy with crisply cooked bites of liver. You've made ham- burger gravy and weiner gravy at your home. You can make the same dish with chunked liver cut to bite size. Mustard is a nice spice to eat with liver and onions. We have never heard of eating liver and onions covered with Heinz 57, or Worcestershire sauce, but maybe it is delicious that way. To each his own. Wyatt's Cafeteria serves a delicious plate of chicken livers and onions. They use a chicken fry method of cooking that is delicious. Liver and onions is a cheap meal Liver is usually priced considerably under beef steak or ground beef. Onions are also a cheaply priced vegetable, and a few of them go a long way. Once we ate fried liver with freshly shredded sweet onion liberally heaped on the hot meat. That was delicious. Some good vegetables to eat with liver and onions would be buttered carrots, corn, or boil- ed cabbage seasoned with ham or bacon. Fried okra would be compatible. Sliced tomatoes would also be good. Some vegetables, in our opinion, just wouldn't go with liver and onions. We can't imagine eating green beans, cauliflower or asparagus with liver and onions. Perhaps you could? I doubt if a baked potato would be compatible with liver and onions, but french fries would. Can you stand one more squash recipe this summer? Squash have been plentiful and here is one that looks interest- ing: Set aside. Heat butter in skillet. Add squash and onion and saute over high heat about 5 minutes or until tender-crisp. Sprinkle with salt and flour, mixing in. Turn half into shallow 2 quart baking dish. Spread cheese mixture overall. Top with remaining squash. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake uncovered in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or until heated through. Garnish with remaining olives. Serves 44} people. Here is an easily prepared dish that is low on calories yet nutritious: PEPPER STEAK SALAD CUPS cup Wish-Bone Lite Russian dressing 2 teaspoons soy sauce Dash ground ginger Vs cup cooked beef strips (about 3 oz.) cup sliced mushrooms //2 cup bean sprouts cup broccoli florets 2 medium green pepper cups In medium shallow baking dish, blend lite Russian dress- ing, soy sauce and ginger; add beef, mushrooms, bean sprouts and broccoli. Cover and marinate in refrigerator, turn- ing occasionally, 4 hours or overnight..Spobn beef mixture into pepper cups; wrap and chill. Makes 2 servings. 205 ZUCCHINI CASSEROLE calores per serving. 1 pint small curd cre ned cot tags cheese .... I teaspoons basil 1 teaspoon oregano Here is something nice you 1 medium clove garlic, minced can do with the lowly carrot 1 Vs cups pitted California ripe that should be pleasing to the olives, cut into wedges entire family. This is Lila 2 tablespoons butter Longan's recipe in The Journal 2 pounds zucchini, crookneck or Visits recipe book: patty pan squash, diagonally sliced inch thick (7 cups) CARROT CASSEROLE 1 medium onion, cut into 4 cups cooked carrots {about 6 wedges large ones) teaspoon salt lb. Velveeta cheese cup flour lb. butter 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan 1 large onion, chopped fine cheese Potato chips Mix cottage cheese, basil, Saute onion in butter until oregano, garlic and I cup olives, soft. Put carrots in casserole ~`.....~............................................................................................................... ....... "'"''''''''" ........................... ." ........ • * • ~ • • •, • • ° • * • • • •, °, * • • •. • • • ° ° °. • • • * °,, * °, • • • • ° •. ° • ° ° • ° • • ° °..%%%•°°.°o°oO.O.O°O.•~°.o.°°o.*°o •.°.,., ,~o.%%*,%:~%%%Ά,%%%%o~%%%%%%%~;,%%% .%*~,%%%~,% dish and alternate with cheese. Pour onion and butter over top and top with crushed potato chips• Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. If you ever have your mind set on chicken and dressing and don't have any chicken or turkey in the house, but you do have a package of hamburger in the meat keeper, here's how you can make some "chicken and dressing." This recipe was given by Mrs. Grace Hudgsns in The Journal Visits recipe book: MOCK CHICKEN AND DRESSING 1 pound hamburger 2 cups dry bread crumbs (as for dressing) 1 cup milk 1 teaspoon sage 1 beaten egg 1 can chicken noodle soup, condensed Salt and pepper to taste Mix all ingredients. Put into oiled pan. Bake entire recipe for 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Reduce cooking time somewhat if recipe is divided in half. INDIAN EDUCATION GROUP TO MEET The Indian Education Committee for the Johnson-O 2Vlalley program has scheduled a meeting at 6:00 p.m., August 20, 1985, at the Iowa Tribal office on West Freeman Avenue, Perkins. The purpose of the meeting is to elect officers for the coming year. The program is designed to meet the specialized educational needs of Indian students and is supplemen- tal to public school programs. The program, under contract by the Iowa Tribe, serves students ag- ed three through eighteen who at- tend school in Stillwater, Perkins, Tryon, Carney, Coyle, Agra, Well- ston and adjacent rural areas. Tobe eligible for the program, students must be at least one-fourth Indian. Robert Huber, chairman of the committee, urges all parents and guardians of Indians students to at, tend the meeting. He said parental participation is essential to ensure that the needs of Indian students are met. J TIliNKING ~T OVER By Zeta Sample away from the nest 1 All through one's life there is a ed to for almost time to let go. From the moment of Really I was actually birth the cord is severed and we are they drove away, considered to be on our own even late evening. I hated to though a human infant is the most way of life to take on helpless of all creatures. The me- Again, we ment of reality soon takes over. We feeling when we know when to cry out in hunger, live in our own pain and even loneliness, wanting members of the to be near loved ones. much a part of. Family ties grow stronger as the changing. We ventur~ years flow by. The doors of the world of we know not great outside world beckon. We ever certain you wander in all directions. Weaning decided and think time comes to all healthy creatures, move. I think However, some folks find it hard to in life, hates to let turn loose as did a rich off man, For many years Hunt, of Texas. He did not quit nut- been in the s sing his mother for seven years. To same tasks, when let go is difficult for many people, on the horizon. It is heartbreaking for some to let front you because of go. But it happens all down through life. Experiences are challenging, a loved one, taken sometimes at a risk, but other drastic things can never keep on the same necessary for you hroughout ones lifetime, up new surroundings, Leaving the nest to go away to etc. It behooves us to~ college is an experience to both the to let parent and the youngster. I remem- and try not to ber how homesick I was and I had things were for so lon$ to come home from Edmond about easy. every two weeks. The folks manag- Some people do not ed it because they understood. And, well to change. I they could have missed me in the But after eighty fold. have Have you been able to let go? every description. How is it with you? ways in the entire The hot, fall day in 1918 when my times gets my boat. I folks took me to the Beeser home I hate to be set in across the river near the Dalton folks say. I have Boys cave at Leroy, trying to make thinking on many it easier for me, was a sad day for like a cork that I was to start teaching at North riding the waves Keystone on the next Monday. I keep in smooth would be away from home, away the undertow get me. from my loved ones, and mostly to get to know the members of the Department, spoke StillwaterBPW group. Information water BPW Club about joining the organization will regarding crime also be available, relatively new area During the week of October 20-26 police departments is the National Business Women's country, cnme Week. This annual occasion started sizes in 1928 to dramatize women's con- law breaker and tributions to the econommic, social, mation in crime and political life of the community, for citizens. For state, nation, and the world. For 57 will perpetrate a home years special activities have been is no light and the sponsored by the Federation and its ed. The robber, local organizations to honor work- regarding house ing women_ Over the years, national avoid homes that are Business Women's Week has be- and are wen-secured, l come an event widely recognized by home owners, when public and private institutions and homes, can follow local communities. The President of tions. "Nei the United States, at the request of W atch" BPW/USA declared the third week program that has in.October to be National Business cessful in the Women's Week. said police officer Women's Career Day, sponsored Dillard also handed by the Oklahoma Federation, is and bumper stickers to scheduled for August 17 at the talk. NCO Club, Ft. Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma. Prevention talk, ple~ Our next formal meeting will be 377-1665 in Stillwator. September 10. Dr. Wayne Mat- -o- thews will speak regarding the topic of motivation. He is an SENIOR CITIZENS outstanding speaker and our club ARE FED DAILY would welcome your attendance at CUSHING this meeting. Please notify me at located in the 377-1665 if you will be coming. I Center, feeds from85 look forward to seeing you there, citizens aged 60 Rick Dillard, public information Monday through officer for the Stillwater Police holidays. Mr. and Mrs. I lv Hoibrook Celebrating Golden Dale and Florence Holbrook will anniversary with fmnil and friends at a August II, 1005, from 2 to 4 p.m. in their mile ms Kn/p Avenue. Dale Holbroolt and Floronco Bake were 19@5 in Stillwater. Their son and dau hter 4aw, Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook, who are hosting the anniversary in Perkins, alon8 with one grondchfld, Lane Both Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook are life-ion8 where they have been active in business, The couple cordially invites 811 them in this happy occasion.