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August 11, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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August 11, 1977

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&amp;The Perkins Journal Thursday, August 11, 1977 CommiMioners Proceedings (Published in The Perkins Journal, Thurs., Aug. 11, 1977-10 ucut it rNI PtKtte.m of t ntttlM of mi itYll  9OM0 Of llmlSSl0Nll5 The fOIIIMIIq prlomllnls will lle presoncnd to the Miord of oonty Camistionors for eoprcll Is IImotos at eke neat mtlq of .%If 19. 1977. I Illrd Of 414mly Celmlllllilrl lit 1o roDillr Imotlol Poekly, July 2S. gD??, nil ftlhlwlq vorl pnesmo: Ilmtl: Olyss [. Crvl. Chelm* Ilk Milti, Vlc-CKIIro Orvol Rayfleld, lMltr Others: Llmll G, Allenmoth. t Clerk kttlo VlIso.  0lmrtor Otlllmla tlllld the Iontlq to Ot'411t' t 5:00 .l. The prorledhls from the lilollr meotlq held +lily II II the Ipell alltlo I held +lily I|. 1577, wire proslmtld. Itr, MklII M I algloll go ilNfflwe the llnei1411mll et preeeotlNl+ Ii. hiyfi14 eecoilled tim merlin, The altlon larrlld ilth Ill IWocong *tlltql lye+ b belfd mettll thet lt the 114mopIII ftoj the Jvly II, 15#?+ mttinp rlflmot iolory of $1,llk.00 W yone for lPse A 0fflgry, the Stile (almlners lid Imtpogtors Offltt his 14blend the gonnty the Mlpry will It+ $12,006.00. IIIrd Jr thero norl no stedt to he tlum on the onttor rqtrding the PlPll fPil the nnerlff fit" lliltlonll lllrdln I hill for Jane Is Ill his Ioforoe4 the lark kl b gl m of gl nestor. Itr. /yfleld melht p metlon to ttble tlt Iitlor Imtll sulh time If  tlbm the llsteldt Attorney roports to the mlsslors, llt. Mlillo  the lilloo, The lillwl corrlld lilth pll iolmlssllmere votlll i lye, It IIl lilwlud the callSty iild he recpeeslbl for the lloordln i tlll for elf. _.+. ....... ,,ip, +r, llytllll I illD14Ml tO l+ltru+ ill lid-fe- rn I porpheon mr to helrtmtono fly the lltoif tlr+ f+et +o re to 411Ul+ f J.lp#, mid lhe perhele order nlt to onneod III0.00, Mr. lhlte coolndel the llilllm, The lltlill Iorrlll wlth ill rigid eyo. bonn vlt PrmeontN with on Ityorm t tO be toprovld with the Tram of ilion the rq141r  IBtntlnelg of the Itelets In IIt Slim. RP. Mhlti  e motion 141 iqlo tl Itollllg for the strings In the T of Oloncon for the lieM fill. NI', Rlyflllld  the motion. The iollon glrrlid vlgh ell lalnnllssioolrs met list Im, llr. ililtl Steel0 he his I lessor frol the Stlte 0eportmoat of Trensportetlnn metlfylq the heerd t I:ounty MS  flnel Nlt for the Ilml CdUitltllm for the i+hllhl I of Nllhmy 51 folly lad one*heir allot llst of Stlllllter+ Tke folloiilll I Ioithlllltoro kll Telepii011e bermlts more Ipproved: Uilo for teloplw use bqltng it the ornlr of 12"18"4 "4 extort4 west Opprox 77' lbll for tollq  beOInnln 5 elrooc 21110, its of the St+ corner of 1-10-$ md ontmdll myth gyms the PIN 36' lwry rlbl* for toltohelml use beglnolo i t the ME orner of 17-17-| emi' utlmll most El01 feet. Chprlll Ftor Nil triller to reticule the IIOtfd tO porovi the IdrChese Ordur fO the Plrchlto Of the property In Cushing. The Ibltralt to s414 pro#erty yes lel4mtol illth lttor fllll the 0littler Attornly glvi hls title opinion, Hr, ililto llatod he flit Pll re011relielil hey been met, The tilrd epproved purchlco trMir IT)-675, cleJl ?3. with the den to he hllvred to  flirt Jr.. uquq prolonglion Of the Oty tmleromt. llrrell Itorkleldlvr|, Calory lordlier, prPsemtnd pllle llnl rheusst froa Sun Pipe Lime ClqNmy II recommsled Icteptocl of the pl H line. gr. iIto P mellon to epprov the utility Hroli with qm PIN Li CqNmy for owe ]0 3/4 +* 041 hllh pressure rlll oil pipe line  wle 6 S/I f 00 hilh pressure credl oli plpo line to be llItod It the proplslml ro4d gfOlslno It sectlone 35 I , T-I|-St. Mr. llyfleld seconlnd the motion. The llltloe cprrlnd with ell olmlltioiilrs IOting lye. Nr, nelkleur 0 ${Ite4 he hes 4rM + e reeolutlon Is requirtd by Sllte Dill 16 for e brldp replecnotnt progrim, Mr, heckltobur g presented this resolution rPuesting e portion of the Si.000.000.00 is ePproptleted by this bill. The Ikrd reyilild the recoltulon, Mr. Itayfleld  motion to pprove the resolution is presented by the Colmty Surwyor Nrteinlnl to Simill Dill No, 4 Imlctod by the Ith Lqisleturi ilheylby lloles mill be provided by the Stele Of 0klohusl for replKlment fo county hrld0is, llr. kllitl SKllhdld the ontlon+ The motion clrried with ell lilillionlrs voting eft, NP+ Icklonbur9 noted ndvertlslng will begin On July 28. 1577, for the Iklrfolk toed with bees to he oeed Angust 2. The IOey4 held i diSCusSion on COvIrll Other rold$ rmledig surfei the DistriCt l  egrelld the Llmdflll ind 5th Street rinds needed lttontlon IS lGDn el pocslble. lit, White IINkl motion thee the Ptyne Oty lilr4 of +If ollmissloners +rove edvlrtlsing for bl4s foe OWl mile of told illlng else from Nlghlily t8 Imom IS thl Cush;i City Llmdflll  enl iprox+motlly I12 mile of 5th Street, 1octnd Inlet Of the Rill Aond to Klnfl #|0bily for chip lad sill single or douhll bitualril. Nr+ hayfield slcomlld the notion. The mot;ca dottle4 .Ith ell INissloners voting eye+ A cheCk In the nnownl of S).767.1 was presented fro the Court Clerk for tO mOths rtion of tf utility bills. The folr4 ills presonco4 .Ith i action ropardlng the allocetion of Feiirel Itlvenwl lherill0 fulMis reCllle4 by the COunty Trelsvrlr. Rr. Ryfilld iMde i ootlon to ippllvl the resolution hich was orlslnally 10Pied + by the Oerd for the 4lvlslon of the llYmolst of entitllilent two of livenm Sherln 0 funds, Mr. White secondld the motion. The motion cerrlld +Ith Ill oliISlirs votlng eve. The distribution el II follows: OVmty Oerertl Ak-le $ |.0.00 bilfere (Oh;14 CORD) N4"2 $ I,SO0.00 Chrlty (Re Mid.) /I-2 $ 1.724.00 Sheltered Morksho V4-2 514,000.00 Nltdemunt Poron SJb-Z S 4,152,00 Irlir kerd Sfk" 3 SeO,0OO, Civil lifonse C04-) $ 7,100.00 Rr, Crvlen reqlmsted iIpcovll for the PVrlkSl of oli for the folds lcondlng Oils Id nOrth ol-qvorter tlle off Llmdflll hild. In the Iwonts roml+l by the COtmty Surveyor. fir. lte de motion till litr4 epprove, upon regolmeldstions for the County Suryeyor, the I't of oil to pllce on onl-duarter elle east and north off the Lendfill Ad. Mr. Hayfield COdified the nOtion. The motion carried with ell Immlsloners yield eye. The Chetman colli for e recess It I0:25 i.n. The Chelrmon celled the nOosing blk tO OrdIr It I0:)0 e,m, I belrd illroved the folloilng lllotlonl to Ill IrlSonted go the Excise loire: Ak-ll, Selerlel $8,$00.00 M4-2  1.00+00 q4-2 Xi0 l, 71400 Ik-2  14,000,00 SJ4-2 I0 4.252.00 S;4-3 C/0 30,000.00 COb-) 7,100.00 C0"II slllrles t,000.00 COl mO ;o6. S] The board ameroved the folloiilo i lllnds for lielltllS In the lherlff's office: Irl C, Hlney VilllnO Allnn lyons. Jr. lilly  lllSon The folloIn i lelal klrl prelemtod onO 4pPovld for INmont: 1576- 77 FY: 15)7 Pqrus Ivo Flrnor Il Trinity Form Il Sl r+hle Labertor I es 1545 noke r Commmy I16 Hoke kuler ompony 1547 ItC Office Supply 1541 Th* StlllItor  PreSS llieJ KC 0fflc SqNlly 1550 *kC Office Svly 1551 The Stock Shi 1553 Olkson Products Co. ItS4 $nylrs Olscovnt Grocery liJ5 SurroughS orP. 1556 xero Corporlt Ion 157 Stele Insurlnl flmd I hitl. Polite Clslefl l SkerlfPs Info. lur, 159 The Yile Mewt Ift0 tMetern kli 19ol l'lld-es t Printing Ii lira Core+ t) |estmln re)dlk COpel IH;k Xerox oyporet J0e lS The Jonllll 1 ISO6 17 I Cushing lilly Cltlson I Olr inpr Prlotlng 15O I71 I&C 0fflce ply 1571 St ; I IwIter Ni I IIng ttEALTH fUI4: 3 [vl In Aolon Llnda . Sh|mon 665 |rIn'l Pr Incors 667 ale 65 Solder PherlMcy 6?0 Glbsons 671 Otosco 672 0toted 673 gistletol Exlrec I 674 k+l I -Kir t Store 675 ,w 677 train's Printers 678 mCm A[VEIN SNAIIK 241 Vnn 0ru 242 Ity 0rug 21,4 Rlook's Aexill 0rug 24S ty Oruo lk6 [Ilry hither ford UMASTRICT[0 XIGIY 'qP 653 DYke  s Weldln0 ?7] Ckrlec F. Fontor ||5 Rolt Pwq) Sly |20 Clefrico L. IOyd 821 IZ2 I 0yne Systlml, Inc. 142 City of Stlllliltor 63 AIImr t llll llmt + 867 gldwest Print;rig "  Cinorro AUtO Suly 145 Cooelr 150 AI Itordure Isl 15] lty of Silllitor 177 Dor tonn 4elomot I vo IIISTOICTI0 HIIIIAY *mb-T'+ 124 Stomort lick + 18S Ill lYonS I ASlogltol " IE8 qu* Co*pony ** I]5 Qusplw ony II0 ++ 131 I NOtNn CIrroII Truckin s I)3 i I)4 lrnv't hrvlce Ctmter : I)$ Ipon Ce.ny I)6 lodependent Trucking * HIT?-?| rv+ + + 7 Ik4olrs lilycoy itrvice ! Ity of Stlllwetor 0klal NlturPl DiS + el Noy Neklklr 5 6 A|iOillto + Z* I lnlurlnil SVtlcrlat Ion. ixt, 12,00 Svel lec. AsleSsor 447.0 sul lec, SKirl ff 25.55 $pl Ill, Sire. k+)7 SOlplleso Co, Clerk 1.27 pobl Icot Ion, Gin. 71.]8 IVll leS. AsnesSor .52 Sulllil. [lilt 141. 2.O5 llbSlr I01 Ill + tit. 1,00 lumel, MII fro IIJ$ I, Wtl for E7.61 lUpIt| Illl Trlel, )0,00 rontol. CO. Iork )li;.lll I erlmce. 0on. 22|.01 Ilk|lcalO. Sheriff 15.8| 161 left Ion, fm. )2.1k sru1e, Short ff ll.0 IPllillec, h. Iork IIi.$ cliel I Ill, (411. 1.00 lillpllol, Co, fork 1.00 roncoI,  M.S2 Imlt IIClt ion, Oin, 7]. 11.TS )1.13 40.00 lUplIIIII. CO. EIIrk IX.I lit.40 IU!ll I le + lt. )3.]6 llmll Ill, tit. ]11.65 tr*voI 35.k0 trevel $1.75 sllec 21.78 15.10 t4+0S iopl lel I10, O0 I].07 IS5600 " 1.5) IOrvlco IQ.) euoollec I.0 66M " 14.10 lublcr Ipt Io 15.00 med|cotlon, Cherlty )4).II " 161. I0 so.01 i.ll Oat rct, N,U. II .ISO,?5 selce 114.00 IS0.00 Il 10,000.00 lieNll eel 9O.2 61.11 " iO.ll It6,77 )el.l) serried 160. 0 Slmll lee 705.11 cmmll los ]74. ?) 15,2) 9O.S) IS.0) ...,. ittl I1 I I1,01 slillll Ill ]llil.;l " liO1.63 dtlil Immd *0- " -0- 41).17 suppl les 509O. ?0 656,H III 02 lll.ll ).45 II0.00 2,)2 Service 25,O rlOcol, Cqm. 60+00 torvice, One. 27. Iervlce. in. )161, f tertce, fm, }4t.65 ronto!. n. .00 l#llilm, . 0.00 3) + )5 5) IS il R 00 SO $5 9O 51 52 53 t+ 55 10 II0 Ill Ill 117 12t 125 i)O I11 I)) i34 141 i42 i43 ii4 145 ii6 Contrl 0r t lcore sllilles lilfeco IO.IS llllerd Aency pronlvm, Trons. 49O+00 C. L. bethere AitmCy promi, '' 05S+00 Stole Pt. of loll., S<., S I, reich. Crlp. CHIN. 575.00 Uited Sggll POSl Offlco ctlmps, H,U, 155.00 0kllhQil hiturel OIl CO. leyvlce. "1" $,0k StlllwetIr Slvtngs $ Loon Pontel. lt.U. )00. Greco Loille Svtllff sorvlco, lIJ 6S. US PcltmoStor IteMl, G.C. 65.00 Glen A. lvrs service. #+U. 325,% tty of Stlllltor service, HU 4)0.53 St|llwotor Nl*Presl publicetiol% Velfsre $1.90 SovtklllliPll kll corvlce. "1+' 145.61 Arkll Gll Co. utllltlli, llU 2.68 IC 0fflce Slly sullies, Com. 6.20 CentriI Drug Store cu911el, '?' 6.15 Shell Gulf suppllec. "I" 46&.|2 [chile's Office Equimont supplies, CO. Clerk 5.5S K( Office SuoDly 27.77 IIsOOk*I bxill Oriel supplies, Vlfirl 15.00 Smltltlltstern kll slrvtca, HU 462+55 [vllyo kton trsvel, U 27.75 Leur, lhel, DM " 13.05 liy Ausel I ?7.?0 Carl L, Onns " ?I.Z5 Xethy St Inson )2.25 SI Gulf " 12.0 Payne COunty CIvil lifonse Cash Fund epproprletlon. CD 1500.00 Oirberl Oixer sorvle.  150.00 fonlon 0fflce ii!lply stllpllei, ltJ 2.66 lfbsoli Ptoductl Illlei. Ht) 16.47 tli hituril Gas faIIpnny lervlce, IIU I].62 Lorry 0. ShIpIon sorvlce. HU 165.00 |ty Of CuShll lervice.  20.07 - Mr, llklto nnfo e motion to tlile P0's ll)4. II. J. If). td letnc T6?ll. 24). 676 for further InformtlnO. Mr. Hayfilld IOCOId the notion. The nOtion cerrted with ill omlsshxers votlg lye. It IS anood the heerd needs tO I;411 I resolution rerdtng the dtvlllo of the payment of the 16t retlremnt. Itr. Hayfield made I nOtion that the board IOthOPito the Oty tO ll4y 55  the Illlloyeo tO I S$ on the rettremlnt fund. Mr. lligl I1o11 thl notion. The motion rrtlKI with the follolll votol hilng IIt: (the Imploye41 porlion rllelnc lhe sllll li piid Io the pe$1 - no tngrltle for the lioyus) Rr. Riyflii4 lye Mr. Mitt eye Mr. Crulon lSe Hr. hiyfllld nnkl emotton to adjourn. Mr. hlto secld the mtlo. The notion cirrind with ill omuiesloners votln 0 aye. The next aleetlng will be July 2. 177. OispoCt ful ly lull t COd. Llndl D. AIlensorth (ovnty Clerk lllill IF 1111 lql0Ullll of TI llnTIIl of TI PAYI  MMI of MIIIIIIM i+ eke fol.lm[01 Imrledlnl4 ulll 114 prmeontop to the Milrd Of Comfy illllonlrs lillllllll me lllltOl Pt thl It Illilq Ikllost I, |STY, h bN of OmtT /Isllonerk tool In nepvlor Illtlo 0 Frldly, July 21. 1577. filloi*hll were !tronomtl irk: Olysst E. Crolon. Ileal i IPllle. rico-Chili Orvll gayfllhl. Ir Otheri: Llndl t..AIIonemorth. County lerk kllti MIIsoi% i litlorcor Chelmm coiled the latin 0 tO orlklr It $:00 t.I. The protldlll01 fre the INghMI held July 2)+ 1577. none ISreSlmtod. Rr. klllto reqvocted the list  Include the nOrdlng to the effect the dlvlelon of the rtlrommt POymt Is not n Incrnnso or e nnv broi to the eipl(le, lot the uslmnc ie still plying the slam Imams to the retlrlusnt fund. Ill. WIIgo i e motion tO NIllrovo the pPontldlngs II prIeencod wllh the lusnil. Ir. Illyfleld 14 the motion.  moIIon corflll wllh ll o01mllsloneri tllt In ! lye. The folloiln i CouthlusStOrll sill Telittone Poroit Jill presented ond Ipprowld: bury ibis for tohl use heglnnlng elqltrlximetoly 30110 . wise of the ill corner of l?'lT"t Ixtondlng west 521 font. theO tons roid IO 8"17"S. Mr. Mhlto led the Itrlplng prODrim lull Pleo olliletnd to his kml.ilndl*. llllh i tolll of tl.8 ulllel betng Inclltlld in Ihll prODrll. Hr. hiyflIId mnde motion thet blsH on evllltole fnnds ind the IStilco of needl Of thi ounty officers for the 1577-70 fllII felt, the botrd hereby epprovl e relco oot to ilctnd S2S.OO per ndth for the 1577"78 fll,I yIIr. Mr. L  e Set,el Ihi motion.  ontlon cerrlnd wllh ill cIllllolllr$ vollng eye. koll vii troientld tllh reduslt from Jlm LimlfOrd for e rsoluIton to b4 iiluslttod !o the Oklehusl Crino illslon for e lront In the monnt of $)9.39.00+ Mr- gayflld io I notion to Ipprov the resolltion for the reesg for the Lnon J York Youth Shelter. Ill knolm IC PIynl County Youth Servlces, Inc., tO riceii i irons In the it of S]5.5)1.00. Mr. klllte seondlP the Iotlms. The nOtion irried ill gh III mnlssloners voting IyI. Thl ktrd lliI trellntld vlth i Jilter from Dr4l Glilll rlquellln O llll Ixlr4 #prove e contrect witi the Stere Nivy liptrtlt for irk they ere ilip in the moilllton erie. Mr. klllll  a nOtlo to icpPoti the exlcullOtl of tht elrelIInt wilh the hplrtmltll of TronllIOrlelion for the continuing phOll of IhI Ill of the lllllllllir Retroolllln TronillOrtellon lystem. Ilr. Reyfilld leolm41t the lellon. Thl nOtlo lrrilNI with ill cclmllllonlri voting tyi. The follmiiqllllottlon I werl pproved to lie IvIIIltnd Io the llctlt IoIrd: TlI, selerlel $)0.0.00 TIb, t revel k52,15 T'2, F&O ,000.00 2-T. IO 11.057.7) k-T.  20,216.)2 C011, lilly Ill I6050,00 COL liO 450,00 Till belnd IppPovld the lIoItloo of the IIcoItOIIc Imvireoe COX In the lllltml ot 1711L I1. Nr. Chet Cundfff imd Iicherd liloll t lllri prelenl 1o requIil lhe opInfon of thi b<hlrd coerding the drelnage prmlm Io their irea. After i dlelusllon with the Cuodtff%. OOyls. ind the ounty Surveyor. the boerd 49reed to tike no ectlon Other thin the roll,ins: Rr. Iyfield mde e imtlon tO refer this IMtter hock to the POOple  toke only ony ectlons IS dlrlcted by the colrts. Mr. IAilte seconded the lotion. The letlon cerrlld lth 111 olllselonarl voting eye. The bolrd did Iorie they hed lhe rltPOnilblllly to llllncoIn the ro44. Cheltn lled for I flvt itnUll fecell et I0:OO i.l+  Chelrmln cllled lhe mletlny hick to ordlr et 10:1 i.i. The following lelm re prestncod for plymlnt end Ipprov: 1976-77 fY: G[M[RA!. : 197) Audtovfsull onter ilrvicel. [xt. 39.61 1574 IDil luppl IIS. i. 18.58 UNAESTRICTED ht(VAy "I +* 768 liy tieyd MIIdtno lippl tal 70.00 |lmor % i slrvice t,25 M7 li.$1 REYillU! lilAI lilG 143 RcCollon ilsliiorl supllllel. I 211.#O H[ALT UNIT: 676 Fenton'l Offil iuppiy sllllel ll.il 1577- 78 fY: 5 John Long slrvlcls, t+n. 1015.00 II nerciel Chelicel Coqmy 611.25 34 10/R Grocery Store groceries, Velfare IO.00 66 65 lflmay Grocery Store 25.00 II] Okhlhqli Stere tiversity child cirl. lllfare 18.00 I67 US POll Offtce StIS. [xt. )2.00 149 Durroughs Cotooretion suPPlies Trees 9.85 155 Ireesht Asency ronlum, Sheriff 60.00 161 heady It. Giley trvel, H.U. IS.S0 162 Vlkhl llshvIS hlly II0 2D 171 lllitor A. livls /10.20 172 Irjorll F. SKi. 5.00 17] livid C. Iqartin 15,20 I74 Xerox Corporetlon rentel, IN 6.00 175 Stillltlltlr PuPltshlng svbscrlptlon. HU .00 170 Linda l+1dmmn trIvel. HU LS5 177 Linl Shllan trivel. HU 18.00 178 (ernectlng I.  6.?5 17 Clrl D. Prrott 10.10 181 ftlnk Phillips exnsel, Shertff 176.5 I$1 frnnk Phllllps trllvel. Sherlff 107+25 152 Jlck Stlrk )4.50 114 Joe O. Stlay 46.05 185 Ruth Sterk 10.20 186-7 DIII 1111ngcon 124.O5 Ifl-t hel ktm4s 110.l$ 150-1 IIII lvenl 9O.iO 151-) Nlke Oiy 75.0 1I1"5 Chertel [. himty 56.85 196-7 t.C. Postlr ]7.9O 118-5 Iri #fruit 141.1 115 lira Otxelley lelery, llwy. 14.00 I JO Ann C. Deauc i colery, IMI 70.00 2+7 tlhu Ryn slry. Trus. 1000.50 JOSOIh I ne liyere 650.00 Joret GI IIIIto 600.00 mdron Xor Imk 600, 00 AnnI J. Iqurn " 5410.00 JUSntto I. NO 2110.00 155 M. DO4II RCYey colry. [Xt. 641.00 livid M. Pecl I1.00 litty M.  60).00 Jenlcl L, fttey .00 lithe A. Irrlson 525.00 hirllyn J. French 420.00 260 Llnli li. Allonslmrth 141iry, CO. Clerk 1000.50 Slrrl Ps ick 69O*00 lilly Vor ley 1,28 Fronkl e [wins 1165.54 life Lynn hinson 555.00 261 glldred P. Sterkl selery. AIIIslor 1000.50 Jllth G, Cormon 650.00 CorI H. 1defter 60.00 Vlrle J: Frimk 600,00 LIlle S. Thrsltt41r $0.00 Ix L, 14olllml 650. 262 lirrell Rlklonblr s llllfy SUI+'IIT) leO.00 26) llole I. Jorvle Clrrl II. lhlrloy llllr,/ it. Cllrk I000. " 19o.ll The Ion Ikll Imedorl eli. 00 hilly# I@.O0 LIIIIon I,  " SILO,00 liMre II, Iklls *' 6SO.00 ktty J. IkrtFfln " SOO.OO 2 him lay llullonellre slllry, lio. 70S.00 |05 LIIII A. llllay Ii111/, MIvlIuslIon 4J),25 Jk 0. hertor 0flirt . 11 lt.5 2.SO L. nil llmd li0.00 |melt Ttllay lllu, 11611. Inlr. IM.O0 117 Jill S*IMs llry, II*ct. M. 4)7.SO Potrlll Jo lllrlll 17S.llO 211 ky lli llllry, i, . 10.t klm Jones " Ill .?i YtCklo Ann  - 5!.00 VIkl L. illllll " ISO.SO |15 Stoto [llOtlOl Oroop Nmelth Inhuronll Iosoronol. N.U. 8so.Ill) |70 LIMI Aldllrl4n ,liP/. HI/ 110.114 klorls Fomllr lO.M Mill+/ " I$O.SO LIMa 141 " IOS.O0 r] L. mn " ltlO,o0 Av4mll I heffelt " llli,M brl I. Ptrttt " IJ.go Iml L. MiIm 5)8,04 C, ly Miimell " 9J.O0 Li+rl  " lSi. SO L 1141 litil n 1,00 II ISis u 779.(14 In lira NIII lWm JoB lr/, .e. lels.01 ]l?.lS Chris Acu[[ WoH<s F00res Jn Western States Chris Acuff is with one of :he fresh crews of fire fighters from throughout the country who were flown to fires raging in six Western states Sunday. The Okla- homa foresters were placed on standby T hursday when a fierce lightning storm in California started hundreds of new blazes statewide, worsening the existing emer- gency. California's largest two fires--one in the northeast corner of the state in Modoc County and the other in the Los Padres National Forest east of Big Sur are still out of control. They have _grown to over 70,000 acres and are being fed by strong south winds. The state group flew from Ft. Smith, "Ark.., then to Little Rock Saturday night. From there they were flown to Atlanta, Georgia. The new assembled crew of fire fighters flew by jet to Boise, Idaho, location of the lneragency Fire Center and the National Fire Information Service. Acuff, who is employed as a fire protection officer by the Oklahoma State Depart- ment of Agriculture, Fores- try Division, is on leave for duty with the United SU/tes Forest Service. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Acuff, Perkins. He dnd his wife, the former Connie Bridenstine and children Janee and Clinton, reside in Tahlequah. He is a 1974 graduate of 273 Pilrlcle )4+ frank 274 UIylsec |. Crulem 0rvel R. hiyfield Bo6 lto 27S h. 8. Langml Teylor Cook C. E. Hundly C. . liker Tc P tnson NcNet r livid R. focht Jim D, Denton HOard C. York 276 IlrOld h. liker Lonnie Lnn Ikllr C. I. off DIII I d TiioIS AOblr t Lores t EIrl A. Plrrly Curtis Liggtns Arnd C. herqvoe 277 Lirence Creeger Cleo Groem 1111so ler J- . I(4111o 2/11 Harvey Dontlm Pal Aamey A. I. Frllus L. [. Ckms M. M. Srlffln Xenneth ale I son Ihl I IIp hitt les Ivlm Focht lobby Any StmeGens 27 q) Cherlly littlay Clio Syl vlccor HOard F. Llls Jlmei [ther IPpo 260 Chester Dry Pete llher idgl Jeck N. GI4ill Llonerd L. hlrp [ugee f. Grows Rocky GOt tfr ted fIoy4 . Jones JNI lilies rove 211 Fly S, Dllllon Jeck Ii RCnnls 282 Ok 141 TeIcher he t i rllllnt 2|) Otlehell Tix oiislton 284 firsl Ntlnnel link 11 Flrlt Nillonel IItk 256 OklelloiM ltill geliremenl 287 l Tez Cllssion 261 18<) Illl CPols l Illm Shllld 29O 5tote Retirlt fvnd l1 flrsl Net loni Dimk 29l oloniil Insurnce CO, 2] First Nligiol 81nk 294 Oklahoma Tx Cmission 25 Ytrst Ntionil henk 2% Oklehoma Tx oeemlss+on Z97 5t*te Retlrement F+d 218 0klahol St4te Itfrlment Fund  Colonlal I nsurnce ) II Cross {.81Ue lhleld ]07 81u Cross & DIL Shield 34 Ruth Stlrk lkl+'ea ($ple COUp Rv Henson Nlke y rnk Phillips Jck Stlrk Joe Stley Iill tllinltcm Ii I I (vins helvin BOunds Cirl Hiner Oklahoma State University School of Forestry and a 1969 graduate of Perkins High School. -O- Harshman Rites Funeral services for Alma L. Harshman, Rt. 4, Stillwa. ter, were held Saturday, August 6, 1977 at 2 p.m. at Strode Chapel. Interment was in Marena Cemetery eight miles west of Stillwa. ter. Harshman died Thursday, Aug. 4, 1977, at Stillwater Municipal Hospital at the age of 74. He was born April 9, 1903, in Stillwater, t-he son of William Melvin and Clara N. Harshman. He married Bertha M. Whitmore in Chandler on May 13, 1939, and the couple lived in Stillwater all of their lives. Harshman was a member of the Paradise Baptist Church. He is survived by his widow, two sons, William of Coyle and Robert of Stillwa. ter; two daughters, Mrs. Clara Young of Enid and Mrs. Evelyn Knott of Stillwater, ten grandchil- dren, a brother, Melvin of Lucerne Valley, Calif. and a sister, Mrs. Viola Smith of Monrovia, Calif. -O- silery, C[TA Coord. 700.00 ill el. COal. 1000.50 1000.50 '* 1000.50 selIr. I 600.00 " 600.00 " 342.84 " 5110.00 571.4O 600.00 41%04 600.00 60.00 0.00 600.00 628.57 575.00 600,00 600.00 156.40 428.55 700+00 6oo.00 600.00 " 600.00 ',: n5.00 " 700,00 ', f00.00 - 600.00 " 600,00 " 600.00 " 600.00 .00 " 600.00 600.00 " 60.00 " 600.00 seliry, li 600.00 000.00 6Z$, 00 600.00 600.00 600.00 600.00 600.00 selery. Sipt. $ch, 9OO.0 41.62 rit I r enlln t l). 13 texei 1.40 llXeI.R.$. " 0.0 texes ,C.D, 177. I0 reg. , CD 6+ I I taxes. CD Ik.62 tlxcs. Ii I $2.00 insurince, Hy 176. }0 ret.,  2956.16 taxes, y 158. O0 *ns. It 244.$0 t ixes. NU 1065,60 txes. HU Ik.97 tcxes. Gen. 3659.00 1112.11 retirement, Gin. 4042,52 ret , (lice. Bd. hl.26 insurance, ftn. 30.50 ?52.00 insurnce, IS. 65.25 salary. Sheriff 725.00 625.OO 625.00 17D,00 1000.50 85?.95 840.00 790. 0 79O.0 790.k0 79o, The Chairn lled for a recess durln 9 the signing of lalms t 11:3o a.m. The Chlirnlln ilied the meting bck to ordlr at I:)0 p.m. Mr. Ileyfietd mll noti to dissllo lim 256 for the Sherlff's pyroll as origlneily submltted beceuse of inIcur4te fi2ures. Rr. Vhite seconded+ The motion carried with III ommlssionrs ting ye. Xr. ite toe I motion tO tble cli*ts hS 2}1, 2)2, 2)), T-888, nd 894 fo" further informltton before prOCeSsing, ely heyfield seconded the rtlon. The noti carried with ill omissiomlrs voting eye+ Hr. R4yf;eld mde a nlotlo tO ljourn to reconvene dy. ust I, 1977, Hr. hite seconded the ration. The nOtion carried Ith all oamis$iorrs votln 9 aye. Resoect ful ty Somi tted .L(,..< +-#-+) Lindi G. Altensl+orth COU t y Clerk It(CORD OF TX( #hO(|DIMS Of Till SP(CIAL I[TIOG Of TI PAYME CO(JIITY B4AAD Of 0ISSIOI[RS The folloin 9 procledings will he presented tO the Isrd of 4ty CclmissJoners for ePprovil Is minutes et the next nOeting tO lie held ROay. July 25, 1577. The Iklrd of Cou[v Clxmilslonlrs It in e Slmitel onetlng on Rofldly, July If. 1577. t Z:00 D.I. The purpose of the meeting urs to mt ith the Sherlff regerdtng his prisoner POrd llim.  foIIoin 9 ilrl present: Hembers: Ulysses [+ Cruzn. {hlirmin liob illte. Vice-ChItmen Others: Llnde G. Allnnsorlh. County Clerk little Mtlson. Mews Reportlr frenk Phi lips, Sheriff Cherlls Ilrick OIstricg Attorney Thl Cheirmlln celled the mlltlng to or4er t 2:00 a.m. The Chelmin esknd if thtrl ++ere eny Ojectiols tO the moetln 0. lloni Ire voiced. The Sheriff steted he J]d itkl the omIJCstoners to reconsiOr the It Nid on lIim /15)S. TKe Sheriff stetod he his not exceeded the emount IIltD by I on the moxiqm mmt to he splat bye ehqIff for the board of prisoners, except during th|s tl, he exceeded hY $1212.65 in order to Stock up on stpies. ThI District Attorooy felt I:hls iilolt Ould he Pied Jf the Sherlff hid not exceeded the nt ellowd In the prevlovl tthc, Plunty Clerk requeSted I reCecs to consvlt with thl $teto [xonlnnr ind Inspoctort office regerdlng the orocedure to follou to ellou poynt, Chtmen cpllll for rloss It 2:20 ll.ll. The CKtlmon lllld lhl Imotlng blck to ordir it ):00 p.l.  County Cltrk rlpcrtoO Io her olwersttlon with the ilito lllmlr and Inspoctorl offlcc+ Ihe lles Iofol Of on Atlorlt Oinerlli 0pinton in t575 rIgerdlng lhli CVestlon. The 01strlcl Attormly Iirled to cKlk Into lhll mettor 4PUt ootocl Ihe itoto iliner  Ihepogtor Pllrdlo D thll. Ae lheri wel llus OUtlllon i IO Ibis litter, lhe botrd iNrld to hold lhli until the onetirl O of July 25, 1577. Rr. Mhlto lusdl i notion tO dJlklrn. Rr. 111  the nOtion. The lotion corrled wl lh lhOie prtlolit litlng ayl. AellllCt fu I ly slll t tod. lty 01Irk %,,,,,.,-+,:,,,,,-,,,,,,,;,,,,e,**,,,;o;,;,;,:<,:,:,.  Legal Noflc, +..+.+.+.-. (Publisheo in The Perkins Journal, Thurs., Aug. 1977-1t) ABSTRACT FOR PUBLICATION Glencoe, Payne County, Oklahoma, Financial Still merit as of June 30, 1977 and Estimate of Needs  Funds for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1978. Balance Sheets General Reve General and Special Funds Fund Shat Assets: Cash Balance on Hand 1 June 30, 1977 12,440 TOTAL ASSETS 12,440 2 0 Liabilities and Reserves: 1976-77 Warrants Outstanding 348 Claims and Contracts Pending 1868 Total Liabilities and Reserves 2215 SURPLUS 10,224 2, 1977.78 ESTIMATED INCOME from Sources other than Tax Estimated General Fund Revenue Other Than Txt 2. Dog Tax $ 4. Municipal Court Fines 5. Garbage Disposal Fees 6. Sewer Connection Fees 10. Alcoholic Beverage 11. Municipal Sales Tax 12. Franchise Income 15. Light & Power Utility Rev. (Operated within the Budget) 26. Water Taps 27. Fire Rims 28. Resale Property 29. Gasoline Tax 30. Auto Tax 31. BUS Milage Total Estimated Miscl. Rev. 1977-78 ESTIMATED NEEDS--GENERAL FUNP A. MANAGERIAL (Inc. Gov. Bd.) 1. Personal Services 2. Maintenance and Operation Total B. CITY CLERK 1. Personal Services 2. Maintenance and Operation Total C. CITY TREASURER 1. Personal Services 2. Maintenance and Operation Total D. CITY ATTORNEY 1. Personal Services Total F. POLICE DEPARTMENT 1. Personal Services 2. Maintenance and Operation Total G. FIRE DEPARTMENT 1. Maintenance and Operation 3. Capital Outlay Total K. SANITARY DEPARTMENT 1. Personal Services Total M. UTILITY DEPARTMENTS 1. Personal Services 2. Maintenance and Operation 3. Capital Outlay Total N. GENERAL GOVERNMENT 1. Personal Services 2. Maintenance and Operation Total SC. CIVIL DEFENSE 2. Maintenance and Operation 3. Capital Outlay Total GRAND TOTAL GENERAL FUND Less Surplus $10,224 Less Misc Rev $30 07+ 40 Bal. To Raise by Ad Val. Tax I +++ Exclud. Homes +:+ 1. Assets: Casl on Hand June 30, 1977 g. Earned Unmatured Interest h.Accrual on Final Coupons i. Accrued on Unmatured Bonds Total Items g. to i. 2 Excess of Assets over Accrual Reserves SINKING FUND NEEDS FOR 1977.78 Interest Earnings on Bonds (K-29) Accrual on Unmatured Bonds (k-12) ..... !, Total Sinking Fund Requirements '/ Excess of Assets Over Liabilities (Gb-17) BALANCE REQUIRED FROM AD VAL. TAX CERTIFICATE--GOVERNING BOARD STATE OF l OKLAHOMA,COUNTY OF PAYNE,ss. i We the undersigned duly elected, qualified i acting officers of the Municipality of Glencoe do here certify that a session of the Governing Body of the s Municipality, begun on the first Monday in July, lY pursuant to the provisions of 680.S. 1971, Se 2483, we prepared the within statement, and that it true and correct condition of the Fiscal Affairs of. said Municipality as reflected by the records of the  clerk and Treasurer. We further certify that * foregoing estimate for current expenses for the FiC/ Year beginning July 1, 1977 and ending June 30, 1 II are reasonably necessary for the proper conduct of !:i  affairs of the said Municipality, that the EstiJII i Income from sources other than ad valorem taxes YI! reasonably be expected to be c()llected as a reVO ' during the ensuing fiscal year, and it is not in exceSS.lI 90 percent of the amount collected from the siP"II sources during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1977"..,I Dated at Glencoe, Oklahoma, this I st day of Aog" 1977. I -s-Kelly G. Horton, Clerk -s- Richard E. HarriS+I -s- Eva F. Hodges, Treasurer Mayor--Preside'I Board of Trustee J Hovlonod lomtwhtrt intllll, each t/me/t llolll to pill.;': |