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August 15, 1985     The Perkins Journal
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August 15, 1985

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......... "~ ................................................... * ......... ~" "~'~ The Perkins Journal Thursday, August 15, 1985 -- PAGE 3 ~':~:~:~::::''~:::~ ~:~ ................................... ~:~*~:~:::: .............................................................. ~ ..... long as certain criteria are met and ~i ...... ' i~ as long as state funding continues. iii~ As of now, $100,000 has been pro- i~..;.....;.-.................~%.....-.....:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:..~........v....~~ ....... "'""'"'"'""'"'"'"'""'""'"'i':"" ii i!!i STATE ~ vided for this program. Other funds :. * ~ i: have been earmarked by the Legis" i! I Fish n :! Thoughts and Things SENATE ~! lature for scholarships for prospec- ii i Zi THIS ~ tive teachers who will agree to :: :" From the Journal Staff ..... o Fowl ~...~ WEEK ~i teach in critical shortage areas for iii ~: ~:~ ....... ~ ~!~ at least three years in Oklahoma iiI ] with ii ..... ~ ....... ~ public schools. A program of for- a new to varieties, chips, tacos, bread and ~:s~ ...... ~I:: ii ~:: ..... givable loans for full.time under- this last A rolls, and jellies. ~: i~i~i i! l ~!ii graduate or graduate students in- tabby Twelve dozeneggeinamammoth ~ By Senator Shedrick ~ tending to teach in one of the gh he carton can be purchased in that !ii::::! " ........ .:.~: ~.~.:.......~...~.-.~...............;.......................................~..........~.......................~` !ii! critical areas is also included in the .......................................................................... pet; thevolume for about $.35 a dozen. If ::~ legislation. The Cache River flows 140 miles '"Ate virtually have wild ducks on e he hidone uses that many eggs, some One of the more important new Also included in the bill are new from southern Missouri throughour doorstep," Calvin said. "there aUday, theeecond good savings are possible, laws passed by the recently ad- statues which will clearly outline some of the world 's fineet farmland, are30 to 40,000 within a few days. behind the bathroom Already about 30 of these whole- journed State Legislature was one what is and is not allowed regarding the Arkansas rice belt, and empties They know to come here and we try the bedroom door until sale clubs are in operation, in- offering state tax incentives to contact and communication bet-into the White River in central to have the welcome mat out for ~con. Then he found the eluding one in Oklahoma City and businesses which provide full-time ween athletes and athlete agents. Arkansas. them." W. The next morning ITulsa. Since a Was-Mart has never summer employment in a techno-Under the legislation, athleteIts banks are studded with heed- The decrease in mallard popula- ke the grill-panel off the been closed, such will probably be logical position to public school agents will be required to file a woods and extensive cover, the let- tion concerns Calvin as it does with ~r to lit him out. Evident- true of Sam s Wholesale Club. mathematics or science teachers, registration document with theter an overflow area during winter every true waterfowler. Time will ~Ver been inside a house , --Land As a Senate author of the legisla- Secretary of State each year. Un- and spring flooding. Although the tell ff it is only a temporary decline. a few days with me, heSENIOR CITIZEN Lion, Senate. . .Bill No. 228, it is.. my less an ..... agent is properly registered, river is, not wide, it is .ne. of the. From.Calvin. Field's ponds, come , hope ~t wtH increase the (~emre of he cannot contact, directly or in- world s great natural wildlife baby the catfish which make droners you I~tha curtains, the plants,NEWS Oklahoma s math and science directly, an NCAA athlete or a non- tats. never forget. His daughter, Lou snything else that is fun ~,, Mna,,,4 f'o-h teachers to stay in state for the NCAA athlete who has never sign- For as long as the white man has Jean, prepared as fine a catfish din- ~t, or bang around in the _ ~'~ .....~," "~'~ . . .. I ~- -~ ,-~.~ It was a very stow weez at ~ne duration of their teaching career, ed a contract with a professional been around and possibly even ner as can be found. Cooked to per- the mght. It d~,~ ~ ............ Specifically, under the new law, sports team while located in this before, the Cache River and its fection, the catfish was accompan- does Cen~er ou~ ~ms coming week wm De it? an employer may earn an incomes~te. overflow waters has been a home ied by all the famous trimmings-- I have not ~iven him a different with the Potluck Droner d have no idea~what I will on Wednesday and the monthly tax deduction of 25 percent of the Further, an agent will he required and haven for migratory waterfowl fries, slaw, cornbread, ton~atoes, ~. Several names have Birthday Dinner on Friday. salary to a ~re-college mathemat- to deposit a $100,000 surety bond especiallywood ducks and onions, iced tea and cobbler. n~ind is We bought a card table last week ics or science teacher" for full-time with th- e Secretary of State-before mallards. Attempts were made during the 't~ Very such as Ar_totle whmh" will" accommodate sin" more summer employment in a techno-gaining a registration certificate or All along the downstream jour- ~1970's by the United States Corps _ handsome cat and .. , , logicM position. The legislation also a certificate renewal Strict guide- ney, abundant food, water resour- of Engineers to channel~ze the iotfld use a handsomep]~cn prayers. C ^. ~, .... ,~ ,~ The Center is open on Saturday prowdes an employer an income tax lines are included regarding what cee, cover and generally a moderate Cache to eliminate the annual ~. for B~y ,~, ~, .. ,~ .......... deduction of 25 percent of up to an agent may or may not do in seek- climate, annually att.ract mallards flooding and control the Cache tat. I know a lady whonights, xrom seven o ctocz UnUL.. Cat D. C., short for D-n Some of our sick folks are improv- $1,000 per month salary paid to an ing to pursue this line of work in our by the hundreds of thousanOs. River on its 140-mile rendevous :I don't " . .... ~a ing and are able to be up and about employee who serves a school as a state. An agent will be required to Nearby rice fields, adjacent pin with the White River. This would think tha~ ~uu,u part-time pre-college math or keep accurate expenditure'records, oak flats, which yield acorns, fur- destroy the environment so attrac- itt least not at this point, part of the time. got around to mowing Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lawrence sent science instructor. These deduc- also. Violation of the act by an nish mallards all the food they need Live to mallards--hardwoods and ~l Sunday afternoorL a b~g bucket of tomatoes up to the tions are scheduled to be effective agent may lead to a $10,000 civil for the winter stay--November cover, secluded water resources, s me it was hot The Center last week by Vern Wells. beginning after December 31, 1986, penalty, forfeiture of certain in- through February. Only hard freez. - and the flooded overflow every ~ w " They were some of the nicest we and ending on or before December ducements, payment of refunds, at- es can dislodge mallards from the winter. ~ ant to run right . 31, 1990. torney's fees or court costs. Cache and Cbche Basin. After numerous court sessions, was so much grass it had seen thin year. Thanks! ~g Un But I did ~t We had the largest crowd for Another major component of SB The legislation also standardizes Calvin Fields' farmland borders the final decision was to leave the ~ighl~r either cou~Idne't Monday night music that we have 228 will help two kinds of people the form of the agent contract in the Cache River. He is a sports- Cache as it is now. toward ualffmatlon to fill rattans chu~win~ lawn mower had for several years. The musi- q .... po " ' Oklahoma and requires them to be man/conservationist of long stand- As I drove away from Calvin a w~m--a~ sweat like I cians sang the birthday song to in the critical shortage areas math, filed with the Secretary of State. In ing. Among his wildlife pursuits are Fields' wildlife habitat, he said: scmnce corn uter learnm and ova" and finished my Rena Burton, Mabel Heseer, Betty " ' P " g sum, the legislation puts tight reins catfish ponds, pen-raised quail and Tie ~l be ready for the mallards in fore~ lan a s This ro am tht, to ......... ~ -^~. Beeler and Ray Wilcoxson. The "gn gu ge . " p gr. on an industry often suspected of pheasants, and bream released in- November and we~l look for you ~i''~have ...... ,.~ ......... ~,. a ~t,~,hostesses for the evening" were allows those degreed with a major using less that honorable means to to sloughs and ditches along the then too." ~" ~'= ~"" ~' m a shorta e area but lacking cer ~ ha finished in a matter Ruby Dobson and Mary Dodson. " g " " gain an athletes trust and,,ulti- highway toNewport, akeycityon tiflcatmn or those currently cer ~ There really are still -o- " " " " i mately, his business. It is a good the White River. WEALTHY SCHOOL fields, to attend a ~rofessional an area immediately north of his ~pli in this world. A LOCAL STUDENTS tiffed in areas other ,than critica new law for our state. Early in November Calvin floods DISTRICT IS ~rainin~ institute" to become cer , , BUILDING A TRACK ;i: to my neighbor for PARTICIPATE IN ~ ~ " nome ana yard. Within a few days ~ pI .WWV. Wneb haard of i' READING PROGRAM tffmd m a shortage field. Co p - UF GOAL IS SET .....~..~..oa...offo..aoo.,aho.,ot=~- , - ....... race weekend The following Perkins elementary " ime , . ~ ,~aut:a~u. awmu~ ~ ~. ......... tmn of an institute allows full-t AT $23,850 the annual fall ritual of zeroing m .............. --Deborah school students earned the 1985employment teaching in the critical PERRY - Directors of the on the flooded acres following the cons cruc~ a .a meuc ~t" "'" "'- - _ . Stillwater Public Library Summer area. . ..... United Fund of Perry fixed a long flight from the Canadian prov- track that will inc!u(le)ump~ng ~licial~mPopeningU~ o~ state,of a saml a~- &-hi^vement'Reading Club Certificates of Under the program,free of~necharinSd~U~eas bud-et$ of ~2~o,ov~.~a inces, pi~s, curding" aria o~ner mcu- I~ ~ ~ " may be attended ge itieLs. _ .... !o.lisale Club. As you Kindergarten: ~ 1 ~ ~ "" ,Mr. Walton is the driv- Jadah Metcalf tWal-Mart and is listed FirotGrade" [ jl 111Th p V ~ld wealthiest American ~rommv Allen ', mm ~reonal're betweenworth.$2 and $3 Autu~.~imone MetcalfHa'is i;~ e erkins rug ~_Olisale Club is a me.m- Sarah Mitchell k~ t ~~"~" " '' r unt marketing plan I.~ . cott _ Steve and Kristy Wlllingham, Owners ~llhi~g on in a big way, Se~-ndGrade: ~ ' I of Mr. Walton s Christv Blair Hours: 8:30 to 6:30 Weekdays: 8:30 to 5 Saturday Z~e ....... Jeremy Davis :~ '~ ' t~~ --"RI IgoPl a~~II i moersmp m ~am s Tanya Gattis ~ ' ~ Common folks is $20. Reanna Rodieck ~Ys are free days for all Stenhen Duke ~U~U$ .advantage of !t. , Third'Grade: ' ' '~"=-'--~ll .... ~ .... ~~ " S' ~ .... ~ warehouee m ~are Christie Hurst ~ ~ ~-----'- " ~J~*~t~" ~=~ " ~* ~F-~JF virtually no elirk help e N.l Vasd nel . George M cPherson VasHgl ..... ii . ,...~ ..-.- - SlNGL[$" r own sacks or boxes-- Sherrye' Met.calf In I for the most part. is Fourth Grade: I~[~_~ i ~ in which it arrived--JaredGattis INTENSIVE CARE ~ll~llllll~ PURE PETROLEUM JELLY I [~u,~(~.. ~ I~/ \ /[~ ~ali plus 5 percent.. Janette Lee LOTION ~CO~mN~SW~S I I ~ . / V I i ~ |! ~-~ ~ly, about half of theChristal Rosa J~ ~ [ L--------~"~ ~--~{" // Ii-V--] contained groceries and h rade" !~1 $1 ~$1 ~ ....... [ "- ~J G . 89 19 $119 '" The warehouse had -,ennif-r Ann E shelman $199 I of frozen food, canned ~7,s. ~.~a.. ........... 29 , eggs, meat of all Cody Blair ALKA SELTZER ! MISS pM r , , ! I , ,oo HAIRSPRAY IIYLEN_')I ! IJF t ': ..... -- "I"" S549.c.,.[ $2s9 $129 S2S9 ty I; k =" "'-o' ..... '0 r L e an p"s0-erm 'Hi g 1 South Main Member F.D.I.C. ! Massengilr SKIN CLEANSER Earn interest in a "Now" before it says "Goodbye!" Earns 5% % per annum Interest deposited to your account monthly ~$1~9 S oz. Soft Sense $179 10 oz. On Cepacol" outhwash Sale Price Less Refund Final Cost $2.79 - $1.00 $1.79 Cak~ S159 7OX. NEW IMPROVED (~c~SOLID Xlill i ii lS oz. // Sale Price $1.99 ~t~z"~ ii ~ Less Refund - $1.99 S279 EACH Toothbrushes $219 L.,:_ $169 S189 40'= 40's BRAND Adhesive Bandages ,*=,= Final Cost FREE $129 ~L~ S1.59 T - . S14~, Aik~Mints Sl 30 TABLET! 59 7 OZ" YOUR BACK-TO-SCH( )L VITAMIN HEADQUARTERS