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September 6, 2001     The Perkins Journal
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September 6, 2001

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i !:! ) 2-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, September 6, 2001 A weekly column by Rick Lomenick Journal Assistant Editor Well, it's that time of year again - the annual Main TO TH bership drive. :: ...... I hope you ,;viii consider supporting this great group. I1 ....... ...,... " Another Payne County Fair has come and gone and with it are operate through your membership and .......... "= .................. memories of the blue ribbons won, viewing the hundreds ofexhib- the Western Block Party and the Turn of the We welcome letters to the editor. All letters must be signed with a its on display and, of course, the familiar carnival. If you have doubts as to what Perkins Main Street telephone number for verification of the writer (your telephone This year because the weather was a bit more pleasurable, it plished in it's mere three years of existence, you only bevel number won't be published). Please keep them as brief as possible, seemed there were more attending the "band nights" than last year, down to Main Street and look around. The editor reserves the right to reject any letter that is considered especially on Saturday night. In one instance, it was a great climax Several buildings have been restored and work will libelous or in bad taste, to the fair. But on the other hand, it sure could have caused some others soon. Planters and benches are out on the Letter to the Editor: problems, your use. A wonderful pocket park is thriving, and the I will vote YES on Right-To-Work on September 25, 2001. My Because of the extremely large number of those wanting to ride Center is continually the focus of community events. reason is simple, I believe in individual freedom, one of the many carnival rides, it created for some extremely long Please help support these beautification efforts When I worked for a unionized company, union rules stifled pro- lines, which could be expected. But as you progressed closer to a today? ductivity and creativity, specific ride, peopled tended to crowd just a little closer to each If an electrician saw a loose hydraulic hose while he was hook- other which if you were a high school age person or older, it wasn't Speaking of beautification efforts, Main Street is ing up a motor he could not tighten (for fear of a grievance) the much of a problem, lic meeting regarding the upcoming Streetscape hose. The whole project came to a halt until the hydraulic union It was with the smaller folks that I was concerned about. Myself, Come to the meeting Thursday, Sept. 13, at the Lions person arrived and performed the one minute task. along with other concerned parents and adults, stayed close to their will find out what our Main Street will soon look kids so that they wouldn't be harmed because of the fastly-ap- ing will begin at 7 p.m. Union rules limit the number of bricks laid, make it difficult or impossible to discharge poor workers, and delay implementation preaching unsafe conditions. "k of new technology. Then on several occasions, teens would let their friends cut in I have had several people recently ask questions about! Unions often put aside the needs of members in order to enhance line with them thus bypassing having to wait nearly 20-30 min- lic Records policy. the union, NAFTA is an example of such practice, utes. That in itself was wrong. Many times, this was taking place As you know, public records are, by law, Had the unions really wanted to defeat NAFTA they have the in front of the ride operators who really didn't seem to care one public. bit. This means that anything that is written in the clout to do so. Instead they protested mildly and gave more money to the Democratic party whether the rank and file wanted it or not. I'll go on record stating the carnival tides must be a part of the our law enforcement officials complete is legally I demand personal freedom and am not against joining a union, fair because of the tradition and income it brings in. But by the newspaper. I, however, will not be forced to join and pay dues. same token, the Payne County Commissioners, Payne County Fair We routinely publish all of the information in the lo If a union performs in compliance with workers desires, they Board, and the owners and operators of the carnival rides need to exceptions: can expect the workers to support and join. have a better plan of action as far as crowd control before someone 1. The names of juveniles, unless they have committal! Sincerely, gets seriously hurt. offense. Richard G. Murray Judging by the numbers of people at the carnival, it is only a 2. The names and addresses of the parties involved in matter of time before a tragedy occurs unless something is done. dispute. We do not list this information because we do. That in itself will help promote a more family atmosphere, anyone who is in danger to be afraid to call the police : * * * * 3. Information about specific evidence in an ongoing So what do you think of our website? Pretty neat, huh! might interfere With Keith's expertise as the webmaster plus the editorial con- 4. Specific address information in_harrassment cases, V.uv'ctl V.Otdte tent provided by the rest of us, we feel it will enhance our cover-- put those persons residing at that address in danger. age of Perkins events involving Perkins people. Please understand that we do not make exceptions to .I With this new endeavor, I've been carrying extra equipment with because we are trying to be fair, not because we are trying me. Added to my arsenal of photography equipment is a digital on" gomeone. camera and a video camera. These pieces of modem technology The public records laws also pertain to our municipal, have been an adventure for me to learn to use but it is something state, and national meetings. I've enjoyed. This means that, to the best of our abilities, There will be times when Keith will be manning some of the goes on during city commission meetings and equipment along the sidelines too. It's easy to tell who has the ings, with the exception of executive sessions which better digital pictures so far on the website. It is Keith. We strive to give you complete, correct information. If) Let us know what you think about it. If you haven't logged on any questions regarding our policy that I yet, the address is: www.theperkinsjournal.com, ask. Happy surfing! 2001 Senior handbook available L,,,E The 2001 edition of the klahonia Senior Citizens Handbook is now available free of charge. The handbook provides resources and tips that benefit seniors including information on health care, insurance, finances, planning for the future, wills, discrimination and many other subject The handbook is created by the young Lawyers Division of the Oklahoma Bar 3: 'W/~ t.-t'V Association as a service to senior citizens and care givers."x: x,4,.,ar The handbook is available free of charge online at "v.ot. (USPS #42-8040) www.okbar.or or individuals -r o" - c,~ 1~'. ~.~..I The Perkins Journal is published every Thursday at 111 E. Stumbo can request a printed copy by ao and entered as periodical postage paid at Perkins, OK 74059-0040 contacting the OBA at (405) 46- by Pomegranate, Inc, P.O. Box 40, Perkins, OK 74059-0040. 7004 or e-mailing Carol Phone 405/547-2411 Manning at carolm@okbar.org. Fax 405/547-5640 e-mail:theperkinsjoumal@provalue, net Ask Carroll Fisher Cindy and Keith Sheets-Publishers tour Insurance commissioner A CHARGE OUT OF Rick Lomenick-Assistant Editor Do insurance companies have a certain amount of time to settle a by Leonne Worcester Stacy Beai - Production Manager claim? That depends on the type of claim. (As with anything that has to "Change" is a four lettered word The publishers are solely responsible for content and any errors do with insurance, what sounds simple is really quite complicated.) Well now, since we are now looking for positive will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the Property and casualty claims, such as auto and homeowners, have enthusiasm, since we are no longer concerned with publishers, no time limit. However, they must acknowledge the receipt of a are ready to take one more very important step claim within 30 days unless payment has already been made. life... OFFICE HOURS: State law also requires that within 45 days after receipt of a prop- A group of Amish people pulled up stakes Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. erly executed proof of loss, the first party claimant (in most cases gious settlement in the Mid-West and moved to a the policyholder) must be advised of the acceptance or denial of of Peru. When asked for their reason for moving, Send changes of address to: the claim, or if further investigation is necessary. The law does sponded, "We got tired of having to move our wago# The Perkins Journal not actually state at what point payment must be made. Generally, side of the road to let the cars go by." P.O. Box 40 once the company has accepted the claim, payment will be made What they were really voicing was their Perkins, OK 74059.0040 within the next few days. ,hange. Have you ever gotten tired of "moving your Health insurance claims are a different matter. Once a "clean" to the side of the road to let the cars go by?" Are yot ALL CONTENTS COPYRIGHTED 2001 ' claim has been submitted - one that is correct and complete - in- venienced by having to step aside as the world goes t MEMBER: omw~t~~ Perkins Chamber of Commerce ~ surers have 45 days to pay, or they must pay interest. If the claim by? This is the challenge of change. is not paid within 45 days, insurers must pay 10 percent simple You must face this question, or you will become Perkins Main Street, Inc. [WSP IP[] interest, the living dead. A man lost his job for no Oklahoma Press Association National Newspaper Association Life policies must be paid within 30 days after proof of death. Somebody asked him, "How are you handling the mTm F*,. 0, o t ,o,t (Once an insurance company receives notice of a death, it has 10 "No problem," he replied. "I was looking days to mail the necessary forms.) When benefits are not paid in I got this one." Now, there is a winner. rt m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m the required time, the insurance company has two options. Our greatest problem today is ire SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, just till out this form and mail with m if the money is being held in an interest-bearing account, the population growth, the bomb, immorality or any remittanc to: |The Perkins Journal interest is paid to the beneficiary from the date of death. Insurance thing. Like all generations, our greatest challenge 111 E. Stumbo companies must pay interest at the average T-bill rate for the pre: ceptance of life as it develops around us. P.O, Box 40 , vious year plus 2 percent on money held in non-interest-beating If you ask a person what he fears the most, he Perkins, OK 74059-0040 accounts. In this case, interest starts on the 31st day of the month ably tell you almost without exception, "The following receipt of proof of death, change!" The biggest challenge in your life Name I know this sounds complicated, because it is. It would be nice if ing to the changes being made around you. iN more people understood their insurance policies, but you really After saying all this, we are not talking Address can't blame them. Let's face it, an insurance policy is the poorest proper moral values to immoral values Really, read best seller on the market, people are immoral because they I City State______Zip If you have questions, call my department at one of the follow- trying to live their natural life in a world that | Rates: One year in Oklahoma...$28 [ m One year out of state...$32 ing numbers: the unchanged life, Quality life is rushing by whil BE A FRIEND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 Outside Tulsa or Oklahoma City, 1 (800) 522-0071. living a failing lifestyle. off of the rates listed above it you are a current paid ' In Tulsa, 747-7700. ". ..... Men gnawed their tongues in agony subscriber. Use the form above for your "friend" and list your In Oklahoma City, 521-2828. God of heaven because of their pains and m name here: If you have a question for Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher, refused to repent of what they had done." please submit it to him at PO Box 53408, Oklahoma City, OK 16:10-11 (NIV) IL. m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m J 73152-3408, or e-mail it to davidmeuser@insurance.state.ok.us.