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September 7, 1933     The Perkins Journal
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September 7, 1933

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Perkins Journal Publihed by the Journal Publishing Co E. M. Long, Editor and Manager Entered as second class mail matter at the postoffiee at Perkins, Oklahbma under act of congress March 3rd, 1899 In Payne, Lincoln and Log- an counties, 50c per year; out side $1.00. Resolutions of Respect---Minimum $1.00. Over 20 lines, 5 cents per line. All poetry same price. i iii u, TH E PERKINS JOURNAL Duty is the demand of th( hour.--Goethe. After recovery, what? Summer'll soon be over. Buy now! Stock up! Save! The Autumn trade revival is due. Television is ready for the home. The break in the clouds has come. The year 1933 is thirds gone. two- A good fall radio business is anticipated. Straw hats are beginning to look shabby. The eagle is an appropriate emblem for the NRA. A mole in the ground is worth a dozen on the face. Kidnapping cannot yet be regarded ass safe industry. Some do their best, while others do theie best to do others. The "ghost writers" of prosperous days have disap peered. Cuba, the home of sugar, is having anything but a sweet time. The eagle is still the national bird---the blue eagle of the NRA. One ear on the highway is worth six bent around a te]e- , phone pole. American people have no heritage richer than their national parks. Now w.ouldn't it be a shame if they were to enforce the shorter hours for frishermen? They used to say that noth- ing is certain. But now we know death and high, taxes are. Newspaper readers wish How to Be Guest Who Is Welcome Stillwater, Okla., September 6 (Special)-- - Some suggestions on how to be the kind of guest wh( is welcome tile-second time are given by Miss Anna May John- son of th. Oklahoma A and M. college household arts depart- ment "Being a guest has some re- sponsibilities," Miss Johnson points out. 'qf you are going to a dinner, it is quite necessary that you know the hour you should arrive, and be there prop- erly attired at the correct hour. It is customary to come several minutes before the appoint,( hour of serving. The amount of time may vary, but from five to ten minutes is all right in most places. This is a courtesy to you hostess, who has planned to have her meal at an appointed hour. This will give her ample time to visit for a minute or two before doing the last minute tasks which are necessary for any meal. "Likewise for a party it is most courteous to arrive a few minutes before the appointed hour so that the hostess can be- gin ber party on time. "If you are going on a visit to a friend or relative, it is quite essential that she know when you are to arrive. If you are coming by train or bus, she will want to know exactly which one ::;::,.'... ., Better Breakfasts ) ETTER breakfasts mean bet- ) ter coffee, so we take for granted, before suggesting other delicious breakfast foods, that you are using fresh 100-per- cent-flavor coffee, which is now available to everyone, by buying it vacuum-packed. And what will you serve with it? Let's see. Something different from the usual ham-and-egg breakfast is most desirable at this season when even the easy-to-please become finicky. Look over your luncheon and dinner recipes and see if you have some light, appetizing dishes which may serve on breakfast menus. Chicken dishes are deli- cious at breakfast. Fresh mint adds cooling flavor to your fruit dish, ripe tomatoes are an inter- esting condiment to the main dish --well, suppose you try this menu: er do her cooking herself. In that case do not insist, but rath- er dust the floors or straighten up the living room ff possible. "It is quite necessary that we attempt to be satisfied with everything that is served, never admitting in any that what Is Orange Sections with Chopped Fresh Mint Ready-to-Eat Cereal Chicken Hash, with Sliced Chilled Tomatoes Date Muffins Coffee Chicken Hash with Sliced Chilled Tomatoes: Cut the con- tents of a 6-ounce can of chicken up fine, and mix with one cup of cold chopped potatoes. Season with salt and pepper, and add one- fourth cup milk. Brown in a skil- let with plenty of fat, fold to- gether like an omelet, and turn out onto a hot platter. Surround with sliced chilled fresh tomatoes. Date muffins can be made by any good muffin recipe, by simply adding chopped dates to the bat- ter just before putting it into tha buttered muffin pans.* so she can be at the station tel served is not to your liking. meet you without having to meet [ "Usually a visitor is given the every train or bus for a whole best room in. the house. The day !choicest articles are used and ...... .... ! they should have the best of care wnen you up arrive, it is al- ....... " w' ho ............. n , t)ne woulo always Keep the room Tlr"^,_"__ " _'_v '", v,*v"*,;}in order and keep all personal toiletLsu;;l:: S::cmana:;mat! belongings confined to the room toothbrush, and a reasonable a -''which you occupy. Such space mount ot clothing To depend as has been given to you should on your hostess for personal'ar- i be used and no order. Order- ticles is considered in Dad form ,liness ls highly essential in every '6 * A guest first of all must try case. to conform to the customs of the I "The well-bred guest will household in every way. At all I enthusi.stically enter into every- times be very careful to inquire t thing which is planned for her entertainment. Never would one when meals are served and be on I spoil any tentative plans because time for them. Never keep a i it was not the entertainment you family waiting, while you are ] were most fond of. putting on the tinishing touches ] "It is well to share in expenses to your makeup, but rather get which take you away from the ready soon enough so that you home. An evening's entertain- for any length of time to bring a small token. Something for the mother if you are visiting at the home of your friend's family is quite a lovely thing to do. The expense need not be much, but the thought is beautiful. "If you have gone to a dinner, it is customary, to remaim for at least a half hour for a social chat with the people who have been entertaining. If at a pay, it is usually best to depart a few min- utes after the refreshments have been served if your ltostess makes no special requests. If perhaps you have been invited for a week end visit or a longer visit, do not ,over stay your time; make sure you do not wear out your wel- come. Your hostess may be ever so fend of you, but she may have something planned for the day which you stay over time. It is better to leave a day early than stay too long. "When leaving always express your appreciation for the enter- tainment by telling your hostess so. After an extended visit it is best to express this appreciation can be properly attired and ready merit to a show or a trip to the to each member of the family. before the meal is announced " u return home tr m "While visitin " " park at your expense will show Atter yo - o g ao you expect ..... your thoughfulneas and appreci- a visit, it is a point of etiquette your hostess to 0e entertaining lation of what othrs are doing to write a letter soon telling you all the time. It is highly ,." " - e " e " ..... [for you. Alway., leave impress I th m again of th excellent time aesu'aoie to go to your room or [ ion however that you will be just I you had at their home. This let- even for a walk, so that the,as satisfied to be at home, go for [ ter need not be long, but it is an i members of the family can feel a ride or call upon a friend, all lact of courtesy to let them know i tree to discuss any personal prob- of which will entail little, if any, I of your safe arrival to your home i lems or perhaps relax for a. whl!e, expense. [and to again express your appre-t x O00K or a magazine mt ht be , ,, _ " g 'It may be ml old-fashionedlciation. I brought along. A woman guest custom, but onewhich is usually[   [ may have some band,york which appreciated, when one is staving Try a Journal Waant Ad. [ sne is aesirous of completing-- I anything which will make you appear at ease and happy. You should feel your responsibility in taking part in conversation. Nothing is more disconcerting to a hostess than to have a guest who says nothing or expresses herself very little. However, a continous chatter probaliv would be even worse. that Dave and Aimee would "If it is at all ossible to light. take a nice long vacation in en the load of your hostess, it is Timbuctoo. quite permissable to assist in any way she desires Whatever is @ ") Attention, Subscribers ',i Until money becomes more plentiful, we will be . ** glad to accept in payment for subscription any- ** thing we can use---eggs, or other produce, vege- Local News Mrs. Jack Vassar's sister, Mrs, Hinkle, is still cofined to her bed at the home of Mrs. Vassar. Streeter Knipe and famiy have moved into the property recently vacated by the Tom Brown fmily. Mrs. Davis is at Tulsa visiting her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Eaton are keeping house for Mr. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams, of Shawnee, visited last Sunday at the home of the former's bro. ther, Ray Williams, of Perkins. System of Impeachment Originated in England The system of impeachment embed- ted In the federal Constitution was copied from that developed in England over a period of four centuries. The earliest recorded impeachments by the house of lords were those of Eord Lati- mer in 1376 and the Earl of Suffolk in 1386. All subjects of the king were made amenable to impeachment In parliament, irrespective of wtmther or not they held public office. Under the American system the process applies only to officials. In England notables were impeached for crimes of any de- gree, but commoners could be im- peached only for offenses not punish- able by death. Upon conviction the house of lords imposed any penalty tt chose The process of impeachment was usually directed against offenses of injury to the state. The ordinary courts had power to try and punish offenders against the written laws, but they could not take cognizance of many offenses such as the official mls- conduct of public ministers. It wa considered appropriate, therefore, that high offenders against the state and even of great influence and power should be tried by the lords, upon the accusation by the commons, who compose(] the "grand inquest" of the nation. Several Distinguished Sons Mrs. Washburn, of Livermore, Maine, had three sons governors, four members of congress, two senators, two ministers plenipotentiary, one ma- Jor-gener'd and one naval captain. Cadwallader Colden Washburn was governor of Wisconsin and srael Washluwn, Jr., was governor of 5Iaine. There were seven brothers, of whom four sat in congress from four differ- ent st,qtes. Elihu B. Washburne, one of the brothers, was secretary of state and afterward minister to France. The cradle in which these boys were rocked is still shown in the old home town. Harbor in Heart of City Copenlmgen, the capital of Den- mark, is unique in tlmt Its barber lies tn the heart of the city. QUIET YOUR The NRA blue eagle lattempted should be carefully clutching a cogwheel and a i done and to the liking of the hostess if possible. On the other clawful of lighting was de- hand if your hostess refuses to signed as an advertising let you assist in the kitchen, you tables, fruits, etc. We are interested now in ** getting a supply of wood for fuel. Come see us. ** rhe Perkins Journal * artist named Coiner. [his lgelightful RS. Alice Fischer (picture above) says she is "the hap- piest woman in the world." "I often used to wish I was dead. Couldn't sleep; couldn't enjoy myself. It seems as though I had tried every nerve medicine made, but without any benefit un- til [ tried Dr. Miles' Effer- vescent Nervine Tablets. They certainly proved their worth for me. I am the hap. piest woman n the world and I don't mean maybe," Mrs. Alice Fischer rvous //eadachb Nervous Indigestion. take Dr MII' Effervescent Nervine ]'eblets. "