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September 13, 1973     The Perkins Journal
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September 13, 1973

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- The Journal, Thursday, September 13,1973 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Billys Conoco Statio n w Owned And Operated By Johnny Payne First I would like to say that I am truly sorry that Bill is leaving. He is a friend of mine and he was a fine service station operator. But due to the gas shortage and the Price Freeze the Government has put on gas it is pretty ha#d for a person to operate at a profit. I will be open every day except Sunday. As most of you know I am in the insulation business and it requires a lot of my time, but I have 3 fine fellow~ working at the station that will continue to glve good service and I will be there as much as possible. Due to the gas shortage and price freeze I will not be able to have credit, but we have plenty of credit card appli- cation and wiLl be glad to help fill one out. I think that we have one of the finest made tires in Ok- lahoma. We will continue to sell and service them. So come on in and give us a chance to serve you and to be a friend. P.S. If yoti do not receive the "best" had, please feel free to con{act me. service you have ever By Johnny Payne Why do people rob, aad kill, and steal That which belongs to other men? Is there nothing in their lives that is real Or is it all because of sin? The lives of innocent people are destroyed By this greed, and hate, and Itmt - by Louise Warren, They surely have made the D~vJl their lord Cooking Consultant For "Teflon" This person whom no one can trust. Always On Sunday NEW YORK (ED)--Pan- Some where back in their family tree, The seed of evil was born in all their kin cakes for Sunday breakfast are And they have never been made free a tradition at our house, when From the original curse, the Bible calls sin. my husband is the chef. He would never use a boxed mix,God sent his Son into the world but he does use a family rec- To save this wretch who by sin was lost - ipe that makes pancakes a But so often he goes on in a mad whirl tasty treat, without making And never stops to count the cost. preparation an all-day project. My husband handles clean- Yes, this thing the Bible calls sin, up, too--and that's the easiesti Is that which causes strife among men; part. His secret? "Teflon" It causes wars, and lusts, and hate - coated cookware. The non-stick It even comes between a man and his mate. surface makes batter removal an easy job--even for a week- But so often we deny the fact, end chef. That it is sin in our heart that causes the act. We blame someone else for our deeds, PAPA'S PANCAKES And deny the truth that we have a need. 1 egg I medium banana, mashed So Jesus came to change the heart and mind 1 cup buttermilk To make new creatures of all man-kind, 2 Tbsps. salad oil or shorten- If we will repent and forsake all our sins ing, melted He will make us pure and white within. 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 Tbsp. sugar He is now preparing a place in heaven above 1/2 tsp. soda To house every one who is filled with love 1/2 tsp. salt To quiet our hearts from strife and din 1/2 cup crushed breakfast ce- To cleanse our soul from every sin. real flakes Beat egg; add remaining in- gredients' except cereal in or- C. N. Thompson (This was written after a very dear friend der listed. Beat with rotary COLUMBIA, MISS., COLUMBIAN-PROGRESS: beater until smooth. Fold in perversities ofhumannaturelsthatoftq cereal, If using Teflon-coated many thln.gs in common, disagree violently and griddle or skillet, only light upon the merits of a relatively minor matter. There greasing is necessary. Whena trait in many individuals that compels them to be griddle is hot, pour battersomething all the time. ifno major issues appear, they from tip of large spoon or pump upminorquestions, arousingtU-feeling from pitcher. Turn pancakesin positions of seeming importance. Muchthe as soon as they are puffed and ic is evidenced in our attitude toward the i full of bubbles, but beforeWithout giving proper proportion to the great and bubbles break. Bake other side good many of us incline to hunt up minor irritatto~e until golden brown. Makes excitement of the search, we often lose sight of about ten 4-inch pancakes. Z good that exists." 3 INDIAN MISSION: Rev. John Crass-Pastor; Services held in Iowa on Wednesday nights at 8:00; Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., and Sunday School at 10:00 a.~ CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Ed Kuelzer, minister. Sunday School at 10 ship at 11:00 a.m.; evening evangelistic services 6:00 at night. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF TRYON, Rev. Jerry McCleary. SS-10:00 a.m.; Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.; Church Training 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening 7:30. "... Let Us Go AREA CHURCH DIRECTORY My Neighb OrS Into the House o, oo. CHUHC.: .., .o,,..-pa.or; ,, L d ~ 11100; Kvlmng Worship 7-.30;, Wednesday Kvming 7130. ~[ he FIRffr BAPTIST CHURCH: Rev. aarvey Hickman; Sunday School 9:45; O~ t Training Union 6:30 p.m.; Evening Worship 7:30; Wed. Prayer Meeting 7:30 CHURCH OF CHRIST: Slmday 10:30 & 6:3~ Wednesday gvenlng 6:30 "or" .mop,st: .e. au rd F St. High Post MYF 6:00 Sum., Jr. High MYF 6:30. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Rev. Hartly Freeman; Church School for adultS Women's o,, ~~ y : . .; .1 JEHOVAHmS WITNESSES: William Whlnery-Mlnister; Public Bible LectureS" --:-lstrY Watchtower Stody-4Sunday 10:30; Bible Book Study-Tues. 7:30; Mu, Service 7:30 p.m. P Woa~ Sc SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST: Dan Neargaard-Pastor; reaching 9130; 3a LIBgHTY FRKE METHODIST: C. N. Thompson-Pastor; Suoday School 10:00 wor RURAL CHURCHES .._,.,,,,t VASSAR CHURCH: 12 3/4 miles west, 4 miles north of StUlwater--Stmday Worship 11:00; Evening 7130, We(l~esday CA 8:00 p.m. Families That Pray Together ~. CHAPEL 0NCTED METHODIST CHURCH: WorShip 9145; sanday Sunday gv_Qning 7:30; Wednesday Kvening 7:30 p.m. ~ ~ . MKHAN UNION CHURlS'If Logan E. ltargrove; Sunday School 10:00; WorrhiP ll:~, Stay Together ,ening Ser.ces 6- o. U[AMOND VALLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH" 6 miles east of Stlllwater; l~ty .~omored by the following Pastor; Sunday School 10; Worship 1l; Evening 7:30; Wednesday 7130 OLIVET CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Sunday School 10:00; Worship 11100. ~- ---- ---- --~--------------- = =-'-" ---- ------:'- Areo Church Boo/Mrs VRI~SL~ "CHAPKL CHURCH: Rev. Paul Seyder- 8 miles west of School I0:00; Worship 11100; Worship 7:30 p.m.; Wednesday Worsl~dp 7:30 PAHDISE BAPTIST CHURCH: 6 roues south, 5 mites west Pastor; .Sunday Sclmol I0; Worship 11; Training Untov 7p.m.; gvemng LObT CREEK UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: Sunday School 10:00; Worship 11:00" RIPLEY CHURCh OF CHRIST: Wayne Czernechl-Mtn|ster; alble Classes 10; WorShiP ll; 7:00; Wednesday eveming services 7:00. HIPLEY UN]TKD METBODIST: Rev. Bob Healey-Church 9:3~ Sunday School Sunday night 6:30; Bible study Wed. night 7:30. RIPLEY BAPTI.%'I" CHURCH: Terry Sledge-pastor, Slmday School 10; WorSulP p.m.; Evening prayer meet|rig 7".30. Unio,, 6:30 5:30. Wed. nlPLEY FOLL GOSPEL TABERNACLE: Pastor Albert Bislmp; Sund~y School I0; I1; 5tmday night 7:00;, Tuesday night 7:30 prayer me,sting. Saturday night 7:30. CHURCH OF GOD: Stmd~y School 9145; Worship 11; Eve~hzg 7, Wed. 7:30. GLENCOE ,o~: UNION HOME CHURCll OF CHRIST: Hey. Lee Marsh-Pastor; Sundsy SChoOl 10; - 11; Prayer meeting 7:30; Wednesday prayer meeting 7:30. cnUHCH OF GOD: Clyde Atterberry-Pastor; Sunday School 9:45; Wednesday CHUHCll OF CHRIST: Pal James-Mirdster; Bible School 9145; Worship BAPTR~T CIIUHCH: Virgil Calvert-Pastor; Worship ll; Sunday Sclmol UNITED METIIODIb'r CHURCH: Jay CaldweU; S~day School 10; Worship "Weekly Prayer" OTHER AREA CHURCHES COYLI~ FIR~;T CIIRISTIAN CHURCH: Jolm Pryor-Minlmer; Sunday School 10:00; 1 t :00; Young People Meeting 6:30;, Evening WorShip 7:30. "I laid me down and slept; I AGHA FIItST METBODIST CHURCH: Hey. Van Nickel; Worsulp 11; Evening 7130. awaked; for the Lord sustained THYON CtIRib'riAN CHUHCH: Rev. Joe Bruce; Stmetay School 10; Worship 11; me. I win not be afraid of ten THYON ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Lot. Starling-Pastor; Stmday School t0; ~velllng 7:00 and Wedl~sl~ly evening ~:30. thousands of people, that have THYOH CHRIST/AN UNION CHURCH: Rev. Floyd Jmes, Sueday set themselves against me round about" (Psalm 3:5-6)., COYLE UNITED MKTHODIST CHURCH: Morning Worship 9:30, Sund~y Clifford Poison.