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September 13, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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September 13, 1984

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FTHE PERKINS JOURNAL Io o,, oooe o oor - u ,, ots Town Meeting in Cushing p Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street A beautiful week in the tion to the subject, project. t From the Files .{ Post Office Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 Cimarron Valley and if it James J. Wasson, Enjoyed a nice visit Telephone: 405-547-2411 is a sample of Autumn chairman of the board of with pretty Ann Coma, USPS 428040 weather just ahead, I m the First National Bank manager of Southwes- ~'~:~ SUBSCRIPTION PRIcEs ready for the real thing, and Trust Company andtern Bell, this week. Ann 6 7 Years Ago munity hall. The The home economics sionarySocietyl Payne, Lincoln, Logan and Noble Counties Of course, we must see a the Rev. Phil Webb, was helping Mike Harris [From the Perkins Jour- class at the high school Wednesday af $9.50 per year plus 6% tax [$10.07 few more hot days but pastor of the First who is replacing her as nal, Nov.16,1917~Tyears served 20 ladies at alun- with Mrs. Elsewhere in Okla. $13.50 per year plus 6% tax [$14.31 fall is here. Church of God, both manager in this area. ago) cheon at the home Williams. All ~e~ Outside Oklahoma $16.5o per yea: The week was filled made inspirational and Mike has been servingin Last Saturday night economics cottage should be pr1:i~ ~ with good news, the educational speeches the same capacity work- Sheriff Lilly and Deputy Friday. visitors are ~!~ i'~O space shuttle landed regarding economic con- ing out of the Okmulgee Warren Cooper andgambling place in the GeorgeAt the Farmers Union welCOmwas URNAL EDITORIAL OPINION safely, Wonder why the ditions and suggesting office and is a very nice posse raided a suspected last Saturday evening, e," b occupants made such a that the city fathers take gentleman. No...Ann is Kirk 30 "r ears [ ~;U rush to the transporta- another look and makenot leaving Southwes- country about five miles nominated for county (From the Per~i st A tion waiting for them? their decisions for the tern Bell, but the com- southeast of Perkins.commissioner. His nal Septemb~ec .uJL_ 'i~I: The Cushing city corn-best interest of Cushing puny is going through a They surprised the of-friends are anxious for 1954 - 30 yearS~tr' missioners met in regular citizens. The final deci- restructuring program fenders and arrested two him to make the race. Led by the '~J !: Line More session Tuesday night, sion was in rescinding and she will be in the of them. The B.Y.P.U. In- charges of bigJ~,a September 4th to a the former action which Sapulpa office and may Those who are not at- termediate class and and the "ball-hat q ".V~eatl~er has been abefore. I believe it was townhall filled to capaci- was taken by a three to be reached at the sametending the showing, of some friends, pleasantly DeWayne M~a n~l~thre of a few scat- defeated several yearsty including Standing two vote. The final vote address and phone num-'the Neglected Wife at surprised Miss FrancisPerkins DemO~ t~tl showers, some ago by 100,000 votes, room. With everyone ex- for rescinding the former her as before. She will be the Perkins Airdome are Rice at her home Tues-up their first~ cl6udyskies, hotandcool Those promoting the li- pecting an emotionallyaction was on a four to genuinely missed by all missing the best serial day night. The accasion 1954 campsil~!~s tefi~Iberatures and a full quor by the drink pro-filled meeting for a recon- one majority. It was the her friends and co- Perkins has ever had the being her sixteenth birth- 13-0 victory o~ moon all last week. The posal have admittedly sideration on taking a se- best townhall meetingworkers in the Cimarron chance of seeing. The day. Many beautiful gifts Covington te~ ifi'tel.mittant moisture spent a cool million cond look at the recent since living in Cushing. Valley. Sincere best story does not depend on were received, ksb:~vi hgs:'sure stirred up the dollars plus presenting increase in utility rates, The people were in a hap- wishes and with the thrills or stunts as there The Rebe c~_~"~ la'Wl~mowers all over petitions, proving their it was the best behaved py mood and gathered in kindest of personal met in the IO01~! t~vtl, and changed it petitions, and getting the townhal[ meeting in small groups in the regards to a lovely lady is a vital problem in its regular r 9 t every episode. {From the Perkins Jour- Septembe ~Jt frbrfi a "might, have to' question on the ballotmemory. The city fathers hallway and on the lawn who was married during The Ladies Aid Socie- nal June 15, 1933 - 51 members ans~ t0'~~"have to Chore. and promoting the issue, were courteous and of CityHailcelebratinga the month of August. ty,M.E, will hold a years ago) call. ~ ;!'" ' x x x Those making large respectful to the au- happy victory. As the nurse was lear-bazaar at the buildingFour Perkins people, Our annual !~ "The Methodists are ap- donations are mainly dience and the audience A ribbon cutting cere- ing the delivery room,formerly occupied by the Mr. and Mrs. Waymond Fund Raising l l~|y~ng the paint brush to from the two major was also quiet in stating mony opening the new in- the new father said: tYfd:"parsonage in an- metropolitan areas of the their objections to the re- dustrial road, Fleetwood "Quicknurse, tell me, is Drake Feed Company, Elliot and Mr. and Mrs. begin soon. -,~ ~ ~ " Saturday, Dec. Is,. Andy Harold, and a tlczpatmn of a new state, and the hotel/cent raise with many Drive, was held this week it boy? ' The nurse tried Mr. and Mrs. Elza Guthrie man were in- weeJlm' preacher that will be restaurant industry, speeches from the floor with business leaders of to break it to him easy Show spent Thursday at jured in what is said to contacted c'01~ng in to fill the The church folks andtelling of why they were the city, Chamber of and replied: "Well .... the ~lpit vacated by Bill drys are pressing hard to opposed to the previous Commerce, members of one in the middle is."the Simon Ely home in have been nearly a head- opportunity a~y. Perkins. on collision last Saturday defeat the issue. There action by the city coma- the highway and road Life is full of surprises. ~ :'" x x x are a lot of Oklahomans cil. The entire~:town was committee attended Have a good day. *:W s riding my motor- who are not necessarily represented from all along with state officials , Arrivederci, aligned with the church areas with those present including Senator Bet- T.C. "Dec" Bonner group that are against from the business world, nice Shedrick, Represen- .o- the issue because, as they professional people, tative Tom Hall and state in their adver- preachers, teachers, members of the In- The British Isles have six tisements, Oklahoma has manufacturers, contrac- dustrial Committee and native languages: English, a lot going for it without tors, lawyers, secretaries, guest giving great praise Scots GueSt, Welsh, Irish liquor by the drink, and bankers, bakers, and to Senator Shedrick for Gaelic, Manx and a Fzenh patois in the Channel why take a chance? candiestick makerswithassistance in speedy Islands. Oklahoma is doing OK most speakingin opposi- completion of the without it. We're one of those who can live with or without it. We do not drink, but have many friends who do and we believe that is their right if that is what they want to do. It is not a life or death issue for us, but it is an issue we've given a lot of thought and we've come to the conclusion that we also think Oklahoma will be better off without li- quor by the drink. The li- quor by the drink issue, pro or con, starts step- c~i~}e Sunday evening w~el~ I noticed the new a'!~p~halt on the Good- nig]tt road through Vin- c'd." t followed the new stir'face for several miles west, and it is really an improvement over the ok~gravel road. Commissioner Ken- herb:Nelson and his crew are using a new piece of more acceptable and dlvidual and then, unfor- machinery that literally fashionable and easier it tunately, anyone that chews up the old surface, is to get, the more of it might have to associate mixes it with an will be consumed, ob- with them. asphaltic oil, and lays it viously. Restaurants will Present laws provide back down as a smooth, be forced to provide that the drinker his rights, asphalt lane of traffic, service if they are to corn- while at the same .time Tttex~ follows a good roll- pete. We doubt if it will providing some open ing and hardening and a go into the fast food space for the non.trinket. coat. of chip and seal. businesses, but most This is what I call mutual Makes a dandy road that cafe~ an~l, restaurants ground, public places should hold up well. Itis will be forced to include where the two can come datm at a fraction of the alcoholic :beverage onand not expect to have cost, of a hot asphalt their bill of fare or get their rights violated. roacL out of business. :, x x x The way it is now, peo- Our roving reporter ping on someone's toes. spotted the old Willett It is not as if non- home east of town on the drinkers are trying to dry highway, a landmark up the state and deny that is being torn down those who like their drink and salvaged, so he took the right to do so. a photograph and turned Alcoholic beverage is it in. His information in- legal in Oklahoma and dicated it was the old can be purchased in Albright home place. It almost every hamlet, wasn't the Albright town and city in. the homeplace, but the Wil- state. Folks are drinking The same goes for most let, homeplace. Numer- it by the drink at home, public activities and ple have a choice Those who want to drink can choose numerous clubs and bars which to patronize. Those who do not want to be around drinkers and drink, can take their families to most fine restaurants and expect those around them not to be imbibing. ou~ I~eople have called to at the office, in private events, but it makes one notify us of the mistake, clubs, and right now, in wonder if liquor by the hope it stands cor- public bars and eating drink is successful, just r "e~d. The Albright establishments. (This how long will it be before h~ was a mile east of may change, however, if drinks can be found in all t l ,IVillett home. the drink option goes public places and at all ,~- x x x down to defeat. There is public events? Will the ~d Caldwell came more or less a rerater- legislature open it wide bJ~, ~I~e other day with a into on enforcement right open? Which of the two phOtbgraph that dates now while the decision is elements has the most from 1936. It was a being made, which is pull withthelegisiature, group picture of the Na- another subject well not the drinking group or the tional Guard detachment get into right now.) non-drinking group? You frJc~m Stillwater that had A point that both sides be the judge. glad.to Lawton for sum- should remember is that Those are our civil mer camp. There were State Question 563 does rights reasons; and then two 11 or 12 year old not contain the rules for we have our sociological boys sitting down front on-premise consumptionreasons that are ap- that Floyd said went to of alcoholic beverage, It parent in that most camp with the group, sot- only makes it constitu- mind-altering drugs are ta as "mascots" and er- tional, and orders thenot legal and liquor, rand boys, doing odd legislature to write the especially involving the jobs and running for the rules (laws) on who, public, presents a pro- soldiers. One of the where and how it can be blem for those involved. youngsters was Glenn served by the drink. Handled properly, alco- Shirley. Glenn probably There is a reservation for hollc beverage may be ac- remembers that summer, a county option, and it is ceptable to many, but the Floyd was one of the estimated that at least problem is with the short soldiers. He had forgot- 40 counties will have li- fusethat can explode it ten a lot of the ones pic- quor by the drink, into a major problem tured, but did remember The fact that the from any angle you ap- Shelby Wyatt and one or legislature is going to preach it. two others. Floyd said he write the enabling There are other left the Stillwater area legislation for liquor by reasons, such as relic'us soon after that summer the drink worries me. beliefs, but to be prac- and taught school out of Many people probably tical, I question whether the area for a quite a think of liquor by thethe overall debat~hould number of years before drink in saloons and center on that. Folks who he returned, so he had bars, but this is not don't practice any bellefs sorta lost track of some necessarily so. Our obser- at all can often see the of his national guard ration while traveling in wisdom of not making buddies and finds it dif- other states is that most alcoholic beverage too ficult to recall them restaurants that cater t easily obtained and today, the public offer drinks on acceptable. x x x the menu, and we believe Where does ones rights Interest in State Ques- the legislature will be in- start and anothers end? tion 563 (Liquor by the clined to generalize the It is sorta like cigarettes. drink) is running high rules and licensing asOne would think that and looms before the much as possible to raise any citizen should have a voter comethisTuesday more tax revenue for right to smoke, but run-offelectionday.Thi them to spend and cigarette sm0kecan'tbe question has come up distribute. The more contained, just like liquor several times and many licenses issued, the more by the drink can't be con- of this generation of drinks served, the more tained to just the in- voters have cast a ballot tax to be collected. The dividual. It affects the in Passage of liquor by the drink and a whimsical legislature could change this. No doubt many people have given this matter considerable thought and know by now how they are going to vote. We hope there are enough people voting Tuesday who would rather leave things like they are. i I ii I iiii WHAT MAKES LIFE TICK By Opal Kautz Putman A smile from a friend A happy look from a child To know others exist Is a life worthwlKle. We pass this way but once So we must do what we may We may never be given The chance of another day. of others To live with no thought Is a selfish life Not worth the living Of a lifetime of strife. Thoughts and Things from The Journal Staff THE 52 Years Ago night. Cyrus H.K. Curtis, (From the Perkins owner of the Curtis Journal, March 31, Publishing Co., is dead at 1932-52 years ago} age 82. His company Perkins again won the publishes the Saturday annual interscholastic Evening Post, The wrestling tournament of Ladies Home Journal, Payne County, held at The Country Gentleman Ripley Friday March and other magazines. 25th. Mr. and Mrs. Bert W.S. Dickey was re- Chase entertained a elected to the school group of young folks at board in the regular their home Friday even- school election held Tues- ing in honor of their day afternoon in the corn- daughter, Roberta Mas. This has been a great year for raising to- matoes. Nightly water- ing and applications of Miracle-Gro have really produced a big volume of the luscious fruit or is it OO bute. Rainbow held for and Joyce Monday, Sep in the MasonicI The Pioneer :~ Club met in Mrs. day, 13 members visitor, Mrs. right, present. 25 Years (From the P~ nel Septe~ 1959 - 25 A big tion is due who put in to make the a success. Mrs. George a host of working Rev. Minister at w'~ Christian C~ erkins for tl~!~ years, has a cC~ to serve at ! Christian- C~ Perry. L ~ Judge Stillwater, ~ Dickson of ~ Hospital. =- pounds and e~v;i -- ~'~"~'~"'-and has b..~] ]mN'e ere seven dlffere~;. ~I the ee~ond Picture, Can you |~ot them ? Willian Edw ~. ".,.o,, .~'..o,=',, .,~,o, ',oo,.o,o, ~,.,,~ Thirty-one ,~ C]~ ships amOU~ W@Pd 0,000 ACROSS 5. Pou awarded to !" --~eot 7"6 CicatriXr the field of O-'. NECK" " cloth . Centem~er=co__01. educationbY 1 i. Wormer tour 13. D~mrt .... the Eastern animal 8. Port of to be 9 Tell Oklahome 14. Metric 10. Goddess -0" mesum of flowers O~ }$. Bristle 12. Spin JOHN B 17. Behold 16. Chine~ AT. }a. Fish food godo CHAND, 20. Rip 19. More weird Pursue v~-~ So~uuon ard ThomaS, ~.5";~ ~l~in/esr.~ie~ Dreadful 35. Defect 46. Portoftobe Walton of~ Note of Woding bird 36. Beosts of 48. Negotive Small 27: Like burden word stayed at particle 28. Rough low 38. Fence 49. Depart bird Motel 26. Norrow inlet 29. Blossom opening 28; C~poble 31. Gremlin 39. Glide througn Ranch were ers at the meeting Mo~ and Blumer of P~ the proud P~ baby boy, bo~_,~ the Stillwater weekend was traveli his wife, daughters, mother. He photograph members of manageme t that was pu~ Chandler Li~C~ TAKE MA] FIRE ST~ PERRY -- mailbox i-nst~ been comple west side of tion The dri nien ws a i effort of the c chamber of o and the postal ! -O" there was just # of thunder rain before H ave September. , 29. Evergreens 30. Be sick 3t. Hoppiness 32. That man 34. 37. 38. water bath for 30 40. minutes. My wife is slow- 41. ly reviving after the 42. 43. shock. 44. -Land ,,7. Couch Neither PrECious stone Hod been Exlomotio~ Operatic solo We Eom Stinging sensaticm Rub out P~unders DOWN 50. 51. 32. That girl the air 33. Give Out45. Sun God a vegetable? At any rate We took off work my plants are still pro- Saturday afternoon and ducing. In fact, I ran my traveled to Barnsdall to wife out of the kitchen help granddaughter, last Saturday and pro- Dani Patrick, celebrate pushing around her new ceeded to can 12 quarts her second birthday. She doll buggy with a Miss of tomatoes. Lessons was quite pleased with Pumpkin Patch baby in- learned at my late grand- her Miss Piggy balloon side. Lacy told us the mother's in the summer and her birthday cake un- Miss Pumpkin Patch doll when the garden was tfl we lighted the candles fit their pocketbook a lit- ready, and, accompanied and then she began cry- tle better than the Cab- by my late mother, sere- ing, fearing her cake bage Patch doll. ed me well. First, pick would burn up. Big Lacy fixed her daddy a and wash the fruit; then brother, James Robert, meal of fresh-caught scald it to remove the quickly extinguished the bass, she had been say- skin; also scald the jars flames for her, so he ing in her freezer, and and sealers. Then pack could get on with the par- fried okra from her in jars, fill with hot water, seal; put in a hot ty. He even enjoyed garden, The afternoon I. Series of link~ 2. Swarm 4" By Pro~un ended all too soon, but the weather got to look- ing bad and we left for Perkins. About two miles outside of Barnsdall we met up with a driving rain and golfball size hail. This happened two more times on the way home, before we got to Hominy and before we reached Cleveland. Arriving home a little after 8:30 ..o ...... L ........