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September 13, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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September 13, 1984

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STATE SENATE Shedrick Senate Committee's on educa- this past :the purpose of ad- costs in be an area After view- figures it became !:administrative Our schools, nical institutions have Ly in the last three that signifi- of state Could not be ap- for such to infera- to the sub- committee by the Senate's fiscal staff and the State Regents, the cost of administering all phases of education in our state has actually dropped during the last three years. Higher education spent 4.9 per- cent of its total expen- ditures on administra- tion in 1981 and 1982. In 1983, that portion was only 4.8 percent. Com- mon schools expended 4.4 percent of its total spending an administra- tion in 1981, 4.33 percent in 1982 and 4.34 percent in 1983. Vocational- technical schools spent 5.7 percent, 5.4 percent and 5.6 percent on ad- ministrative costs in each of those years, respectively. However, since com- mon school administra- tive costs as expressed in a district-by-district report vary from a low of 0.45 percent of total spending, to a high of 19.72 percent, our dub- committee felt further scrutiny of such spen- ding was warranted. Some initial options discussed by the group FAMILY RESTAURANTS STACK Pancakes With melted hot maple FRIED SHRIMP V2 lb. deep fried shrimp served with cocktail sauce and choice of potato. $4.99 TOy, family I,'seouren! Nvw Managemem I(ebevca & Bill I{ichardson Carry-out Perkins 547-5378 FASHIONS Haircuts - $5 ts(Haircut included) $25. Tues. - Fri. 9:30 to 5:30; _ Sat. 9:30 to 2 p.m. Dpen Late by Appointment 547-5222 t brop In -- Walk-ins Welcome South Main included: Thp Perkins Jour,ml Thursday, September 13, 1984 -- PAGE 3 i ' -redu('timl of the numher .f :-;,'hool districts in (~klahoma; -estal)li~hn.,nt ot an administrative cost fac- tor in the school funding formula: and -establishment, of ex- panded Regional Educa- tion Service Centers. Expanding on the theme of the last pro- posal, our subcommittee also discussed the est,d)lishm.n/of regional servi('t" centers to take over variety of services, some of which would be aimed at cost savings. Others would be intend- ed to improve program quality and extend ser- vices without increases in present costs. This proposal would in- clude regionalizaOon of transportation services in our state. A proposal was extended that would potentially save the state some $800,000 next fiscal year in the pur- chase of school buses, if a regional or statewide program for such pur- chase were to be ex- tablished. The proposal took into account the total number of buses in service at the present time, the projected number of replacements that will be needed and the potential savings in price discounts if school districts negotiated together rather than in- dividually. Similar studies were brought forth in both vocational- technical and higher education, also. By exploring every possible part of every division of our educa- tional system, we may be able to effect real savings of taxpayers' dollars without sacrificing quali- ty. That is our goal. I am always available to anyone who might have a question of com- ment regarding any issues we may handle at the State Capitol. My ad- dress is: Senator Bernice Shedrick, Room 426, State Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, or P.O. Box 843, Stillwater, OK 74076. My telephone number in Oklahoma- City is {405)525-0126, Extension 572; in Stillwater, {405)743-4800. "0" NEW RESIDENTS The only person filing LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Sir: I just finished reading Thursday's {9-6-84} NewsPress and I find it hard to believe what I just read. I finally found the public records on the last page, and when I saw the number of cases {39}. Another thing that really makes me sick is the fact that of those 39 cases 28 were for "driv- ing under the influence". Several even had more than one count against them. I also noticed that several had had their licenses previously suspended for some reason and were driving anyway. We have a super police force in our fine communities, but they will even admit that they can't catch all of the liquor forces tell us that nothing will change and there won't be anymore problems with a passage of this question. We're supposed to be an educa- ted society, I pray that we'll act like it and not allow passage of some- thing that will benefit on- ly those whose bank ac- counts will be fattened. -s-Linda Else LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NATURETHEGREAT TEACHER: By Bud Engl d Recently our fifteen year old grandson Eric and I took a grandson- granddad vacation, just the two of us. Walking on a nature trail at the fossil beds near Florisant Col- drunken drivers on our orado we witnessed a streets. The thought that rarely seen drama poin- our state is contemplat- tins to the innocence of ing a liquor by the drink violence under nature's question is frightening "survival of the fittest" beyond degree. A yes law. vote on S.Q. 563 will on- As we neared some big ly increase the number of pines the shadow of a drunk drivers on the large bird slid across in roads and the space need- front of us. Instinctively done no wrong. She had been raised under the forever past law of the survival of the fittest and in getting food for her own young she was mere- ly following the ir- revocable and irresistible law to insure the regeneration of her own kind. And here was the, real shocker to the whole incident. How many other birds of smaller and less defensive posture had perished in the talons of that same mother hawk to get her own brood almost to soaring size. Right there is a good place to stop this report but for one, I must carry the implications of the lesson deeper into the realism of contemplation. For instance; why does the survival of so many species automatically de pend upon the pain, sor- row and death of more helpless creatures? That's as far as I will carry that subject for it would take a large book to treat such a subject with full justice. Suffice it to invite all those who With advance ticket sales running ahead of last year, the oncoming 1984 Payne-Pawnee Ducks Unlimited fund- raiser banquet seems destined to break another record or two. An increase in atten- dance and a hoped for in- crease to $12,000 gross intake is the goal. According to chapter president A.J. Ketch,- "We are hoping for a good increase over last year and we believe it is possible. The recent "Green Wing" day spon- sored by the local DU chapter exceeded our ex- pectations. So, we have reason to believe area in- terest in migratory waterfowl is at an all- time high." The banquet is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Payne County Fairgrounds. The building opens at 6 p.m. with within the continental United States. Canada has been the traditional locale for DU devdol ment in the past. It is believed these areas within the United States can be made highly productive (or waterfowl. DU will work with the United Sta e Department of the In- terior to develop th.es new areas. Droughts in Cana jm' provinces almost annual-. ly in recent years have cut deeply into war,dew! reproduction and pop, a: tiorL DU must commence a program of tapping underground water tables and pumping the water onto the flatlands and pot holes where" ducks raise. ed in our newspaper, we looked up but the bird believe that GOd, (who with dinner at 7 p.m.Ducks live on water More space will be need- was just then passing the saw all that He had made Once again, Red's Dell and the absence of it is, ed to report the number line of the bright sun. We and behold it was very will serve the meal. Red devastating to the duc. : of additional arrests, assumed it was aturkey good}, literally made the does a great job and population. Mallard more space will be need- vulture {buzzard}, so I earth and all things through the years he has population suffer.ed ed to put the pictures of quipped, "that stupid therein and ordered the really been good and another 16 percent drop these wrecks and much thing doasn t know we're animate kingdom to live generous to the local DU this year placing this no:.," untol amounts. DO they really care that the pro- duct they peddle destroys lives, homes, state services {which af- fect all of us) and the very fiber of our great na- tion? The answer is a simple no--greed is always the same. You more space will be need- not dead yet" as we ed for pictures and write started on down the trail. ups of the funerals of the Then the shadow people that will be killed swooped in front of us in these wrecks, again. We could tell it The "yes" side of S.Q. was lower than before. 563 is stating "let's be When we looked up this honest"--well I wish time we saw the enor- they would be honest, mous bird fold his wings The liquor industry and dive into thetopofa desperately wants the tall pine. When he did, a question to pass as they shrill and defiant scream will benefit greatly. The of a hawk broke the calm, extra bucks they can see as two fledgling hawks in their bank accounts came tumblingdown and have caused them to lodged on lower pine spend a fortune to get boughs. In no more than the question passed. If two seconds the big bird they are willing to spend {which we knew now was that kind of money now, no buzzard) propelled they must know that if itself out into the open this passes theyll make air and pumped its mighty wings for the get- away. It had a young hawk in its talons. Now I could indentify the in- truder as a golden eagle with possibly a five foot wingspread. As the eagle fled, the mother redtail hawk was right on her tail like a a deposit for water ser- care about your own in- submarine shadowing an vice with the City ofterests and howthosein- aircraft carrier. And the Perkins this past week terests affect others is size comparison was rela- was: Debbie Cunn- totally unimportant to vent too. Now the two ingham, 104 B W. you!I We all know that a contesting mothers were Chantry. greedy person is never out of sight behind the -o- satisfied with one thing forest. Eric and I stood when he can have several there aghast that all this and it seems the more he had taken place within has the more he wants, fifty feet of us. Now I will One area in this ques- make a self-iv.criminating tion that I can speak confession. with authority is in the While all this once in a """ area of homelife. I can lifetime, c!oseup incident , speak as one who lived in was in progress I stood the home of an alcoholic there with a good camera .... father. I know how booze at the ready but hanging kills. It not only kills on around my neck and the streets and high- down to my belt buckle. ways, but it also causes Now that all was quiet death to those in the again I remembered the home. It kills the respect camera and what it was you have for your that Mr. Eastman by the law of the fittest. To think further on this subject. I long ago con- eluded that God, the one the Bible decJares to be "Love", is not the author of the harshness and cruelty we see in nature nor the grosser elements in humanity's approved practices. "0" EXPENSIVE FIRE PERRY -- A $100,000 "pole cat" truck was destroyed by fire. A city utility department truck loss was estimated to cost at least $100,000 and will requ e sev al months to order a nbw one, even though it was covered by insurance. -O- chapter. There has been no in- crease in the fare: $15 total includes a year's membership in Ducks Unlimited and $5 for the meal. A person can some for the meal at $5 should he desire. The auction of the donated merchandise will commence shortly after 7. It will include some ex- pensive items donated by area merchants which in- cludes shotguns and rifles, plus a host of other sporting goods items. Ducks Unlimited an- nounced earlier this year a plan to lease acreage in the Dakotas, Montana, northern Nebraska for habitat development for migratory waterfowl. This is a historic break- through for DU- acreage ble bird on the border of "crisis population,:5:5 million. There should be* no Mallards taken I0r three to five years. . Tickets to the 1984. banquet are on sale at Chuck's Paint at Main, and McElroy in. Stillwater and at Coast' to Coast Hardware;. Highway 33 East, in , Cushing. '. , The annual Cimmarron Valley Fox and Wolf Association Hunt is scheduled Oct. 10-13, at Merrick, according. $o. Jack Gearhart of Perkins. There will be a', bench show and field trials. We shall have, more on this event later. A LOCAL HORSE. Kid Rocket. owned by Garvin Cru . shown ou tlndeft.: won the llth race on the first day of pari-mutuel racing at Salllsaw. Kid has won 4 straight races. 3 in Kansas. and at SMlisaw. :, Member F.D.I.C. alcoholic parent as you struggled so long and :: see how he sits each hard to make it capable .... weekend with his two of doing. Belatedly I got . . . . . . . "" cases of I eer and as he a picture of the onei" :C L*2: :: * " * " * * * i OFFER gets drunker and young hawk, slightly in. z drunker you know what jured, lodged on a lower * * mAsss ruga AT LZC OCTX * is coming. He goes from branch. *o~l.m~=. School Land lesses will b* o~fe~ It coon gmhlle I~d- * ding as follovst -- -- -- . being relaxed, to tipsy, to The mother hawk had * . being a loving "good given up the chase and * * ," el, boy' to the final returnad to her nest. Call- stage; the monster you ing consolingly to her * am. lO,OO amss as.z os ax m smoo mm * don't recognize and fear. maining brood she seem- ; 1, 19s* It kills the love in you as ed to be saying, as * m,. 1.0ore Pa Z aumcos sms stooD.- * ;' ' ' : 1. 1., you listen to the pro- countless other mothers ,'=' raises you know he won t out there in nature have * ums, x0,o0 non (lO,00) sxu zms szc mmoo * : oct 984 x rtn,o0) mmn'onzm : even remember in the to do, "Life must go on. rim Security Checks morning and your securi. Let's make the best of * TUsS. 1.00re mu ta a(Is00) storms am sCsoo * ." oct Is84 onmmu. : vfl Service Checks ty is killed when you it.' ...... "' liED, 10 t00AHJU.FALI'A (~SSOI[ES * watch him humiliate you The eagle must have * oct 19s, commmus- ** eral Salary Checks in front of your friends been very desperate to -liraW Duty Pay Checks on purpose. You are kill- get food for her own * ,oore mJo ( ,oo) ogzmz * .. OCT 3,, 1984 B[JkZSS(2|30) 8S0OL CJkraTBI~A * A. Pension Checks ed inside again and again young to make such a sort rots IT. ** as you watch him beatdaring raid so near : ums, o,oo c vs a(to,00) Gg aO azmmazc .- ttar & Railroad Retirement Checks your brothers and humans. They are prone oct 4, lSS4 OEL,aaoi~( 10 t 30 ) soczlrty AODXTOal ON mother and the fear is on- to keep lots of distance loo cin xn ,SZvd. * Pplemental Security Income Checks ly intensified as you from mankind under nor-* . ach r's Retirement Checks spend nights out in the mal circumstances. :_Laas.; viii be awarded to bidder ~o hlds higmt manual r*nt.l * pasture or in the barn so When we saw the tot tin ~riod of January 1, 19SS to ~m~r $1, 19S?t with tl~ * S.U Payroll Checks becan't find. you. These mother hawk make such *c tmato rs t,s,t t rlOht to or ,xt. id,. * things cause the.kind of a noble attempt to save To obtain infocm tion and Dopier, list of 1erases to be 4r "k @r scars thatdon'theal, or her youngandheardher . *vrlt.: or m11, * . - , ifthey do it takes years anguishedcry, ourhearts * comissioners ot tim Land OZti~ * ~ ' :' and lots of help. I amwent out in sympathy to * Ji= or-v* sulzdin . . Oklhoma City, 01t 7920S * %rot in and arrange now for your direct deposit, almost 40 years old and her. Then as all too * (4os) sal-ats8 or (4os) s2l- ts * I've dealt with theseseldom * ' * Safe, fast and convenient, scars all of my life.harsh but realistic lesson tmnoun~.mnts ,t ttm oe mat. my suers*de ~mr ~tnt~ .~tic.. That is why I get sick lodged in my perception. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to my stomach when the The mother ea le had . ' '