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September 15, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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September 15, 1977

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2-The Perkins Journal Thursday, September 15, 1977 0000,P0000qNgJOUR00RaisingS.ocialSecurityageto75 FTL m Robert L. and Yvonne Evans, Owners.PublisherSpublished each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street, would wipe out the burden completely Files Post Offcie Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 There's so much fla age for S.S from 65 to 68 traitor and proclaim him as a P ' , . Second Class Postage Paid at Perkins, Okla. 74059 going on by word of mouth, years of age. There s no hero. And they are saying Telephone: 405-547-2411 the press, radio and tele- doubt about it, but why not that Paul Revere was not due Subscription Prices: Payne, Lincoln, Logan and Noble Counties $6.00 per year plus tax Elsewhere $9.00 per year plus tax Journal Editorials All wrong from the beginning Our judicial system must work and is working, but Tuesday headlines which stated that the Kent State ordeal will continue into a re.trial makes the average person grit his teeth, duck his head and wish it would all go away. Kent State was something wrong from the very beginning. Everyone involved was wrong. The students who demonstrated in face of what they knew might happen, the National Guard for mishandling the affair, and the long drawnout repercussions -- trials and litigations seven years, yet, later. Kent State was a national disgrace, but it was also the beginning of the ending of civil power by force. Up to May 4, 1970, it was generally understood that civil disobedience would be tolerated up to a point, beyond which it would be met by force. Most citizens understood that the law must be upheld and to use force against it meant retaliation by force. This is one reason law officers and military police wore guns and carried billy clubs. Most children understood that police were to be respected because they were a friend of the law abiding, protecting them from those who did not abide by the law. But Kent State changed this. The law is not absolute nor a protector in the sense it was before 1970. The policeman is no longer just a friend, but an arbitrator who takes no sides. There are limits of civil disobedience that are permissable even to destruction of public or private property. Remember the attitude of the country in 19707 Riots, demonstrations, burnings in hot spots throughout the nation. Kent State --- three days of demonstrations, rocks, burning of college buildings, baiting troops in face of bayonets, reports of pistol shots. Kent State was destined to happen someplace at sometime. It did. Can it be litigated fairly almost 71/2 years later? It should be allowed to die a natural death. Time to pause One would be incorrect to think that Perkins and the surrounding community is as it is today just by chance. This weekend when Old Settlers' Day is observed, residents should pause a minute and remember that it has taken several generations of Perkins pioneers and their children to get us where we are today. There is much colorful history in the past of this community. It all started nearly a hundred years ago in 1891. It was then that the territory was opened to settlement. The physical Perkins -- the boundaries, the homes, streets, schools, etc., reflect those that have lived here before. They've had their day and provided us with what we see. The generation today will add their abilities and ingenuity and our children will live with what we provided on down the line. And so it goes. But the personality and attitude of Perkins reflects the now generation. If it is a good, progressive, clean, moral town it is because of the people in it today. You can't blame the settlers and pioneers for the attitudes today except that very distantly, they may have propagated some of the vision, it's real confusing to the average citizen, includ- hag Doc. There's the Panama Canal, Social Security, Labor and Management, Human Rights, Deregulation of gas and oil, and radium in our water supply. When some- one inquired about my thinking on some of the matters, about all that could be said was, "l don't know." Kinder reminds me of a group of boys hanging around a general store in Alabama in the early 1920s and the subject was about radium in general. A drummer, probably known betterby traveling salesman, was quietly listening to the conversation and one prop- erty of radium came out which we did not have the answer. The drummer was asked for his opinion and he replied, "Listen, I am exactly like all of you. I don't know a darn thing about radium." Well, all these things are sticky questions and many of the answers are just as vague. Jaunita Kreps, Secretary of Commerce, suggested that the burden of Social Security would be greatly reduced if we would raise the resiaents that provide the brain power in 1977.. Old Settlers' Day is a good time to realize that what you think and do makes this proud community what it is right now. Your contribution today makes you a pioneer for tomorrow. Be a good citizen. raise it to 75 and practically wipe out the burden complet- ely? And giving up the Panama Canal is based on human rights and the tyranny, trickery and dishonesty of our forefathers who executed the agreement in the first place. Of course, that opens up the matter of our predecessor's actions in leaving England in search of freedon and fighting back when" England made war on us for controlof our existence. And maybe the South was unethical in seceding and maybe the North was in bad judgement on using methods of war and destruction to regain control by Civil War. It does seem odd that the elected officials were not invited to the preliminary signing from Panamian Government and that a controversial figure head was used in lieu thereof George Washington is being questioned by some as the Father of Our Country and his veracity, honesty and manner of undersirable speech. And a movement is underway to clear the name of Benedict Arnold as a the recognition for his actions in warning that "the British are coming." We may or may not be seeing some of the things fulfilling a dictator's statement that we would be taken from within without firing a shot. "Doe's Comments" said that if Carter was elected, the possibility of serving out his first term was question- able based on past perform- ance as Governor of Georgia and the necessity of a leave of absence from U.S. Military duty to make up his mind as to how he would spend his life. He later resigned from his commis. sion in the U.S. Navy. Right or wrong, the tremendous pressure on him has just begun. I hope he makes it but the odds are against him. It's not a matter of Burr Lance leaving, it's when And that will be a major blow to the President. Editorials throughout the South are very blunt and uncompli- mentary. We have a great nation but for the first time in my 76 years, I am running a little scared. Think about it. Arrivederci, T. C. (Dec) BonneT :.:...%:;%;''`%%:-'M%.;.;::.%:.';;::.;;;;::.:::%%`:;.:::::.:::.?.?%%.........*.%`.:.?:.:::.::: i! The Jurnalasks yu: i !i What is your favorite conversation? ii When you're with friends, what is your favorite topic of conversation? Dan Bates: h varies from friend to friend depending on what their work or interests are. 1 am retired. 1 worked arily with her mother, Ella Briey: Things in general usually I just returned to Perkins recently to be with my mother. for an oil company 33 years. ...... ............... Mrs. Elvis (Carol) Ernest: Mrs. Ned Bigsoldier: Subjects in the news like the Panama Canal the energy crisis and other political issues. Sometimes among Indian friends we discuss our history. Robert Wells: Politics/ The Panama Canal at present. I favor the treaty as it is. Florence Hansen, former Perkins resident who moved to Calif. and has returned to make her residence tempor- right now my favorite topic is Women's Lib, I think we've always had equal rights but were just too blinded to realize it. People always get around to asking my husband if he can sing and play like "Elvis Presley ". Edna Eyler: usually child- ren and grand children and a little bit polit&s and football. We have our favorite T.V. games. I'm a Monday night football widow/ ,% :...., (From The Perkins Journal September 18, 1952 -- 25 years ago) Mrs. Agnes Sasser has re-opened her beauty shop located in her home two blocks east of the bank. She has installed new equip- ment. The Perkins high school band will march in the State Fair parade in downtown Oklahoma City Saturday. Members of the Perkins city council, realizing that we are faced with a critical water shortage problem, agreed to the letting of a contract for a new deep well to be located in the northwest part of town on property belonging to the city near the OG&E trans- former. The well will be drilled to an estimated 150 to 200 foot depth. Rev. Van Nickels, one of Payne County's outstanding citizens, has been transfer- red from Eden Chapel Evangelical United Brethern Church to the church in Hardestv, Okla. Van and his family have lived in this vicinity most of their lives except for a few years he svent in Oklahoma City working for the Contintental Oil Company. They moved back here in 1932, and Van began his extensive church work then. Many of us have acquired a habit that makes things for a telephone operator even more difficult. How many times this week have you picked up the phone and asked Lois Taylor, the operator, to ring John Doe, instead of giving her the number as listed in the book? (From The Perkins Journal September 12, 1957 -- 20 years ago) Superintendent of Schools J. A. McLauchlin reported Tuesday that Perkins school enrollment shows a consider- able gain over last year with a total enrollment of 409 this year. The graduating class will have 31 this year compared to 27 last year. Two were killed and two seriously injured in a two car collision one-quarter mile from the south Perkins city limits Tuesday morning The Perkins Demons have been hard at practice the past two weeks preparing for Thursday's first football game of the season at Oilton. The probable starting lineup includes: Richard Nelson, So/'d criticism from various ment has not been the HEW is having difficulty sources. The consensus answer, but what about the "making up its minds" off! appears to be that a great amounts paid into the S.S. whether the regulations deal of "detergent" is fund? Where have they concerning the length of needed to white wash the gone?  probably into boys hair constitutes a show before it could be Welfare or other such violation of Title IX, the by LaVeta Randall accepted for public viewing, programs! In my opinion, the anti-sex discrimination sec- Still one can always change person or persons who have tion on federal education channels. * * * * paid into Social Security for laws. Seems that the new T.V. Perhaps, of more vital many years are the losers. The question has been show SOAP should clean concern to our nation is the There is no doubt the asked by some authorities, itself up before a family most drastic "overhaul of problem must be solved, but "What possible relationship invites its principal charac- Social Security in its does it always have to be at could there be between the ters into their home. history." Standard retire- the working man's expense? length of a boy's hair and the A Washington-based Na- ment would be postponed It is time for middle-age and ' 9', quality of his mine. tional Catholic office for until age 68 in the next older persons to speak up From what I've observed, Rood  Information identifies such century. I before the measure is this tendency to "strain at a The Journcd 1 roles as "a guilt-ridden The proposal would not enforced. We, the people, gnat and swallow a camel" is adultress, a confused homo- limit the pensioners' earn- should have some voice in not uncommon. However, sexual, a hilarious hit-man, a ings, as I understand it. But this matter the trend seems to be for confessional seductress, and it would reduce social * * * shorter hair again among the  olld Be |11 a self sacrificing philander- security payments by six per I must say, I envy the Fred male population. If the HEW er " cent, eventually denying full Brooks who had such a holds out long enough, the the KIlOW| However, the ABC show is social security until age 68. It delightful vacation trip. My problem will solve itself on trial run due to much seems compulsory retire- oldest daughter and family whether anyone likes the IIII II II II I - ,,,, , , , lives in Casper, Wyo., so solution or not. l needless to say why I am *! Thursday EYe. 7P.M. i HARRI$ONELECTRIC envious,[ r I[- - i ........ I IJCT|ON ! I ALONG WITH FIXTURES AND COMPLETE Recently theyspenttime "'["r"0[[/(},. [ ] ELECTRIC SERVICE NOW atMt. Sushmore, too. Atthe []ll. . 715 S. [ l ,.; Let Us Help You Sell Your ! I CARRIES ...... insistence of the seven year . . o!dson. , ,_:---..,., Mare ! ! .Used Furnilure And Appliances ! [ MINUTE t,00N SMOKE interestingThere are sightsmany variedin Wyo-and (t..--[f'|l i ! ...For Morelnformation On i I DETECTION ming. I enjoyed Thermopolis ATE__R 377-6083] | .CensqnmentSales ! [ SYSTEMS with its most unusual and colorful algae. ,,, , ,,,, 1 Call 372-3390 | I WITH EASY Incidentally, cowboys are WANT TO SELLII;Z! tiptoes mcehes000 ,,' INSTALLATION Horreson - r'lectri often called "goat Topers" We have buyers- ' ' " " " l FIND OUT MORE there. This didn't set too well II _ with me being from Okla. We need listings. boma -- the land of cowboys Sasser Agency [ 00URNITI00E [ ! . LIGHTHOUSE and lndians*** Real Estate 00ler n U.S. 177 372 7171 107 N. Main 547-2927 ! , ,,,,, , ,,,, 914 S. Main. Stillwater It is interesting to note the , PeriLs, Okla. _ / : Gray, Curtis Fisher, Robert Matheson, Dick Clarke, Bob Fagan, Eddie Pratt and Charlie Gray. The substi- tutes are Jim Thompson, Carl West, Bill Cross, Fred Smith and Billy Clarke. Editor Bob Evans writes in "An Item More" column: Just in case you wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a newspaper office -- Well, this front page you are reading was scraped up from the floor beneath the press, and some of it pieced together again for you to read. Yep[ It happened again. The front page and back page slipped from the press while it was running, and if you have ever seen a real mess, you know just what had to be done. All you jig-saw puzzle fiends could really have had your day helping piece' together the literally hundreds of lines of type and other miscellaneous pieces. . Tractor drivers were hard :, at it at the contest during the Perkins Fair Saturday. Cegil Redus really wheeled the tractor through the course for a 59-second record to take first place. Jerry Sadler, with 1 minute and 3 seconds was second, and Verl Walker with 1 minute and 20 seconds was third. We drove the course, but we went through after the junior boys had finished. We didn't check the time -- too busy knocking over blocks on the course. In the Want Ads, E. B. (Sig) McDaniel ofered for sale a ten room home, five bedrooms, 2% baths Two floor furnaces, double gar- age, four lots, in good location. Priced to sell. Mr. and Mrs. Burton Coate and large family bought the home. (From The Perkins September 14, 1961 years ago) The after-effects of cane Carla hit Perkins vicinity Tuesday, 4.61 inches of rain on town from 7 a.m. 6:30 a.m. causing at least the area to get out of Government weather Cecil Gray report Perkins received of rain since less than Sixty-seven staff and members spouses and Lions members attended nual Teachers' Night. Named to head Combined Drive tion was Roland Executive secretary is Vassar. Melvin Sager outgoing president.- over directors are Holsinger, Butt Coate, Vassar and Sager. directors are Kathleen Butler, B. A. and Sodowsky. Rural mail carrier Crab was looking his daily trip with very enthusiasm morning. A five-inch doesn't help a mail disposition at all, he saY s. (From The Perkins September 14, 1967 years ago) For the past several the Perkins town studied the water and facilities needs for There are a number choices available in proaching these public meeting residents of Perkins haS called for the high auditorium. Editor Frank muses: "Ever notice salesman wants to s your hand? Not true they go into a print There is something to 2 pounds of ink always present on hands that make' greeting a little less ly." -0- Around the Farm by Allan Wall It rained Sunday morning. Next week -- Are Farmers are still sowing Balers Unsafe? grain. See you next week. The Old Settlers' Day -0- celebration will be held here Saturday. This celebration commemmorates the open. ing of the land south of the river in 1891. There was an error in last week's column. The Okla- homa City Fair was listed as City Plumbi ending October 9. This is Co., Inc. incorrect. Actually it ends October 2. At any rate, be 547-2117 1225' sure to go to the State Fair if _ L. R. "RED" you possibly can. There's Pl,mbing -:- something there for every. Air one. We've Moved! To 1805 S. Perkins Rd. Construction Company-