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September 15, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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September 15, 1977

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12-The Perkins Journal Thursday, September 15, 1977 A candle burning at both ends makes a lovely light The "Stalneckers", all nine.of them, arrived in three trailers and a bus to bring contemporary evangelism to the people of Stillwater. Their life-style involves traveling to different churches 48 weeks out of each year. They go every- where it is geographically feasible. The entourage is made up of evangelist Ed Stalnecker who brings the message in word. His wife, the glamorous Butte, depicts the message in song. "You have to be contem- porary to reach people to- day," the 48 year old Ed said. "We're trying to reach people who aren't familiar with the church and we're not going to do it by looking or talking like they did one hundred years ago." The Stalneckers, who have two sons, have been on the road since 1964. During that time the boys' schooling was managed by correspon- dence from the Calvert School of Missions and the University of Nebraska. Later there was time away from the group for college. Both boys are married now. Rick and Lynne have given the Stalneckers their first grandchild, a girl, the latest addition to the group. Chip and Carlene were married a few months ago. Both wives are winners of various beauty pageants, and also contribute to the vocal group. Their husbands sing, preach and play instruments. The vivacious grand- mother, in her dazzling style, is a renowned concert artist both here and abroad singing with various symphonies at intervals for thirty years. In addition, the group boasts a puppet show. This is done by Shirley Nichols. She and her husband Joe are a vital part of the unique group. Joe is the organist ?..,d an electronic specialist. The Wurlitizer Company provides the organs for the Stalneckers and also for the Lynne Stalnecker, ri&ht, a.d Carlene Smlneckero left both former beauty queens are a part of the Stalnecker's Family Group. pop singers, "The Carpen- ters," The Nichols, Rick, Lynne, Chip and Carlene live in trailers. Butte and Ed live on the split-level bus. The bus and trailers are parked on church parking lots when the group is in revival. The bus and trailers have their own self-contained sewage systems. They are centrally heated and cooled. The living facilities require only electrical and water hook-ups. They carry their own 250 foot water line and electricity is usually tapped from the church where they are ministering. The family unit allows time in their busy schedule for civic functions and school services. The puppet shows and hot dog suppers, pizza blasts and "Jesus is the Rock" concerts are geared to attract the youth. A formal concert of sacred music ranging from classical selec- tions to gospel numbers is designed to be a "Praise Service." The dramatic finale portrays a vocal rendition of the "Second Coming" with appropriate sound etlects. Spot lights accent the central themes .spreading the message in song and by word, Although, contemporary in style, Ed and Butte both have master's degrees and the services are in good taste and scriptural. They call themselves "rood for God." The evangelist team believe people do not respond to religion presented in a Victorian manner but within the realistic realms with which they can identify. As a close knit family, they ezperience all the problems of everyday living just as any other normal family. As a result, they try to relate to the society which they are trying to reach, Bette was widely known as a singer in Memphis, Tenn., during the '60s. But the renowned vocalist is also a housewife. The converted split-level bus is painted red, white, and blue and identi- fied in large letters with "The Stalneckers" and in small letters "Contemporary Evangelism, Inc.. Strength for Living." (Published in The Perkins Journal, Thurs. Sept. 15, 1977-1 time) Commissioners Proeeedi00s OF THB lqtHDIS OF THE VTI.' OF THE pATI COlf BOARD OF t'IIO.'tS The following proeeedinga wily be preeonted %0 the Doard of Cty Corissioners for approval  minse a$ the next. mmtmg on gtqst 31, 197% The Board of .Cy ComXeatonero met XO a rehear =setL Wednesday, au% 31, 1977. The followiaE were presence Me.bars: UJyssal B. Crag*n, Chairean Bob te, Vlce.-Chairan Orval ;'.ayfield. ['ember Others: hinds O. AllenSorth, Ccnmty Clerk ettle W1eon, ws her t The ChaLman called the meetLY& to oeder at 9:(30 a.m. The proveedings of the meeting held  22, 1977, were pmened. It was noted on pqe two, paragrapr. tWO, the eddltiOn in Yale is rove, not OaIdge. Mr. White ede a tion to t'ove the mlnuea as certed. F. ttyfLeld aecoeded the tloa. 7he motion carrled with all i$1nsra votir eye. lx. ayf:Eald mted Phe e4greet with the Paes Triha2 Housi.g Aukor!ty Vhich had eea refeVt c the lletri Attorne froc. a evils mmetLn. ::x. field Stste he DistriCt 4ttornay ha pve the aeent a to form. . Mafield ede a tin t aept the areeet Ah the Pase rital HousLg ll'loPitp lUt i-eeete to   & prior oate. F. .Ite ol the c%ion. The motion carit with I cnmlallonar votin+Ye. Kr. Fayfield state the District Attorney has advised him his office apear before the urts on thal of the o%y n the st for foreclosure on propert t taxes due. Mr. Hayfield stated under m new taw, the comity wi On mtve to pa empl(een On the coy loyeal. It a noted the hoard bee two optiOnS: 1. TO pay 1% of the monty salaries up to Bt,0.00 per year per eioyee to be paid monthly. 2. To pay Upoo Lqvoicln from the Ok2aoaa Icqen Set.atlas Corisio on those persons claiming unemployment benefits On the co.ties account. The County would ser i a uarerly report of employees and waes earne drin the quarter. Aer discussion. x. Xayfield ue s xtion Chat the hoard accept the optlbn to reiee the 0klone loymect Securities Ceission baled on  ur.@Ioynt benefits that might be drawn against the courAy begirming January i, 178. F r. hite secoM the motion. The otiOn carrie with all comf+insionsrs VOtl 'e, Hre. Nilma yan, Count TreUurer, requested the board approve the sale of LOtS 9 a= IO, Block 9, Washxqton eightS to the City of Cushitg and Lot 14, Block el, Washiton Heights to the Cty of CushJ8. s. Ron repore on July l&, 1977, Leroy Hemphill appeared xn nor office and laced a bid of $75.00 on Lots 9 & I0 of Block g and a bid of .*15.O0 on Lot l& Of Block II, A sale oete of gst i, 1977, was se ad ublishe4 on Ju/ l, Juy 2B, n Ag% i, I77. On Agust i, bids Of $8*00, $90.00, 9.O0 I 00. er placed o, LOts 9  iO of Block 9  %bat no other bis were placed on I l& of Block Ii. The bid of $i00. he frc Leroy HeLll, as ua the bid of 15., s. Ras requested ths boar spprove ths sale of LO'S g end 10 of ock 9  Let 1 Of $1OCk Ii of 'hinton Heights to the City of Cushln tO Leroy Hero, hill for a total of $11,00 plus advertis and recording (tOtal received $I3.51). Y.r. Mleld made a motion o approve the sale of the above desoribed lots aa preented bY he ety Treasurer. Kr. White seconded te motion. Th OtiOn carried with comissloners vot aye. The board approved a check  the a=out of $500.00 fro the town of Glenco to ek tr oblation ss agre o earlier for work tO be done O their town streets. The following Southwestern Bell Telephone permit waS approved: bury cable for telepnon use begrmzn spprox, 2.6 miles West of the corner of 20-2 extorts across co 2%20-2 ond west for 25 feet. ;ar+c To)re, ;=t: Au==tor, recn'-e tr.e 1)77-'* gctCrace o[ :e: S: : ::c+.: _=:' c:, o[ t:.c F:ci Year 1,7'7. T!e toar. P.viewt3 j : , . ::a':fii,; +c a rOt3:; :rat the hoard bDprovc RC tOd: as r, .'r" cc r. :OCr for :,e I:T-9 $::cal 2ear. 7r. 2c ;eCOnOgd f-e : :+.. :; - :orlon c'rrl..,,/ w=tn all corr+iczioser votl; aye. 7r. ?ie ree  notion %0 ;bli-h tY.S etlratc Of Pez for tr, O 11777 fl " +:r. . Ya: :ie.d :tat++ t e wo,&i= not :scon t.e c)tion ss Lti= "Z r':u+r,: :: the :S%ule' anz r+e feel= thC rake= the toar lor. ttpi. The Chaam reliniu.K'- t,*,e c!:alrrannp ".0 t.e Vico-ChairJm) WhO accepDe. . Cr'zan :ccorec ne +otlon. The Vice-Cnsi.an retre the cr+alrr,,anzhlp tO 15( Cnslran. The t Ot!O csrr! wi the following obes Ir CaSt, :r. Cruon) lye r. oor rrcerec  coatrect for ).he lon% of hi fir=- fr the ! "'-+" f.:caA ;'ar + + ne preparation of the 197-77 buge%. J:x. ;:fiald (r+a."  o%= to el iy t=e fir of esrge C. ioore for the fiscal )'ear %7 at a contract ;rie of $2,?JS.C9 'icr, include the preparation of the b:':= for i;;-'/', :iea 7ar. 7x. ite zeode .e cotion. The r otiou canri :t:: all -orci.ior+er: "!o+rg /a. The c?.a=, ca/led for a rsce- st 10:2 for five minutes, Thc cne:+r.m+Im cai! t: mee'zr sc to order at i0:30 fro.-, recess. Tr, e toar areve0 the allocation Of 8729.93 frc alhelic bevertlle tee. The pound approved the recel tO eutxnit to the xcile otr the fOllewlZ Caf  tiaee: Tla $30,000.C Decorated with red carpet and vinyl-padded walls and ceilings, the bus contains as many or more appliances than many homes. Among these are a microwave oven, a trash.compactor, a garbage disposal, a freezer, 25 pound ice maker, dishwasher, butane stove and oven, refrerator and a Washer and dryer. Also a red telephone. The master bedroom con. rains a queen se bed Thb room Ls completely mirrored to give the usion of added space and combat claustr phobia. Bette delights in her washer and dryer located under the living quarters and i. the side of the bus. The boys take time out for motorcycling and enjoy C.B.s "Chariie" is a 32 inch high, 55 pound apricot colored poodle. Printed on his collar is "My name is Charlie. Return to local Baptist Church in revival" -- thus guaranteeing the pet's identity. Ed spends much time in the business end of the corporation. Shirley Nichols is the financial secretary Their home office is in Jacksonville, Florida. One reporter has de- scribed the Stalnecker's bus as a "mansion on wheels" instead of a tall-columned home on South McLean down south. But the Stalneokers are innovative, and the crusades have not been without some criticism. The attractive blonde in her knee high boots or attired in chiffon and sparUing diamonds says now that they are successful, their interpretation of "strength for living" is more acceptable. Belle's hands are dedi- cated to bringing the gospel to the deaf as she, Lynne and Carlene each interpret the message and songs in sign language. The group as a whole conveys the feeling that God intends for Christians to have their heart's desire as Chairman is elected for a Perkins Community Education project Tuesday night Dr. Deke Johnson, O.S.U. Director, Community Educa- tion, addressed twenty Per- kins residents Tuesday even- ins at the P-T HIghschool Library. In essence, the expert stated that commun- ity education is a very old idea, and yet it is relatively new in a fresh and exciting method now available to adults as well as kindergar- ten through the 12th grade. The group included repre- sentatives from the city government, Bill Loll, chief of Police and Elizabeth Wise, city clerk, Senior Citizen President, Rev. Van Nickels, Bernadette Huber and Lands Bigsoldier, Iowa Tribe, Carol Acuff, School Librarian, Madge Evans, Elementary teacher and Shelby Wyatt, Supt. of P-T School and Claudean Reynolds, who is serving her internship in Community Education. "What is Community Education?" Dr. Johnson informed his interested listeners that some elements are an opportunity for parents to become more marketable through the program. It also furthers education for young people who have a high ratio of unemployment with an al- ternative to vandalism and crime. It helps the communi- ty to better relate as a whole rather than isolated groups competing for similar goals and roles in the mainstream of society. It can provide numerous studies and recreational activities, skills and creative arts. But the people must participate by contributing their efforts and letting the new Chairperson, Opal Ol- son, know what they want in the way of classes. An Advisory committee was appointed to serve with Mrs. Olson in planning a survey of iongasthe methods,+wcil Perkins to find out as the desires, are accept- able to Him. The lu,ues help them to better cope with the grind of living on the road, Stalnecker said. "We burn the candle at both ends, but it makes a lovely light," the wife of Ed Stalnecker said. &T 21,525.3 CDla 5,700.00 CDIC . iO0.OO CD2 1,500.00 After discussion with Darrell ecklerA8, COnty Surveyor, -. its me a motion %0 instruct the County Strvayor to advertise for bs for single bituinous chip and sse for the streets as specified in the letter  the City of GLencoe if' the streets are ha surfaced or baled. Mr. Mayfiald seconded the motion. The motiOn carried with all coamiallonere voting aye. , Cruzan stated he wo,,d like tO br!g a ter up at the Te=dty eetAg regarding a complaint by r. Cronshaw on the Cuing LalflD. road 1 miles East of Highway lg ich has a drainage problem, The following claims were presented and aoroved for payment: 197-77 fiscal year General: 1988 Consumer's IOA grocery, welfare 29.96 19 .56 19 Southwestern Stationery supplies Co, Clerk 23.IO Health: 683 &nery Retherford cuppies, H.U. 115. The Psychological Corp. lullies, HU &5.56 Civil Defense: 1A2 gill Stor Fire and Safety Co. sirens, C.D. ,9.00 1977-7 /local year: City Dg Store eOicstion, Charity l.l 36 vans & Associates supplies, H 23)6.51 &8 GooctTear rvice " 93.O8 1 Sooner Supplies IO4.69 Perkns u IcatiOn, Charity 20.00 102 Logan Por repairs, Hw x I&5.22 IC7 Nora.an Carro1 Trucking services, Ht &992.% 153 ?ran Carrel Trucking 5OO5.18 16 Southwestern ell service, Gen. 30.30 16 , Co,,rcial Chemical Co. service, Cen, 607.50 2)1 .na Systee, Inc. supplies, Hw 19%96 302 Oi PP.oto service, [xt. 2.35 350 Aa Gas Compaey deposit, HW 60.00 371 Eohe Tle Warehouse #79 sullies, Hay 816.19 389 Dawo Bros, Katerial CO. supplies, HW 300.O0 3O :r Carrol Trockin K service, HW Th.ll 391 Dawes Bro. Eaterlal Co. supplies, BWy 3032.AO 39) Jdwe$t Pl Service supplies, Ext. l&.50 hO l:torole CaeAnications a Elect. supplies, C.b. 4.00 15 $CL Supply sies, H W 312. 9 Dawes Bro. Eaterial Coezy supplies, Hw l&&.OO h20 albert uipmont 38Q.AB &2A Central DrA Store medication, Welfare 32.65 &36 John Lon8 services, Cn. IO15.00 9 Allred Supply supplies,  120.00 L)5 Dan Schroeder service, C.D, 20.O0 h7 Safewey GrOcery Store grecarles, Welfare 18.93 h62 Allred pply supplies, H W 25&.00 hBl Xerox Corporstxon rental, H.U. 65.00 483 Barbara 9aker" services, H*U. 10.00 484 Stillter Typewrltsr services, Treas. 236.27 &85 Larry D. ipman ser/ical, H.U. I.OO h88 Supreme Machine Vorks service, Hv IO5.O0 490 Dawes Bros. ltterial C@any supplies, "H W 3743.&O 507 Jerry D. Price travel, X.U. Ik.70 508 illete Saver.s a Loan rental, HeU. 300.00 O9 race LoUiSe Stliff service, H.U. 65.00 510 alter R. Evis travel, H.U. 61.20 11 Oklthea Natural COS illties, H.U. 3.11 512 Vickie hwlktshey travel, N.U. 27.30 513 COnper's Cycle Center eUpplies, C.B. 22,00 51& Sothwestorn Sell sevicg, C.D.. 132.02 15 Peycholoftc&l Services Cenker service, Welfare 27.00 516 Edna Close service, Meifare 9,26 51B Sestyat Orocery Store ocerles, Welfare 32.35 21 Rohe Tire Warehouse  suppliee, HW 863.90 ] ntw 7/* supplies, HW b05, 525 krlgt's Track Service sq, Hq .0 27 Poer eplles, C.D. 13.00 533 Kd01ingar hlnOn Letter eples, lf. 36.0 3 Itional /.-8 Supply Sarvive SuIieS) . 5. 36 ie's Ofise it contract, Elect. Bd. 95.00 39 Marorle F, am travel, H.U. 36,00 5&O t Food arke m.s'iwa, H,B. 2.0 5 espital Products eupplies, B.U. 53.56 A4 Orvtl . 1eld trare, B 125.00 ? UIeses . Czean Z30.O0 (. Joe Shalay travel, Shrrf 93.90 562 Jack Strk - 3b,O0 563 Frank Phillipe . 2eO.O 565 Ruth Sark - l, ,8-9 el s " 178.65 570-1 Bill vane - Ipl.O 573 te  - 12z.35 Tiv' Carl Hlaer 209.70 76..7 t'Xe St, otto - 1.90 79 C, T. tn, XD service:, Qrit R.S. lO.O0 80 Bob te travel, Hf. 200.00 5B3 Cal ParrOt travel, H.U* 55. 82 Delete Fowler = 6,90 8 pittl ProduCt) suppliae, H.U. 6.{3{) 5 Southwestern  eerviee, Co. Clerk .(  +  ,4+I2em+mt,,t travel, Co. Clerk 91.&2 587 Leads 6. tllenswerh " 140.OO Sheri lck - 1.00 589 Glor HN - I.  OJ  ev. Lab. servltes, Wefm.e .00 Claudean Reynolds, far fight, who is doing her doctorate in Education Administration at O.S.U., visits with interested Perkins citizens before the Community Education meeting at P-T Highschool Library Left to right, Opal OIson, Claudean and standing, Nickels. Opal Olson, chairperson of the newly organized Community Education Advisory Council, gets information from Dr. Deke Johnson, Director at O.S.U. for Community Education. may become necessary in some instances dependent the upon many factors. resources which are avail- The organization was an able in the way of talent, effort to make the commune- needs as wellas potential ty aware of their own special problems. The work must needs. The first step is beginon a volunteer basis, explore the interests of Dr. Johnson cited instan- Perkins people and see if ces where vandalism went they are interested in down when needs of the community education. Mr. community were relevant. Wyatt felt the board of "A caring, reaching out education would cooperate enables changes in behavior but due to the district's and attitude," he said. budget he felt it could not be Funds are available to help expanded at this time. defray the expenses involv- Those who have volun- ed. However, the classes teered their services in may be free, but a small fee promoting the idea and 5% Sou%hbera BeLl /,0.60 596 Wl3aa an 26 597 Prar R/lipa 976.e0 610 Southwest arn Bell 105.17 612 I 59. 613 SOuthwestern BelS 85.87 614 Tiar  19.50 616 O.S. Poet Office 39.00 617 thwestarn Bel/ 155.6 6].8 al Taleho CO. 51,6 619 Roepit al Produc 27.50 638 IAles A, Eaalay B.A 639 Jack D. Shorter 78.27 0 Kenneth D .Cbell ?6.06 i Robert C. um &7.16 642 Rmleell C, h 12.2A 643 Cral Carme " 104.3/* 6 Ruth Stark salary, Sheriff 800./,0 Mike Gt7 " 00.&O Merle Stokes 200. AUrea F.spie Coup 625.00 R H en. 625.00 R. C. Poster " 25.00 Allen Evans Jr. " 25.00 Frank Phillips I0(). 50 Jack 5lark " .A5 Joe S%alay 800.AO Hingon 800.40 )*el Bounds " 800.40 Carl Hlnar " 8OO.0 645 Wilm Ryan salary, Treas. 1000.50 Josephine Mero " 650.00 Jretta GAllatte 6430.00 Andrea HorlneM 600.00 Aona J. Nurnan 590.00 Jtmaita B. Nance " 580.00 646 U2yssee B. uon alary, Com. 1000.50 Oel R. field i.50 ite i. 7 Likuta G, AUensworth salary, CO, Clerk I(X)O. Sharri Kesick 650.00 Free Svans . " 5.(X3 Raye Lynn Hem " " 555.00 Glorta Healer " 50.00 Cir[ iser 50.00 648 Milhred P. Star salary, Assessor 1 JIth G* Germ " . Core B. Mercer " . Linda S, Thrasher 580.00 Rex L. Holland " 650.00 649 Darnel/ gecKLenbg salary, Sor 120.00' 650 Rose I. Jarwis salary, Court Clerk 1000.50 Carrie R. Shirley 650.00 Tbalma ondore # 80.O0 Joan Halsy " 580.00 Lilliaa G, Besdht= " 580.00 Sandra H. Kess 650.00 Betty J. GcLffn 600.00 651 Kare Kay Nu32andore salary, Gen. 705.00 652 Patrlcla 14. Frank salad, CA ?00.00 653 Zrne Tallay salary) 81de. r. .oo 654 SOlda Selph aelar$, elect. . A37.0 Pstrlcia o Charles " 6.O0 65 L1es g. lalay S, RevaluatiOn 577,O Ith D.  340.00 Jack D. Shorter " 3.7 ROb C. m " 3.2 e L. tYIead * 150.00 ltaee11 C. Coch lm.O0 BIlc GXlse aalm, G.C. 700.00 Jones 291.72 VickAe Ann hoNtaskay 935.00 Vlckl L. Mi].iae 252. 657 Jonnn Severage salary, H.U. 555.00 l)tlorls FOWler 670.00 F.ar go Halay 280.50 Lia Hicta 805.00 Ear.altlae  580.O0 Carl L. Jones 280.00 Carl D, Parrott 805.00 Zvelyn Roton 530.OO C, Ray Russell 935.00 Laura Shaw 252.50 IAa Shipaan 9OO.O Kgt hlean S%iron " 770.00 8 State loyees Group Health Insurance ns,, H,U, 22B,00 659 JoA C, Seauchae salary, DA 95.00 Southwestern Bell service. D.A. 125,6 Kelth A.  travel,  24.30 " epecses,  iO.O 663 Ott O supplies, CD 162.27 Beasingar Printin CO. sulial, CO. Clerk ;0 '  em spplies, H 15.36 assisting in a survey of the cizy are in addition to those representing groups are: Mr. and mrs. Walter Owsley, Vern Wells, Bertha Pricer, Judy Scott and Stella Ingram. Also present from Stillwater were Dr. Clyde Hamer, Dr. Phil Knight, working with O.S.U. from Univ. of Mo., St. Louis, Lincoln Laing, Monies Gor- don, and Peggy Ludeman, O.S.U. students. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 20, 7:30 p.m. in P-T school library. The Public is Invited. -O- ett" W. I Janice L. Sharkey Ithe A* ,%rrison Ksr:Utyn J. French 6T Burrous Corporation 678 hinds Arereon Carol Aaron 6T9 arold R. Baer Lonnie Lee heeler C, G. Coff DOnald Twogur Robert Lorett Armond C. rques Prattle Lane 680 Lawrence Creaer Cleo Groo William Sedler J. C, galso R, B. eZZ Taylor Cook C. D. Baker Tommy RobLnson Bob EcNalr Ji D. Beron Homrd C. York Harold B. Foreman Don Etmd Doyle 682 Char] e 7 Settles leo STlvesLer Howard F, Lewis Jwea St herl_e Rck Wilco 683 Chester Dr7 Pete t heride Jack GambZl a Leone L. Eugene F. ,aves Rocky Got tried Floyd C. Jones James Harve Harvey Boot ies Paul Re=say R, B. Frame L. . Owens R. H. Griffin Kenneth leon Pilllp Nettles lyon POcht Roy. x Gene's Corner by Gene Orchard (From Page 3) scream wil heard. Writer's Note: This is regard to the Letter to Editor on Gene's Illinois People Are from the gentlema California. You are fight about your how we all see differently. I have found' it hard be with people over world but since that column at many others--one of is a native from took it on myself to Sunday afternoon in a beautiful strolled through windows I would speak. With pen and hand I kept total many spoke or retur Out of 100 women, and children, returned the smile bothered speak. looked at or nuts or as if I had heads. And as I said I've met many wonderful people temperature here the same "cold" Bul tickled the I had one reader and it worth your time enjoyed your comment. So it goes until -0- Bobby Bay Stepnens salary, B 5 Faye S. Dawson salarJ, Supt. Jackle EcCas 66 Joan Clark salary, Hwy CETA 687 Ron Hll salary, CD Bre.a Johns salary, CD 688 Oklahoma Tax Cocnsion taxes, R.S. 689 First National Bank First ,ational Bank %axes, CD 691 Oklahoma Tax Commission 692 Colonial Life Insurance ins., Hay 893 Oklahoeut Tax Coesslon taxes, Hay 69 ue Cross and ue Shield ins,, B W 695 State Retiremen Pund retirement, Hay 696 First Mational nk taxes, H 697 First gational Bank taxes, H.U. 698 Okloma Tax CoelalsslOn taxes, H.U. 699 PirSt National Bar taxes, Sen. 700 OMImS Tax ialion 701 State Retroent  ret., O en. 702 Oklanoa State Retirement 703 Colonial Insurance ins., en. "tO& Blue Cross a Blue Shield ins., CA (tn) 705 ins., Sen. ,,f 719 Dorothy Creozd, Court Clerk garnishment, se 3 Ckla Teacher Retirement retlrnt, S" V.r. White mode a tion tO diaellow p,:l.cheae ord -. seconded the otiOn, The motion carrled with all Mr. ite made a otion o adjOurn to reconvene Tesday, Mr. field secoeded the ion, The tion carried with aye RespeCtfully bmltted, , Clerk