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September 18, 1975     The Perkins Journal
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September 18, 1975

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2. The 'h day: Sep mber 1S, !97S, I i II i i , I Area: Monkey Businm~ es measurements for many hell from a number of bt/siness." We heard this week that years now. self-righteous, Bible toting, Oklahoma's Lady of the GRAY MATTER Harold Flint over by'Agra is Our only complaint is that finger pointing, shocked men GaP, Ms. Paula, wrote Betty always passing information we would have patti the FAA and women who would prefer Ford and criticized her from this column on to his to let us take the tapethat the world go around answer. wife, so for Harold's benefit measure and conduct inde- without discussion on today's Aw c'mon now...what and because we appreciates pendent research on ourlife style }iappene-d to "'judge' not, M O N K E Y MARTHA WELLS, HARLAND WELLS loyal reader, we've included own. (Imagine our father-in- It reminds us of a recent least ye be judged"..."and Co-Publishers and Editors the following information law, who is a FA.A pilot in episode of Archie Bunker let he without sin cast the .from a Federal AviationBelgium, would volunteer to when his ma~ied daughter first stone." B U S I N ESS by Lee ( Lee Grab, Managing Editor Administration study, help usif a follow up study is told him she was "preg- Even Jesus Christ be- Jane Flint, Composition Supervisor The FAA recently spent required.) naut." friendeda prostitute--so who $57,000 to study the mea- -Family Affak- "Don't use thatword," are we to sit in judgment of dollars, having a little fun on the shoreline as surements of airline stew- We've been following all grimmaced Archie."Nice others? a legalized prostitution bill state sails off Shirle~ Hagar, Composition/T~ pcsetter ardesses, this point, counterpointgirls don't get pregnant---. -Not Long Ago- that didn't have a snowball's horizon. RhondaNickels, Secretarv/Receptionist Results of the study business over First La, dy they havebabies." All of this national chance in hell of passing, Frosty never " included the testing of 423 Betty Ford s remarks on 60 The semantic games pea- attention to such an insignifi- some naive legislators scurri- inform and ente women who weighed be- Minutes' when she was pie play--whew! cant issue reminds us of the ed around trying to find out if When he dies, tween 94 and 145 ibs., stood asked hypothetically whatIn Mrs. Ford's case we time Kansas legislators were there was any support for the hope that's 100 y~ THE JOURNAL between S ft. 1 in. and 6 ft. 1 her reaction would be ifthink the journalist (and we asked to consider the bill. now, his body sl in., had bust measurements daughter Susan told her she use the word loosely) should legalization of prostitution. ."arch," said one legislat- donated to a Published every Thursday by the Perkins Publishing between 29 and 37.5 inches were having an affair, have been a little more The Topeka newspaper or toour father whowas then research center. Wi Company. 133 "S Main -'Post Office Box L, Perkins. and waists from 21 to 28LadyFord, who is probably tasteful in his questioning, splashed banned headlines a state representative, see an autopsy re Oklahoma 74059, Telephone 377.3599 or 547-2411. inches, the mostqntelligent person in Really now--that's not news arid a frontpage photo of a "What are you going to do explains how 900 There have been a number Washington today, gave a--but national scandal sheet masked woman, dressed in about the prostitution bill? guts were cratm Subscripti~ms: $6.18 in Payne. Lincoln & Noble of articles and comments on straight, compassionate an- gossip, red, testifying before the The old man smiled and Frosty's rived Counties. $9.28 Elsewhere. the waste of taxpayers' swer. She said she wouldn t We are proud of the fact House of Repre~ntatives. replied, ' Why...l m not frame. money where this study was be surprised because of the that Mrs. Ford did have the (The woman wain t even a going to pay it. For the $10 Entered and paid as 2nd Class mail in the Post Office m concerned. "new morality influence on guts to give an answer--but prostitufe...just a Capitol (Questions about prostitu- admission to 23 issl Perkins. Oklahoma. 74059. Call in your subscription. But, we would defend the kids Susan's age. wewouldn t haveblamed her secretary dressed for the tion bills...or Susan Ford s Observer, you ne~ or classified ads today - 547-2411 or 377-3599. study becatlse we've been a On the other hand.., for saying, "That, young part.) morality...deserve those kind wrong. So send you student of airline stewardess- Poor Mrs. Ford has ~ught man, is none of ~/our While wasting taxpayers' of answers[) The Oklahoma Ob$ C Bi II ~i! $10 in fr a subseriptin t want t read abu [Published in The Journal, became the sole owner Glenn Eng [sh Introdm es Day are Frosty Tray's Oklahoma league Monkey Bt Perkins, Oklahoma, one [11 thereof. Said real estate is :J' Observer, you've been lef~ on this stateI time, September 18, 1975.] described as follows: Sixth District Congress- would require staff increases every eight children, regulatmnswould simply ...... Lots 61, 63, 64 65 and 66, in ,, " ":':":':::'::':':':':':':':':':":':::'~':':':":'~":':"':'::':': :: nd man make |t posstble for those READ IN THE DISTRICI t~UUKl ...... - ,. - man Glenn English today which would raise rates by as Oklahoma, a y " " o ........ mocx tv m t'erxms lawn announced that he has joined much as,, 100%,"stated other states already have families who most need day OF PAYNE COUNTY , . aranteecare serv|ees to afford them cT~-ru ,~ ~L-.~Un~A Company s Second Addition with Congressman James R. English, and that would strong laws which gu I " ....... ~'~ ..... to the Town of Perkins, Jones of Tulsa in introducing also mean more government that day care centers provide hope that Con gr. ess..will uate caremove swtruy on this Dill, to In the Matter of the Oklahoma; and legislation to change new spending to help support day children with adeq " " msruction En hsh end their threat to da care ~/~j~ Determination of the Fact ........ ..... HEW regulations which care for children from and" t " , g" " Y ,, The Journal ............ LOt o mock .~ m ttmoernne w in f mihes " mted out "The new HEW centers across the natron and Date at the tJeath ot tsmy ..... ' ...... would force many Oklahomaio - come a " " . po" . _ _ _ " .... AoUttlon to me lawn or day care centers to closeUnder the HEW rules, day ...... - Gene Mobley a/g/a uene ....... Mobley ' rerKms, ux,anoma, down. care centers would be forced ************************* ~ ~[ [l~~ff~~~f~ According to English, the to hire one adult for every a ~..m,....,m.l~,m at. th F Deceased ....... 3am .......... petition has vy oruer new HEW rules "would four children cared for. The ~ M Q n i i~ r~o.~-/3-,3o ........ of the District Court been set result in sharp increases in legislation introduced today ' -- "" - I'o m e ro NOIItSPL OP HPLAKINLi ....... ..................... ~or nearmg oe~ore me the cost of day care service - by Congressmen Jones and | ]~mal/'i~l~ ~ P~IilIt)IN I() DI~II~KMIIN~ . . ............... District Court the 30th day of increases which many work- English would allow states to ~ ~ ~ ~ Ill ~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ~, " DEATH t)t~ Jt)tpdI II~INAINI September, 1975, at 10:00 ing families could not set their own guidelines for ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~. m w ~ .. A.M, in the District Court afford, centers, aslong as there w,, ************************* i ...Dress Code The State of Oklahoma to me .. " .......... " ....... ttoom r~o..mz m me t:ounty "The new regulations at least one staff member for ......... heirs oevlsees, legatees ano .. ........... ' ...... ~.ourt rtouse at ~Ullwater In, , DAVIDSON responded to a distress ~ clothing that displays any lettering, assigns at may ~,ene ........ .... sara rayne t.ounty, vraa- ~ . Coast Guard Damate Con- signal from the 7.5-million ~1 figures, illustrations, or anything Mobley a/k/a t.,ene Monkey "o a w- " " . ' .... n m , hen ano where you I Vflllr IIt/o/~l~ flhg~fll~ ~v no a ~ n^Ml~[ trolman First Class Tom J. dollar barge. The cutter's that implies Vulgarity, immorality, oeceaseu and to all persons _ _ claiming 'any right' title' or may appear ano snow cause, ...... I Fw~" ..vvn ~..~ww u. o, .............. j Davidson, son of Mr. andcrew assisted local firemen in ~ and the use of alcohol or drugs, '. . ~I any you nave, why saiu - ---~F-o~or~~ Mrs. James H. Davidson of extinguishing the blaze,~ halter tops, crop tops, and midriffs. interest in or to the real -etition shoul'n .... p o at De texen . :.-~w-~ Cushing, recently helpedwhich had resulted from an ~!~ Included in the new code are the estate hereinafter described" _ ..... as true aria why me court ARIES Speaking of personality fla,ws, you Artes, must fight a fire aboard The explosion while the barge [] provisions that hats should not be You and each' or you are shouldrder notd ....... make and enter an Mar 21-Apr 1~ cope with a neurotic that s now walked on Caribe Sun oil barge docked was undergoing welding ~ worn in school buildings, that shirts ........ o a juogmg me tact anu ' " stage Your ability to placate will be put to at San Juan, Puerto Rico. operations. ~]~ must be buttoned at least through J~otmeo that t~aroara Lea ........ ....... aate of the adam at the said test. He is a crewmember ~.~ the second button from the top, and Mob~ey has nteo in me Bill Gene ...... District Court of Payne termination of~i,,~leY'r me TAURUS Here we go' It seems as though you will not aboard the Coast Guard The Sagebrush is home-IW that sideburns and mustaches must County, Oklahoma, a verified" ~ a "o ........ s nte est as Apr. 28-May 28 leave "well enough" alone. You're prone ~ CuRer Sagebrush,which ported at San Juan. ~ be trimmed. ......... J lnt tenant m sara rear tamper with serious emotiom...at the cost at petitton atteging that tony ........ | ........ estate, ano mat mereupon your job, task or project. Gene Momey oleo on me the surviving joint tenant GEMINI An unusual interest in the woes of anCleb H.Id Across tho Wild tlor,. ..Phones 21st Day of September, 1972, Barbara Lea Moblev became May H-June 20 associate, shows in your chart. For some a resident of Payne County, the sole owner thereof, reason or another, you'n be ~ into of- . .......... _ ~ j Oklahoma, . ',~ thereupon ..... Dated this llth day of fairs and areas that sllould not be disturbed, ny ~,um tammm . our teaaers on ear, mum- costs, especially ............... 0ut-of-state ............... costs his interest ,,: ~ joint tenant September, 1975. The September meeting ofcation were Peggy Wolf and in the real estate hereinafter MOONCHILD It might not have occurred ~ you,,b~.ln the Elm Grove was brought toPatsy Lile. Peggy let us[] according to Leon Hamrick, South- western Bell manager. ~! June H-Jnl ~far dark corners of your mma you ve nmited described ceased and termi, s/Rose I. Jarvis Y ..... ~.,.~o ,, .~o,.,~ un.,,~ ~,t~.t~,,t it' order by President Juanita participate in the lesson. It ,, " h ~ hated, and Barbara Lea Court Clerk ~ ...................... ~ ...... """ " Walker in my home last was a lot of fun. And some of ~ Interstate calls made wit Mobley, a/k/a Barbara L.(SEAL) LEO Decisions based on hearsay are ,d~.dly, in. Tuesday night, us found out how little we ~ One-Plus are based on one-minute [] charges. If the person you're calling Mobley and Barbara Mobley Berry, Murphy & Osborn July 23-Aug. ~ deed. And speaking of "hearsay, ' most of Devotion was given, and communicate with others. is not there, you haven't lost the your mmmformatton will pertain to a roll call was a sw d the surviving joint tenant Attorney for Petitioner super|or" "Bluntly," don"t cr0ss" swords wlfla" per n ere by I was very happy to host , "., .. " telling of a person you like the club this month. My ~1 initial three-minute period charge," sons m aumonty l Hamrick said. i! and why. There were somebeing in the club has really [Published in The Journal, , estate is describedas VIRGO Most members of your sign will he in sort of a fantasti, responses, given me a lift. ;. Perkins, Oklahoma, one [1] follows: Ang. 23-Sept.~ twi!ightzone. Mem.~,ig." ?Aserh~s~eventswill Several of us commented While I was serving the ~ Ch II time September 18, 1975.] tmoyouteeungootnnappyanasao, onthefair. ElmGrove gotan refreshments of pineapple ~rl~ W~ Lots 13 and 14, Block 7, IN THE DISTRICT OF Tucker's Addition to the City LIBRA For no apparent reason, whatsoever, many array of colors. We helped cake cake and !ce cream, ,i PAYNE COUNTY, STATE of Stillwater, Oklahoma; and Sept.H-Oct.~members of your sign will feel out of sorts, with the Fair Kitchen again "Happy Birthday' was sung ~]~ Ch The planet Neptune's ildluence pushes you this year. The Extensionto our birthday girls. O ~ e ~ 4mH OP OKLAHOMA Lots 15 and 16, Block 7, into amysteriousmood. It'll pass, quikly. Club does the preparation there Fresh baked pies, In the Matter of the Tucker,s Addition rathe City SCORPIO It seems as though you are consideri~ a ~,'.., '. AROUND THE FARM ~ ciRar~ ~WOI!~ OCt. ZS-Nov. 21 serious, very serious, plan which, incidentally, omner prates, nomemane by Alhm Wall r Determination of the Fact of Stillwater, Oklahoma. is being opposed by a frivolous and light heart- stew and hamburgers. It is a I~nrm~r~ h.,,~ h .... t..* and Date of the Death of ................... v ..... - ed person, lot of fun working together in-" alfalfa and some wheat [-~ h les a as chosen Perkins Jacob Washington Gorgas Said petition has by order t~ and meetmg other club Deceased. of the District Court been set SAGITTARIUS According to your chart, it would be a good It rained in the last part of ~ area 4-H reporter at the Monday, 1 women for hearing before the Nov. ~-Dee. 21 "den to alter or resehedule social plans. Other- ~ ~ ..... last week, just after some ~ Sept. 8 election of Payne County wise, you'll offend someone or trigger an era- uur uooa t=neer ts mr ~am farmers had gotten their~ adult 4-H officers at the Stillwater P-75-152 District Court the 7th day of barrassing situation Lee. We hear he is back in . ..~a ,:.-:_.., . . seed m. G .......... s ~_ fairgrounds. October, 1975, at 10:00 .......... the hospital Let's send a *** " NOTICE OF HEARING A.M., in the District Court CAPRICORN tieing tineral with "gooo anvice, seems to ne n,,....i, .... ~ ._ [] Other area reporters elected at the PETITION TO DETERMINE Room No. 302 in the County Dec. Z~-Jan. 19 your hang up, during this week's ~c cycle; .................... It may seem like winter,~ meeting attended by Mrs. Patrick DEATH OF JOINT TENANT Court House at Stillwater in There's one problem, however. Yonr 'advice' ~n'n but it's actually summer, t~ Taylor, Mrs. Jack Downey and Mr. said Payne County, akin- might provoke an associate. I~H~JUuJ[~ ][][uJ~J~[ Autumn doesn't officially ~ and Mrs. Charles Wall, all from , ~ start until September 23 The State of Oklahoma to the homo, when and where youAQUARIUS This week, more than the remainder of the I C ...... H.,, Ii.I,L *** . ~ Perkins, wereMrs. Alberts Dooleyof heirs, devisees, legatees and may appear and show cause, Jan 20-Feb 18 year--you must draw from past experience. I ~ t~.~ ~.t ~.,~t,~ ~ I ~ Yale, Mrs. Marilyn Swanson of assigns of Jacob Washington if any of you have, why said " " Duplicating misjudgements and taking things I_ -~ See you next week. ~ Cushing, and Mrs. Pat Caldwell of Gorgas deceased, and to all petition should not be taken for granted, could be costly. NOW us touching things Stillwater. OOPS! persons claiming any fight, as true and why the court ..... . . . a offered onto idols, we .... Jack Stout was elected president " , r ChOW that we have knowl we maoe a mistake two[] of the 4-H adult leaders group, and title or interest in or to the Should not make and enter an Luc lle Rus. ell Hono e - weeks ago in a last minute Mrs. Melinda Daughterly and Mrs. , real estate hereinafter des- order adjudging the fact and _ edge. Know|edge puffeth effort to get that week s crtoea: dateofthe deathofthe seid .it PY~ Flit "ti,,n op. btO charity edilieth. Journal out. ~ presidentLinda Redmanand secretary,were electedrespective.Vice Jacob Washington Gorgas,~me /u~l~ Vii ~ V And if any mort think It was erroneously report- ~ ly. You and each of you are the termination of his by M~. Meilm Giover days in this area. ,h,.,, t,. 1, .... ,h .,.,.thin., ed that the Class of '75 and notified that Della Gorgas interest as a joint tenant in " s " the f .................... ~'" ~' ~ After the election of officers, the The Perkm-Tryon PTA Representing acuity ...... ,. . student council were solely ~ 4,H leaders discussed committee has filed in the District Court said real estate, and that held their" first meeting of the Mrs. Anna Marie Evans ne Knowem naming, yef as responsible for the new high ~] activities, teen leaders, the exchange of Payne County, Oklahoma, thereupon the surviving joint season last Thursday, Sept. presented Mrs. Lucille Rus- h~ ou~f ~o know. school marque which sets on" t~ trip to Arkansas and adult leadership a verified petition alleging tenant Della Gorgas became 11. President Houck intro- sell a diamond pin for being Corinthians 8:1,2Main Street. that Jacob Washington Gor- the sole owner thereof. I_~ training. gas died on the 21st day of duced each teacher by selected Teacherofthe Year. The "marque was class~ An orientation program tar new reciting a little poem We all join Mrs. Evans in I g:ditnr'o nHnt,, I]nnkl projects for the classes of ~ 4-H leaders and interested parents December, 1973, a resident Dated this 15th day of befitting their individual congratulating Mrs. Russell ] t.,a,~t.~ u s/uutu uuun [ 1973, 1975 and 1976 plus ~ , will begin Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 of Payne County, Oklahoma, September, 1975. and thereupon his interest as personalities. After much for winning this honor.[ ~~~-~ I effort by the student council. ~ p.m. at the Stillwater fairgrounds merriment over this,, they. The Perkins-Tryon bylaws the sting o[ bees. a joint tenant in the real s/Rose I. Jarvis [the-stin-Ooi~ee-s:-~---'----[ estate hereinafter described Court Clerk werered apple.presented with a b,.g oneWere amended so as to ullOWbig money makingI .....1[ ~ A rabianProverb [ USETHEJOURNALcLASSIFIEDAIk~ ceased and terminated, and Della Gorgas the surviving (SEAL) Superintendent Shelby project a year. The project Wyatt presented some facts for this year has not been September 15, 1975 Marcilia Kay Dilbeck vs. incompatibility, pardy warrant. joint tenant became the sole Berry, Murphy & Osborn and statistics regardingselected as yet. owner thereof. Said realAttorney for Petitioner Mardage License Larry Robert Dilbeck, incom-Civil Cues Filed Judy B. operations of the schoolThe ne.~ meeting will beVongchal Jarernswan, 31, patibility. George A. Slusser vs. R. Bridges, system. However, he endear- Thursday, Oct. 9. Mrs. Anna Bangkok, Thailand; Puang-Martha D. Baxter vs. Heirs-Executors-Adm., et al prop. ed himself to the group by Marie Evans' special educa- kaew Sovitayaskul, 27, Bang- Donald D. Baxter, incom-of Opal L. Slusser, quiet title. Menu's for Sept. 22--2S ing, S.M. Bread, Milk. recalling many events and tion training classwill kok, Thailand. patibility. Kendall E. Grindstaff vs. Monday Frklay bits of nostalgia of his earlier present the program. III I I I P-75-14 Hamburger Potato Bake, No School Jack Russell Ruby, 21, Sharplev. Green Beans, Carrot Coins, Stillwater; Janet Louise ...COUrtly Cour~ ~$ p.7%147 Adr~ Apple Cobbler, School Made Gross, 19, Stillwater. I I I of W.B. Bread, Milk. Jeffery William Huffman, Gayle Jones Lavery vs. Kirby Glasscock, money Miller. 18,Stillwater; Carol Sue James W. Lavery, incom- judgment. ". P-75-148 will Tuesday .~ September 28, 1777-British treops occupy Philadelphia in the Maxwell, 18, Perkins. Escalloped Beef and Mac-~ American Revolution. Billy Dean Johnson, 19, patibilitY.Kathrine J. MacNeil vs. A.KVROLambert,lncrP'moneyVS" Williamjudg. Mariep.75.149 aroni, Tossed Salad, Black September 27, l~$.In England, Geerge Stepbenson operates the Tryon; Sheryl Lynn Tipton, Mark K. MacNeil. incom- Eyed Peas, Cocoa Berry first locomotive to haul a passenger train, ment. Dollie Lee. Cake, Hot Rolls, Milk. September 28, l~0.Tbe flogging of sailors in the U.S. Navy is 16, Ripley. patibility. Okla. Tax Comm. vs. p-75-150 J.1 Patricia G. Glenn vs. American Shop, Inc., jeo-Billy Gene Wednesday abolished. Divorees Flled Russell L. Glenn, incom- Meat Loaf, Macaroni and September 28, l~.Great Br'i~ begins to govern Palestine my Carol Ann Ross vs. patibility. Tomatoes, Celery Sticks,$choo! M /ll/ deramandatefremtheLeagneelNatioas. Kenneth Wayne Ross, in- Purple Plums, Cookies, Bul- September 30, 1913-U.S. Army reports it has 1~ airplanes, with~ compatibility. Derrill Eugene Smith vs. He ? ! Ch Nancy Lee Smith, incom- gur Rolls, and Milk. elficersandHenilstedmenonaeroaauticaiduty. Carolyn L. Mason vs. patibility. 9rear buy 10 Thursday October 1, l~&43,merul Frandsce Franco is preiaimed head of Larry J. Mason, incom- Taco Special W/Lettuce Spain's nationalist govermnemt. Lorraine Ella Coronado vs. and Cheese, Buttered Mixed October 2, IM0.Birth el Mebamlas K. Gandhi, Hlgdu ngtioealist, patibility. Manuel Arturo Coronado. W@ k's Vegetables, Banana Pudd- leadec, and reformer.