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Perkins, Oklahoma
September 18, 1997     The Perkins Journal
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September 18, 1997

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THE PERKINS JOURNAL-THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1997 ...... lice to check welfare of son with cal Center. Perkins-Tryon , ...... ex in Tulsa. Contacted LCSO and 02:58 p.m. - call from PCSO School Menus . they will handle, of possible domestic on E. Kirk. 9:40 p.m. - two Kay County Second party gone on arrival, Week of Sept. 22-26 deputies at PD looking for sus- was name calling and throwing BREAKFAST: pect. Traced to county address, -small items. No physical contact, M o n.- breakfast pup or is OK. no damage, cereal, fruit juice, toast jelly, . THURSDAY, September 11, Keylon syrup, peanut butter, milk 1997 7:47 p.m. - PCSO reported Tues. - ham and cheese Beard juvenile male walked away from melt or cereal, toast, fruit juice, MONDAY, September 8, 8:45 a.m. - citation to Lynn Boys Ranch west of Vine.. Lo- jelly, peanut butter, milk 1 9 9 7 Holman for disobeying stop sign cited at Co-op, picked up byWe d. - cheese hash browns Chief Curtis Burns at Newport and Pogue. Boys Ranch employee and re- or cereal, toast, fruit juice, pea- 9:15 a.m. - at ACO building 1:14 p.m. - call from Payneturned, nut butter, jelly, milk to check if any dog in custody County Bank of subjects parked 11:19 p.m. - PCSO reportedThurs. - waffles or cereal, matched missing dog. It was in, taking up all parking spaces at resident wishes to visit at PD re fruit juice, toast, peanut butter, called owner, the bank. Located drivers of re- kids following her around town, jelly, syrup, milk 09:50 a.m. - several calls from hicles and told them to move, harassing her. *Frl.- sausage gravy or ce- NE 3rd, Kirk and Lovers Lane of they were not happy about mov- real, biscuit, fruit juice, peanut girl wandering around confused ing vehicles, butter, jelly, margarine patty, and hiding. Checked area, met *3:20 p.m. - monitored high County woman milk with reporting person. Also school traffic, makes restitution LUNCH: checked elementary school, Keylon Rob Hudson, District Attor- *.Mort. - Salisbury steak or onlyone child not in school and 05:30 to 9:10 p.m. - assisting hey, announced that Traci chicken nuggets, mashed pota- did not match. Checked absent DA Task Force serve search war- Janean Smith aka Traci Janean toes, brown gravy, green beans, girl, she is OK. Unable to locate,z rant at 315 E. Kenworthy. Bonhomme, a 27 year old Still- peaches, hot roll, milk continue checking. 7:04 p.m. - possible fight at water woman, paid $500.00 res- Tues. - corn dog or chicken 10:45 a.m. - call from 104the park by football field. Gone titution and pied guilty before nuggets, spicey fries, chili beans, NE 7th and girl is at his house, on arrival. Special District Judge Charles A. fruit cocktail, milk Picked up at 10:46, brought 12 8:32 p.m. - possible fight at Meyers on Sept. 5th to the oWed. - vegetable soup, low year old female to PD. Found4th St. Apts. Got everythingcharge of obtaining merchan-fat cheese stickor chicken nug- info that girl goes to school at settled and sent all juveniles dis, by means of a bogus check, gets, cinnamon rolls, crackers, P-T middle school, teacher came home. Hudson said Smith had applesauce, milk by and ID'ed her. Contacted 10:50 p.m. - PCSO reported purchased $266.54 of clothing Thurs. - ham slice or morn, released to mom at 12:37. to be on lookout for 1993 white from Jimmy's Western Wear onchicken nuggets, scalloped po- o12:45 p.m. - to 123 SE 3rd,Ford Mustang wanted in LoganFeb. 12, 1997 with a bogus tatoes, green beans, pears, white subject found arrow stuck inCounty, consider subject armed check. Hudson said Smith also bread, milk side of house. Contacted lady at and dangerous. Last seen north- had 21 other bogus checks dis- Fri. - Cheeseburger on a house across street, her brother bound from area of northwesttributed around Stillwater. bun or chicken nuggets, spicey was responsible for arrow and Lincoln County. Set up at Hwy. Judge Meyers deferred sen- fries, pineapple chunks, milk she will correct and have him 177 and Vinco. Negative con-tencing Smith for three years apologize, tact. and ordered her to pay total Ripley School Charles Ottaway FRIDAY, September 12, 1997 restitution of $2,790.89 at the 8:20 a.m. - in Stillwater for Beard rate of $150 a month beginning Menus Set court case, canceled and re- 8:30a.m.- monitored school Oct. 1 st. Hudson said the Week of Sept. 22-26 8:30 Dentures Relines to & & 4:30 Partials Repairs 1/2 mi. W on Freeman Rd. in PERKINS i (next to Cimarron Bingo Casino & Smoke Shop) AND A When You Order CHICKEN FRIED You get a FREE 16 Oz. Only scheduled, traffic Court's Order is basically a three BREAKFAST: 0 4:45 p.m. - public assist, bat- 11:05 a.m. - complaints year probationary period with*Mon. - cereal, buttered l o from lady on Pogue St of brown tery cable burned "n tw . Re- . gives Smith the opportunity to toast, jelly/honey, juice, milk awed,o " all OK. dog always running loose drag- avoid prison if she writes no Tues - breakfast pizza, o citati n issued ging chain Could not locate it more bogus checks and pays tator tots, juice, milk 7:10 .m. - o " " restitution as ordered by the Wed - sausage links, his- for speeding 73 mph in 55 mph. 04:00 p.m. - report of acci- Court , cults, gra--,vy zone dent south of Cimarron River jelly/honey/butter, 07'20 m observed rou bridge Unabletolocate Talked Hudson said the Judge sJuice milk P" "- g P " " ruling followed a plea recom- ' Thurs -baconandcheese of,iuveniles at Mac's, no .nrob- with Ken of Iowa Tribe, he ad- vised he had seen a car in ditch mendation which had been muffins, hashbrowns, juice, milk lem, dispersed. agreea upon between his office Frt - cherry turnovers 07"30 m - observed rou earlier but someone must have and Smith s attorney. Hudsonsliced ham milk p. g P .. , , of four juveniles at Mac's, from pulled it out. said that his office's first prior- LUNCH" ' Stillwater, sent back to Stillwa- Keylon " i ......... lay n Dogus check cases is to Mort corndo s French ter. *5:45 p.m. - PCSO reported recover restitution for the vic .... ;'. - g ' Kasev Kevlon Child Welfare had juvenile they - . rues, pEKte spear, lemon waIer - - tim and incarceration is onlyuddin milk/'ui e 6.30" to 7.'00 _.o m.- at foot- could not find, possibly at a resi- sought if the defendant fails to P g' .. !i c ball he ld for JV ame. deuce on Chantry. Located at -tues. - nsn crispy, onion pay restitution or continues to tin s Cole slaw crackers in, TUESDAY, Seotemb,. er 9, 1997 that residence and transported write bogus checks g: ' ' ' p " Burns to PD where he was picked up ..... " ..... app le cnunKs," " milK/juice" " 8"30am -citationonN by Child Welfare to be returned bogus s cnsa haP:SeoCUt nc sal:Wehdo.trb lef- ronl, garden Timberline to Stacy Wilson of toshelter. $214,732.00 worth of money ea :' .....,. oney/Dutter, p cries, mUK/JUICe Perkins for operating a motor . *8:10p.m.-ran .kids o,ff from for merchants this calendar ..... vefiicie el , tt'mt r, tm Baa!ffl ;, 0,gi g t L Lt q s ........... ........ *]nuts. - ham ana cheese and oro'oer ..... : ......... *lP.40 p.m.'-PCSO reported ...... -." .. sanuwtcnes, ........... lettuce/tomato/ _ _ . . new au-ttmemgn for me vayne ....... 09-00 a m - Co-op reported kids throwing rocks at lights at County office omons/plcKtes, porK-n-deans, that Tim Fox's pickup was sto- Baptist Church. Negative con- sprinkle cookie bars, milk/juice len from Co-op yard Took re- tact oF ri. - roast beef & Swiss, tri- port and had PCSO broadcast. SATURDAY, September 13, New Books taints, pickle chips, cherry Es- Looking around. 1997 the Library kimo pies, milk/juice 9:20 a.m. - middle school re- Beard Clothes Closet can ported girl from yesterday not 2:57 p.m. - report of pos- in school today. Checked her sible stolen car south of Perkins. 6 Hours One Friday: Anchor-help the needy house, was home with mom, late Keylon ingtothePowerbyMaxLucado Do you need clothes for going to school. 6:28 p.m. - vehicle with keys Angela's Ashes:A Memoirby your family? Check out the 10:00 a.m.- found pickup in locked in at I 12 Sharp, was able Frank McCourt "First Baptist Church Clothes park. Called Tim Fox and he will to unlock Pretty Boy Floyd by Closet", 322 E. Hert. Hours are come and get. Case closed. 8:35 p.m. - assisted Iowa McMurtry 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Tues. 12:12 p.m. - citation on N. Tribal officer at Bingo Hall. Was Another Homecoming by and Thurs. Call Lorayne Hughes, Main to Bobby West of StiUwa- supposed to be locked up, but Janette Oake ter for speeding 65 mph in 55 several vehicles there WasAtonement Child by FrancineCoordinator, at 547-2734. mph zone. workers still there laying carpet. Rivers WEDNESDAY, September 8:48 p.m. - call from PCSOVoice in the Wind by 10,1997 to assist Stillwater Fire Dept. Francine Rivers Single 5Topping Supreme BIG 10 PIZZA Ottaway with ambulance run to 413 As Sure As the Dawn by Topping . w ,0To ,v,o Francine Rivers Pizza p,.., 1:52 i'm" " call frm PCSO,Stansbury" Did nt transprt........... FUDIIC becrersoyNora KOD ~ ~ " ~ ~6 be on lookout for 1993 maroonwas two year old that drank _ shampoo errs SMALL 9 9 99 Pontiac 2dr, suspect wanted re ...... - - m ........ Holding the Dream by Nora robbery in Stillwater. ur uP , epte..oer {vv/ Roberts Lt. Mike Beard Ottaway MM$:6 7 aaen vrey by John 8:00 a.m.-patrol high 8:30am.-atPDworkingonStanford 99 99 school. " like y Spy by Daniel Silva paperwork Un 1 EDIU 3:30 p.m.- at dog kennels, f.2:0"5p'm ,-verbal warningr um -, Amethyst Dreams by Phyllis then to Perkins Vet Clinic. "Y"" /'? ":'Y "" Whitney ..... 7 9 Ottaway w mout lOOKing, r arrowiv LARGE F 99 99 $ 99 5:04 p.m. - assist citizen with missed colliding, did not see on- Time to renew? ~ It s easy to tell when it's time to disabled vehicle, commo traffic. .').'~a A.- ~.. c....- cnr~ ^ renew your Journal subscription- 5:18 p.m. - citizen from Lin- v.,,, - u, See the date on your label, then see coin County at PD, wanted po- amouiance run to tuq Lrozier. page two Transported to Stillwater Medi- Thank's! I i "air k**,,. Ir It*** '# ] $ 99 bu , $099 , Hawaiian Pizza Cheeseburger Pizza roni Pounder "I ' L,ve!tCountry Music! II I1 =-I '//,.l*Saturday" September 20: [ ! II II I ..-,: II "1 I inarvest Fest Special Dance [. ,,_.,..,_.. II I I ]featuring "Luck of the Draw"I _ I "~ % II .._Y_"~'~'_. I I Tot~n0t. n~tmttr~oF"ll~. 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