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September 21, 2017     The Perkins Journal
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September 21, 2017

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A6 THE JOURNAL, Thursday, September 21,2017 Tim I-IlSa R On Sept. 30, 1868, the "Victrola" and was sup- Old Settlers Day will be first volume of Louisa May posed to make people think observed here at Perkins Alcott's beloved children's of music, on Saturday, October 7, book "Little Women" is 2017. The first Old Settlers published. Alcott's sub- On Sept. 25, 1957, Day was held Thursday, sequent children's fiction under escort from the U.S. September22, 1921 at Ful- included "Little Men" Army's 101st Airbornewider Park in Perkins. It (1871) and "Jo's Boys" Division, nine black stu- was held to recognize the (1886). dents enter all-white Con- early days of Oklahoma tral High School in Little and to host a reunion of the On Oct. 1, 1908, the first Rock, Arkansas. Of the early pioneers. The date production Model T Ford is 517 black students in the was the 30t" anniversary of completed. Between 1908 district, 80 expressed inter- the land opening. and 1927,Fordwouldbuild est and were interviewed The vent was sponsored 15 million Model Ts. The by the school. Of the 17 by the Perkins local chapter cars were powered by a chosen, nine decided to of Farmers Union. Other 22-horsepower, four-cyl- attend, locals of the Farmers Union inder engine and could go met in rural neighborhoods as fast as 40 mph. On Sept. 27, 1967, a and rural school houses French TV network begins in the Perkins Trade area. On Sept. 29,1913, Rudolf to broadcast the first (and These locals also helped Diesel, inventor of the 0nly) season of the Amer- with sponsoring and partic- engine that bears his name, ican sitcom "My Mother, ipating in Old Settlers Day. disappears while traveling The Car." The show's Each family was to bring by steamship from Belgium premise was a man visits a lunch basket for the noon to England, On Oct. 10, his a used-car lot and finds a meal. The parade began at body was found floating in 1928 Porter convertible that 10:00am on North Main the water. His death was is, somehow, the reincama- Street. It marched through judged a suicide, but many tion of his dead mother, town and ended at Fulwider people believed Diesel was Park. The park was located murdered. On Sept. 28, 1972, weekly at the southeast comer of casualty figures for the Perkins. On Sept. 26, i928, work Vietnam War contain no The purposes of Farm- begins at Chicago's new U.S. fatalities for the first ers Union include educa- Galvin Manufacturing time since March 1965. tion and cooperation, so plant. Galvin would intro- Losses remained high the three principal speak- ducethe Motorola radio, the among South Vietnamese ers were education. They first mass-produced corn- forces, which had taken were C.C. Waller, National mercial carradio.Thename over the fighting. Farmers Union leader of had two parts: "motor" Washington D,C.; John A. evoked cars and motion, (c) 2o17 King Features Synd., Inc. Simpson, State President of while "ola" derived from Oklahoma Farmers Union; LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL N( )TICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Legal notice published in The Any funds not used by April 30th None presented at this time: Perkins Journal Sept. 21, 2017 2018 will be forfeited. Cavett Removal of Equipment items commended Darrell Varnell for from Inventory: None presented The Payne County Board of being proactive in applying for at this time. County Commissioners met in a grants. Reding also stated that Appointment of Requisitioning regular meeting of the board at the Environmental Enforcement and Receiving Officers: None 9:00 a.m. on September 11,2017 crew does a great job and wanted presented at this time. at the Payne County Administra- to also commend their depart- Discussion and Possible Action tion Building, Gloria Hesser Corn- ment. Motion by Cavett to accept on Financials: missioner Meeting Room 200, the funds, second by Bradley. Cash Appropriations: Craig located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Roll Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Brad- presented Cash Appropdations as Chairman Reding called the ley-Yes, Cavett-Yes. certified by the Treasurer's Office meeting to order: 9:00 a.m. Discussion/Possible Action - for August 2017. The following members were CIRB 5 Year Plan: Carol Cline Alcoholic Bev. Tax $ 25,192.37 present: Chairman - Chris with CED #5 stated she has #2 Highway Cash $379,012.91 Reding, District 2, Zaoh Cavett, corrected the plans from her last #3 Flood Plain Commissioner District 1, Kent visit, and stated that she had #4 Visual Inspection Bradley, Vice-Chairman Commis- added $300,000 to the Lakeview #5 Board of Prisoners $ 5,339.60 sioner District 3, Glenna Craig, project on the right of way only #6 Resale Property $ 631.10 $ County Clerk, Assistant District leaving about $150,000 left, and 30,179.22 Attorney Lowell Barto. Invocation that ODOT is encouraging them #7 Courthouse Tree Planting by Zach Cavett and Flag Salute to move forward with this project. #6 Health Department $ 815.15 to our country by Dewey Clapp. Cline stated the Commissioners $ 7,320.38 Approveminutesoftheprevious were doing agreatjob in getting #9 Sheriff Service Fee $ meeting of the board: Clerk's the projects done. Motion by 58,505.57 office presented the minutes of CavetttoapprovetheCIRB5Year #10 Gun Violence Prosecution the previous meeting. Motionby Plan as presented by Cline for FY #11 Mortgage Certification $ Bradley to approve the Septem- 2018-2022, second by Bradley. 49.53 $1,448.44 ber 5, 2017 minutes as presented, RolICallVote:Cavett-Yes, Brad- #12 Revolving Forfeiture $ second by Cavett. Roll Call Icy-Yes, Reding-Yes. 2,453.86 Vote: Cavett-Yes, Bradley-Yes, Road Name Requests-Autumn #13 Mechanic Lien Fee $ 33.50 Reding-Yes. Ridge Dr., Nightfall Lane, Fireside $100,102.73 Miscellaneous items from the Ct and Harvest Moon: Reding #14 Self-insurance $ 3,772.60 $ audience: None presented at presented road name requests 53,766.15 this time. for Autumn Ridge Dr., Nightfall #15 Sheriff Training Discussion and Possible Action Lane, Fireside Ct and Harvest #16 Law Library $ 3,580.44 on Bid Openings 9:30A.M.: Hick- Moon. Bradley stated this will #17 Project Safe Neighborhood man presented the following Bids be a new addition next year on #18 Record Owner Resale $ for 2018-25 Removed Bridges the NE corner of 44th and South 92.51 for Sale for Bridge #114 at $501 Western. Bradley motioned to #21 Court Fund and bridge #116 at $751 by JD approve the road name requests #22 Fairboard Cash $ 5,598.86 Hammock. Hickman presented as presented with no mainte- #23 Voce Grant the following Bids for 2018-26 nance by the county, second by #24 Co Assessors Fee $ 399.46 for Sewer Improvements. Reed Cavett. Roll Call Vote: Cavett- #25 Child Abuse Prevention Dozing and Contracting, LLC Yes, Bradley-Yes, Reding-Yes. #26 Sheriff's Commissary $ for $448,400, Abilez Construc- Approval of Sale - County 9,086.35 tion Co, No Affidavit included owned property at 802 S Cleve- #27 Un-apportioned Revenue in bid, 4M Trenching, Inc for land, Cushing, OK: Carla Man- #30 Jail Operations & Mainte- $501,617, Patdot Construction for ning, Treasurer presented 802 nance $115,562.12 $395,400, Danny Wick Excavat- S Cleveland, Cushing, OK for #31 Grants ing, LLC for $ ~,59,095, Crossland the sale price of $100. Motion by #32 Protested Tax Heavy Contractors for $717,000, Cavett to approve the sale of both #33 Drug Task Force North Central Construction for properties in Cushing, second by #36 Solid Waste $ 226.76 $364,426.12 and Goins Enter- Bradley. Roll Call Vote: Cavett- #39 Revolving Evidence p~'ises for $785,350. Bradley Yes, Bradley-Yes, Reding-Yes. #40 Capital Projects $ 212.73 stated he would visit with the Approval of Sale - County #41 Jail Limited Purpose Sale~.~ Engineer and make his evalua- Owned Property at 311 N Violet, 4,526.62 $ 223,281.10 tions later for Bid No 2018-26. Cushing, OK: Carla Manning #44 Fairboard Premiums Discussion and Possible Action presented this property as well #45 Limited Purpose Sales Tax on Evaluations: Bradley accepted located at 311 N Violet, Cush- #46 County Bridge Improvements JD Hammock as the best, lowest ing, OK for the sale price of $118.035227.65 and sole bidder for Bid No. 2018- $100. Motion was carried with #47 Payne County Home Finance 25, the approval of property at 802 S #48 Payne County Industrial Trust Discussi0nand Possible Action Cleveland, Cushing, OK #49 Clerk R M & P $ 51.58 $ on Reports from Officers and Approval-lnterlocalAgreement 5,901.26 BoardS: between City of Perkins and #50 Payne Co. Econ. Deve. $ Resolution 2017-30 - REAP Payne County Board of Com- 240.76 Grant Application - Diamond missioners: Bradley stated last #51 E 911 Wireless $ 417.23 $ Valley Community Center: week the board had approved 57,263.72 Reding stated the applicetion was the interlocal agreement. Brad- #52 Facilities Authority $ 319.81 presented last week in the Sep- ley further stated there was a $107.56 tember 5th Meeting so the board correction so he was bringing the #54 Rural Domestic Violence is presenting the Resolution this corrected agreement before the #55 Drug Court $ 7,366.68 week for Diamond Valley Corn- board. Stating it needed to read #56 Courthouse Security $ reunify Center. Motion by Cavett the County would furnish up to 5,365.06 to approve the Resolution2017- $10,000, notthe City of Perkins. #57 Emergency Mang. Cash 30, second by Bradley. Roll Call Motion by Bradleyto approve with Fund $13.97 Vote: Cavett-Yes, Bradley-Yes, correction as presented, second #58 LEPC Reding-Yes. by Cavett. RolICall Vote: Caveft- #59 Emergency Mgmt. Health Acceptance of OCCEDB Grants Yes, Bradley-Yes, Reding-Yes. Grant $13.08 for Solid Waste Program- $4000 Approval - Contract with B&B #60 103 Monies per District: Reding stated his BddgeCompanyforBridges#114 #61 105 Monies $19,037.39 office received three (3) letters and #116: Motion by Bradley #62 Court Fund Salaries & Fringe from the OCCEDB Board for to table B & B Bridge Contract, $31,094.40 Payne County District 1, 2 and second by Cavett. Roll Call #63 Animal Control Strays $ 3 regarding. Each District has Vote: Cavett-Yes, Bradley-Yes, 589.90 been approved to receive $4,000 Reding-Yes. #64 Court Fund Trust in funding from DEQ for FY RequestforTrafficControISigns: #65 DASeizure $1,402.00 2017-2018 to aid in illegal dump None presented at this time. #66 C.L.E.A.N. Program cletm upe and roll off charges. IngressandEgressAgreements: #67 Fire Dept 1/16 $ 57,740.67 and J.B. Eskridge, Pres- ident of A & M College each of the following con- at Stillwater. C.C. Waller tests: The Best Oration by a addressed the people on young man, ages 14-18;The national issues and farming Best Oration by a young issues, lady, ages 14- 18; The Best Special seats were pro- Song by achildren's group, vided for all original Old age 6 - 12; The Prettiest Settlers. They wereto Banner presented by any sign in with names and local Farmers Union. (ln the addresses. Their names parade, each local Farmers were to be published in Union was encouraged to the local newspaper and carry abanner.) in the state Farmers Union There was group sing- monthly newspaper, ing at the event. John W. Everything at the event was Durst of Goodnight-Olivet free, including lemonade, neighborhood wrote two There were several pre- new songs that were sung: miums given. A $10 prize "Sunny Oklahoma" and , was given for the best team "The Race of Ninety-One." of horses and 1891 farm Those on the committee S, equipment, were M.G. Bain, Lowery _, A $5 prize was given for Hert, Wilbur Stumbo, all of ' ', Perkins. Also, Vest Kirk of ;: Clayton, Walter Johnson of _. Coyle, and Johm W. Durst "i of Goodnight. ; The Old Settlers Picnic o', became an annual event, Later picnics were held at i the farm of Bert and Estella Frame, southwest of Per- kins. The members of the Iowa Tribe were invited; and considered members of the Old Settlers Asso- ciation. #78 Sales Tax 3/8 $344,927.56 352.92, SEPTEMBER BLANKET; ERTY: 53, PERKINS JOURNAL, #103 103 CBRI ....... 21, PIONEER TELEPHONE 2950.94, LEGAL NOTICE; 54, #105 105 CBRI $ 56.79 COOPERATIVE, 67.43, SEP-PERKINS JOURNAL, 21.68, #801 Harrell Cemetery $ 5.93 TEMBER BLANKET; HEALTH LEGAL NOTICE; 55, PERKINS Motion by Bradley to approve DEPARTMENT: 73, FENTON JOURNAL, 251.18, LEGAIL the Cash Appropriations as pre- OFFICE MART, 267.00, JULY NOTICE; 56, PERKINS JOUR- sented, second by Cavett. Roll BLANKET; 74, STILLWATER NAL, 25.75, LEGAL NOTICE; 57, Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Brad- NEWSPRESS, 545.00, MEDICAL LEXISNEXIS RISK DATA, 50.00, ley-Yes, Reding-Yes. DIRECTORY; 75, R. K. BLACK, RESEARCH FEE; 58, DELPHIA TransferofAppropriations:None INC, 140.00, MAINTENANCE; PUBLISHING,LLC,11.42, LEGAL presented at this time. 76, HUCKABAY, JEREMY W.,NOTICE; 59, STILLWATER Purchase Orders: 2016-2017 750.00, AUGUST BLANKET; NEWSPRESS, 21.68, LEGAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT: 512, 77, FENTON OFFICE MART, NOTICE; 60, CUSHING C~, OKLA. CORRECTIONAL IND., 119.96, AUGUST BLANKET; 251.19, LEGAL NOTICE; 61, 1810.95, FURNITURE;SHERIFF 78, RETAIL FINANCE CREDIT DELPHIA PUBLISHING,LLC, SERVICEFEE:314, SUREFIRE, SERVICES, ATTN: DONNA 21.67, LEGAL NOTICE; 82, 7000.40, MUZZLE BRAKE; 2017- PRING,533.80,AUGUSTBLAN-STILLWATER NEWSPRESS, 2018 67-1/6TH FIRE DEPART- KET; 79, ALLIANCE MAINTE- 251.19, LEGAL NOTICE; 63, MENTS:7, QUALA-TELENTER- NANCE INC, 1975.00, JANI- DELPHIA PUBLISHING,LLC, PRISES, 4697.00, INTERCOM; TORIAL SERVICES; 80, BEN2950.93, LEGAL NOTICE; 64, 8, CHIEF FIRE AND SAFETY, WELCH LANDSCAPE CARE, CUSHING CITIZEN, 2950.93, 3833.00, HOSE REEL;78-3/8TH 1315.00, AUGUST BLANKET;LEGAL NOTICE; 65, STILLWA- SALES TAX: 111, OSU COOP- 81, CENTRAL LAWN AND TER NEWSPRESS, 2950.93, ERATIVE EXT. SRV., 23123.00, LANDSCAPE, 630.00, AUGUST LEGAL NOTICE; 66, OSUAGEC AUGUST BLANKET; 112, OSU BLANKET; 82, MELOY' CURTIS, CTP, 75.00, TRAINING; 67, A COOPERATIVE EXT. SRV., 134.89, TRAVEL; 83, SMITH T & T MOBILITY, 33.73, UTILI- 123.04, AUGUST BLANKET; KENDRA, 12.03, TRAVEL; TIES; 68, CHICKASAW, 65.00, 113, B & C BUSINESS PROD- HIGHWAY CASH: 239, RETAIL INTERNET SERVICES; 69, UCTS, INC., 379.27, AUGUST FINANCE CREDIT SERVICES,OSU AGEC CTP, 75.00, TRAIN, BLANKET; 114, ANDERSON ATTN: DONNA PRING, 77.47, ING; REVOLVING FORFEI- NATHAN, 376.75, TRAVEL; 115, AUGUST BLANKET; 240, STILL- TURE: 4, STILLWATER POLICE LIGHTEN UP, 208.00, EMER- WATER STEEL AND, 80.55, DEPT., 497.50, FORFEITURE GENCY LIGHT; 116, REED, AUGUST BLANKET; 241, KIN- PROCEEDS; 5, STILLWATER KEITH, 97.29, TRAVEL; 117, NUNEN SALES & RENTALS,, POLICE DEPT., 60.00, FORFEI- FITZPATRICK SHELLY, 28.53, 467.48, AUGUST BLANKET; TURE PROCEEDS; 6, STILL- TRAVEL; 118, BARTA, SUZETTE 242, FRANKS DIESEL, 325.50, WATER POLICE DEPT., 50.00, D.,147.68,TRAVEL;CLERKRM AUGUST BLANKET; 243, O FORFEITURE PROCEEDS.; & P:8, OSUAGEC CTP, 125.00, REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC.,7, STILLWATER POLICE CLASS; COUNTY GENERAL: 27.38, AUGUST BLANKET; DEPT., 180.00, FORFEITURE 695, A T & T MOBILITY, 2583.34, 244, STILLWATER MILL AGRI PROCEEDS; 8, STILLWATER UTILITY BILL; 696, HOLLEY- CENTER,19.76,AUGUSTBLAN-POLICE DEPT., 312.50, FOR- MAN GREG, 344.17, TRAVEL KET; 245, UNIFIRST,629.25, FEITUREPROCEEDS;9,STILL- REIMBURSEMENT;697, FOUN- AUGUST BLANKET; 246, WATER POLICE DEPT., 115.00., TAIN SQUARE CLEANERS, OAKES SERVICE CENTER, FORFEITURE PROCEEDS; 444.00,AUGUSTBLANKET;698, 63.00, AUGUST BLANKET; 247, 10, STILLWATER POLICE MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, WARREN CAT, 252.05, WATER DEPT., 1559.00, FORFEITURE 159.85, AUGUST BLANKET; PUMP;248, FLEETPRIDE, INC., PROCEEDS; 11, STILLWATER 699, LANDMARK GSI, 1010.00, 408.48, JULY BLANKET; 249, POLICE DEPT., 339.50, FORFEI- LICENSE FEE; 700, LANDMARK NAPA. AUTO PARTS, 227.29, TURE PROCEEDS; 12, STILL- GSI, 1010.00, LICENSE FEE; AUGUST BLANKET; 250, MER- WATER POLICE DEPT., 260.50, 701,BEASLEYSTECHNOLOGY, RIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, FORFEITURE PROCEEDS; 13, INC., 1925.00, MONITOR; 702, 31.49, AUGUST BLANKET; 251, STILLWATER POLICE DEPT., BUSSELL PEST CONTROL, MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, 982.50, FORFEITURE PRO- 100.00, MONTHLY SERVICE; 50.59, JULY BLANKET; 252, CEEDS; SHERIFF SERVICE 703, BUSSELL PESTCONTROL, TOTALTRUCK & TRAILER LLC, FEE: 44, ALTERNATIVE SEN" 75.00, MONTHLYSERVICE; 704, 172.22, HITCH; 253, QUAPAW TENCING SOLUTIONS, 813.75, RELX INC, DBA LEXIS NEXIS, CO., INC., 12377.96, SABM; 254, ANKLE MONITORING; 45, BOB 850.00, LEGAL INFO CHARGES; STILLWATER NEWSPRESS, HOWARD DODGE, 363.37~ 705, LOWE S COMPANIES, INC., 105.26, PUBLICATION~; 255, AUGUST BLANKET; 46, STILL- 113.32, AUGUST BLANKET; STILLWATER NEWSPRESS, WATER TAG AGENCY, 42.50, 706, HUNZICKER BROTHERS, 109.31, PUBLICATIONS; 256, TAGANDTfTLE; SOUDWASTE: INC., 76.50, AUGUST BLAN- LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., 18, US CELLULAR, 181.11I, KET; 707, NAPA AUTO PARTS, INC., 13189.60, DYED DIESEL; UTILITY BILL; Motion by C, avett 2076.57, AUGUST BLANKET; 257, WARREN CAT, 1178.64, to approve Purchase Orders upot~ 708, AAP FINANCIAL SER- INSERTS; 258, WARREN CAT, signatures, second by Bradley. VICES, 521.72, AUGUST BLAN- 484.25, HOSES; 259, A T & Roll Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Brad- KET; 709, CUSHING CITIZEN, T MOBILITY, 103.86, UTILI- Icy-Yes, Reding-Yes. 60536, AUGUST BLANKET; 710, TIES; 260, RETAIL FINANCE Blanket: None presented at OKLA. EMERGENCY, 50.00, CREDIT SERVICES, ATTN: thistime. CONFERENCE; 711, OKLA. DONNA PRING, 84.25, SUP-Tabled: None presented at EMERGENCY, 35.00, MEMBER- PLIES; 261, HUDIBURG AUTO thistime. SHIP; 712, NAPAAUTO PARTS, GROUP, 111.96, SERVICE/OIL Disallowed: None presented at 318.60, FLOOR COATING; 713, CHANGE; 262, KERNS READYthistime. QUALITY WATER SERVICES, MIXED, 794.75, FLOWABLE Payroll/Longevity: None pro- 35.00, SEPTEMBER BLANKET; FILL; 263, LIONEL HARRISsented at this time. 714, CRAIG GLENNA, 87.42, OIL CO., INC., 6853.10, TIRES; Motion by Cavett to approve P~, TRAVEL; 715, CHICKASAW, 264, LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., chase Orders upon signetures~ 2803.05, PHONE CHARGES; INC., 10981.60, DYED DIESEL; second by Bradley. Roll CaN 716, A & B ECO-SAFE, 60.00, 265, TERRITORY TERMITE &Vote: Cavett-Yes, Bradley-YeS, MAINTENANCE; 717, CEN- PEST CONTROL, 75.00, PEST Reding-Yes. TRALLAWNANDLANDSCAPE, CONTROL SERVICES; 266, Monthly Reports of Officertl: 1140.00, AUGUST BLANKET;SHREEVES VICKI, 150.00, Craig presented the following 718, CENTRAL LAWN AND DECALS; 267, LIONEL HARRIS reportsofoff'cersforAegust2017. LANDSCAPE, 390.00, AUGUST OIL CO., INC., 2947.90, DYED Election Board is reporting a BLANKET; 719, BEASLEYS DIESEL REMOTE TANKS; 268, balance of $5352, County Clerk's TECHNOLOGY, INC., 90.00,NAPA AUTO PARTS, 182.32,Office $105,494.07, Assessor's PBX SERVICE; 720, CENTRAL FILTERS; 269, PREMIERE Office $506 and the Treasurer has ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, TRUCK GROUP, 13.90, ; 270, presented her various accounts 516.13,TOWER;721, CENTER- RAIN SOLUTIONS SEAMLESS for review. Motion by Cavort POINTENERGY,27.12, UTILITY GUTTERING LLC, 345.00, to acknowledge the reports of BILL; 722, M POWER INC.,SEAMLESS GUTTER; 271, officers as presanted, secofldby 75.00, JANITORIAL SERVICES; CITY OF CUSHING, 924.50,Cavett. Roll Call Vote: Cavett- 723, STAPLES, 89.98, AUGUST WATER; 272, RAILROAD YARD, Yes, Bradley-Yes, Reding.Yes. BLANKET; 724, CITY OF CUSH- 696.00, CULVERT PIPE; 273, Public Announcements by lhe ING, 435.70, UTILITY BILL; 725, DEERE CREDIT, INC, 5921.97, Board: None presented at this M POWER INC,150.00, PAY-MONTHLY PAYMENT; 274, time. MENT; 726, B & L HEATING & ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUC- Discussion and Possible Action AIR, 70.00, AUGUST BLANKET; TION PARTS, 1980.00, CUT- on: 727, B & L HEATING & AIR, TING BIT; 275, LOT MAINTE- Telephone and Utility Permits: 70.00, AUGUST BLANKET; 728, NANCE OF OKLAHOMA, INC, None presented at this time. B & L HEATING & AIR, 215.00, 495.00, TIRE; 276, LOT MAIN- RoadCrossing:Cavettprssentsd AUGUST BLANKET; 729, B TENANCE OF OKLAHOMA, request with United Dasign Con- & L HEATING & AIR, 75.00, INC, 631.16, STUMP JUMPER; struction. Motion by Cavort to JULY BLANKET; 730, DEAR-277, CATERPILLAR FINAN- approve the road crossing aS INGER PRINTING & TROPHY,CIAL, 4765.85, PAYMENT; JAIL presented, second by Bradley. 6.50, ENGRAVED PLATE; 731, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE:Roll Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Brad- CHARNSTROM, 123.90, WIRE70, COWBOY WHOLESALE Icy-Yes, Reding-Yes. FILE BASKETS; 732, BEASLEYS COMPANY, 742.98, SUPPLIES; Recess: TECHNOLOGY, INC., 475.00, 71, FRONTIER FIRE PROTEC- Motion by Cavett to recess the RENEWAL LICENSE; 733, A T TION, 427.00, MAINTENANCE; Board of County Commissioners & T MOBILITY, 125.42, UTILITY 72, STILLwATER MILL AGRIMeeting to go into the Economic BILL; 734, REDING CHRIS,CENTER, 284.65, AUGUST Development Meeting, socondby 80.25, TRAVEL; COURTHOUSE BLANKET; 73, WIN WHOLEsALE Bradley. Roll Call Vote: Cavett- SECURITY: 2, WATCHDOG COMMERCIAL, 165.67,AUGUST Yes, Bradley-Yes, Reding-Yes AUTOMATION SYSTEMS LLC, BLANKET; 74, GRIMSLEYS, Reconvene: 2029.45, CAMERA; DISTRICT INC., 737.19, SUPPLIES; 75, Motion by Cavett to reconvene, ATTORNEY SEIZURE: 17, RETAILFINANCEcREDITSER- second by Bradley. Roll Call PAYNE CO. DISTRICT ATTOR- VICES, ATTN: DONNA PRING, Vote: Cavett-Yes, Bradley-Yes; NEY, 995.00, FORFEITURE 145.86, SUPPLIES; MECHANIC Reding-Yes. PROCEEDS; 18, PAYNE CO. LIEN FEE: 26, B & C BUSINESS New Business: None presented DISTRICT ATToRNEY, 120.00, PRODUCTS, INC., 594.60, DATE at this time. FORFEITURE PROCEEDS; 19,& TIME MACHINE; 27, CO0-Adjournment: Motion by Bredley PAYNE CO. DISTRICT A'I-I'OR- PERS LOCKSMITH LLC, 180.00, to adjourn, second by Cavetl. NEY, 1965.00, FORFEITURELOCKS; 28, OSU AGEC CTP,RellCallVote:Cavett-YetjBradl- PROCEEDS; E 911: 20, A T & T, 125.00, CLASS; RESALE PROP~ isy-Yes~ Redlr~,Y~, ,~ , #