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September 22, 2011     The Perkins Journal
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September 22, 2011

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A4 - THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, September 22, 2011 Opinions I, Caring Hearts t L : I want to thank the Lady Demons High School Softball ' Team for the wonderful tournament that they sponsored * Sep. 12 to raise money in the race to find a cure for ' cancer. The tournament was well run and lots of fun and, of course, provided support for a great cause. Inter- , estingly, each of the three teams won one game. But the • truth is that all of the participants won much more than a softball game, as did those who are fighting this dread ,- disease. One of the most touching aspects of the event was that the Lady Demons wore special t-shirts bearing the names of cancer victims that they know personally. ~ Because of this unselfish expression of caring on the part _ these great young ladies they have proved that they are truly winners no matter what the scoreboard says. We in ,! the Perkins-Tryon community should be proud of what : they've done and be full of hope for the future. If you see a member of the team or coaching staff, please let them ! know how much you appreciate their caring hearts and +, dedication to larger causes beyond sports. -, Bob Hilley i~ Perkins SHOW Continued lmm Page A1 sponsor and support the ,..: "They need the support Perkins Car Show," he •: of everyone in Perkins and said. "If all of these folks .- surrounding area to come did not help, we would and have lunch at the car have very little to show show. All of the proceeds for all of the work goes :. benefit the Senior Class in to provide the Perkins After Graduation Party.area with a quality event "They will be open at like this." 8 a.m. for a great break- All of the show spon- ' fast as well as wonderful sors are listed on the • lunch in the high school club's website: http: commons area all during//slauener.tripod.com. -. the car show." Proceeds from the Besides POSSE, Lauener Perkins Car Show will said many other people go to the Ditz McI1- work to make the car show vain Scholarship Fund. i:a success. "Ditz was a long time - "There are many area teacher, administrator, business and individu- coach, and great indi- als (over 30) that help to vidual who was part of the Perkins community : STUCK for more than 40 years," ,, Lauener said. "More than ~, Continued from Page A1 $33,000 [show proceeds] SmckisamemberofStill, has been donated to Per- water Board of Realtors, kins-Tryon Schools over Multiple Listing Services, the past six years." the National Association of For more inforrna- • Realtors, and the Oklahoma tion about the Perkins -- Association of Realtors. Car Show, contact ,: She can always be ,Shelby Lauener at reached by phone at (405) 612-7115 or r,(405) 334-7272 or (405) slauener@sbcglobal.net; ,, ,47 -5200; or email at or John Dragoo at cvalleyrealty@yahoo.com. (405) 547-5657 or : Visit Cimarron Valleykajon@suddenlink.net. Real Estate online at Perkins-Tryon High ,Www'cimarr°nvalley.comSchool is located on Hwy or on Facebook. 33 in Perkins. iii! i !iii iiiili !i i iii!ii iiiiiii!iliiii!iiiil ili,iliiiiiill~iiii~iiiiiiiiii!iiii'ii!i~ili'ii~ i ii!ili ii i!i!iiiiiiii i i!! !i!i!i!!i As I write this month's column, the 2011 Red River Rivalry is just 23 days away. There are few venues as exciting as the OU/Texas game at the Cotton Bowl. I grew up attending the annual rivalry with my family. Texas leads in the showdown with a record of 59-41-5. The annual Red River Rivalry serves as a metaphor for my agenda and platform for our great state to compete with Texas. The numbers don't lie. Last year, more people moved to Texas than any other state. Texas is also the 3rd largest home to Fortune 500 companies in the nation. If Texas was an independent country, it would be the 15th largest economy in the world. Therefore, if you compete with Texas, you compete globally. Texas isn't perfect. They have their own challenges. As Lt. Gov- ernor, I want some of those high paying jobs to relocate north to Oklahoma. Texas has focused on creating a pro-business climate that draws businesses and investors from all over the nation and world. A larger workforce brings greater opportunity and expansion. Preventing over-regulation throughout the state, businesses start and thrive quicker in Texas. We've seen other states succeed and prosper, and Okla- ..... ...... By Cecil Shakespeare; "Oh, this learning. What a thing it is!'" Modern translation; "Ah, this communication. What a thing it is!" Rev. William Archibald Spooner has joined fellow Eng- lishman Charles C. Boycott and Amelia Jenks Bloomer. Their last names have become eponyms; nouns named after their last names. Although Sp0oner was said to be a bird-watcher, be became a word-botcher, famous for his slips-of-the- tongne; "aminal for animal", "emeny for enemy," "is the Bean Dizzy?" One blackbird to another, "Bred any good rooks lately?" One frog to another, ? Times fun when you're having flie," "Time wounds all heels." And, "Prindereller and the Cince; Twonce upon a wime." A bestseller, "Eats, Shoot, and Leaves," by Lynn Truss. The importance of punctuation; "Charles the First walked and talked a half hour before they cut his head off."A woman without her man is nothing. A woman without her man is nothing." Truss says the comma was first used two thousands years ago by Greek dramatists to guide actors between breathing points - which leads to the modern explanation of why a cat is not a comma. "A cat has claws at the end of its paws. A comma's a cause at the end of a clause." And, from that famous author, I. M. Anonymous: I take it you already know Of though and cough, and dough? Others may stumble, but not you. On hiccough, slough, and through? A homa is not going to sit on the sidelines anymore. Just this month, the "Manpower Employment Outlook Survey" reported that Oklahoma has the third best employment outlook in the nation. I have been working tirelessly alongside Governor Fallin and Oklahoma lawmakers to bring jobs to this state and develop a pro-business climate of our own that rivals our neighbors to the south. This past session, the Legislature passed meaningful reforms that have Americans taking notice in Oklahoma and what our great state has to offer. Throughout these difficult economic times, Oklahoma has remained resilient, balancing our budget every legisla- tive session without raising taxes. We've also received national recognition. Last year, Forbes ranked the Okla- homa City Metro area as "America's Most Affordable City." In the CNBC report, "America's Top States for Business 2011," Oklahoma was ranked as having the 3rd-lowest cost living, the 4th-best economy and the 6th-lowest cost of business. Managing taxpayer dollars wisely, streamlining gov- ernment and maintaining a business friendly climate are factors that will lead to dynamic growth in Oklahoma. But to be clear--I do not want Oklahoma to be like Texas. I want us to be better. We can and will compete. And win. Go Oklahoma! Beat Texas! As always, my office is open and ready to answer any questions. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and feel free to visit our website at www.ok.gov/ltgovernor or call our office at (405) 521-2161. Well done. And now you wish, perhaps. To learn of less familiar traps? Beware of heard, a dreadful word That looks like bread and sounds like bird And dead. It's said like bed, not bead - For goodness sake, don't call it dead! Watch out for meat and great and threat, (They rhyme with suite and straight and debt). A moth is not moth in mother Nor both in bother, broth in brother. And here is not a match for there And dear and fear for bear and pear. And then there's a dose and rose and lose - Just l~k [heIl~ up- and goose and choose, And cork and Work and card and ward, And font and front and word and sword, And dogo, and thwart and cart - Come, come, I've hardly made a start! A dreadful language? Why, man alive! I'd learned to talk it when I was five, And yet to write it, the more I tried, I hadn't learned it at fifty-five. "A Curriculum Fable at the Country day School." On time, the animals had a school. The curriculum consisted of running, climbing, flying, and swimming. All the animals took all the subjects• The duck was good in swimming, better in fact than his instructor, but he was practically hopeles in running. Because he was low in this subject, he was made to stay in after school and drop his swimming class in order to practice running. He kept this up until he was only average in swimming, but average is acceptable, so nobody worded about that except the Duck. A LA R M The Eagle was considered a problem student and was C~nllnu~l from Page A1 perature in a home can disciplined severely. He beat all the others to the top of no charge. If interested, all reach temperatures higher the tree in the climbing class, but he had used his own you need do is "be home to than 300 degrees in only way of getting there. get yours," Barta added, a few minutes in rooms These long-life smoke that are not even on fire• The Rabbit started out at the top of the class in running, alarms are provided free Those temperatures are buthe had a nervous breakdown and had ti drop out of to residents through a hot enough to melt plastic schoolon account of so much make up work in swim- grant from the Centers and kill people in those ming. for Disease Control and rooms, TO SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, fill out this form and mail with remittance to: The'Perkins Joumal, P.O. Box 667, Prevention. Fire also produces fumes The Squirrel led the climbing class, but his flying teacher iiiii~i~ Perkins, OK 74059-0667 ~T~ii Barta said Perkins and gases that make people madehim start his flying lessons from the ground up, ~! Name |iii:;i residents who cannot be sleepy, confused, and instead of the topof the tree down and he developed Address [~iat home on Oct. 1 can weak. These fumes cannot charley horses from the take off and began getting Cs in still receive a free smoke be smelled, and the odors climbing and Ds in running, overexertion at the take off, City State Zip alarm by completing awon't wake those who are and began getting Cs in climbing and Ds in running. : Rates: One yearn 0kah0ma,, $30 short application form that asleep, but a smoke alarm : One year out of state ...... $3S mii!ii i:; i is available at Perkins City will. The practical Praire Dogs apprenticed their offspring to a ', BEAFRIEND, BgYAFRIENDasubscrip nanddeduct$4 Hall. , For more information or Badger when the school authorities refused to add digging , offof.t erateslistedaboveifyouareacurrentpaidsubscriber, iiiii!i Barta said every hometo volunteer for the upcom- to the curriculum. ', use tne torm above for your riend,, and list your name here: |ii i and business should have ing smoke alarm canvass, i .?:::iiiii:i one or more working please call the Perkins At the end of the year, an abnormal Eel that could swim ' :m m m m m m m dl: iii ii i smoke alarm. Fire Department at (405) well, run, climb, and fly a little, was made Valedicto- ! During a fire, the tem- 547-2045. rian. t I