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September 22, 2011     The Perkins Journal
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September 22, 2011

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C4 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, September 22, 2011 Seniors continued from page C3 Mehan Union Church News We will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever. Micah 4:5 Thank you Lesa Sadler for your Worship poem as it reminded us what true worship is all about. The congregation shared in communion and the message for that was John 20 and the'Blood of the Lamb." We celebrated three birthdays -Barry,, Autumn, and Paul, and the anniversary of Jim and Pat Driskel We praised the Lord for much need RAIN and hope everyone got some. We welcome everyone to come and worship with us in Sunday school, youth activities bible studies, and fellowship, Luke the 8th chapter, he reveals that some people will believe in him for awhile, and then the devil will come and cause them to fall away and be lost. Others will hear the truth, but produce no fruit because they care more about money and material things than they do about Him. (The good trees, that's what we want to be isn't it?) will have good honest hearts and patiently let him produce good fruit through then. Jesus told another story that should cause us to evaluate our fruit carefully. In Luke 13:6-7 he told about a man, (does that mean he himself?) who planted a fig tree, but when it did not produce what it was supposed to, he cut it down. Do you suppose it ended up in that fire back there? Sobering isn't it. We invite you to visit us on Lover's Lane and study with us about how to reap the rewards of heaven and avoid the fires of hell. The Church of Christ in Perkins Christian Church of Perkins In our Sunday morning Bible class, we continue to study the letters Peter wrote to early Christians in hope that we can see how his instructions will benefit us in our walk with the Lord, When we came to II Peter 1:5-1 0, where Peter says we should seek diligently to add virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love to our faith so that we will not be unfruitful, we stopped and thought about what it means to bear fruit for Christ and what that fruit is. In Matthew 7:16-20 Jesus explains that we, like trees, will be known by what kind of fruit grows on us, and if we do Dot produce good fruit, we will be cut down and cast into the fire. Could that be hell? Maybe we had better inspect the fruit growing on our branches and see if it's the right stuff. In Galatians 5:22-23 Paul says the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance, Then in Colossians 1: 10 he tells us that we must grow in knowledge, produce the fruit of good works, and walk worthily with our Lord. Jesus taught by telling stories that we can relate to. In By Ralph Martin Sunday, our Minister, David Pock, brought a message "Come Alive - Part Four" from Ephesians 2:10. We are God's masterpiece. Created just to do his good works. The aftermath of every experience we will have, during our lifetime, can be used by God to prepare us to do his good works. As God's masterpieces, we dare not treat each other with disrespect or as being inferior. God's grace has equipped us with the special abilities necessary to do his good works. Special abilities such as preaching, teaching, healing, nurturing, giving, admin- istration, and property up-keep. Some may have more than just one talent but all talent is equal in importance and no one talent is superior to the others. When we die, will our eulogy be a testimonial about how we unselfishly helped and served others with kindness, 10ve, and gentleness or will it just be a listing of all the rifles we've accumulated? Lament today - forget forever? We are located at 121 E. Stumbo in Perkins, OK. 404- 547-2004 christianchurchperkins@yahoo.com Sunday School 09:45 A.M. Worship 10:45 A.M. Bible Study 6: 30 Wednesday. Nursery available. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Legal notice published in The Perkins Journal Sept. 22, 2011 " The Payne County Commissioners met in a regular meeting, Monday, August 15, 2011. Notice of the meeting was made in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. The following were present: Gloria Hesser, Chairman; Jim Arthur, District #3 Com- missioner; Rocky Blasier, District #1 Road Foreman (1st Deputy) and Debbie Field, 1st Deputy County Clerk. The meeting was opened with Prayer and Flag Salute. Blasier made the motion to approve the agenda as printed. Arthur seconded. Blasier, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. Arthur presented the following utility permits: 1) Tag Petroleum, a 4-inch low pressure gas line to be installed by trenching parallel to County Road along the North and West line of the NW/4 of Section 13, Township 18 North, Range 3E. was made by Don Russell from Russell Engineering. The funding will be a combination of federal and county funds. Blasier made the motion to approve the title sheet. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. Field presented an Interfund Transfer from Fairboard County General to Fairboard Premium voucher account for premium and awards for the Payne County Fair in the amount of 20,000.00. Arthur made the motion to approve the transfer as presented. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. "Field presented an August blanket purchase order from the Health Department in the amount of $500.00 to Cintas First Aid & Safety. Field also presented warrant number 226 out of County General to be disallowed. Warrant was made out to Staples Credit Plan and should have been Staples Advantage. Arthur made the motion to approve the blanket purchase order and to disallow the warrant. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Blasier, aye. 2) Calyx Energy, trenching a 6-line salt water line, to parallel Field presented the following monthly reports: Court Fund North/South county roadat Union & 68th Street, described as Revolving with an ending balance of 142,949.93; Health 2640 feet South of the NW/corner of Section 14, Township 18 Department Official Depository General Ledger with a bal- North, Range 3E. Arthur stated Calyx had obtained right of ways ance of 1,768.85; Election Board Depository with a balance of from the property owners. 451.75; County Clerk: general fund $30,190.02, ML cash and copies $4,774.00, OTC documentary stamps $17,680.16, and 3) Rural Water District #3, a 6-inch water line to cross an RM&P $8,870.00; Sheriff Depository account with a balance of East/West county road, West of 92nd & Country Club Road and 43,829.78 and the monthly cost of inmate food for the jail in the ~lescribed as 1715 feet West of the SE/corner of Section 19, amount of $20,001.62. Blasier made the motion to approve the Township 18 North, Range 3E. monthly reports as presented. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Blasier, aye. Arthur made the motion to approve the permits as presented. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Arthur presented the following tort claim: Field presented the minutes from August 8, 2011 meeting. Blasier made the motion to approve the minutes as presented. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Blasier, aye. L Me, Oh My! In his speech at a meeting of the Foundation for Excel- lence, University of Oklahoma president David Boren said we should get rid of I and me and replace them with we and us. Leo Buscaglia, the famous Love professor at the Univer- sity of California, said if we really want to be all that we can be, we must change that "1" and broaden it to "us". On a plane ride a few years ago, a University of Colorado student talked incessantly to him, and every other word was 'T' or "me." The grand old man finally said, "Shut Up! Do you realize how many times in the last 500 miles or so you have said, "me" and 'T'? What about "us" and "we"? In amazement, the kid said, "Who are you?" Leo states that he is very tired of the 'T' and "me" generation, and aren't we all? A couple of years ago, two commentators on a sports talk show agreed that Terell Owens was probably the most serf centered brat of all the egocentric celebrities out there, and if he was denied the use of the words 'T', "me", and "my", he would become mute. It seems that Usain Bolt has now risen to the toper that arrogant list, and it was a pleasure to see him false start and be disqualified at the world championship track meet this year. Our high school English teacher told us to avoid saying 'T' all of the time especially in formal situations. That's hard to do in casual conversation, but we can do it better when we write. Obama seems unable to speak without his teleprompter, so he should be able to do that, but in his speech announcing his big victory and the killing of Bin Laden, Obama used the word "I" ten times, "me" three times, and "mine" three times. Yep, from top to bottom, we have become the I, me, and my generation. It is refreshing to read that, with all of his unbounded ego, president Teddy Roosevelt carefully avoided using the word 'T' in his acceptance speech. The study of history can be rewarding for those who bother to study it. This "I," "me," "my" pestilence has even invaded our churches. Some years ago, the words "we" and "our" were used in public prayers so that all could offer the "Amen." Jesus said we should enter our closets by ourselves to offer our personal prayers, but today, it seems that all we hear is, "I pray", "I ask", and "I thank". Do we have no room in our closets anymore? It breaks our hearts to hear about some of our friends get- ring divorced. Ever since Adam and Eve, God has wanted a man and a woman to marry and live as one for a lifetime. If they both loved God first and more than anything else, they could do that, but it would sure help if they would begin seeing things from the united standpoint of "we," "us," and "'our" instead of "I," "me," and "mine.". One time in a women's meeting at a church we attended in Austin, some dubious women asked a sweet old saint nanaed Jean Billin~sl)', if she had ever thought about divorcing her big old rough husband who was sometimes a rowdy old feller. Jean didn't hesitate. She said, "Jesus told us that when we marry, we must stay married, so I never considered divorce .... murder at times, but never divorce." Do you suppose she meant that? Please enter my Mental Flexibility contest. See my Aug. 31 Love Line column. Deadline is Sept 22. 1) Clifford Smith, damage to two (2) tires caused by sharp rocks Blasier made the motion to approve purchase orders. Arthur in the amount of $335.93. The location is South Mehan Road. seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. Arthur stated the claim would be forwarded to ACCO. 2010-2011 COUNTY GENERAL: 3894, C. O. P. S. PRODUCTS LLC., 557.88, SUPPLIES; 3895, C. O. P. S. Arthur presented the following contracts with Kerns Construc- PRODUCTS LLC., 390.12, SUPPLIES; 3896, FENTON OFFICE tion: MART, 236.50, SUPPLIES; 3897, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 249.00, SUPPLIES; 3898, PERKINS JOURNAL, 462.23, 1) Bid #2011-02, Resolution #2011-39; 2" asphalt overlay of 44th SERVICES; HIGHWAY CASH: 1791, REGIONS INTERSTATE Street from Country Club Road and Range Road for 1 mile and BILLING, 487.80, SUPPLIES; SHERIFF SERVICE FEE: 207, Range Road off of 44th Street for 6110 of a mile. Estimated cost SPECIAL OPS, 156.95, SUPPLIES; 208, G AND M BODY SHOP, of 146,000.00 INC., 1630.50, SERVICES; 209, SPECIAL OPS, 24.85, SUP- PLIES; FAIRBOARD CASH: 276, TOTAL COM, INC., 350.00, 2) Bid #2011-03, Resolution #2011-38; 2" asphalt overlay of Prai- SUPPLIES; rie Road from 68th Street to 92nd Street for 2 miles. Estimated 2011-2012 COUNTY GENERAL: 276, STC/BUSINESS cost 178,000.00. WORLD, 103.83, SUPPLIES; 277, DEPT. OF CENTRAL SER- VICES, 77.50, SUPPLIES; 278, PHILLIPS C.S.R., SHELLY S., Arthur made the motion to approve the asphalt contracts as 175.00, SERVICES; 279, WEST GROUP, 273.00, SERVICES; presented. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, 280, WEST GROUP, 1160.00, SERVICES; 281, FLEETCOR aye. TECHNOLOGIES, 9699.43, SUPPLIES; 282, FOUNTAIN SQUARE CLEANERS, 630.00, SERVICES; 283, NAPA AUTO Hesser presented a contract for labor between the Payne County PARTS, 1661.05, SUPPLIES; 284, UNIFIRST, 44.28, SUPPLIES; Commissioners and Michael Blaney for Election Board machine 285, ELITE K-9, INC, 212.45, SUPPLIES; 286, CDWG GOVERN- testing at a rate of 10.00/machine, distribute ballots at a rate of MENT, INC., 385.70, SUPPLIES; 287, DELL MARKETING L.P., 3.00/precinct and to check and unpack ballots at a rate of 50.00/ 177.00, SUPPLIES; 288, FLEET DISTRIBUTORS EXPRESS, day. Blasier made the motion to accept the contract as presented. 2247.66, SERVICES; 289, NEO AUTO GLASS, INC., 200.00, Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. SERVICES; 290, PERKINS ROAD PET CLINIC INC., 83.61, SERVICES; 291, DIRECT TV, 113.24, SERVICES; 292, OSU Hesser presented the 2012 Holidays. COOPERATIVE EXT. SRV., 18584.00, SERVICES; 293, FREE- MAN, KANICE R., 122.10, REIMBURSEMENT; 294,ANDERSON, HOLIDAYS NATHAN G., 690.81, REIMBURSEMENT; 295, FIMPLE, STAN Q., 196.47, REIMBURSEMENT; 296, BARTA, SUZETTE D., CALENDAR YEAR 2012 75.48, REIMBURSEMENT; 297, STILLwATER NEWSPRESS, 97.00, SERVICES; 298, OSU COOPERATIVE EXT. SRV., 119.00, SERVICES; 299, A T & T MOBILITY, 75.98, SERVICES; 300, DAY DATE HOLIDAY A T & T MOBILITY, 81.25, SERVICES; 301, B & C BUSINESS Monday January 2, 2012 New Year's Day PRODUCTS, INC, 84.29, SUPPLIES; 302, PITNEY BOWES, INC, Monday January 16, 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. 88.49, SUPPLIES; 303, PITNEY BOWES, INC, 126.00, SUP- Day PLIES; 304, HILTON GARDEN INN, 420.00, SERVICES; 305, Monday February 20, 2012 President's Day THE OTHER HANDYMAN, 66.95, SERVICES; 306, CENTRAL Monday May 28, 2012 Memorial Day LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, 100.00, SERVICES; 307, CENTRAL Wednesday July 4, 2012 Independence Day LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, 320.00, SERVICES; 308, UNIFIRST, Monday September 3, 2012 Labor Day 680.98, SERVICES; 309, CENTRAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, Monday November 12, 2012 Veterans Day 30.00, SERVICES; 310, CENTRAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, Thursday & 80.00, SERVICES; 311, BUSSELL PEST CONTROL, 100.00, Friday November 22 & 23, 2012 ThanksgivingSERVICES; 312, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, INC., 250.00, Monday & SERVICES; 313, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, INC., 320.00, Tuesday December 24 & 25, 2012 Christmas SERVICES; 314, FALCO ALARM CO., INC., 360.00, SERVICES; 315, TOUCHTONE, 144.25, SERVICES; 31"6, STC/BUSINESS WORLD, 68.54, SERVICES; 317, HICKERSON MECHANICAL, Arthur made the motion to approve the 2012 Holidays as pre- INC., 320.00, SERVICES; 318, OKLA. NATURAL GAS, 103.35, sented. It was noted the Chairman of the Excise Board was UTILITIES; 319, CENTRAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, 160.00, incorrect. The corrected holiday list was reprinted reflecting Josh SERVICES; 320, CENTRAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, Robison as the proper chairman. Blasier seconded. Arthur, aye; 40.00, SERVICES; 321, CENTRAL LAWN AND LAND- Blasier, aye; Hesser, aye. SCAPE, 225.00, SERVICES; 322, BUSSELL PEST CONTROL, 75.00, SERVICES; 323, FALCO ALARM CO., INC., 360.00, Blasier presented the following title sheet: Mount Vernon Road SERVICES; 324, OKLA. NATURAL GAS, 20.33, UTILITIES; at Council Creek. Bridge project #BRO160D CI. Presentation 325, SAC & FOX NATION JUVENILE, 548.86, SERVICES; 326, CANADIAN COUNTY JUVENILE, 212.41, SERVICES; 327, STILLWATER NEWSPRESS, 97.00, SERVICES; 328, LOWE S COMPANIES, INC., 361.46, SUPPLIES; 329, SHER- WIN WILLIAMS, 141.64, SUPPLIES; 330, UNIFIRST, 425.05, SUPPLIES; 331, GERMAN ROOFING, 35250.00, SERVICES; HIGHWAY CASH: 105, HARRIS GAS STATIONS, 417.60, SUP- PLIES; 106, O REILLYAUTOMOTIVE, INC., 165.31, SUPPLIES; 107, UNIFIRST, 714.50, SUPPLIES; 108, SOLID ROCK CON- CRETE, INC., 600.00, SERVICES; 109, VASSAR HARDWARE AND TOOL, 15.47, SUPPLIES; 110, KERNS ASPHALT, INC., 6003.00, SUPPLIES; 111, ZEE MEDICAL, INC., 101.90, SUP- PLIES; 112, A T & T MOBILITY, 88.79, SERVICES; 113, BOB BURK OIL CO., INC., 461.61, SUPPLIES; 114, STILLWATER STEEL &, 208.69, SUPPLIES; 115, TREATS SOLUTIONS, INC., 145.17, SUPPLIES; 116, UNIFIRST, 658.96, SUPPLIES; 117, ZEE MEDICAL, INC., 63.40, SUPPLIES; 118, REGIONS INTERSTATE BILLING, 364.78, SUPPLIES; 119, BOB BURK OIL CO., INC., 249.26, SUPPLIES; 120, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC, 52.45, SUPPLIES; 121, BOB BURK OIL CO., INC., 998.21, SUPPLIES; 122, CLARK OIL DISTRIBUTORS, INC., 22489.10, SUPPLIES; 123, COWBOY TIRE LLC, 499.95, SERVICES; 124, CROSS PHD, STEPHEN A., 300.00, SERVICES; FLOOD PLAIN MANAGEMENT: 4, VAUGHAN, ZELAN K., 12.21, REIMBURSE- MENT; BOARD OF PRISONERS: 18, THE EARTHGRAINS CO., 1339.45, SUPPLIES; HEALTH DEPARTMENT: 31, STORAGE PLUS, 30.00, SERVICES; SHERIFF SERVICE FEE: 17, CDWG GOVERN- MENT, INC., 381.22, SUPPLIES; 18,APPLE TIME, INC., 763.59, SUPPLIES; 19, INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, 3450.00, SUPPLIES; 20, INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, 1805.00, SUPPLIES; 21, CDWG GOVERNMENT, INC., 1594.89, SUPPLIES; 22, INDIANA POLICE ALLIANCE FOUND., 700.00, SERVICES; 23, PIONEER EQUIP- MENT, 1289.00, SUPPLIES; MORTGAGE CERTIFICATION TAX: 2, STADLER, BONITA J., 96.24, REIMBURSEMENT; FAIRBoARD CASH: 25, WESTERN MECHANICAL LLC, 150.41, SERVICES; 26, WESTERN MECHANICAL LLC, 708.75, SERVICES; JAIL OPERATION & MAINTENANCE: 74, FLEETCOR TECHNOLO- GIES, 3042.29, SUPPLIES; 75, SHERWlN WILLIAMS, 233.10, SUPPLIES; 76, OKLA. NATURAL GAS, 888.20, UTILITIES; 77, AUTOMATED BUILDING SYSTEMS INC, 89.51, SUPPLIES; 78, SENTRY SECURITY FASTENERS, 99.80, SERVICES; 79, FAS- TENAL COMPANY, 291.51, SUPPLIES; 80, AADVANTAGE LAUN- DRY SYSTEMS, 220.00, SERVICES; SOLID WASTE: 14, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 135.93, SUPPLIES; 15, STILLwATER STEEL &, 102.24, SUPPLIES; CLERK R M & P: 8, UNDERGROUND VAULTS &, 46.83, SERVICES; E 911: 8, CITY OF STILLwATER, 38000.00, SERVICES; 9, AT & T, 352.92, SERVICES; 10, AT & T, 565.22, SERVICES; 11, AT & T, 356.55, SERVICES; 12, DSS CORPORATION, INC., 1700.00, SERVICES; DRUG COURT: 2, PAYNE CO. DRUG COURT, INC., 2479.17, SERVICES; RURAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: 1, DISTRICT ATI'ORNEYS COUNCIL, 7510.00, SERVICES; ANIMAL CONTROL STRAYS: 1, DAVIS, CARY B, 3447.45, REIMBURSEMENT The meeting was adjourned. Debbie Field Deputy County Clerk