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September 29, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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September 29, 1977

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6-The Perkins Journal Thursday, September 29, 1977 Ventriloquist visits P-T by Jeff Brown The student body was treated to a very amusing assembly Wednesday when Bill Demar, a voice manip- ulist, demonstrated his tal- ent. Most of the students were on hand to enjoy the art of ventriloquism. Mr. Demar's numerous dummies and magic tricks delighted the crowd. Jimbo Myers literally chose himself to go down to the stage to participate in the fun. Mr. Demar faked Jimbo out with an egg trick, but ended up giving him candy. Mr. Demar is with the National School Assembly program and gives assem- blies all over the United States. 8th Grade ALL MENUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICEI October 3-7, 1977 MONDAY Saisbury Steak Green Beans Cabbage, Carrot and Raisin Salad Hot Rolls Wacky Cake Milk TUESDAY Chili Mac Tossed Salad Buttered Potatoes Applesauce Cinnimon Crispies Hot Rolls Milk WEDNESDAY Oven Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes W/Gravy Cranberry Sauce Sliced Peaches S.M. Bread THURSDAY Brown Beans W/Ham Buttered Spinach Spoon Relish Peach Jello S.M. Bread FRIDAY Hamburgers Tater Wedges Hamburger Relish Apple Cobbler Milk I IHI - - 715 s. i ,',' Main STILLmm=,mWATER 377-6083 __ I I Pogue's City Plumbing Co., Inc. 547-2117 122 S. Main t. R. "RED" POGUE ' Phanbing .:- Heating Air Conditioning i ii i m [ [ by Teresa Womack and Jonna Bostlan During the past month of school the 8th grade at Perkins have selected offi- cers for our class. We have chosen Freddie Pttts for our President; Robert Wall for Vice-President; Dan Schroe. der for our Secretary; and Jonna Bostian and Teresa Womack for our Class Reporters. We still haven't decided on our class parents, colors, or our motto. For Student Council we selO2ted three girls, Jouna Bostian, Angle Doyle, and Teresa Womack. The reason there are three instead of two is because they all tied during the election. We voted again and there was a tie between Jonna and Teresa. Mrs. Mitchell decid- ed to let us have it for one year. The boys that were also selected for Student Council Representatives were Fred- die Pitts and Dan Schroeder. ' Others were elected h'om the 6th and 7th grades. This year we have six newcomers, They are Lori Roten, Becky Coffman, Sandie Coley, Robert Har- per, Ron Curtis, and John Hampton. We give you a warm weicomel MIDDLE SCHOOL HOLDS SKATING PARTY Over 100 were present when the Middle School Student Council held a skating party Sept. 19 at Skate World. Several parents went skating, too, and almost everybody reported a good time. The Middle School Stu- dent Council will have a drive for Cystic Fibrosis on Wednesday, Sept. 28. It will start at 6:00 and last till 8:00. We hope you will help. -by Diana Herring 3rd Grade Science Mrs, Wall The third grade science classes entertained a taran- tula last week. Following are some stories written by third graders regarding the spider study. Monica Gottfried A tarantula is a large spider. They eat flies and grasshoppers. They can hurt "' cold blooded animals and people that are allergic to them. They live under- ground. They do not need a web. Some are black or brown. A wasp is its enemy. Doug Damron Its deadly companion, the wasp, stings this giant spider and lays eggs on it. To avoid this the giant spider builds a burrow and goes in it and waits for it predators. This spider stings other insects but is harmless to man. But if you see one, don't touch it. It can make you very sick. This is a very strange living. The other spiders make webs but his giant spider doesn't so it's strange in a way. If these die out I think people will remember this giant spider. Cory McDaniel The tarantula is a king spider. It is a hairy creature. And some of the ones are poisonous. And all spiders have eight legs. And it's an interesting insect. It lives in a burrow and its toughest enemy is a wasp. It paralyzes the creature and lays its eggs on its back and waits for them to hatch. Scott Walker We had a tarantula in our Science class. A tarantula is a large hairy spider. Ours was blackk and had eight legs. He ate live flies and small grasshoppers. The tarantula is king of the spiders and cannot harm you. He eats small snakes and toads. He is not poisonous. But you don't pick him up. It might make you sick. Tommy Bruce The other day we Caught it tarantula. Tarantula has 8 legs. It can jump. It eats flies, small snakes, and moths. The wasp stings the tarantula and lays her eggs on the tarantula's back. Some are black or brown. Eric Wolfe A tarantula is a very big spider. I have never seen one before. A tarantula is a very good spider when you leave it alone. A tarantula has hairy legs. After keeping the taran- tula for a week in the classroom, he was released where he had been captured. "0" Monday, Oct. 3, 7 p.m. (Tickets still available) Our Models will be Betty Ph00ps, MeUnda Phillips, Rea Dawn Youngker, Jeree Youngker , Lori Redm. Yraey Cundiff Sherry Chapman "Look for the Red Sign" Viola's Boutiq Thank You We appreciate being ask- HOURS: 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 p.m. ed to include our lothin& in Monday thru Saturday l[ the style show and hope the [ ladies of the community 5V2 blocksEast of Main a ,kd] ............ . . ! David Myers, P-T fourth grader, sits quietly as his sight is testp " oy the Oklahoma Department of Education testing service. Grade 2 Mrs. Hallman We try to emphasize being responsible in the second grade. To encourage this each person is assigned a day to lead the flag salute and make a special presen. tation. The student checks the calendar to see which day and must plan what he is going to do. So far no one has forgotten, and we have had some very interesting pre- sentations. Andi Bayhylle and Brian Richardson, both, had to remember through the weekend and be ready on Monday. Brian brought a strange- looking little, green, plastic man nambed Gumby. He showed us how he could be changed to take different positions. The next day Kevin Vassar brought a hermit crab. The crab lived in a sea shell, and had a little gold chain attached to his home for a leash. He had ,toast and bacon for breakfast. He also gave us a few anxious moments when he escaped from his box and joined us at the reading table. Lucky for Angela that she had on her gym shoes instead of sandals when he crawled on her foot. P.S. She didn't even scream. On Wednesday, Septem- ber 14 Billy Mott brought some fossils for us to see. The next day Shana Willard brought a book and record of the classic story, Black Beauty. Sheila Mirth brought a book to share. We found some information about hermit crabs in it. Danny Duffle brought a peanut plant complete with roots and tiny peanuts that were just beginning to form. He also brought a cluster of tiny toadstools. We read about the buzzard in one of the books Ricky Sparkman brought. He brought two books about animals and birds. We were interested in buzzards be. cause we saw one flying near the school. Andi Bayhylle brought some crafts she made at Bible School. One was a ladybug made out of a sponge. We are looking forward to Angela Tumor's presentation next. Wonder what it will be? "0- Gr00lde Children are tested by Tracey Cundiff Last week there was a state vision, hearing, and dental trailer at the grade school playground. The trailer was there for five days and all children grades kindergarten through 6 were tested. Our Students Speak The other day a second- grader on the Perkins-Tryon campus traded his friend four dimes for a quarter because he already had one quarter, and two quarters would be "more money." Fifty cents is more than forty cents .... logical thinking, well almost??? A student from Mrs. Parrack's kindergarten was walking to the bus with his older brother and sister. He was heard saying, "I did real good in school today. I finally do all my work[" After receiving no re- sponse he repeated louder, "I finally do all my workl" And a third time he cried out, "I finally do all my work I ' ' Just then they all broke into a run. Isn't anyone interested in listening to a kindergarten student who's proud of a booklet he just completed? Almost by Donna Saunders P-T Freshman There you sit/Studious and serene/Head bent, concen- trating and staring/at your book./You never even notice when I/Give you "that look."/I smile at the back of your head,/Wishing you'd smile back./But when you turn my way,/I quickly glance at the floor,/For the confidence I thought I had found/Has suddenly slipped away. Approximately 320 stu- dents were tested last week, and the main problem found was lack of tooth brushing. The trailer is paid for by the State Department of Education. The program was started S years ago and 6,000 children have already been tested. 4th Grade News We have finished our unit on insects in Science. Our next unit of study is Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Bus Safety with "Scotty", the safety scarecrow. This should be fun and helpful for the students. Our Spelling contest is well into the fourth week and we have three people in the lead, Jan Burden, Derek Herring, and Jennifer Gib- son with several students close behind. We had Talent day in Music and several of the students shared their talents with all of us. Colt Farrell had a birthday Sept. 18th. We all made him a large birthday card and Mrs. Casey got to give him ten swats with her paddle. Those people holding the honor of Classmate of the Week, so far are: Lonny Lowe, Jennifer Gibson, Derek Herring and Jeff Nuss. We have taken a Reading Placement Test and soon will be going into different reading groups. We have new reading books this year and they are beautiful. -0- Grooms I F:RNITURE & CARPET 208 w. lqth. STILIWATER FR2-0508 ] II 111 New titles in the Tryon Elementary Library CHARLIE STARTS FROM SCRATCH by Jesse Jackson. An inspiring, fast-paced story that finds young Charlie Moss taking a big chance; and winning. Coun- ter to the advise of his friends and relatives, the high school track star leaves his Ohio home to look for a job in the East and to prove he can stand alone. But at first, even his lucky track shoes seem to have let him down. Working long hours at an Atlantic City boardwalk restaurant, it begins to look as if all the advice was right. Then Charley gets to run in the Olympic Trials, wins first place and his determination at last pays off. ELMIRA: THE GIRL WHO LOVED EDGAR ALLAN POE by Harriet Eager Davis. An expert blending of fact and fiction recreates the' tragic love story of Edgar Allan Poe and Myra Royster. Set in the antebellum South and the Richmond society of Poe's time, the story follows the two from their first meeting as children, through a secret engagement, (necessary be- cause Elmira's parents dis- approved of the young poet), to their heartbreaking re- union decades later and their plans for a marriage that never took place. ONE DAY, LEVIN... HE BE FREE: WILLIAM STILL AND THE UNDER-' GROUND RAILROAD by Lurey Khan. Self-educated businessman, self-made mil- lionaire and community leader, William Still was a highly successful black American who never lost sight of the desperate plight of the slaves and operated one of the most important links in the Underground Railroad. THE MYSTERY OF THE FALSE FINGERTIPS by James Holding. Seventeen year old Dutch Schildecker never dreamed his summer job at the museum would involve him in a swirl of stolen treasure, shadowy strangers and a hair-raising kidnapping -- his own! But all this and more befalls the hero of this young person's mystery when a curious band of thieves break into the museum, and steal not the priceless treasure, but fine small reproductions of King Tut's gold fingernail covers. PLAGUE OF FROGS by Susan Terris. A compelling and fast-paced novel in which spoiled and callow Jo Massie comes face-to-face with reality. Interested in ,( only tennis and frogs, comfortable world is upside down when compassionate mother porarily takes in a a homely and year old Marcella. begins as a the coarse and naive trip to the Ozark family turns into an ing nightmare that Jo with a lot to do. WEDDING sONG Caroline Crane. novel of how a romance between two agers, 17 year old Waterson and 19 year Fen Graham, stormy and strained age. The ending is realistic than that of other teen-age WHAT THE NEEDS NOW and Love Lyrics by Hal Together with the arranger Burt BacharaCh ! singer Dionne provides an this book, Hal David produced some of the popular songs of our Along with some behind-the-scenes tary on the business, here are beautiful lyrics to Promises; Alfie; I say a Prayer; and WHERE DOES SUMMER GO? by Edison Gordon. An junior romance convincingly that summer when he or she is growing this particular summer none before. Brewer, 15, eagerly her family's annual their summer home on Island. Part of her ment is bet antiCipation' reunion with 19 year David, her romance of previous summer. first year of college changed him, however, even her parents different to her. Annolations are School Librar list, and National Teachers of English. Be a Journal Readerl Subscribe DR. GARY L. MET Eg Chiroprac00,;r 372-6919 104 East McEIory Stillwater STILLWATER AUCTION 122 E. 9th 377.3377. Stillwater, Okla. 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