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October 4, 1934     The Perkins Journal
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October 4, 1934

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ns Journal ed by the Journal Publishing Co James, Editor and Manager ered as second class mail matter e postoffice at Perkins, Oklah,ma er act of congress March 3rd, 1899 IJBSCRIiYi'ION RATES In Payne, Lincoln and l,o- an eountios, 50e per year: out aide $1.00. Resolutions of Respect--- Mimmunl $1.00. Over 20 lines, 5 cents per line. All poetry same price. m We are very sorry that it was necessary to leave out the most of the rm'al correspondance last week due to lack of space, but we had several compliments on the paper because of the large a- the school's history. All but a handfull of the year- lings are unknown, but it is from just such material that the state and conference championship teams of A. & M. have been built. The policy of Aggie athletic of- ficials is to give every candidate all the opportunity he wants; and it was that policy which produc- ed such men as Ross Hall, Merle Collins, Melvin Riggs, and others among last year's graduating lettermen. A freshman schedule of seven games with no pleyers allowed to enter more han three games, will give every Cowboy freshman a chance to show his caliber under fire. Those from Perkins on the Ag- gie freshmen squad are: Hurley Blumer, g, 165 and Shelby Wyatt, t, 200. ? .... THE PERKINS JOURNAL Far Fields By LEETE STONE by M[CClure Newspaper S)tdicat$. WNU Sorvle HEY were companions, and they spoke to each other; each In his fashion; from their separMe cages. One was a trusty In a penitentiary and the other was a golden canary. 'lha lilting song of the bird and the crisp whistle of the man exchanged daily greetings across the straggling apace that separated them. This was one of the first days of spring to capture glorious geniality from the gently warm sun and faintly stirring airnature's farewell to a dragging, hitter winter. Number 991 pressed his cheekbones against the bars of his open window. Even the metal felt less cold and un- yielding than usual. Zephyrs stlrred his sandy hair which had become much thinner during the ten years of incarceration. Thls morning out of Forest Valley Farm Women's Club Ac- tivities for September 1934 The ('htb met at the home of Mrs. Myrtle Gates on Friday, Sept. 6th at which 15 club mem- bers were present. Roll Call was :answered by an exchange of magazines, after which the min- utes ot the last meeting were read and approved. Atter the committee reports the Fair ex- hibits and several other items of I importance to the Club were dis- I cussed. It was then voted to ac. / cept the invitation of Mr. and J Thomas to hold the next Club I social at their home in honor of i their 30th weddinl anniversary./ It was then voted to accept the I invitati n of Mrs. Joe Long of/ Cushing for the Club to spend l the day with her when conven, t . Better 00rea k fasts mount of local advertising. The lent with her. The meeting was, 1" ING-a-ling-a-ling-g-g-g: You've well-beaten eggs. Add the follow- people ..... like to have some news. claimedthe rutShisOfspiritresignatiOnfrom theWhtchfirst rosehad then turned over to the leader,[ guessed it. It's the alarm tng sifted dry ingredients one Irom me merchants once In a a consuming desire for the far fields Mrs. Viola Hi,c, kman. The lessonl clo.k with Its tiresome habit cup flour, two and one-half tea- of morningperfovmance. You can spoons baking powder, one-fourth while, of freedom and the nomad llfe that subject being Education, a very look it sqtlare In lhe face. ret and teaspoon salt and four tablespoons stretch and yawn for ton lniuutes sugar. Then add two tablespoons had once been his. interesting paper was read by/ or so longs:, if you've made out of melted butter. Pour Into well. ,, . ........ Eyes bent on his little chum whose Mi:rst;:eI ;2iser,e(1 piael,,S: cage hung in another open window Mrs. Abernathy, Home Dem3n- your breakfast nenu the d'v be- greased m,'mn tins ,,nd drop a bit le tne worm s over the way thls wondrous April day, stration Agent, followed b,, an i fore. Plan something tbat is of firm jelly in the ce:ler at' each. aeries games are being broadcast- Number 991 Indulged his whimsicality . z j quh.k to prepare, but very dell- Bake in a lot oven--40 t deg eeo od of guarded conversation. Can we interesting discussion of the l clou. " for about twenty-five" minutes. .... " [ stick another winter here, little one? same by her. Other very bene-I Here is a menu that will give This makes twelve mulns. If you that good-to-be.alive feeling: )'m prefer these mulfius plain, he whispered. . N ficlal papers Ielatlve to ths sub- Some people get very enthused otes of song trilled over to him as ........... / Watermelon C " ju.;t omit the jelIy, and serve CJ Cereal ,,'i.*h "?re:':n lM.m hot with honey or pre- ....... t.__. n __ r__.- ,, I If in direct answer IJeCt was reaa Oy Mrs. mlSle/ . :nd r ell::th ' ::0 '.Uh:li' r vg;mel "Meaning 'Cheerio' and 'Carry on' ]Saint and Mrs. Marie Brown. l Griih, d Cuntr*" Ham serves. . - " ;n remember that bre;kfast Y " p ce / and all the rest of the uplift stnff,"[ As a climax to this meetieg,/ r,m r.,m M,g;,,, cot] ..... - c,,,e s pnhaps the lnost Is- until they are hoarse, but these Number 991 muttered with a wry |,_  .... r- ..... ) Yum }'urn Muf'/in: I;real- *',ale povtant coffee of the day See that same neo,qe are the firs+ * --;--[ mouth. Nevertheless his shoulders me leaner, Mrs. VlOla rllcKman, j bread isle enm:::h small pi.('e. to it is vacuum packed so that it ha; - v  " *"'*a t . .rill two CUl)s; sak for ten mind.ires that fresh roasted smrll and lull -  , . - t s ralghtened and he responded with a [gave an excellent book review o| Iun ot people who get happy over clear whistle. ["The District Nurse," whichi Jlo..and one-fourtii cup ,,f h,,i fluter when you take it from the religion and shout, t About to turn away from the win- ] ........ [ u urea evaporat,.,d mi:k. Add two i ('all.* " / dow, his gaze---whlch had been river. ]gave a gooo history OI tne WOrK I t,u ..... , ....... | ed on the caz,---was caught by the [in the slum districts of large! " - nay rose spena large sums oI| sight of a child scrambling onto a |,-iti,e The Cans, In Kiatr Pre I money on these things and the | chair which stood heneath it. Tie r'*'" .... ":" -'.'-,',"',*;"! churches have to sell i e child was small and had tronhie mak ents were men mstrloueo,o :he Want Ads c cream I ' ! . ...... , .. lng the grade; but fi.':dly stood on the ,lucky members alter which de: ,,- ;. and cnlcKen olnners o pay tne chair and commenced fussing with the l,;.; .... ;o, c,qd lm,,n,a, ..,. I  twING WANTED Rates preacher and other ex,enses_ .. tay door of the,,,' "S. _Drison. at ..... .o. I'" ...................... . , ',. :. J easonable. Mrs. H. C. Miles. a woman appeared on the scene, re Iserved by the hostess. "ihe Club I ........... moved the child with apparent scold l adlourned at 4'30 P M, and will[ .-a-,=, -  !Wante--d -- 2man we on not Know, DuI If: nas Ings, and pushed the chair away " [ ' "F "" ', .... ! #.* I:  wood, right away. Pay ready. )een reported that some church The significance Of thl' ordinary In-|meet again on rm?y .cL o, a! 2 I E.J. Burns, Perkins members do these things too cldent flooded the man's mind with the ]the home at vn's. mrle nrown. conviction that some day the child ]The leder will be Bertha Kirk; !PV" ig" -':' lit- " would succeed with its mischief and /sub, ect "Outffttingthe Eed."  ), tl L.R. WILHITE Two Perkins Boys on A, & M. his little companion would escape to | , "'" " " u:' -roud of its Freshman Football Team o. far fieldsof freedom that nagged | .he L, iUD iS q ,u:p [4"'x)_,-.: '|/[ M. DO melr hearts perpetually. [havin won flint place at the e .... , . . Thus the idea of escape was born In I, o ...... rir on cannin- bers of the record-breaking fresh- promise which had addenly new Ifirst on the sack exhibit and first i Ottice Phon 94 --- ,--IM ,,.n .+ +... fu.,., meaning for him Amazed, and some- S besides several firsts on Res. Phone ..... 15 ma .... obo,,,, squau , .= ,-,,a- wh ............ ' ....... on Rug a, vewaaer, u, nemrtaenrsume .: ..... , articles in each exbibit  [  holes A. & M. College, a list of realized how many opvortunitles he a,,- the Aggie yearlings just received had missed; wrapped -he had been The next item of importance in Perkins. Okla. :_a:_ ,_ ,,. .....  during the years in the dull inertia of th" month was the regular - _ _ .'2 here lll(llCflLeS WH:n 10 moil .... .lS "" connnement ann prlson shop labor, monthl-social at the home of on the roser, and others awaiting The check-up of tools was often  '* a It would be simple to confiscate and and Mrs. E. V. Thomas on auits, the Cowboys have by far Mr. conceal flle and oil Nights were long Sat. evening Sept. 22nd when 11 Sauerkraut PHYSICIAN the largest yearling grid squad in in which to softly sever his bars. members and their families and ()ftieial Physicmn for A. T. & S. ' R. It. at Perkins, Oklah-ma. Drug Store Phone 42 Residence Phone 99 Payne County Service Garage TIRES--TUBES--BATTERIES Acetylene Welding We guarantee our workmanship NILE and STREETER KNIPE, Prop Phone 27 In Summer 'AUERKRAUT has a very def. k. inlte'pla in summer meals-- dietetically and decoratively. Perhaps you think of kraut in the name breath with frankfurters. corned beef, and heavy foods. Then take another breath--a long one--for the lighter kraut dishes comprise a long list. and they are very delicious with summer-time nMMds. Besides your sparkling, iced auerkraut cocktails, and iced- kraut used as a garnish for such cold cuts as tongue, chicken and roast beef, serve, also. in summer some of the following delicious sauerkraut dishes which are color, ful and cooling. For Your Good Health Jellied Sauerkraut Relish: Soft- Excellent results were obtain- ed from a home made canner used by Mrs. Drake of Pleasant Hill. A large metal barrel plac- ed over an outside fire, served and had a capacity of 80 jars of fruit. A series ot racks were constructed inside to support the jars. Miss Dorothy Moor and Miss Nuella Oliver have returned from Elk City and Hobar where they have been visiting for the past few months. He felt that escape for the little pal was destined. Why not for him, too? The chance to secure tools came oon and Number 991 became a differ- ent man. He stepped out of the prison rut of resignation into the province of love of life. A thousand sleepless nlght had taught him where the night gUard of his cell-block would be at any given moment. No detail 0f se- crecy eluded Ms. Nlght by night the four little rifts In two of hls bars grew Imperceptibly deeper. Intimacy, also, progressed between the bird and the man. Never a morn- lag that they did not exchange buoy. ancies: "How you coming, friend?' Carolled over. "Fine! How 'bout you, little one?" Whlstled back. And oten the mtschlevous chlld tlthed Its arms high for the cage, reinforcing Number 991'e premonition that freedom for them both was a cer- tainty. " he morning came when all but the last few strokes of the file had bean taken. A few more deft moments' work would spell eparaUon of the steel, and---escape !Watchtng the blrd across the way, the man's body stiff- ened suddenly and his cheekbones pressed the bars so closely that he feared they mht give way. The child was dragging a chair un- der the canary's cage again. Today! The chlld climbed on the chair; fussed with the cage door, and opened It. The golden bird winged Im, lft fllgh through the open window, and down- ward. beyond the man's Impetuous gaze that strove to follow. Number 991' Joy mounted to the peak of elation. The llttle pal was free to travel the far fields--travel with him--to Indulge fantasy. Nnmber 991 remained long at the window pl'mnlng his own ecape for that very night. He dreamed as he sniffed the blossom-see,ted air hun- grlly. Then he noticed the little boy; eh_oulders drooped In en!tncej go several invited guests helped them celebrate their 30th wed- ding anniversary. Such activities as were accomplished in this I month in s u c h a )satistactory manner makes us /glad that we are Farm Women's I Club members. | Mrs. E. V. Thomas Club Reporter Over 70 per cent of the water i from some rains has been lost by / run-off in tests at the Oklahoma A. & M. College. Grades of cotton are largely determined by weather condi- I tion; staple length is largely de- t termined by variety [ Excessive rainfall in the later [period of growth tends to pro- duce wheat low in protein. out of the house opposite and disap- pear around the corner. But why dld the child return run- ning followed closely by a sleek "blaek eat, and carrying something in small. cupped hands as-he screamed for his mother. Number 991's eyes strained to see! They caught a glimpse of a lifeless little blab of yellow from which the feathers drooped awry. Number 991 turned away from his nearly severed bars, despair in the deep lines of his sagging face. With a watchful look everywhere first, he flung the tlny flle through his bare and they disappeared In the tall raes of prison acres Just as ths morning shop ball clanged through the eorrl- dore. Fa fields lnd#el en two tablespoons of gelatin in ;lllllllllllllllll|llllllBiiiiiilllllllltlllllllll, four tablespoons cold water, then . dissolve in two cups of boiling water. Add one-fourth cup of . Cleaning, Pressing .--" lemon juice and cool, Add the contents of one No. 2 can of -" Alterin00and - auerkraut, one-fourth cup at " ., u, grated raw carrt and ne'furth i-  i cup of chopped green pepper. Season with salt and pepper, if necessary. Pour into individual . l rices Reasonable molds and chill until set. Un- sold and serve as a garnish to -" , enid meats, or on erisp lettueo : Your Business Appreciated with mayonnalae as a salad. This _- _ serws eight. " Perk" CI Theae Ars Easy to Maks = !!!$ eaners = - @av.erkraut and Carrot Salad: IIIIillllllllllllllllllllllh Mix one enp of canned sauerkraut IIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , rot and one cup of creanly Inay- onnaise. Arrange on lettuce hearts and garnish with walnut halves. Corned Beef ad Sauerkraut: Put alternate layers from two No. | can of sauerkraut and one 12- ounce can of corned beef. broken Into large pieces in a baking dish. Bake In a modemte375 degree-- oven for about fifteen minutes. ' .rye,  persons.* [ J.R. Sewett, W.M.--'" [ / 1 i ' !'