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October 4, 1973     The Perkins Journal
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October 4, 1973

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The Journal, Thursday, October 4, 1973- 3 -..g"an --------:----=:-- P-T FHA NEW News "= [ ;._~,v,~li~....~, ~ -'~ The 2nd meeting of the Per- I,lll I Ill I .. ~~ ktns-Tryon FHA Chapter was Speaker .~ F~:J held Monday, October 1. We I I I lull discussed about what project s I I I IIi I INSURANCE REAL ESTATE ,~ we would like to do as a chap- ~lil AN[) WHEN YOU HAVE A LOSS Bill Ryan, minist-~,~ .. ~. ter. Then in standing commit- .,-.v.,r .......-.f-.,,. YOU'LL FIND US SYMPATHETIC tees, we decided on separate JL.)ILJt~J~..~J~ HELPFUL ,., AND AVAILABLE lton Cimarron VaT- "- orojects for the chapter. of od, was speak- AGENCY Ocational Industrial We can take 45 members to nerlca, Health Ser- the Sub-Dlsfrict Rally at Ton- 104 East McElroy ~_..,~L~j,,/ tlons unitofCentral kawa so all most all of the SfiUwater Okla ay, September 28. ' . , members will be able toattend. " " . FRFJEMAN L. DILBECK Ryan discussed the The chapter members will 74074 Dewayne Hoser 372-2792 of the patient, also serve at the Alumni Ban- Perkins Pho.Sh7-2715 i Home 372-0913 plays in healing, quet on October 20. Don't for- of the nurse get the Sub-District Rally on October 13! and what she can do he Patient and family. will be very the VICA members begin performing nursing skills. Be- the early part of the VICA members Drumright Nursing days a week. The are Miss Marie Mrs. Peggie Long, Study Revelation than a dozen people the United Metho- on Wedne.wJay the first prayer It was decicied Polson conduct a each week in the Revelation, assisted in the group when he Mrs. Robert Will entert~n the morning, at 9:30 a.m. "Weekly Prayer" "God is at work in you" (Phtlippians 2:13). Worldwide Communion Theme for Worldwide Com- munion Sunday, October 7, at the Coyle United Methodist Church at 9"30 a.m., and at Perkins United Methodist Church at II:00 a.m. will be "More Thaa Bread". Special offerings will be received for chaplains, scholarship and minority stu- Jents. Clay tablets dating from about 2000 B.C. show that in Babylonia valuables were deposited for a service charge of 1/16th of what they were worth. Interests on loans ran as high as 33-1/3 percent! Pe 91- noon lunch- of the Mike Hall In the after- e con- l~SUeellen Klnnamon oyd Jr. in the home before guests. Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Eby of Tulsa were Tuesday overnight guests in the parsonage home of Mrs. Eby's parents, Pastor and Mrs. Clifford Polson, en- route to their home following a visit of ~veral clays in Colo- racio '~rlth the Polson's son and family. ..... )i/j/% e SOLID-STATE COMPACT The TOREADOR E388OR innovative ultramodern styling. Grained color with sharply contrastingi trim on top. Super Video Range Tunerl AFC: *MACOLOR-- step forward in "'*.*o,..o,..,..,...****.... effects of Voltage variations. 1 Year Carry In Service TITAN 275V CHASSIS--Most powerful Zenith chassis in 17-inch diagonal TV, with 27,500 volts* of picture power. *design a~erage S. Main Stillwater Phone 372-7311 "... Let Us Go Into the I-louse o~: the Lord" Families That Pray Together Stay Together Spomoeed by ~e/o//ow/~g Blamer's Champlin Service Baker & Son Drygoods Perkins 'Y' Livestock Auction OeI-Mar's Food Store Payne County Bank AREA CHURCI:I DIRECTORY PERKINS ^.~.'~i':MI~LV Ot C~)U CIIU~CH: Mr. Charles Hoil:~,,d-P~tor; amday school ~:45; Worship ll:Oo, hve*~mg war.hip 7:30; ~ed~msday Evet*l;ig 7:30. FIH~I" L)A P'i IS'I" CIIUHCIi~ S~d~y Scl~c~)l 9:45, Wr)rship I :00; Tr~lnirlg Un|on 6:30 p.m.; Ev~- l.g wol~hip ~:30. Wed,,e~d~ I'r~yer Meet.~g 7:30. UHUHUH OE CHRI~'f: ~,nday ~O:30 and 6:3O; ~ed.esday Eve~ung 6:30. 1}:00, Y~,,~t~)r ~l lh,st--Jhgh Youth F'P~t,~'#ShH~, ~:00; Junior High Youth, every other ~da FII~I CHI~I~'I JAr. CRUHCII; I~,,v. liarlly kroe.,a,,; Ch.rch .~'ho~,l P~r ;~du~ts a,,~ c{*lidren 9;4 ~.da) mo,~dng ~orshlp 10:45; .b~lday EVC~H ]:OO; Womea'~C~tmctl every third Wecb,e~*da) 130 p.,n.; ~ed~*esd~y ~;venmg Church ~rv~ces 7:00. JEUOV.~H'.~ ~iTJ~E~SE~: william wJ,mery-Minister; Public Bible becturesb~nday 9",3~; Watch- ~ce Meeting Friday, 7:30. 5EVENTll DAY ^DVENlib'r: L~n Neargaar&-Pa~tor. Preaching 9:30, Sabbath school 10:30. LI~EHTY FI~EE METHODIKr: C. M. Tho,npso~*-pu~or; ~tmday sct~oi 10:00; Worship 1H00. PEHKIN5 INDIAN MJS,SlON: Rev. Joh~ C;ass-Pu~or; 8cruces held m Iowa Community Hall o~ WedneSday nights at $:00; S~turdays at 8;00 p.m. and 8tmday Sed~ooi at I0:00, RmLEY CUUI{CH OF CilHI~'T: Wayne Cz~rnech~-M~,,i~er; Bible C3asses~0:oO;Wor~p IlzOO; Evemng ~.x vlce~ ?:gO; ~ednesday ~.ve, tmg .~ervlce~ 7:OO. RIPLEY UNITED METIIOIR~T: leer. L~ob Iteaiey-Church 9:30; SuzldaySchool 10:30; MYS ~lnday night 6:30; l~tble S~Jy ~edl,e~lay 7:30 p.m. HIPLEY HA PTIhT CIIUHCII: Terry sledge-Pastor; sunday Scblm110:OO; Worship ll:00; Training Un~c~, 6:30 p.m.; ~;wntn~ Worsh~p 5:3~ WedneSday Prayer Meetmg 7:30. ,~lPbbY FULL ~K)SPEL TABEI~NACLE: P~ter-A~ber ~ls~; Stmday 8ehoo! I0:00; Wor=~hlp II:OO; So,*day Eyening ~ervlces 7:00; ~el,day Evening Services 7:30; S~turday Prayer Meet,. mg 7:30 p.m* CRUHCH OF GOD: ~unday ~,c1~1 9:45; ~orshtp ~1:00; ~vening 8~r*lcea ~:OO, W~esd~y 7:~0 GLENCOE UNION HOME CllUiICti OF Clll{Is'r: HeV, Lee Marsh-Pastor; St=*'~ay School 10:00; Worship ]I:OO; Pla~er Meeting 7:30; we.,*e~.~ay Pra)er M~t~ng 7:30. CIIUI~CI{ OF c-j~D; Ciycie ^tterberry-Pastor, ~unday School 9:45; Wed.esday 7:00. CHUtCUH OF CIUItST: P~! James-Mtmmer; B|L~e School 9:g5; Wore~|p IO:45 m,d e:O0 p.,.. HAPTIST CllUt{Cil: Virgil C~dveft-Pastor; W'orshlp II:OO; 5w~ay sclm,,l lO:00; Wed~lekday Services 7:30. UNITED METHODIEr CilUNCli: Jay Caidw,.l|; ~mday ~1~ol 10:001Wor~ip II:OO; UMYF 5:$0. TRYON TI(YON CIIi~I~'FIAN CHUHCR: I~ev. J~ Rruco; ~y Ncl~l I~; Wor~llp i :OO, TI{YON A.~bLMBLY WF fJOD: bor. ~ariing-Pastor; ~day School I0:~; Worship I;:00; Even- i~ .Services 7:OO ~J,d ~ked,msday Eventrd~ 7:30. F|NE;T ~AP'~I~%'1" CHUHCH D~ THYON; H~. Jerry McCle~ry; Sunday SchOOl 10:00. Wo~shlp 12;00; E~-enl,~g Worr4up 7:OO; Otureh Trainl~ 6:OO p.m.; Wedmesdey E~l~in~ 7:30. RURAL CHURCHES VA&~AIi CIIUiCN: 12 3/4 ,nlles ~gt, 4 ,,ideSnOrth of ~lIlWater-S,mday School 10:45; World~ip I ~:00; Eve,*ing ,%rvlcos 7:30; Wed~,esday CA S:O0 p.,n. EDeN CIIA PEL UNITED MET}IODI.~T CilUIICH: Worship 9:45; ~mday School 10".45; Samday EV- e~,l,v~ Services 7:30; Wed,,esday Evening ~er~ces 7:3O MEIIAN UNION CRUHCIh I~am E. Ilargro~; ~y SC~| 10:00; Wor~*~lp 11:00; E~ni~ Services 6:30. DIAMO/~D VALL~: CObIMUNITV CIIUNCN: 6 mtle~ e~ o! &t|Hwater; ~/~y ,~erma~-Pastor ~mday School I0:O~, ~orshlp 1 H00; EVe~I~V~ ~rvtces7:30; We~3n~e~d~y Evening Scrv~ees 7:30. OLIVET CHI{I~'FIAN CIIUI~CU: S.today ~l~,ol I0:00; Worshtp II:OO. FHIENDS C}IAI~EL CHU~CH: Rev P~.l S~der-g miles were of PurkJn~; ~y S~hoo! IO~.00; w,~r~hlp ]; :CO; ~vent,,g Worsh~p 7:30; wed~,ee~t~y hvenmg Worship 7:30 p.n,. PAI)AI)IS~ BAPTI.~T CIIUI~CIh 6 miles so~th. 5 miles west of ~tllwater; Bot#~y ~R~-P~or, ,%.utd;~y ~%choo[ }O:OO; Worship I l :OO; Trai*lDig UIIOll "/:00p.t~.i E'@n~,ltg Wor~ h:OO; Wlldll~ll~ d~y ~ve.l,~ WorsMp ~:30. LO~T CHEEK UNITED METHOD|ST CUUNCH: ~md~y SchOOl ]O:00; Worllh|p |]~0. OTHER AREA CHURCHES CAI{NEY CIIHI~%~'I1AN CRUHCH; ~ Kuel~r-minlster; ~-iaay Se.hooi I~00; W~ ll;00; E~ ~nlr4~ Evamget*sttc Scrvice~ 6:00 p,m. COYLE FII~ST CIIilI~t~N CHURCH: Jotm Pryor-Minlater; Su~diy ~110100; Wor~Mp ll:~ Yo~ PeopLe Meeing 6:30; ~ve~ng wor~g~lp 7:30. COYLE UNITED METHODIffr CHURCH; Cl~rd 10DlSoa-Mlltll%er; I~nIIl~ World~Ip 9:30; day School 10:.30. AGRA F[Rgr METHODU;T CHURCH: H~ev. Vim N~J~; wori~tp H:0Oi I~lmlNI ~er~e4m ?:~10. COW POKES By Ace Reid "l"d 'm the r.a,o, we'v, got tt1I= moat out here and not cold dorage k 'c um we're con- cerned about fhe engery crisis." Central Oklahoma's Largest Weekly Livestock Auction SALE EVERY WEDNESDAY AT NOON Owned And Operated By And Jim Edwards