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October 4, 2001     The Perkins Journal
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October 4, 2001

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THE PERKINS ]OUlINAL, Thur lay, October 4, 2001 B i posal by Cummings Multimedia '! lli - from page 1A to the City Manager for action, torebulldthehbrarywebslte. Imm ll[ l , ll/ , Community input has This is an important feature of .... ,imilated into this docu- the Perkins City Charter and will City Manager: Bobble Myers m be an adjusting and learning pro- stated she-had applied for an i tuning commission and cess for everyone, payment extension with (Legal Notice published in The Perkins Journal once, Oct. 4, 2001) ", working together in re- The city commission will COEDD concerning the old - ,' ! ', building permits for meet in executive session to set Paragon building TECH, Inc. " ! i' dential situations,guidelines, review and eventu- has taken over. PUBLIC RELEASE , ,w tinting is in place on ally interview applicants for the Planning Commission: Mel police units for efficiency position of city manager. Sev- Miller reported the commission .... ' ,i 'otection of equipment. Lt. eral applications have been re- is continuin~ to work on zonin~, ~etor~lst~om, l ll~ .~ll/im~.' .ti~..m.~t~muslly~l~ital~blic.rd~einf~m~Ll~l~tom~y I oramances aria me comprenen- ct , Reedy commented con- ceived. .. ~ .... ~ r,~mplm~comemplaunllmymtlmmstat~lct's~'~,~oqpmt~aonl, lmam~in~s~ ,~,~ ~i Ling the approval of the The commission met in execu- siveplan. The commission will ~epeember 27t 2001 ~' 'I shade installed Bobble tive session concerning two offer variance policy recom- Name(s)ofmcdtsomletslml ----- k11~nitt~lto ' " '*- ,rs said further clarification items: the city manager pursu- mendauon and approval o goa s " - - ,. , matter and accepted re- ant to 250.S.307 (1) and pend- and objectives of the compre- Stlllwater /News Press ~, ~, !sibility for the situation, ing litigation pursuant to hensive plan Perk:ins - Tryon Public Seh~ todd- ~.om~l = ....... '~ ~' . y pm~y rot m~ ~ma ~a-pti~ ~ : . ecommissioners stated that 250.S.307 (4) and no action was C ty Mamtenance: . Larry I! Shade was darker than ex- taken. Moorman reported the ear .... !i CommissionerStoecker The following reports were marked dead trees in the city " h n ol ,==d ........... ,, aoopz:e~ g ' incaa~ mlma for d~mniniali dillibility: ,~} to get samples from a available and given: oeen removes, work Is S lIl De- .,. ., ess in Stillwater who could Barbara Ahring was mg done on the culverts on Tim- , " ......... , , )re and replace a different unavailable because of surgery berline and Seventh Street J INCOME FOR llOOLYEAR zeel.zeo' e with no harm to the win- during this time. The library Bobble Myers stated that Don j no=t d M t ay l The ci commission will received the $3,000 Networking Crouch reported the yard behind I s / i ty . , s s / i his place on Stansbury Street is I 2 21,479 1,790 " : 414 , '. and decide on the shade. Grant last week and the hbrar- caving in and needs attention I 3 27.0ef 2,256 521 ; ity Attorney Matt Devlin, ian is busy obtaining price Mel Miller in turn, re- quotes from vendors. A before the situation is worsened. I 628 i i: led the city commission, storytime at Educare will begin A creek runs behind that area [ 6 . 736 I 43 827 3,653 843 ~l '~ Jim Kinder of Kinder Dozer had I 7 491414 4,115 " ing commission, and those soon. A"Sequoyah book party " 1 ;nt that any board, body, in- will be held in the near future, been contacted to look at the [ s 001 4 1 ' lual, or officer is strictly Friends of the L brary reported sztuauon and bnng a cost esU- [ . ~ ! mate on whatwall take to re- [ ...... t ited from directing or ask- proceeds of $329.10 from their .... [ rot ew.n mor i family metaber. $5,587 to y ly incom "d ! i staff to accomplish any recent book and bake sale. The pmr tms .RRequests are to be taken Library Board approved a pro- " {.]i; !i 570 COUNTY OFFICERS AND DEPUTIES 150.00 REGISTRATIONS 21 VOICESTREAM WIRELESS 26.13 SERVICES ' ' ; 571 ClTYOFSTILLWATER 10111.01 UTILITIES DRUG TASK FORCE ., i ~Yne County Board of Commissioners met in a Regular Meeting Tues- 572 A T & T 62.15 SERVICES 3 FBF INCORPORATED 46.18 SUPPLIES i','1 Ptember4,2001. Notice of the meeting was mede by posting an agenda 573 AT&T 41.03 SERVICES 4 CINGULAR WIRELESS 310.94 SERVICES .". ~rdance with the Open Meeting Law. The following were present: Gloria 574 IONEX TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC 582.14 SERVICES 5 CINGULAR WIRELESS 384.60 SERVICES ~.i ~r, Chairman; Jim Arthur, Vice-Chairman; Bill Deering, Member; Sherd 575 ASSOC. COUNTY COMMISSIONER-SI 56601.25 SERVICES 6 AT & T WIRELESS SERVICES 124.61 SERVICES . i ffsr, County Clerk. - ..... tin was o ned 576 WOOD & SONS PAVING 3795.78 SERVICES 7 PAGE PLUS, INC. 94.90 SERVICES : ~" :i i'~ ~airman celled the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. ~- ...... g pe 577 WOOD & SONS PAVING 5539.94 SERVICES Deedng made the motion to adjourn. Arthur seconded. Arthur aye; He~er, I ] '; ~rayer and Flag Salute. 578 WOOD & SONS PAVING 1582.79 SERVICES aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. ',~ I rpresented claim from Brawley Engineering for engineering fees for Bddge 579 WOOD & SONS PAV NG 569 82 SERV CES Sherd Sch after : ~sr unnamed tributary on Country Club Road. Arthur made the motion to 580 WOOD & SONS PAVING 791 46 SERV CES County C erk . i] ~e the claim in the amount of $9,075.03 and forward to ODOT for pay- 581 WOOD & SONS PAVING 791.46 SERVICES J' t ~.Deefing seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion 582 WOOD & SONS PAV NG 1566 87 SERVICES '~ 583 WOOD & SONS PAVING 2374.24 SERVICES The Payne County Board of Commissioners met In a Regular meeting Mod(]lay, i ;hairman recognized Mr. Bill Knowles. Knowies presented the Prelimi- 584 WOOD & SONS PAVING 4080.39 SERVICES September 10, 2001. Notice of the meeting was made by posting an ager~a in :i ~onstruction Documents for the Jail Annex. The plans are still under 585 WOOD & SONS PAVING 3060 29 SERVICES accordance with the O n Meetin Law Th fol wl w - - ' , pe g . e IO ng ere present: ~na ~ment. Preliminary b d date is November 12~. 586 WOOD & SONS PAVING 2040 20 SERVICES ....... i :hairman recognized Mr. Don Snethen. Snethen presented the Revised 587 WOOD & SONS PAVING 2040"20 SERVICES Hesser, Chairman; Jim Arthur, vice-unalrman; Bill Deedng, Memoer; Sl')prd :i Standards for Rural Developments. The Board discussed the new stan- 588 WOOD & SONS PAVING 1899140 SERVICES Schieffer, County Clerk. ,ij ~ i 589 WOOD & SONS PAVING 522.34 SERVICES The Chairmancailedthemeatingtoorderst9:00a.m. The meattng was opened The standards do not specify the road type, but gives the developer a 590 WOOD & SONS PAVING 3482.04 SERVICES with Prayer and Flag Salute. i] of gravel, chip and seal or asphalt I stated that he is not in favor of accepting any more roads for mainte- 591 WOOD & SONS PAVING 3482 04 SERVICES The Ch-irman -r-- nt- -~ - r- --" f- m ........ ,:t ........................ " ........... a p e~ ea a equem re ~ZlllWaier uay is use uourmouse ~lwn 't was suggested that the roads in new dovelopments only be soceptedmaintenance assessment district is formed. ;93 ~N~)~) ~ ;~N; ;~;~,1; '1;~'~0 ;~;~'1~; on September 19mfor their anniversary caiebration. Deadng medethe ~ion trd agreed that the Standards as wdtten imply acceptance of mainte- 594 WOOD & SONS PAVING 1918128 SERVICES to grant permission for use to Sttllwater Bay. Arthur seconded. Arthur, ~lye; They felt this should be revised. The Policy was tabled for revision. 595 WOOD & SONS PAVING 7487.22 SERVICES Hesser, aye; Deadng, aye. Motion carded, i i ave an up~ late on the County Administration Building construction. 596 WOOD & SONS PAVING 9111.15 SERVICES Deedng presented the invoice from Brawley Engineenng for amendmenJ of presented the minutes of August 31. Deedng made the motion to 597 WOOD & SONS PAVING 1759.91 SERVICES ~" bdd e ins action list He noted that"D"T w I .......... '~ " g p u u ou a maKe me ttna~ aeos=on adorn corrected. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Heeeer, aye; 598 WOOD & SONS PAVING 889.40 SERVICES Motion carded. 599 WOOD & SONS PAVING 3482.04 SERVICES payment. The invoice was table for additional information presented Notice of Claim as ,filed by Michelle Lee Dethloff. The r seconded.. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. orders were approved: to 09104101 ...FY 2000-2001 Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: PERKINS JOURNAL 283.45 PUBLICATIONS CASH AQUA PLEASURES 47.75 SUPPLIES WARREN CLINIC, INC. 1031.00 SERVICES WARREN CLINIC, INC. 1354.00 SERVICES 3E FUND DANIEL K. 500.00 SERVICES NEW FORUMS PRESS, INC. 65.00 SUPPLIES FORCE DEPARTMENT OF CENTRAL SERVICE 586.03 SERVICES to 09104/01 ...FY 2001-2002 FUND Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: BELL TELEPHONE 161.03 SERVICES A T & T WIRELESS SERVICES 308.49 SERVICES ARCH WIRELESS 42.89 SERVICES SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 305.00 SERVICES H & H INVESTMENTS 900.03 RENT WEST GROUP 608.88 SUPPLIES WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 153.45 SUPPLIES HYPERNET SOLUTIONS, INC 38.80 SERVICES CITYOF STILLWATER 154.56 UTILITIES OSU COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SRV 366.91 PAYROLL PITNEY BOWES, INC, 205,00 SUPPLIES COUNTY OFFICERS AND DEPUTIES 50.00 REGISTRATION STILLWATER TYPEWRITER CO,,INC 75.00 REPAIRS ~TILLWATER TYPEWRITER CO.,INC 13.00 SUPPLIES MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY 29.70 SUPPLIES MIDWEST PRINTERS PITNEY BOWES, INC. MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY 20.00 SUPPLIES 146.00 REPAIRS 7.98 SUPPLIES MIDWEST PRINTERS 85.83 SUPPLIES MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY47.85 SUPPLIES SUPPLY 19.50 SUPPLIES SUPPLY 272.34 SUPPLIES COMMUNITY 63.84 SUPPLIES 3FFICE SUPPLY 131.27 SUPPLIES MARTHA E. 46.36 REIMBURSEMENT CAROL S. 7.03 REIMBURSEMENT ANGELA D. 57.42 REIMBURSEMENT GLENNDORA A 106.24 REIMBURSEMENT ANITA S. 3136 REIMBURSEMENT TONI SUE 51,13 REIMBURSEMENT TONI A. 16.72 REIMBURSEMENT INC 425.00 MAINTENANCE JOHN W. 22.18 REIMBURSEMENT CRYSTAL D. 38.44 REIMBURSEMENT TINA M. 15.35 REIMBURSEMENT JERRY A. 37.04 REIMBURSEMENT SHIRLEY A, 35.68 REIMBURSEMENT JENNIFER L. 19.69 REIMBURSEMENT BRIDGET E. 17.20 REIMBURSEMENT JIMMY A. 22.71 REIMBURSEMENT TINA M 29.49 REIMBURSEMENT 48.81 SUPPLIES 155.98 SUPPLIES FORD 16.62 SERVICES , T & T WIRELESS SERVICES 31.03 SERVICES NEWSPRESS 539.51 PUBLICATIONS JOURNAL 243.20 PUBLICATIONS INC. 413.70 SUPPLIES INC. 911.90 REPAIRS 821.00 SUPPLIES NISOURCE WORLDWIDE, INC. 408.03 SUPPUES OF STILLwATER 376.95 UTILITIES 170.00 POSTAGE TYPEWRITER CO.,INC 9.95 SERVICES IEEN, JOHN I. AND MAURISE M 800.03 RENT NEWSPRESS 4850 SUBSCRIPTION 600WOOD & SONS PAVING 3482.04 SERVICES 601WOOD & SONS PAVING 13090.56 SERVICES 602WOOD & SONS PAVING 27919.44 SERVICES 603SHENOLD, AMY L 80.04 REIMBURSEMENT 604MATLOCK, JAMES L. 48.30 REIMBURSEMENT 605WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 247.26 SUPPLIES 606A & J RENTAL AND SALES 900.00 SUPPLIES 607HID DIRECT 310.95 SUPPLIES 608HICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICE 121.00 REPAIRS 609COUNTRY COMFORT HEATING & AIR 125.42 SUPPLIES 610IRWIN CUSTOM SIGN COMPANY, LLC 155.80 REPAIRS 611PAGE PLUS, INC 18.95 SERVICES HIGHWAY CASH 269WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 259.30 SUPPLIES 270AQUA PLEASURES 69.00 SUPPLIES 271FLECK BEARING CO, INC. 1085 SUPPLIES 272QUAPAW CO., INC 1374.50 HMHL 273STILLWATER STEEL & SUPPLY, INC 1500.00 SUPPLIES 274TULSA FREIGHTLINER 103.84 SUPPLIES 275QUAPAW CO., INC 5291.94 ROCK 276CUMMINS SOUTHERN PLAINS, INC. 295.53 SUPPLIES 277PANTHER INDUSTRIES 19.90 SUPPLIES 278FRED BREWER SALES 180.03 SUPPLIES 279TULSAFREIGHTLINER 13.68 SUPPLIES 280K & O CONSTRUCTION 1830.40 SUPPLIES 281CUSHING PLUMBING 50.00 REPAIRS 282STILLWATER NEWSPRESS 34.72 PUBLICATIONS 283KIRBY SMITH MACHINERY, INC. 181.28 SUPPLIES 284K & O CONSTRUCTION 1487.84 SUPPLIES 285SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 114.08 SERVICES 286CITY OF CUSHING 238.04 UTILITIES 287RELIANT ENERGY ARKLA 38.76 UTILITIES 288AT&T 121.79 SERVICES 289EMPIRE FINANCIAL SERVICES,INC715.00 LEASE 290ROSS SERVICE STATION 918.00 SUPPLIES 291RAY'S USED EQUIPMENT 56500.00 SUPPLIES 292WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 76.84 SUPPLIES 293STILLWATER STEEL & SUPPLY, INC 1030.00 SUPPLIES 294SILVER STAR CONSTRUCTION, INC 4320.41 SUPPLIES 295BOSTIAN, MORINEA. 990.00 SUPPLIES 298STILLWATER NEWSPRESS 61.77 PUBLICATIONS 297DUB ROSS COMPANY, INC. 6828.00 SUPPLIES 298NORTHERN EQUIPMENT 377.16REPAIRS 299ADVANCED FIRSTAID & SAFETY 140.10 SUPPLIES 300HYPERNETSOLUTIONS, INC. 10.92 SERVICES 301CITY OF STILLWATER 517.26 UTILITIES 302WELCH STATE BANK 1350.05 LEASE 303HOME NATIONAL BANK 2935.05 LEASE 304KOMATSU FINANCIAL 2165.70 LEASE 305WELCH STATE BANK 1266.51 LEASE HEALTH DEPARTMENT 46 MCWHIRT, ROBERTA 127.65 REIMBURSEMENT 47 AQUA PLEASURES 35.00 SUPPLIES 48 WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 225.78 SUPPLIES 49 WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 52.38 SUPPLIES 50 OKLA STATE STUDENT 175.00 SERVICES 51AMERIcARE COMPLETE CARE, INC. 30.00 SERVICES 52 OKLA NATURAL GAS 86.06 SERVICES 53 CITY OF STILLWATER 2437.08 UTILITIES SHERIFF SERVICE FEE 15 CROWDER COMMUNICATIONS 380.00 SUPPLIES MORTGAGE CERTIFICATION 8 STADLER, BONITA J. 95.46 REIMBURSEMENT 9 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 40.63 SERVICES REVOLVING FORFEITURE 9 OKLA. DEPT. OF PUBLIC SAFETY2300.00 PROCEEDS 10 LOGAN CO. DISTRICT ATTORNEY 4307.50 PROCEEDS SELF INSURANCE FUND 1 ASSOC COUNTY COMMISSIoNER-SI 33461.75 INSURANCE 2 ZORN, DANIEL K. 284.38 SERVICES SHERIFF TRAINING 3 SKAGGS COMPANIES, INC. 77.97 SUPPLIES FAIRBoARD CASH 27 FAIR PUBLISHING HOUSE 296,57 SUPPLIES 28 DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY 31050 SUPPLIES 29 DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY 76.20 SUPPLIES 30 OKLA. NATURAL GAS 116.12 SERVICES 31 OKLA CATTLEMEN'S ASSOC., INC55.00 PUBLICATIONS GRANTS 20 NELSON, JUDY 2000.00 REBATE The Board reviewed the Road Standards pol!cy not to accept any more roads ~t for maintenance: "Adhering to thes.e stapdards will result in good, stable roads and are the standan~. ,tt~_ ~'~-jM~I,t~S within the County highway system. From and after _......._.(date) , the Board of County Commts. sioners will not approve any plat for rural subdivision of property for rural resi- dential developments that includes a dedication of streets or roads for future maintenance within said rural residential subdMsion by the Board of County Commissioners. Instead, the Board of County Commissioners suggests such rural residential developments be organized into Rural Road Improvement Dis- tricts pursuant to 19 O.S. 2001, ~j~ 902.1 et seq., but not including Section 902.19. The Board of County Commissioners may thereafter enter into coop erative agreements between the Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Directors of such Rural Road Improvement Distncts to provide maintenance ! services for the Rural Road Improvement Distnct, 19 O,S. 2001, 902.8." ! The Board discussed the procedures for a Road Improvement District. t Deedng presented cost estimates to build and maintain roads one mile of road ~, Double Chip and Seal, $$50,000 ~' 4" Asphalt, $80,500 Rock, $27,500 Deedng noted that each mile of road added to the County inventory adds to the maintenance cost. The Board stated that subdivision roads at a minimum must adhere to the drainage standards before a plat will be approved. The Devel- i spar is under no obligation to build the road to county standards, however, the Board would encourage the road be built to the minimum standards. Deadng made the motion to accept the road standards, effective September ~ 17,2001, with the included caveat that no future maintenance will be accepted. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Haasar, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented the Close Out Documents for the FY01, WIA Contract. i Total funds received were $45,199.55. Arthur made the motion to approve the "; Close out documents for WlA #93360 and authorize the Chairman tO sign. i Deedng seconded. Arthur, aye; Heseer, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. , ~: The Clerk presented blanket purchase orders for District #1. Arthur made the motion to approve the blanket purchase orders. Deadng seconded. Arthur, aye; Heseer, aye; Deedng, aye Motion carded. The Clerk presented Monthly report: County Clerk, $48.392.85. Arthur made the motion to approve the monthly report as presented. Deadng seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carried. The Clerk presented the Minutes of September 4. Deedng made the motion to approve the minutes as presented. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Heeser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk requested PO 915 and 6024 be tabled for additional information. Arthur made the motion to table the purchase orders. Deadng seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented a Claim from Michael McLane for damage to vehicle in the amount of $1336.68. The Clerk reported the Claim has been 1orwarded to the Insurance Company. Deedng reported on September 5 discussion of the Weight Limit Standards meeting held in Oklahoma City. Deedng stated hs felt most comments were from the trucking industries or lobbyist and they expressed that they did riot want 77 different permit systems. The following purchase orders were approved: Approved 09/10/01 to 09/10/01 ...FY 2000-2001 GENERAL FUND War# Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: 3826 WEST GROUP 144.00 SUPPLIES DRUG TASK FORCE 189 STILLWATER TAG AGENCY 22.00 SERVICES 190 LAW ENFORCEMENT 4575.00 SUPPLIES Approved 09/10/01 to 09/10/01..FY 2001-2002 GENERAL FUND War# Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: 612STILLWATER TYPEWRITER CO.,INC 163.00 SUPPLIES 613BEAU'S AUTO GLASS 200.00 REPAIRS 614~KAGGS COMPANIES, INC. 657.81 SUPPLIES 615WALKER STAMP & SEALCO. 219.00 SERVICES 616HUGHES LUMBER 18.76 SUPPLIES 617BRADLEY DESIGN WORKS 17.98 SUPPLIES '~ 618A T & T 30.22 SERVICES 619SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 66.78 SERVICES 620CINGULAR WIRELESS 794.75 SERVICES : 621STILLWATER MEDICAL CENTER 3748.29 SERVICES ~ ~ii