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October 4, 2001     The Perkins Journal
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October 4, 2001

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B-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, October 4, 2001 622~ STILLWATER MEDICAL CENTER 5850.60 SERVICES 623DEERING, BILL E. 58.30REIMBURSEMENT 624HESSER, GLORIA A. 84.87REIMBURSEMENT 625SMITH, SARAH L. 62.79REIMBURSEMENT 626ANDERSON, NATHAN G. 615.14 REIMBURSEMENT 627B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 48.19 SUPPLIES 628DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY 14.40 SUPPLIES 629B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 98.72 SUPPLIES 630, B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 137.95 SUPPLIES 631STILLWATER NEWSPRESS 21.28 PUBLICATIONS 632PITNEY BOWES, INC. 150.75 MAINTENANCE 633TULSA MARRIO'I-I" SOUTHERN HILLS 377.94 RESERVATIONS 634B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 83.94 SUPPLIES 635COUNTY OFFICERS AND DEPUTIES 85.00 REGISTRATIONS 636ADVANCED FILING SYSTEMS, INC. 519.00 MAINTENANCE 637DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY 320.00 SUPPLIES 638BOYER'S 66 SERVICE STATION 45.45 SERVICES 639ORKIN EXTERMINATING 240.00 SERVICES 640XPEDX 237.25 SUPPLIES 641 USDA-APHIS-WS 2400.00 SERVICES 642:OSAGE COUNTY DETENTION CENTER 576.60 SERVICES 643 QUALITY WATER SERVICES 42.50 SUPPLIES 644 ACE HARDWARE 20.26 SUPPLIES 645GARYS LAWN CARE 500.00 SERVICES 646GRIMSLEY'S, INC. 89.25 SUPPLIES 647' EMPIRE FINANCIAL SERVICES,INC 184374.14 PAYOFF 648, FARM & HOME SUPPLY 12.75 SUPPLIES 649'CAKES SERVICE STATION 44.50 SUPPLIES 6501 GRIMSLEY'S, INC. 258.13SUPPLIES 651' STILLWATER EQUIPMENT CO., INC290.94 SUPPLIES 652':ACE HARDWARE 116.44 SUPPLIES 653' B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 135.54 SUPPLIES 6541 OAKLEY FENCE CO. 2.36 SUPPLIES 655' ATWOOD'S FARM PLAN 36.75 SUPPLIES 656HUGHES LUMBER 94.99 SUPPLIES 657LOWE'S COMPANIES, INC. 157.06 SUPPLIES 658B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 81.00 SUPPLIES 659 CONTINENTAL CONCRETE CO., INC 275.80 SUPPLIES 660 HUNZICKER BROTHERS, INC. 816.00 SUPPLIES 661JORDAN, TOBY 149.15SERVICES 662GOSS, DANNA 249.20SERVICES 663HERMAN, TODD 180.89 SERVICES 664CHARMASSON, CHAD 176.75 SERVICES 665UNRUH, DOUG 228.50 SERVICES 666HARDEN, CAROL 75.00 SERVICES 667- CARDWELL, BART 75.00 SERVICES 668HUGHES LUMBER 78.12 SUPPLIES 669BRASHEARS, CONNIE 11'9.85 SERVICES 670KLUMPP, LARRY 112.95 SERVICES 671THURBER, CINDY 94.31SERVICES 672POWELL, CLAIRE 1t9.16 SERVICES 673~DOUGLAS, EDWlNA 75.00 SERVICES 674 BARRICK, KAY 115.71 SERVICES "- 675SCHROEDER, JUDY 75.00 SERVICES 676SITES, GARY K. 75.00 SERVICES 67:/ ACUFF, CECIL 75.00-SERVICES 678CAMPBELL, RAY 79.14 SERVICES 679WEAVER, DOROTHY 75.00SERVICES 680HAMMOND, LOVETA 119.85 SERVICES 6~1KOZLOWSKI, BETTY L. 97.43SERVICES 682ARNETT, JOYCE 116.40 SERVICES 683ROLLINS, JAN 75.00 SERVICES 684TIPTON, KAYE 92.25 SERVICES ! 685FARABOUGH, JUDITH M. 92.25 SERVICES 686JOHNSON, PATTY 79.49 SERVICES 687HUGHES LUMBER 22.32 SUPPLIES 6~8HUNZICKER BROTHERS, INC. 187.53 SUPPLIES 689HYPERNET SOLUTIONS, INC. 18.95 SERVICES 690HUNZICKER BROTHERS, INC. 125.44 REPAIRS 69~" MOFFETT, AMBER 125.00 SERVICES 692SHOCKLEY, LONEY 99.15 SERVICES HIGHWAY CASH 30~ROBINSON, MIKE K. 4.83 REIMBURSEMENT 307OKLA. CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES 173.75 SUPPLIES 308FRONTIER INTERNATIONAL 309.59 SUPPLIES 30~CENTRAL OKLA. TELEPHONE CO. 18.95 SERVICES 31i~/ ~MPIRF FfNAN~CIA~ ~E~S,~tC 1036.82 RENTAL 31|- DARR EQUIPMENT CO. 6500.00 LEASE 31~EMPIRE FINANCIAL SERVICES,INC715.00 LEASE 313FENTON OFFICE MART 79.98 SUPPLIES 31~BOSTIAN MORINEA. 1000.00 SUPPLIES 315FENTON OFFICE MART 65.96 SUPPLIES 3t(] EMPIRE FINANCIALSERVICES,INC 1430.00 LEASE 31~' OK REBUILDERS 75.00 REPAIRS 31(] CUSHING RADIATOR 35.00 REPAIRS 319RAILROAD YARD 4330.00 SUPPLIES 320DARR EQUIPMENT CO. 9100.00 LEASE HEALTH DEPT 54 DOWELL. EVA J. 56.58 REIMBURSEMENT 55 ATCHLEY. GINGER 56.93 REIMBURSEMENT 56 PRIGMORE, TRACY 42.78 REIMBURSEMENT 57.STITES, YVONNE 53.13 REIMBURSEMENT 581~STANFIELD, REBECCA 17.25 REIMBURSEMENT ~STILLWATER MEDICAL CENTER 100.00 SERVICES CUSHING REGIONAL HOSPITAL 25.00 SERVICES 6"F' PHYSICIAN SALES & SERVICE 276.16 SUPPLIES 62 PHYSICIAN SALES & SERVICE 281.36 SUPPLIES 63~ CITY OF CUSHING 311.64 UTILITIES 64 CLASSIC STOI::tAGE 65.00 SERVICES 65 OKLA. BOARD OF NURSING 30.00 REGISTRATION 6(~- STORAGE PLUS 30.00 SERVICES 6~,,. OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY 135.00 MAINT SHERIFF SERV FEE 16" HYPERNET SOLUTIONS, INC. 175.00 SUPPLIES 17,~IYPERNET SOLUTIONS, INC. 645.00 SUPPLIES FAIRBOARD CASH 3~ BAD BRAD'S BBQ 497.25 SUPPLIES 33".'MITCHELTREE, JACKIE 450.00 RENTAL 34 MCLAIN. NORA ELIZABETH 85.00 SERVICES 35 KERNS. PAT 85.00 SERVICES 36SHENOLD, SAUNDRA K. 85.00 SERVICES 37GERMAN, LETA 85.00 SERVICES 38BARROWS, ANN 85.00 SERVICES 39SEALES, ARGEL 85.00 SERVICES 40PRITCHARD, BETTY 50.00 SERVICES 41.,BATMAN. RUTH 50.00 SERVICES 48, STOUT, JODELLE 85.00 SERVICES 43~' HORTON, SHIRLEY 85.00 SERVICES 4~,ADLER, EMMA 85.00 SERVICES 4~i NICHOLS, PATSY 85.00 SERVICES 4~ MOORE. RAYORA 85.00 SERVICES 47' HURLEY, WANDA 85.00 SERVICES 4~ HURLEY, PAUL 85.00 SERVICES 49 EMDE, SHIRLEY 50.00 SERVICES 5~ CODDING, NORMA 40.00 SERVICES 51 STIDHAM, TIM 85.00 SERVICES 52 DAVENPORT, RICK 75.00 SERVICES 53 PICKENS, GREG 75.00 SERVICES 54 GRAHAM, MELVIN 85.00 SERVICES 55 HOLDERREAD, GLENN 75.00 SERVICES 56 WOLLENBERG, GENE 75.00 SERVICES 57 ENMEIER, BILL 85.00 SERVICES 58 CRAMTON, LARRY A. 75.00 SERVICES 59 ALLMENDINGER, INGE 85.00 SERVICES 60 ROSE, GREG 75.00 SERVICES 61 SHENOLD, JACKLYN 75.00 SERVICES DRUG TASK FORCE 8~ FUELMAN 146.48 SUPPLIES 9~ TROUT AUTOMOTIVE AND 234.00 SUPPLIES 1"() TROUT AUTOMOTIVE AND 457,34 SUPPLIES-,.. 14 HIGGINS, KENNETH D. 78.00 REIMBURSEMENT 12 BRUNING. MARK 78.00 REIMBURSEMENT 1~ KRUITHOF, JOHN 78.00 REIMBURSEMENT Oee~'ing made the motion to adjoum. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye;.~Deering, aye. Motion carded. She~ri Schieffer ~Cou~ty Clerk , The Payne County Board of Commissioners met in a regular meeting Monday, September 17, 2001. Notice of the meeting was made by posting an agenda in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. The following were present: Gloda ~les~er. Chairman: Jim Arthur, Vice-Chairman: Bill Deedng, Member; Sherri Schreffer. County Clerk. ! the Chairman called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. The meeting was opened with Prayer and Flag Salute. The Board tabled the application to establish Pamtte Perpetual Care Cemetery Fund. The Chairman presented a request from United Way to use the Courthouse Lawn for United Way Kick-Off. Deedng made the motion to approve the re- quest. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion car- ried. Deering presented an invoice for amended Bridge inspection list. ODOT re- quested Brawley to make recommendation on bridge inspection reduction. Deering made the motion to approve the invoice and to forward to ODOT for payment. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. Arthur reported on bridge inspections and the reposting of bridges, location ID 032,033,034. Arthur noted these bridges were replaced with culverts. Arthur made the motion to approve the posting of bridges as completed. Deering seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. The Chairman presented Memorandum to remove items from inventory from the Sheriff and Fair Board. Sheriff 620.01, IBM CPU, SN HD791 C0015770 Fair Board 414001 Shop Vac 439001 Pressure Washer 013~79rkm39810430 Filing Cabinet 1105 Table 11 3 Table Deering made the motion to approve the memorandum to remove items from inventory. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. - Motion carried. The Chairman presented a request from Ripley Senior Citizens to help solicit funding for repairs. Ripley Senior Citizens submitted the Application to COEDD. It is her understanding that COEDD has awarded $1250.00 toward the repairs to be paid from Federal CENA Funds. Resolution 2001-64 - Acceptance of Gift. RESOLUTION #2001-64 The Matter of a Declaration of Acceptance of a GIFT for Payne County WHEREAS, Mike & Cathy Lozier pursue a strong commitment to the commu- nity and have a strong desire to improve the quality of life for the residents of Payne County, and WHEREAS, Payne County issues this instrument to indicate it's desire to ac- cept this gift of 1.000 tons of dirt. valued at $1.00 per ton. for a total amount 0t $1.000.00. donated to be hauled bv the county_ to a fill at a new iocatioq to supplement Payne County's resources, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Payne County hereby expresses its gratitude and its intent to accept this gift that has been donated by Mike & Cathy Lozier, Glencoe, Oklahoma (Mailing address: 115 S. Main, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74074). Presented to and approved this 17th clay of September, 2001. Deering made the motion to approve the Resolution as submitted. Arthur sec- onded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented Appointment of Receiving and Requisitioning offices. Cotton Wood School: Requisition: AI Rutledge and Dale Weathers; Receiving, Betty Rutiedge and Vena Weathers. Deering made the motion to approve. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented monthly appropriations as certified by the Treasurer. Deering made the motion to approve the appropriations. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carried. The Clerk presented monthly reports: Assessor, 1735.00. Deering made the motion to approve. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. The Chairman presented the Revised Road Standards. These standards dis- claim any future acceptance of roads for maintenance. Bill Miller commented on the standard depth of drainage ditches. Arthur stated he would contact the 705 LOCKE SUPPLY 38.99 SUPPLIES 706 STAPLES 359.82 SUPPLIES 707HAMILTON'S COMMUNICATIONS,INC 40.00 REPAIRS 708LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 297.78 SUPPLIES 709HAMILTON'S COMMUNICATIONS,INC 20.00 REPAIRS 710LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 9712.50 FUEL 711BUSINESS IMAGING SYSTEMS, INC 1015.00 SUPPLIES 712XEROX CORPORATION 65.52 SERVICES 713OKLA. NATURAL GAS 9.33 SERVICES 714STILLWATER RADIOLOGY, INC. 97.00 SERVICES 715THOMPSEN D.D.S., JOHN A. 405.00 SERVICES 716STILLWATER MEDICAL CENTER369.00 SERVICES 717CENTRAL DRUG 3876.41 SUPPLIES 718WARREN CLINIC, INC. 102.00 SERVICES 719EMDE M.D., GILBERT E. 504.00 SERVICES 720OSU COOPERATIVE EXT SRV 11054.00 PAYROLL 721OSU COOPERATIVE EXT SRV 455.78 REIMBURSEMENT 722PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 12.39 SUPPLIES 723PITNEY BOWES, INC. 336.50MAINTENANCE 724BROADSATCOMMUNICATIONS, INC. 29.95 SERVICES 725STAPLES 59.95SUPPLIES 726PHILFLEET ADVANTAGE 60.81 SUPPLIES 727MANATRON 1650.00 MAINTENANCE 728CUSHING DAILY CITIZEN 453.40 PUBLICATION 729INDUSTRIAL CHEMIST, INC. 270.00 SUPPLIES 730HICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICE 96.00 SUPPLIES 731BUNNEY ELECTRIC CO., INC. 24.00 SUPPLIES 732SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 41 08.56 SERVICES 733HICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICE 286.92 REPAIRS 734OKLA. JUVENILE JUSTICE 136.00 SERVICES 735OKLA. NATURAL GAS 182.15 SERVICES 736POTTAWATOMIE CO. REGIONAL 31.42 SERVICES 737U.S. POSTAL SERVICE 15000.00 POSTAGE 738XPEDX 265.60 SUPPLIES 739STILLWATER EQUIPMENT CO., INC 33.93 REPAIRS 740WOOD & SONS PAVING 16003.44 SERVICES 741QUAPAW CO., INC. 160842.10 SUPPLIES 742WOOD & SONS PAVING 148943.30 SERVICES 743WOOD & SONS PAVING 9430.03 SERVICES 744STATE AUDITOR & INSPECTOR 1309.19 SERVICES 745LOCKE SUPPLY 536.27 SUPPLIES 746STAPLES 137.51 SUPPLIES 747FARM & HOME SUPPLY 27.00 SUPPLIES 748STILLWATER MILLAGRi CENTER 33.97SUPPLIES 749STAPLES 141.25 SUPPLIES 750BUNNEY ELECTRIC CO., INC. 588.00 SUPPLIES 751LOCKE SUPPLY 390.44 SUPPLIES 752WESTERN MECHANICAL, INC. 155.00 REPAIRS 753STILLWATER NEWSPRESS 1034.14 PUBLICATION 754WESTERN MECHANICAL, INC. 325.00 REPAIRS 755LOCKE SUPPLY 606.00 SUPPLIES 756HORNBERGER OVERHEAD DOOR CO. 93.45 REPAIRS 757BUNNEY ELECTRIC CO., INC. 574.50 SUPPLIES 758LOCKE SUPPLY 169.25 SUPPLIES 759CUSHING DALLY CITIZEN 208.00 PUBLICATION 760OKI.~. NATURALGAS 131.02 SERVICES 761CITY OF STILLWATER 4547.41 SERVICES 762STAPLES 165.45 SUPPLIES HIGHWAY CASH 321QUAPAW CO., INC. 77.10 ROCK 322QUAPAW CO., INC. 3721.00 ROCK 323QUAPAW CO., INC. 589.69 ROCK 324QUAPAW CO., INC. 67.26 ROCK 325STEWART STONE, INC. 5439.38 ROCK 326RAILROAD YARD 17490.00 SUPPLIES 327STEWART STONE, INC. 748.39 ROCK 328 AMERICAN WELDING SUPPLY 111.22 SUPPLIES 329 CROW-BURLINGAME CO. 146.29 SUPPLIES 330ENLOW TRACTOR CO. 262.39SUPPLIES 331DARR EQUIPMENT CO. 793.78SUPPLIES 332HARRIS GAS STATIONS 387.07SUPPLIES 333G. W. VAN KEPPEL CO. 448.37 SUPPLIES 334GRIMSLEY'S, INC. 34.15 SUPPLIES 335NAPA AUTO PARTS 1460.65 SUPPLIES 336CIMARRON TRUCK PARTS, INC. 233.30 SUPPUES 337 CUSHING LUMBER CO. 77.66 SUPPLIES engineer about amending Figure 2 to reflect a minimum 24" depth o0 drainage 338 LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 918.40 SUPPLIES d tch. The new st~ndarcls and po icy are effectwe ~5"d~y. 339 QUAPAW CO., INC. 4982.22 "FI(~K' -" ........ :: The Chairman presented Resolution 2001-65: 340 KINNUNEN SALES & RENTALS, INC 25.00 RENTAL PAYNE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS B, mauym 2,o93 WHEREAS, on September 11, 2001, United States of America was suddenly and brutally attacked without cause by foreign terrorists, and; WHEREAS, these terrorists hijacked and destroyed four civilian aircraft, crashing two of them into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and a third into the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C., and; WHEREAS, thousands of innocent Americans were killed and injured as a re- suit of the attacks, including the passengers and crew of the four aircraft, work- ers in the World Trade Center and in the Pentagon, rescue workers, and by- standers, and; WHEREAS, these acts of cowardice were by far the deadliest terrorist attacks ever launched against the United States, and, by targeting symbols of Ameri- can strength and success, clearly were intended to intimidate our nation and weaken its resolve, and; WHEREAS, these acts of war against non-combatants have affected all Ameri- cans. We must show that terrorism will not be allowed to reign supreme nor break the spirit of theAmedcan people, and; WHEREAS, the United States of America must stand tall and proud in the face of this cowardly foe in spite of her bleeding wounds, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the governing board of Payne County, Oklahoma, condemns the cowardly and deadly actions of these terrorists, and; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the governing board of Payne County, Okla- homa, supports the President of the United States, George W. Bush, as he works with his national secudty team to defend against additional attacks, and find the perpetrators to bdng them to justice, and; BE IT STILL FURTHER RESOLVED, that the goveming board of Payne County, Oklahoma, recommends that it's citizens support relief efforts by giving blood at the nearest available blood donation center. Presented and approved this 17th day of September, 2001. God Bless AmorlcaI Deering made the motion to approve. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. Bid Opening: 2001-13, Computer Hardware 1. Hypemet Solutions, Stillwater bid on file Stadler recommended accepting the bid from Hypemet. Arthur made the mo- tion to accept the recommer~ation from Stadier to accept Hypemet. Deedng seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented blanket purchase orders for F'ail" Board and District #3. Deering made the motion to approve the blanket purchase orders as presented. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carded. Deering presented utility permit for a water line from Justin and Brenna Boyle. Deering recommended approval, pending signature of applicant. Arthur sec- onded. Arthur, aye;~ Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. The following purchase orders were approved: Approved 09/17/01 to 09/17/01 ...FY 2000-2001 BOARD OF PRISONER'S War# Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: 118 STILLwATER RADIOLOGY, INC. 32.00 SERVICES HEALTH DEPT 535 PHYSICIAN SALES & SERVICE 300.43 SUPPLIES GRANTS 191 MATHESON, ROGER D. 4000.00 SERVICES 192 FIFTY ONE EAST WATER DISTRICT 4480.00 PAYROLL Approved 09117/01 to 09/17/01 ...FY 2001-2002 GENERAL FUND War# Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: 693 BLANKINSHIP, ROY E. 6.43 REIMBURSEMENT 694 HUCKEBY, ROY K. 96.54 REIMBURSEMENT 695 GREEN, CLYDE W. 98.18 REIMBURSEMENT 696 GREEN, CLYDE W. 85.08 REIMBURSEMENT 697 HAMILTON'S COMMUNICATIONS,INC 20.00 REPAIRS 698 ACE HARDWARE 41.32 SUPPLIES 699 NAPAAUTO PARTS 433.39 SUPPLIES 700 ONE HOUR MOTO PHOTO 5.57 SUPPLIES 701 'STAPLES 97.81 SUPPLIES 702 THE EARTHGRAINS CO. 327.61 SUPPLIES 703 B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 65.31 SUPPLIES 704 HAMILTON'S COMMUNICATIONS,INC 20.00 REPAIRS 341LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 25.17 FUEL 342LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 1558.88 SUPPLIES 343LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 6321.17 FUEL 344LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 5.34 FUEL 345STEWART STONE, INC. 5463.29 ROCK 346STEWART STONE, INC. 1493.30 ROCK 347STILLWATER STEEL & SUPPLY, INC 661.50 SUPPLIES 348STEWART STONE, INC. 5498.78 ROCK 349OKLA. TRUCK SUPPLY 22.69 SUPPLIES 350ENLOW TRACTOR CO. 53.84 SUPPLIES 351NAPAAUTO PARTS 208.95 SUPPLIES 352ENLOW TRACTOR CO. 98.09 SUPPLIES 353FIRESTONE TIRE AND SERVICE 469.98 SUPPLIES 354AVERT PEST ELIMINATION, INC. 30.00 SERVICES 355LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC.8.89 FUEL 356VOICESTREAM WIRELESS 39.98 SERVICES 357OKLA. DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION 255.95 LEASE 358AMERICAN SENTINEL 275.44 SUPPLIES 359KERNS ASPHALT, INC. 580.55 ROCK 360AVERT PEST ELIMINATION, INC.35.00 SERVICES 361QUAPAW CO., INC. 264.58 ROCK 362STEWART STONE, INC. 1263.95 ROCK 363NORTHERN EQUIPMENT 1071.04 SUPPLIES 364STILLWATER MILLAGRI CENTER 164.75 SUPPLIES 365PERKINS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC.86.50 SUPPLIES 366KEYSTONE EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 460.00 SUPPLIES 367BOB BURK OIL CO., INC. 216.50 SUPPLIES 368DARR EQUIPMENT CO. 905.70 SUPPLIES 369CIMARRON TRUCK PARTS, INC. 242.37 SUPPLIES 370BRUCKNERS TRUCK SALES, INC. 158.08 SUPPLIES 371STILLWATER TYPEWRITER CO.,INC 109.85 REPAIRS 372LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 423.50 SUPPLIES 373CINGULAR WIRELESS 230.05 SERVICES 374KERNSASPHALT, INC. 3305,82 ROCK 375NORTHERN EQUIPMEtI" 317.58 SUPPLIES 376KERNS ASPHALT, INC. 2357.15 ROCK 377KERNSASPHALT, INC. 2359.55 ROCK 378LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 8268.03 FUEL 379KERNS ASPHALT, INC. 151.13 ROCK 380STILLWATER MILL AGRI CENTER 632.30SUPPLIES 381QUAPAW CO., INC. 356.25 ROCK 382QUAPAW CO., INC. 424.06 ROCK 383KIRBY SMITH MACHINERY, INC. 965.31 REPAIRS 384BRIDGE AND HIGHWAY 75.00 SUPPLIES 385BRIDGE AND HIGHWAY 9271.79 SUPPLIES 386LAND SURVEYING SERVICES 350.00 SERVICES 387RAILROAD YARD 7385.70 SUPPLIES 388RAILROAD YARD 1214.00 SUPPUES 389OKLA. NATURAL GAS 63.69 SERVICES HEALTH DEPT 68 LOWE'SCOMPANIES, INC. 12.67 SUPPLIES 69 LABORATORY SUPPLY COMPANY 46.16 SUPPLIES 70 PHYSICIAN SALES & SERV 27.64 OVERAGE SHERIFF 18 STILLwATER MILLAGRI CENTER 134.80 SUPPLIES 19 OK QUALITY PRINTING 78.50 SUPPLIES MORTGAGE 10 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 43.08 SERVICES REVOLVING FORFEITURE 11 STILLwATERNEWSPRESS 46.68 PUBLICATION FAll 62 THE SHUTTERMILL, INC. 500.00 SUPPLIES VOCAGRANT 2 DISTRIcTATTORNEY'S COUNCIL 8201.01 SERVICES SHERIFF COMMISSARY 3 COWBOY WHOLESALE CO. 1701.85 SUPPLIES 4 OKLA. TAX COMMISSION 218.61 TAX 5 OKLA. TAX COMMISSION 135.41 TAX 6 POSTMASTER 170.00 POSTAGE GRANTS 22 FIFTY ONE EAST WATER DISTRICT 2369.48 PAYROLL 23 NYBERG, JOHN B. 326.71 REIMBURsEMENT DRUG 14 STAPLES i49.54 SUPPLIES 15 UONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC. 188.76 SUPPUES 16 BUCHANAN, BROOKE C. 78.00 REIMBURSEMENT 17 HAUl:, RAYMOND B. ~ 78.00 REIMBURSEMENT Arthur made the motion to adjourn. Deering seconded. Arthur, aye; aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. Shard Schieffer County Clerk ~