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October 11, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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October 11, 1984

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PAGE 8 -- The Perkins Journal Thursday, October II, 1984 J The Natural Way Dr. Jeff Black Professor of Biology Oklahoma Baptist University ; Dancing Chicken Educated Hen, Gypsy ~rhe county fair has Hen, Ask Henda, be~n~ over for a week.Basketball Playing Tliis is barely enough Chicken, Kissing Bunny, tlmefor our family to get Piano Playing Duck, rested and look back and Bird Brain, Bat Bird, say how much we en- Dancing Chicken, Picken joyed this year~s fair. Pekin, Fire Chief Rabbit Ju~iith~and I grew up in and Drumming Duck. treat. The treats for more rabbits on reserve they are getting plenty of chickens are grains while to ride the fire engine, food and care. ducks and rabbits get White Leghorn hens are I will continue to be food pellets. ' best because they don't fascinated by the Arkan- It takes about 8 - 10 get heavy, are active, and sas group that have weeks to train animals easier to train than other taught thousands of and they then go on tour breeds, hens, rabbits and other for 9 months out of the The animals actually 'untrainable' animals to year. This gives the seem to 'enjoy' perform- do these almost incredi- animals about 3 months ing the tricks. The quar- bit things. I will pro- to rest before they hit the ter put in the machine bably also continue to road again. They do not turns on a light inside the put my quarter in the need to be retrained and box that starts the slot {when Peter and An- some birds perform the animal through'the steps drew aren't watching!} to same tricks for 7 to 8 of its performance. Imatch skills with the tic years, noticed that most ani- tac toe playing hen or to There are always mals didn't wait for the let the Gypsy hen tell my spare animals for each quarter to drop, but fortune. And I do feel machine as some animals started their act when better after the man in don't want to work on a they saw the quarter Amarillo told me that particular day or won't start to enter the slot. more adults put money All the animals look into the automated healthy and well fed. The animal show than do fact that most of thekids. I can't wait for the hens are laying eggs next big fair! everyday, also shows small:~communltms in These are all ch,.'ckens, work continuously for Orego~where the county ducks and rabbits thatthe 12 hour day. Rabbits fair Was the biggest have been trained by are smarter than event ~ the year and we Animal Behavior Enter-chickens, but more stub- rarely hlissed them. We prises in Hot Springs,born. Thus they need st~ll enjoy the fairs, but Arkansas. A quarter in fill that two sons in the machine lets you play F~A'vneans that fairtic tactoewithawhite What Age is Old? ti~e is work time for leghorn; watch a Pekin pa~rents and we are Duck play the piano; l, a ways exhausted by the watch a chicken throw time it is over. ][ have figured out a wary to still enjoy the fairs without all the p~ent involvement. I take my two sons and their "show animals to oth~r'fairs! Then I can wal~ ~ound and see all the~hibits, eat the ex- cell~t~ food, and really rela~:until it is time to drive home. My sons sometimes don't want to be seen with me, because I still enjoy wasting some quarters on some of the game~ and exhibits. I am always fascinated with the automated animal shows that feature the -O- ping pong balls in a basket or a rabbit jump on a toy fire engine and blow a siren. I recently visited with the man in charge of one of the traveling shows at the Tri State Fair in Amarillo, Texas. He said that most people think the animals are shocked to make them do their tricks, but this is not the case. All the animals are trained humanely and scientifically with methods of modern psychology, not with punishment. When the animals do the right thing during training, they are rewarded with a .o- Dotter Family BOND ELECTION Reunion Saturday IS CALLED The Dotter Family CLEVELAND -- Reunion will be held November 13, will be the Saturday Oct. 13 at old date for an $850,000 Dotter farm 4 miles bond issue to construct south of StiUwater. Any middle school class- friends of the Dotters are rooms. welcome. "o- By Winnie Corley but didn't realize how old or she thought I was. The I was quite incensed until I visited the corn- guesses ranged from when I learned the 'old' munity where they had thirty-two to fifty-four. man, who demolt~shed my grown up. Old As it turned out, each granddaughter's car was grayhaired people keptchild had guessed me only sixty-five. That isn't telling me, 'I went towithin two years of his or old. Anyone less than school with your dad her own mother's age. eighty should never be when I was a kid.' Dad'sI guess mostly we called old. hair shoed little gray, associate old age with Now, Ill admit there and Mom's was as blackthat of our parents. One was a time when I felt as a crow. Surely there thought that occurred to differently. As a kid, was some mistake. No, me over and over when when my parents ex- that was the way the my dad passed away is, pected me to dry the- matter stood. Through 'now my sisters, brothers dishes, mind the baby, this I developed a kind of and I are the older and pick up chips, I reverence for my Ix)or old generation. Should I dreamed of that far dif- dad and mother, start shopping for a ferent future when I It seemed no time un- cane?' would reach the ripe old til I began hearing myAs an 'overworked age of forty-two. Why own pupils refer to me as child' I dreamed of the forty-two I don't know. 'Old Lady Corley'. When day I could lay my Anyway, then I would I reached the once burdens down and rock be so old no one would coveted age of forty-two, my life away. The nearer expect me to work so I didn't get a rockingthat time approached, hard. Why then I could chair on the front porch, the less I wanted to be sit on the porch in a rock- instead, I moved to a new old. That is when I ing chair and crochet all teaching job. started moving old age day long; no* dishes to As is the custom with backward ten years at a dry, no chips to pick up, kids, my pupils wantedtime. I wonder, will I be no one would even expect to know how old I was.ready to be old when I me to mind the baby. Rather than tell them, I am eighty, or will I push As I grew up, I suppos- had each to write on a'old age' back another ed my parents were old, piece of paper how old he ten years? THINKING IT OVER Western Early Day W By Zola Sample magazines for ages. Women not only were Many women's notoriety important in the working came from their drastic of family life on the fron- actions and I shall men- tier in the toiling of clear- tion some in this short ing the land, other out- article. Readers can then door tasks and drudgery, reminisce about many but took a hand in other history-making politics of that day. traits. In territorial days in Take for instant Carrie Wyoming a woman was Nation. I wonder what elected as peace officer as she would do in this day early as the 1860's. She and age about the Liquor was a success. This pro- by the Drink bill to be mpted other women to voted on? She would pro- make a move. By 1869 bably sharpen her hat- the womens' sufferage chet, gather an apron full movement was in full of rocks and take to'em. swing. On September 6, This she did in her day. 1870 the Wyoming When she was ready to Legislature passed the appear in the doorway of bill and the governor a saloon in Wyoming, her signed it, giving women six foot, one hundred the right to vote. In 1870 eighty pound, broad- women in Wyoming were shouldered frame clothed the first to vote in all the in a black frock took the world. Before this women saloon keeper and his were considered silent customers by surprise. figures in the family She noticed the naked household when it came picture of a woman to political issues, behind the bar and at Women were also allow- once slashed it down. She ed to serve on juries once threw her apron full of the bill was passed, and rocks at the mirror, in fact just about the breaking it to pieces with first jury called after this glass flying in all direc- date, six women served tions. Everyone was so on the jury along with six stunned that she got men. Women soon away without being became noticable on the molested or stopped. She western front and some was later arrested but. became quite notorious, was soon out of jail and Their names have up- working hard and long on peared in history books, her liquor crashing detective stories, and career. Other women joined her and was on. She snatch mouths and did other daring the cause of better and life for her preaching many saloon were run out of across the band because she ~op her was a woman. Another character was Starr. She had shot by a south Texas Civil War. The ed in at the time. harsh and unruly teenager and with a gang bers, bank other unruly visited her old place many years and could easily she could outwit who tried to when at her home hills of this quite notorious number of years. Another was Mulhall, a movie actor famous for her the Western AREA STUDENTS ON SUMMER OSU Announce Birth of HONOR ROLL A total of 777 students First Grandson earned recognition on Mr. and Mrs. Verlin academic honor rolls at Morgan wish to an- Oklahoma StateUniver- nounce the birth of their sity for the 1984 summer first grandson, Nathaniel session. Allen Lee. He was born Those recognized earn- at Bass Baptist ed spots on either the Hospital, Enid, Dean's or the President 's September 19, 1984 and Honor Roll. weighed six pounds, *Denotes those three and one-half ounces students named to the and is the son of Mr. and President's Honor Roll. Mrs. Michael Lee of Perkins: *Fred Aresco, Garber. Justin Roy Murray. Paternal grandparents Agra: *Kay Porter, are Mr. and Mrs. David *Galen E. Porter Lee of Hennessey. Orlando: *Mitchell -o- Leon Edmondson. THE FIVE OF By John D.M.D. Every tooth sides, so brush only faces frontS backs of their doing 60% fact, the only can clean every every tooth is by brushing and ing floss can clean the between your teetl~ .._JOURNAL FOOD ,, COLUMN /1 Different Way to Cook Pheasant Topped with an Oatmeal Pie /~ ' Readers have let the students getting ready to fry it. And French toasttie different than we've 1 cup quick-cooking nonite preacher who had editor know that they catch the school bus, sandwiches are great ever heard of before. It rolled oats years of experience cook- miss the recipes that up- French toast is probably with a big sausage patty, really makes sense, 1 unbaked 9-inch pastrying for a large household peared in The Journal prepared in many homes,or several strips of bacon, because many cooks findshell of children on a mis- every week until last It isaneasythingtodo, or a couple links of it difficult to prepareCream togetherbutter sionary'spay. Proof that spring when Janet tastes good, has all the sausage between pieces wild game in a manner and eggs. Add cirmamon,you can take practically ~:l~eeder, who was food values your child of toast, that will be appetizing, cloves and salt. Stir in nothing and come up Homemaker editor, quit needs, and is easy to Or you can prepare the Also, this recipe sounds syrup. Add eggs, one atwith something sweet :: :and a replacement was clean up after. There is a whole works, French like it could work not on- a time, stirring after each and delicate. Bet that ::~ unavailable, lot of energy {fuel} intoast around a scrambledly for fowl, but for any addition until blended.Oatmeal Pie tastes better It has been the inten- French toast; flour in the egg, topped off with a type of wild game, suchStir in rolled oats. Pour than if it had a bunch of tion of the editor to havebread, protein in the egg slice of melted cheese, as squirrel and rabbit,into unbaked pastry sweet apples in it. ~ :~the staff create a Food and milk and a tummy and several strips of COOKING shell. Bake in moderate x x x Corner that homemakers full of this lasts most of bacon with a big glass of PHEASANT OR oven (350) about 1 hourIf your recipe calls for could look forward to the morning, orange juice, or for the CHICKEN or until knife comes out a cup of sour milk and each week. There is an in-In your house, you older folks around your Cut fowl into desired clean. Note: During bak- you don't happen to have - ~ ner need, apparently, for may grab the range top breakfast table, place sections ing, the oatmeal forms a any in the house, here's ~ ~ those revolved m cooking griddle, a bowl, an egg these ingredients neatlySalt and pepper to tastechewy '~nutty" crust onwhat you can do: ., ~d kitchen artmtry to and the milk and quicklybalanced on a plate, andBeat 2 eggs, add cup top. Pie is rich, delicate Take a cup of sweet have a fresh supply of whip up an egg batter toeat a hearty breakfast in milk ly spiced, milk and add 1 Table ~ffew ideas, dip the bread in, flop it style! Dip fowl into egg mix- This recipe was passed spoon of vinegar or When one looks in the over on the hot griddle Remember, French ture, then on by Mrs. Clifford E. lemon juice; or substitute kitchen drawer or and '~ry" to a golden toast is flexible. Youcan Into 1 cup of ground Koehn, the wife of a Men- one cup of buttermilk. cabinet, and pulls out all brown on both sides. Butget by with using your crackers. the recipe books, it seems where can you go from several day old bread, Then place browned sec- it would be impossible tothere? There are many and milk that is on the tions in baking pan or come up with a new idea directions, border line of being dish or recipe. There are For a little variety blinky. Even some of Pour l cups of cream or Did you ever stop and think about all the . :: ::::iiterally thousands of around your breakfast your older eggs that you canned milk over information you get from your newspaper? [ ~ecipes and methods and table, sprinkle cinnamonmight not like to serve p i e c e s .... Births, deaths, accidents, local stories, | ~ :~mtmns of these, most sugar on the French sunnyside up, mix well Cover with foil or a lid. national stories, international sle.ries, sports, | ?~!~ them down on paper, toast, first letting the with the milk, and friedBake in 375 degree oven features, columns, stories on government at [ :, !~any carried around in margarine or butter melt to a golden crisp crust on until tender or about all levels, stories about your neighbors...and IC:;~the head and passed on all over the tol>of it. Or French toast end up 1 hours your friends, advertising, classified ads, ~ f~om generation to powdered sugar is good,quite edible. Frying That is being pretty public notices, entertaining stories, sad :~ ~eneration, or scribbled again on melted butter,seems to take the rustic, yet with a little "~ oh a piece of wrappingThen there is the "pan-blinkiness out of unfresh modern touch by using stories, glad stories and a whole lot more! paper or an old, brown cake" approach, French foods. Of course, you paper sack toast with hot syrup andmust use good kitchen ~ If all the recipes that butter, or honey and jel- sense afld~intuition and . were ever written were ly. One motherwhipsup not use an egg that -~, together in one place, no some instant oatmeal would splatter all over doubt they would fill a {somewhat dry}, and the kitchen cabinet when , building. Now add to this spoons that on the you break it, or milk that '~ ~he recipes for new French toast, adds sugaris watery under a scum of i. methods of cooking, such and a dab of milk to wetmildew on top. ~ as the microwaves, it down. Served hot, itis x x x ~,~ blenders, steam pots, delicious! Talking about cool broilers, grills, etc., and Or if you have a big, mornings and turning Tou can see there will husky football player leaves, reminds us that ,~.~ never be an end to new who likes the taste and hunting season is upon .... recipes and concoctions, feel of meat, put just aus, and we ran onto a , For instance, these touch of garlic or oniondandy recipe for fixing ,,~ cool mornings with salt on the toast as youpheasant or chicken a lit- the cream or canned milk. XXX If you want a dessert to go with that pheasant, why not try an Oatmeal Pie. It is made from basics right in your cabinet. Won't even have to go to the store. OATMEAL PIE cup of sugar ~A cup butter t. ground cinnamon t. ground cloves ~A t. salt 1 cup dark corn syrup 3 eggs Walk into a darkened room where you can't see anything and turn on the lights so you can see everything...quite a difference! Newspapers make that same difference in your life...iettingyou see 'what is going on all around you. Keep the lights on...celebrate National Newspaper Week with us! And remember if you cool mornings and are running late to get those kids to school oS time, make your pancake batter thin. They'll c~ok twice as fast and be just as tasty or even tastier: because they a golden brown a quicker and not. be quite so doughy. Remember, the thicker your mix, th~ thicker the pancake the longer it takes to cook. xxx Watch this corner ne~t week and we ]l see what the Journal staff come up with. NAT'ONAL NEW-SPAPER WEEK