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October 13, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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October 13, 1977

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Desiderata ,...whatever your labors in this noisy of life, keep peace Your soul. With all its and drudgery and dreams, it is still a world .... " Senior Citizens News by Clarrcy Cook Past week has been a one for the men, Vern Wells and Weems, who were to improve the 'stem at the Center. larger box was and additional 220 were put in so the be used at the time, and the air can be moved the smoking room to t4ndow near the and kitchen. This make it more next summer. to everyone who this improvement at the Center. Certainly didn't need Conditioner Monday music. After the through and the dropped we that winter loaded the kilns Monday and no doubt will be quite busy from now until Christmas getting everything fired that everyone has been getting ready. The quilting ladies have been busy as usual and will finish Axie's quilt soon. Shirley Goforth's will be next. There were 64 out for Gospel Music last Sunday and it was real good. Sorry to hear that Dec Dobson's sister in Calif. and her husband were both injured very seriously in a car wreck recently. She is Viola Longan's mother. Zula Henderson, outreach person for the Perkins Senior Citizens Center has been a busy person lately. She's not having any trouble having plenty to do to fill her allotted time. The Center is glad to have a part in this service to the Senior Citizens. Visitors this week included Aliene Castine, Carney, granddaughter of the Strat- tons, Thelma Ishmael, Fort Worth, Texas, and Thelma | l.aFollette and Hazel Stillwater spent the With Blanche Ham Music Night activity will be now and Lois Lions will honor Farmers Monday evening at cafeteria Night will be held Monday at the school cafeteria. The Lions club will honor area farmers during the program and dinner to begin at 7 p.m. Invitations have been marl- ed. Lions cooks Elsie Grant and Jewel Mahar served homemade stew, cornbread made with cornmeal ground by O. E. Cowley, and pie. *0" Letter District Governor Lloyd Neal of 3-M Lions club district, was an honored guest at Monday's Lions club meeting. Neal is from Sapulpa and Monday's visit was the annual visit of the. District Governor holding the office. He discussed Lion&sin, which was founded by Melvin Jones in 1917. Neal said that this year for the first time, there are more Lions members outside the USA than there are within the USA. There were a total of 400,000 club projects throughout the world and it is estimated that just the time value involved in the projects could be priced at $2 ToThe Editor LETTER TO THE EDITOR You printed my story about the cyclone so here I come again. I'm sure some of your readers will remember Walker Holbrook. He was a very good friend of mine. I give him credit for saving the lives of 5 of us boys, including himself. (Bernie Stewart, Harold Stewart, Cleave McCall, Edgar Ham- ilton, and Walker Holbrook.) They were having a coyote chase south of Goodnight. All of us boys went over horse back and rode all day over those hills between Goodnight and Merrick. We The Perkins Journal Thursday, October 13, 1977-3 A trip to Poyne County The Wagon Train (The following account is my impression of my family's move from Missouri to Oklahoma. These events are based on factual happenings, however some segments are fiction- alized. This manuscript is not intended as a definitive history per se, but rather as a subjective view of a people and an era in our past. -J. C. Nininger For some time Father and Mother Nininger had been concerned about the church situation in the neighbor- hood where we lived in Missouri. They could not help noticing that my brother John and I were beginning to pay attention to girls. As a matter of fact, I was dating Ira Carter pretty regularly and our parents could see that we were becoming fond of each other and that her parents and older sister, Myrna, were encouraging the romance. Our parents had no objections to the Carters as neighbors, but they were not of the Brethren Faith and our parents did not want us to marry outside the Brethren Church. Furthermore, there was no Brethren Church nearer our home than Warrensburg, which was ten miles away and that was a considerable distance to drive with horses and spring wagon which was our fastest mode of transportation, because there were no automobiles those days. So Father and Mother talked over the situation and decided that they would begin to make plans to move, although they had not yet decided where they would go, but one consideration was that it had to be near a Brethren Church. One morning Father was sitting in our big front room reading the Gospel Messen- ger (the Brethren Church paper) and had dropped it on his lap and was gazing unseeingly into the cheery, crackling fire in the big fireplace, his thoughts far away, when he was aroused out of his reverie by Mother's voice, "A penny for your thoughts, Papa; breakfast is ready." Father was very thoughtful as we all went to the breakfast table and after he had "returned thanks" he said, "I was just reading in The Messenger about Oklahoma. This article says it is a prosperous country with good farms and everything, and it mentions a colony of Brethren and a Brethren Church. It also mentions a Brother Joseph Cod, Clarkson, Oklahoma who helps Brethren families get located there. Sounds like it might be worth looking ther Carrier shook hands and land, a land flowing with J. C. Nininger, 1915 Carter was here and she and Jakie spent most of the day together. They even went down into the timber together and were gone a couple of hours. There are no Brethren girls around here and we don't want our boys to marry outside the church. If we could find a farm close to a good church, I would be in favor of it." "I have thought about the boys, too," said Father. "I agree that we don't want them to marry outside the church, and this community mentioned here in The Messenger might solve that problem. We might find a farm close to this Brethren Church mentioned in The Messenger. We could either sell this farm and buy one there, or trade it for one down there if we could find someone who would want to trade. At any rate, I think we should look into it. I heard Brother Carrier of the Mineral Creek Church at Leeton, talking about Okla- homa not long ago and he says several of the brethren there are interested in Oklahoma. I think I'll go down right today and see him." Mother thought it was a good idea and encouraged him to go. We boys finished our breakfasts before Father did and we went to the barn to finish the chores we had started before breakfast. As soon as he had finished his breakfast he also went to the barn and told us boys to saddle Old Coley because he was going to ride down to Leeton to see Brother Carrier. Roy, ten years old, said, "Are we going to move to Oklahoma?" "We'll see," said Father; and we knew by the briefness of the answer and the way he said it that the subject was closed. It was past mid-forenoon when Father arrived at the Carrier home. After the customary Brethren salutary greetings, (Father and Bro- kissed each other, and Mrs. Carrier and Father shook hands only), Father stated his business which struck an agreeable chord because Brother Carrier had also read in The Gospel Messenger, the same article that had inspired Father to pay the Carriers the visit. Brother Carrier said he had been talking with some of the other brethren and quite a few of them seemed to be interested. Father and Brother Carrier discussed the matter at some length and concluded that if the others, who were interested, were agreeable, a committee would be selected to go to Oklahoma and look over the situation and report back. Brother Carrier said he would see the others and arrange for a meeting to be held after church services the following Sunday, to work out details. Father returned home and reported to us and Mother was pleased and we boys were excited, and for the next few days our favorite topic of conversation was Oklahoma, Indians, buffalo, etc. Sunday came and Father went to church at the Mineral Creek Church and coincidently the minister's text was: "I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land to a good and broad milk and honey."--Exodus 3:8. The minister did not realize it, but his sermon spurred the group who were interested in Oklahoma to greater enthusiasm. After church the group met for a picnic lunch that had been planned, with the following families represented: Car- iers, Jarvises, Anson Moore, Larsons, Gregorys, Wil- liamses and Nininger. Bro- ther Carrier had done a good job selling the others the idea of going to Oklahoma, so there was nothing to do but make plans. They decided to have a committee of three go to Oklahoma, look over the situation and report back as soon as possible. Brethren Carrier, Jarvis, and Anson Moore were selected. Before they separated they decided on a date to start, and that they would go by wagon for two reasons: first, it would be much less expensive than going by train and secondly. they could learn the road so that if they drove through when they moved, the scouts could have the route mapped out for them. Brother Carrier was very adept at remember- ing the details of a route, once he had been over it. He could remember every turn in the road, every creek, and river crossing, every town and every significant land- mark. top In g Try A Sandwich:-,----[ nd Cheese Corn Beef [ Salam i and Cheese Braunschweige 1 |e Roast Beef " Reuben Club | "' Plus All the Extras ..... Including: Salad " Baked Beans Taboli We Also Have: 25 Varieties of Sausage Many, Many Cheeses "' billion dollars, into. This farm of ours here p h y's Te Christmas light pro- the evening, is not very good and there is F I N IN MEN' S WEAR Mur lnc ject was discussed and it was Wewereall tired, hungry no church close enough for ........... ...... " decided to either solicit or and broke. Walker had a us to attend regularly. What , Dfi o obtain funds for $1,500 to nickel. He bought a niCkel would you think about us purchase pole decorations worth of ginger snaps. He investigating this Oklahoma Good Line of Blanket Lined Men's 70 for the three block Main  passed them around and country with a view to Denim Jumper Street area. If enough funds said, "Boys, eat till you moving there if we like it and can be raised, 18 fixtures will bust." suitable arrangements can tJ to l off be purchased which will It was about 1903 or 1904. be made?" I allow lightedfixturesoneach That was the days the "I've been thinking a All Sizes & Sleeve Length pole from the north to south Grocery Store bought ginger great deal about the boys," , }orham Wallace city limits. A committee will snaps by the barrel and sold replied Mother. "Jakie and It Long Sleeve Plain $ Pattern attend the Revenue Sharing them out 2 for a penny. That Johnnie are beginning to be [rJofl public meeting that will be kept us alive till we could get pretty friendly with some of Western Shirts Steding Flatware held in October to request home and get something to the girls. When I had that some of the funds for the eat. quilting bee last week, Ira ;EFFECTIVE ON community project. The Without a doubt, those Nice Line of Men's Lions Club has allocated were the best ginger snaps I ................ Oct. 3rd thru Jan. 8th $1000 from their treasurey, ever ate. So I have always It was reported the Lions given Walker credit for IF Sweeten, Sweet Shirts Oct. 16 thru Jan. 14th cleared $342 after expenses saving our lives. were paid on the pancake Walker used to attend all Ira Clapp Just Arrived Ladies Fall Barton supper, our play parties and he was Aug. 15 thru Oct. 15th The Farmers Recognition the life of the parties. There Will Present This Ad At Shoes & House Shoes was always lots of fun when BLIJMER'S Walker was around. dollar minimum order! , Chesney (Harley)Stewart CHAMPLIN Baker's Dry us for details on sales! Gaither, Hurst, Texas who 30001 Kelso Ave. are visiting Gertrude Ish- Eugene, Oregon 97402 before noon Oct. 19 mael. items are special order! This Wednesday is Potluck ...... '"" Will Receive ,uO0 "!" otuCAre Not In Steak Dinner and next week the Cimarron Birthday Dinner will be Laundromat 5 Gal. of Gas CHARGE -- LAY-A-WAY -- VISA CARD Friday the 21st. WATCH THIS SPACE Special guests at the 128N. Main Perkins EACH WEEK--YOU Flrm[[ Perkins and area for UDALREGISTRY--HOUSEwARES-- Center next Monday night Open 24 Hours MAY BE THE NEXT more than 50 years. HARDWARE will be Larry Johnson and WlNNERI -- STILLwATER, OKLA. the Barber Shop Quartet. A. R, Karnes 547-2692 - - ............ got back to Goodnight late in Mo A[[ Sgos i ! Boy s Denim i Jackets ,ilii00 ,00il Men&Boys ii Flannel Shirts ii v Y, ?, New Sizes in Khaki Tan Work Pan00 Just Arrived Christmas i Cutout Material for your Holiday Gifts I