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October 13, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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October 13, 1977

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Commissioners Proceedings The following $outh&apos;,estern De1) Telephone Permits re approved: bury cable for telephe use beglnnin 9 approx 200 feet E. of the SW corner of 14-18-5 and extends E. for 1020 feet bury cable for telephone upprox 900' east of the NW corner of 13"17-4 and extends across reed for 55'. Tha Roard approved the bond for Harle Stokes, Deputy Sheriff. The beard approved the following allocation of the remaining funds in the Sharing accounts from the 1976-77 fiscal year to the 1977-78 flscai year: NO-], Health Unit, Cupltol Outlay $7.55 A4"3, D.A., Capitol Outlay 11.57 C4-3, Treasurer, C.O, 71.OO '2, issloners, HGO 61,0,00 Ha-|, Assescor CO 2.00 14-], Clerk, CO 59,00 1-2, Welfare IO 159.66 R1.1a, Gen. Gvt, PePs. SVC. 323.61. R1.'2 n, Cvt, MtO 86.76 qa-E, Charity, M&O 1732.81. SL1,'L Election Bmar6 CO 56.81 SL1,1e, Election beard, Pers. Svc. 272.10 T4-2, NIgy N#,O 2233,81 T'1,'3 Highway CO I0231,.02 01,-2 HU ,0 31,6.91 Mr. Cruzan stated the county could receive $2,700.O0matchlng funds fro for e transportatlon progr ,Wich the county t:)uld need to invest $17,OO0.00 The following claim were presented and approved: Stewart gock Hwy, -T supplies 3089.92 Sooner Ford , T2, supplies 113.11 Nolmes Hardware 8 Appliance 128.1,8 Albert Equipment 21,2.93 Stewart Rock Hwy, ET. supplies 1,878.27 Hwy, 2T, supplies 21,1,6.98 HOln Auto Supply Hwy, T-2, suppties 11,5.87 Hurst ApeD  T*2 repairs 261.12 Caldwell Implement FIwy, T-2, supplies 80.36 year Service Store  T-2 repairs 1210.65 Stewart Rock Hwy, 2-T ro<:k 21,35.22 Evans i Associates Hwy, 1,T MatS. 21,0.98 R. N. Ward Weldtng Hwy, T-2 service 39.00 Shaw Gulf Hwy, T'2 repairs 341,.1,O Quick Corner Charity Rev. Sharing 20.00 City Drug Store Charity 1,1.55 Royce Drug 1252 20.00 Vee Drug Store i47.20 Perkins Drug 10.OO Lionel Harris Oil Co. ttwy, T-2 service 298.90 Harris }} Apco Service Hwy, T-2 repairs 96.OO Holmes Hardware 5 Appliance  T-2 reapr[s 74.1,1 Rohertson Autotive 91,.97 Everetts Auto Supply 81,.88 Adlms Supply Co. tkay, T-2 supplies 29.25 Boyd Welding Service Nwy, T'2 weeding 221,.OO Caltt Implement Hwy, T-2 service 72.38 F&H Ford Hwy, T-2 service 1,9.71, Tom's OX  T-2 service 7.30 R, R. Ward Holding  T-2 welding 15.-0 Quopew CO. HwV k-T rock 2871.01, Stewart Rock 239,01 Qeapaw Celpany " 351902 $or ford  T-2 parts 76.O Harris Oil CO.  T-2 fuel 2730.80 .Stlllwater Hill  T2 parts 21,.30 City Drug Store Charity RX 121.00 Havre Drug " I0.00 Snider Pharmtcy 172;00 Vee Drug Store 281.1 Perkins Drug I0.00 Oklahoma Natural Gas General, utilities 1658.77 8O4 8O6 818 823 826 829 830 831 836 838 839 843 844 846 847 81,8 849 853 868 869 Fenton Office Supply 87D Hera tage Press 875 StIIIweter News Press 878 Idal ter Long 879 Deerlnger Printing CO,Nlny 880 Hlrjorle F. Shim 881 Jerry O. Price 882 Vlckle Heshunkashey 883 Mancy F. Giles 884 Carl D. Parrots 885 .Rey Russell 886 Carl L. Jones 887 Kathy St lnson 888 A, C. Service lny 889 Veseco, Inc. 890 Nlstletoe Express 891 Inghem LuUher CO. 892 Hospital Products 893 DeC Office Supply 8 II Gibson Products 895 Cushing Plumbing 896 City of Stillwlter 897 Dklahon Natural Gas Co. 898 Xerox Corp 899 Dt, C Office Supply 900 Grace Louise Sutliff 9OI Stllhlter Savings G LOan 902 US Postmster 3 Kalth Ward, Assistant D.A. 901, Ace Herre Hert 'Co. 907 Larry D. ShllAn 908 Waiter R. Davis Earnestlne D. NOde 910 LIri H 1 ckamn 911 Oelorls Fowler 9i2 Evelyn Roton 913 Llnde N. Shlpmn 9111 Oklahoml NatHrll ll CO. 915 Darhara hker 916 State Agency for Surplus Property 917 Ostls Electronics 9 Douglas Lee Curtis 8 D.A. Training rdltion Council R. A. Young Son supplies, Hwy. 295,18 Starts Supply supplies, I. 1442.00 NOra Elltngton, LSR services, D.A. 60.50 Harris' Seklly Service Station supplles, Gen. S,k3 UIIli E. is glasses, Charity 15. Oklehoee Nltursl Gas Company utilities, V*,y. 9.2D Southwestern Bell service, HEY. II.OO Hagic Empire Express service, Iy. 3,62 C. L. Weathers Ancy Insurance, #ey. 229.00 United States Post Office stas, H.U. 194.OO BJ Wright $ Son, Inc. supplies, Ry. 232.19 State Insurance Fund orkmens Comp., Gen. $57.36 r. The Calculator Company service, Treasurer 3.OO Southwestern Bell TelepHone service, C,0. 160.34 Southwestern De1| TelepHone service, C.D. .gS State Agency for Surplus Property supplies, C.D. 57.69 State Insurance Fund Worlns Cop., Ny. 2155,1D State Depertmant of lost,, SOc. Rohab. relmbursulnt, eIfaro 256.18 Western Union service, C.O. 38.OO supplies, C.D. ID.15 supplies, C.O. 56.70 puDIIcatlon, Iy. 44.36 services, Gin. IOO.OO supplies, Assessor 30.O travel, H,U. 54.60 44.1,0 43.80 11.0 165.15 132,30 139.90 27.9O service, N.U, 29.75 supplies, H.U. 38.50 service, N.U. 9.50 supplies, N.U. 1,.9 supplies, H.U. 130.51 supplies, H.U. 6.46 supplies, H.U. S.90 supplies, M.U. 43.83 utilities, fl.U. 511.71 9.82 rental, H.U, 1,16.76 supplies, N.U. 18.85 service, H.U. 65.OO rent, H.U. 30.OO stags, M.U. 65,OO travel, O.A. 21,.30 services, D.A. 3.0 supplles, Assessor )7.80 services, M.U. I4S.O travel, H.U. 111.60 %30 2,1o " 36,75 " 24.00 " 33.45 utllltlel, N.U. 2.59 eervlcoe, H,U. 150.00 Supplies, .D. ,27 supplies, C.D. kl.t salary, Nt. ;0 selery, D.A. 00.00 The Chalnn called for I recess at !h56 a.m. The Chelmon called the eeettng back to order from recess at I0:O i.D. The fotlrlng bids wero presented froa the County Clerk as flied by the proper tiee: Evans N Assocletes $6,6.00 Hams Construction, Inc., $6o436.00 These bids aPe for relrs to the streets of the tom of Oleeuoe. Darrell Nockleeborg, Southwestern Bell General, utilitles 9.1,3 Sooner Ford Ht'y T-2 parts 99.38 61,.1,2 Duckwall Wholesale Hy T-2 supplies 21.15 Cushing Meatls Corp. h T-2, service 39.70 Albert Equipment "' 39.79 llone} Harris Oil Co. 2730.80 StiTIwater Newspress Civil Def., Publ. 2k.88 Northern Equipment  T-2 supplies 71.72 Albert Equipment Hy, T-2 parts 590.82 I B M rental, General 1052.80 Hc Coy Hecklenburg & Associates General, Rent 75.00 Fritz Auto Electric Hwy T-2 service IO8.2 Jack & Son Radiator Hwy T2 repairs I0+00 BC Office Supply Commissioners, supp. 9.80 Alexander Mfg Co. Civil Def. Supplies 6735 Oklahoma City Tractor Co. Hwy, Y-2 parts 1,.70 Albert Equivalent Hwy T-2 repairs 36.79 COL Properties 102.00 Albert Equipment 76.88 City of Stillwater HU, utilities 86.79 Harrison Electric Gen+, parts 182.19 Doenges Ford Hwy, T-2 repairs 177.31 Foresee Chevro}et . T-2 parts 90.1, Gibson Products Hwy T-2 supplies 32.94 Albert Equipment  T-2 repairs 280.65 Max[ne Russel/ Hwy, T-2, tags 9.70 Thurman Bridge 8 Block  T-2 supplies 152,90 Roy T. Hoke Civil Def., Supplies 19.2D Stillwater Mill Civil Def., supplles 23.60 Sups of Documents 11,.00 Ace Hardware 5.28 Hamilton Electronics 31.71, Southwestern Betl 5.95 Heritage Press 72.50 State Insurance Fund Ins, Gen. 575.1,1 B&C Office Supplies County Clerk, supplies 1,7.62 The Bradshaw Agency Sheriff. Bond 20.O0 Dan Schroeder Sheriff, repairs 100.00 Southwestern Bell Sheriff, utilities 163.65 State Insurance Fund Hwy, ns. 21,03.59 Horton Office Equipment Assessor. supplies 1,8.00 H. Duane HcVey Ext., Travel 179.60 Cushing Lumber Co. HU Supplies 1,,72 City of Cushing HU utilities 61,32 Hospital Products HU supplies 36.11, Snider Pharmacy HU supplies 7.80 Laverys Flowers HU supplies 26.OO Ideal Cleaners HU service 21.0 Gibson's Products HU supplies 9.8 Mistletoe Express HU freight 12,02 ite made a motion to table claim HD711 for further Information. Mr. yfleld ded the mot on. The motion carried wlth the following votes being cast: Hayfield: aye White: aye Cruzan: aye The board approved the appropriation of $37.35 to Tea. Mr White i] . " agreed to call Kerns regarding purchase order 4T-1.5 from the 76-77 al Year. h Hr. White made a motion to adjourn to reconvene September 26, Ig77, at 9:OO 8,m. t:' ayf eld seconded the motion The motion carried with the following votes being Hayfield: aye 14h ite : aye Cruzan: aye lPect ful Iv Submitted, I G. Ailensorth Clerk mty Snmlw, told the helnl Ilmrl Gltrlotlm mac qlamt low bidder. Sunmlm told the I  to the tim ellolmt, he muld recmeed the board approve the o/eront Io bidder In ordsr to allo the surveyor to predere the atroct. Mr. NOyfleld side I moon that the heerd lusrd the trnct to NOml Gotrlmtlm,.Inc. Onlell the fAImty rvlmr On evlmtllo flndl l loth error In the bid. Mr. Crulum  the ration.  lotion carrlM with the following vetee helrl lt: Iyfllld: aye ruzlm: aye Hr. hayfield made i Itlon that $OO.00 of the above contract be paid from the special fund hlch ere on de@olt with the County Treesuror wI the remainder to fre the funds to be deilted It a later date. Mr. Crusen seconded the lotion. The imtlon corrled with the following votes being cast: Hayfield: aye Cru: aye r. Mecklenburg preeonted "the contracts for the Norfolk ROd and the 9tb 5trees/ Cthlng tledflll rmld projects Idlch the blde were approved It foromr lletlnge. Hr. Hayfield llde I ontlon that the contracts IS presented be elroved. Hr. Cruzan seconded the lotion.  lotion crried with the following votes being st: Hoyfleid: aye Cruzin: aye Hr. Heckhmburo presented i petition for utility ppmlt from Okhlhoee Naturo1 Gas Coe@any for I I +' welded steel coated and wrapped N-P gS service line to be located under the county section road  8 & 29-19-3E, Plyne County, eperoxllltely 4,26[; feet South of the ME corner of 2Ptg-3E. Nr. ReCklenNurg recllnde the board approve the ppmit. Hr. Mlyfieid  motion to approve the petition for utlllty permit for 0lahom Heturoi ie Cmlny. Nr. Cruzen seconded the motlon. The aotlon carried with the following Votes being CaSt: Hayfield: aye Cruzan: aye Mr. Hecklenburg stated the Coyle ROd project has been delayed by the state due tO ambiguous rdlng In the speclflcotlons. Hr. Necklenburg presented petition for utility permit from Phillips Petroleu Coeny for i 6 inch gas plppllne to be located in the  26-19- to NE 27-19"5 and One tO be h:,:ated In the IN 28-19- tO ME 29-19". Mr. Hecklenburg recoMnded the board approve the permit. Mr. Hayfield llde I motion tO grant the permit to Philllps Petroleum COO4NIn Y. Mr. Cruzen seconded the motion. The motion corrled with the follmvlng votes he;rig cast: lyfield: aye Cruzan: lye Hr. Hayfield made lotion to adjourn to reconvene Friday, September 30, 1977. Nr. Cruzan s..orod the motion. The motion corrled with the followilg votes being cast: Respectful ly  subl tted, Llnde G. AIlensworth County Clerk Hayfield: aye Crusen: eye RECORO OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE HEETIBO OF THE PAYNE COUNTY BOARD OF COtISSIONERS iSr The following proceedings will be presented to the Ikrd of County lse1one SPProval S minutes at the P.ext Ineeting oll Septear 30* Jg* 77 The BOard of County Col!lss[oners met In rngular maetlng HOly, SoptlPlr Z6* The following were present: embers: Ulysses E. Cruzan, Chalrmn Orvai Hoyfleld, Nomber Others: Llnde G. Allenorth, County Clerk httie Wlleen, News Reporter e Chirnn cai}ed the meeting to order at :12 A.R. The procoed|nse of the held September 19, 1977, were presented. Nr. RIyfleld mde e lotion to proceedings es presented. Nr. Cruzan seconded the motion. The lot|on the following tes being celt: Heylield: aye Cruzan: eyl .+CHAP!, .1 By Donna Murlin Sunday was Layity Sun- day. Lucille Etheridge was Lay Speaker at Eden Chapel Sunday morning. |t;JIr. Hayfield presented a check from the.Stste of Oklhm In the mt of u'00 for the second In.Ice on the C[TA Vl Spplal ProJects. Sunday evening K -uests of r. Hayfield presented a purchase order for the StlllwIter  Prlo| foP edvertl ,! r tke Phleffer llu[Idlng at the County Polr0rounde. Nr. Noyfleld imle lotlm Mr.and Mrs. Harry Peter- Murlin, Kenny, Kathy, Jana, and Chris. They were helping Mr. and Mrs. Alva Muffin celebrate their 44th Wedding Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Don Perciful called the purchase order for the imthorlaed purchesln 9 191,1t'10 alwalber. Nr. seconded the matlon. The lotion carried with the follIng votes belrd Stt and Mrs, Marvin Beier and Hayfield: eye C ....... ye family of Perry. TI foll.lng Southwestern Bell Telephone Porslt mas preseetl  epprmdl Mrs. G. A. Strickler and ,y ,b,, ,or ,.,epho,, ,. ,n,,ng = ,he W co,,,, o, ,-,,-.. .. Mrs. Charles Murlin, Eliza. St for 13% feat. beth and Marilyn of Okla- t 't'T'AclsefOll'lngRoard:request for elrovel of epprogrlet! .....  to k ,m.eD, homa City spent r.uyV-a- man and family were Mr.  them from Texas. afternoon until Saturday . Is, smlerles and fringe Imeflts $40.0 "' Dridge repairs $.,.o morning with Mr. and Mrs. 'o,.In, pr...t.d ,ed .o for pe,...,: Alva Murlin. fiscal year: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne 'Iftr PrJntlng lRpefl T St|les, T... U.SO Taylor visited Mrs. Elsie F: Pock Wednesday. . co.,, co.y ,.!,.,. ,u ,.,s Mrs. Opal Courtright NIgy Cash: Draha's Stet[ons G Country Store S l|le$, w! .ms visited Mrs. Emily Floyd " '" Thursday. fisca| year: cec,, v. Dredlay ..,l.... !s.R Shawn McLemore spent Okley Fence Company serv|ces, .D. 17.00 w. R. wee,, ..cT l.,.r,.,. . , o.= Friday night with his C&W TesecO allee, I. tS.(dl . Ato.=t,ve, Inc. ,,,.. ,. ,.s! grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Okllho Noturel s utllltlee, . 74.$1 Cecil V, Dredlay I11. Hlly. IS.OO Joe Burton. w,,t.. ..i.,  ,7.,o Those visiting Mr. and Ity of Stllleter utilities, fen. J.O + rrl. to Vnc,rlc ,.rvl.,  u. Mrs, Alva Muriin were Mr, :Okl City Tractor suppllem, 14. II,$0 ,.l,= s.,,.! c.y + ,.,,,,., ,,.!m .,,t s.m and Mrs. Paul Mullen, Mr. ,"lille PoPter Nrvl. Nmlth IIE 17.N +t.lo,, Pr!,r, ,.,,li.,, !t u.,R s.u and Mrs. Jack Sutiiff, ,.,, ,x , ,.,,,,., c.,. " Ramonda, Mickey and . Atlo Nolle Informtlon System |ullles, .D, m.)) Fr|t, Auto E|tr| " Sq!l.. . m.. Donna, Mr. Fnud[ Sutliff, Mr Mrs. Lee Wednesday evening din- ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burton was Mr. Jack McKnight. "0- FFA NEWS The Dairy Team won First at the Tulsa Fair Dairy Cattle judging. On the team were Anita Wesffall, Jenifer Dod- rill, Kelly Taylor and Glen Grider. Anita was 9th High Individual. The Livestock Judging team placed Sth. Team members were Andy Schroe. der, Tammy Lore, Jeff Brown and Scott Higgins. Cattle Grading team won 2nd. JeffBrown was Ist high and received $.50 gift certificate. Guy Rose, 2nd high and received $30 gift certificate. Pecos Briden. stine and Glen Grider were also on the $ The Perkins Journal Thursday, October 13, 1977-11 By EJna Eaton Wilson News fron Here and There T00oo on October 23, Sunday afternoon everyone who ever went to school with by Edna Eaton Wilson abound unto much fruit for lren Gray home late Friday Paul Henry, Harold A letter from the Rev. and His glory as you serve Him. night, Oct. 6. Many neigh- Straughn (Yep, the former Mrs. Charles Luster, La- In Chirstian Love, Charles bors came through the fog well-loved Payne County Grange, Wyoming, 82221 and Ruth Luster." and gloom of the night to Treasurer, none other), brings the news to all of us .... help salvage what could be Allie King Gilespie (now of who knew and loved them so Mrs. Jack Dryden has saved. Cushing) or your humble well for their work north of received a golden wedding Next week is going to Here and There Reporter of Guthrie, and for the estah- gift from Jack in the shape of celebrate a busy social Payne County, will meet at lishment and operation of a beautiful china cabinet for calendar at Diamond Valley the Methodist Fellowship Camp Joy north of Guthrie, displaying the beautiful s,t Community. First off, the that the Lusters are happy of china which we errone. Farm Womens Club will Building for a reunion. This and busy with the Lord's ously reported was from meet with Blanche Mathis in includes Ripley and sur- work in Wyoming. The letter their children, but was a gift Stillwater on Thursday, the rounding area. Now that will reads in part: from Jack's brothers and 20th; The Music Festival that be Oct. 23. It will be a grand reunion of the old timers, "Classes oetened on Au- sisters. The new color TV comes every other Friday harking back to the Olden gust22 .... It is indeed a joy to was a gift from Jack and night will be at the teach those who are so eager Dollie's son and daughters. Community Center on the Days and Times! to learn. We have 66 .... 21st. The annual Fund The CommunitySocialand students enrolled. Mrs. Abbie Boyd Doty of Raiser on the 22nd (Saturday household shower held at "My assignment here is the Bend community was night) when everyone who teaching basic New Testa- visited by two of her wants to eat good food and Ingalls Community building Monday evening for Mr. and ment which for the first granddaughters (children of enjoy good fellowship will Mrs. Clyde Matheson whose semester includes John I and her son, the late Arthur trek to the Community II, Corinthians I and II, Liston), and four great Center to eat a good Ham 'n home was destroyed by fire Timothy and Titus. grandchildren, all from Bean supper or Beef Stew due to a bolt of lightning "Second semester will Moore. (Sorry, folks, we lost with vegetables, and all the recently was well attended. Many useful articles were cover Acts, Romans, Ephes- the notes that told the names usual trimmin's go with presented to the family. The ians, and Collossians. of the visitorsl) All of the either or both. Receipts to go "Thanks for the gift visitors visited Abbie's big for upkeep and improve- Mathesons are tops as people. Ingalis people are toward our moving expense, pecan tree that is shedding ments of the Diamond Valley among the finest to be found. "We are well as we write its huge, rich crop of nuts Center. this, and we pray the Lord's already before frostl -0- blessings upon all of you Fire caused by a bolt of LEGAL NOTICE there. May God's blessings lightning destroyed the (Published in The Perkins Journal, Thursday, September 29, October 7, 14, 21 and 28, 1977-S times) Perkins Roundup Club ELECTION PROCLAMATION Playday Pursuant tO Ordinance duly adopted by the governing winners listed body of the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma, the undersigned President of the Board of Trustees of said Town hereby calls a special election to be held in said Town on the 1st The Perkins Roundup Club 2rid Sherry Kinsley day of November, 1977, for the purpose of submitting had a good turn out with 3rd Gordon White,Jr. to all of the registered qualified electors residing within several entries at their 4th Carol Dry said Town the following proposition: playday Sunday. We had 19 & Over several winners and they are 1st Margene Payne PROPOSITION as follows: 2nd Donnie Chapman BARRELS-8& Under 3rd J.B. Rush Shall the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma, lease to the 1st Danielle Dawes 4th Gene Price Trustees of the Ripley Public Works Authority (a public 2nd Tina Rush POLES trust of which said Town is the beneficiary), all of the 13 & Under 8 & Under Town's existing proprietary revenue-producing utility 1st Donna Dry 1st DanielleDawes systems and facilities, together with any and all 2nd Sherry Craycraft 2nd Tina Rush enlargements and improvements thereto and any other 3rd Lori Lowe 13 & Under proprietary revenue-producing utility systems and 4th Justin Payne 1st Justin Payne facilities acquired by the Town during the life of such 14 thru 18 2nd Carla Higgins Lease, in the form now on file with the Town Clerk, to 1st Donna Mozena 3rd Scott Speed enable the Trustees of said Authority to enlarge and/or 2rid Sherry Kinsley 14 thru 18 improve said utility systems and, at this time, to incur 3rd Caroi Dry 1st Sherry K. indebtedness, and issue their bonds, or notes, in 4th Sherry Chapman 2nd Donna M. aggregate principal amount not exceeding $150,000.00 .... 19&Over + 3rd Gordon (for which the Town and its taxpayers shall not be 1st Roma Price 4th Sherry Chapman liable) to pay the costs and expenses of and incidental 2nd Anita Shellhammer 19 & Over to such enlargements and improvements and incurring 3rd Brenda Magdeburg 1st Roma Price such indebtedness, to be secured by such leasehold and 4th Margene Payne 2nd Barbara Ackerson the net revenue or income of the leased systems and FLAGS --8 & Under 3rd Margene Payne facilities after paying or providing for the payment of, 1st LouAnn Smith 4th Gene Price all costs and expenses of operation and maintenance 2nd Danielle Dawes CALF ROPING thereof, with the remainder of such net revenue or 3rd Tina Rush 19& Over income being payable to or for the benefit of the 13 & Under 1st Puddin Payne beneficiary of said Authority, the Town of Ripley? 1st Donna Dry 2rid Gordon White, Jr. 2nd Scott Speed 3rd Lee Craycraft The polling places for said special election shall be 3rd Sherry Craycraft 14 thru 18 opened at 7:00 o'clock, A.M., and shall remain open 4th Jenny Briscoe 1st Puddin Payne until, and be closed at 7:00 o'clock, P.M., on said day. 14 thru 18 2rid Dan Schroeder 1st Donna Mozena All registered qualified electors residing within the corporate limits of said Town shall be entitled to vote on Girl Scouts have kicked the foregoing proposition at said election. I . DATED AND ISSUED this 22nd day of September, ! m off a big year in Perkins 1977. ! -s-Dale Carothers President, Board of Trustees of the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma !l Perkins Girl Scouts kicked Calendar sales start No- ATTEST: (SEAL) off a busy year in scouts with vember 7th. This year along -s-Lana Richardson a at the home of with our popular wall Town Clerk of the Town of calendar we will be selling Junior leader Dianne Dam- Ripley, Oklahoma ron on Friday October 7th. purse size calendars. The girls enjoyed songs and Brownies will be visiting 1, the undersigned Town Clerk of the Town of Ripley, games, and helped Charlotte friends and neighbors with Oklahoma, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true, Pitts celebrate her birthday, calendars and Juniors and correct and complete copy of an Election Proclamation About forty girls are Cadets will be stationed at duly executed and issued on the date therein stated as involved in scouting here in various places around town Perkins and more adults are so everyone in Perkins will the same appears on file in my office as a part of the needed to lead the girls, have a chance to get their official records thereof. Adult volunteers do not need calendars. Along with serv. .s-Lana Richardson to have a daughter in the ing your own needs by Town Clerk, Town of program to be involved. For purchasing calendars, you Ripley, Oklahoma more information call ,547- will also be helping our girls (SEAL) 2196. earn money to finance their -o- various activities. ""'"+ RED +BRRN 225-902+I 1 Fire O00IEL$ // j.i.,lt00.U k f+ ,. ""+ LEVIS + - $0 fill _ / $111m lilll f/iml ' Ooen + m limb +00kllllal 9"- 6 . 'liB.. , t'l mondog- imll00lll .d.l Soturdo M li m ii i i