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October 15, 2020     The Perkins Journal
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October 15, 2020

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Community THE JOURNAL, Thursday, October 15, 2020 A7 JOY Page A4 hospital. We lifted up the City leaders, Sanitation and the Utilities department. V My daughter, Mary, has a birthday this month. I am trying to think of something really delightful to give her. 1 She is beautiful, savvy, bright and creative in many artistic fields, loves her. son, daughter and all the grand children. In the news this week Firefighters estimate that a fire in NW. OKC will cost at least $30,000.00. Cancer patients who used Zantac may be compensated. The OSU-Baylor game for Oct. 17th has been post- poned. Baylor suspended football operations due to medical tests after multiple positive Covid—l9 results. Lindsay native teams up with Cajun Navy relief to assist in Hurricane Delta relief. Boris Johnson briefs ministers today about a three- tiered lock down system for England. Amid stark warnings by leading scientists that the country is at a “precarious position” in the Corona virus crisis. Some of the real crisis is adjusting to the crisis! Emotional levels rise in our lives and families. We need down time for play and exercise. We still have gang—related crimes in the large cities. Drug use is taking the lives of our young people. A normal life style of the “good old days” does not exist. 7 What are some techniques for coping....enough sleep, time for prayer, practicing safe distancing and wearing masks, using sanitizer, taking care of your health and practicing gratitude for what you have in life. It is important to praise and give recognition to those who have loved and mentored us in our life time. One of my very favorite people was Sherrill Lewis who just had a birthday in Heaven. Beautiful, articulate, artistic in many craft areas, sewing, jewelry making, writing and photography. Sherrill loved “life” and was a fantastic business woman. I treasure our cOnversations and celebrations. Lewis had this unique gift of helping others see that they could reach their goal. -’ This week find those who have “loved on you” and helped heal broken places, and take time to embrace those moments of joy. FIRST CLASS SELF-STORAGE oiled s Eloorto‘Ceiling Steel Partitions . nee &;Lightigig .5 Insulated Roof 5' ,1 , . I I I, H 5VISA,MC&DiscO\_/erf .ve'e’nt Intby Phone j‘ iFre'eDisk Lockw/UnitRental w, Freeman}- Perkins -. ,,:.;,.(,.405)..547-3693 and so much N0 appointment necessary! - FLU suers -_sumsr.£s sums - PNEHMONIA sums are» PERKINS DRUG 820 N. MAIN ST., PERKINS; OK 74059 (405) 547-2414 ~< V HIS} Manse as H 3: . BAD MARY’S . As much as Eli hated it, one saloon across the way became the most popular. The place was run by a large woman name of Bad Mary. Mary had been in the saloon business since she was twelve or so when her mother, who was a whore, was beat to death by a drunkard who didn’t feel he was getting his money’s worth. Her mother left her seven dollars,,some cheap ear rings, a .36 caliber pistol and small hope. Mary used, the seven dollars to bury her and went to work doing the only thing she could. For quite a while the girl was known as Little Mary but when she was about fifteen or so started gaining weight and by} the age of tWenty-two became Mary the Big. She became Bad Mary the day she caught a gambler going through her purse and shot him full of holes with her .36, then dragged the man out of her room and threw his body down a flight of stairs. She then slowly walked down the stairs, reloading along the way and shot the dead man six more times. A good dozen men had run out the saloon door not believing what . they had just seen. The bar keep came up from behind the bar, looked at her and said, “That’s bad, Mary. Real bad.” The bar keep was blind as a bat, his eyes all grey from cat— aracts. He was old as the hills and had kept the bar for years. This shooting was a final straw. He didn’t think he could do it anymore. Mary stepped over the dead man, walked to the bar and poured herself a drink, then another. “Mary, I gotta get outta this.” “What you mean?” “I mean I can’t do this no more. I’m too old. I’m gonna sell, sure as hell I’m gonna.” Bad Mary looked at the old man. “Just What do you think you might have to have for this shit hole?” “Well, I figure two hundred. I’m gonna put a sign out. I’m gonna put it out today, sure as hell, I’m gonna.” Bad Mary patted the old man‘on the hand and said, “You wait right here.” Up the stairs she went. “Here’ 5 the two hundred and I want it all, everthing ya hear?” The old man counted the money and cast his one good eye f?" {131' 2:5, PERKINS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC, MARY A. MORRIS, AGENT JOSHUA E. MORRIS, AGENT LANE'ITE PIERSON, AGENT 218 N. Main P.0. Box 136 Perkins, OK 74059 405-547-2971 at the heavy woman. “You been here a long time and I never asked, would you mind if’ n I wuz to touch one a those?” I “You old bastard, there ain’t another man gonna touch me again, not never!” She threw back another drink, walked out the door and down to the livery to buy a wagon. At the livery she hired a Mexican boy of about ten years to come up to the saloon and help her load up. She and the boy loaded everything, all the whiskey, several jars of pickled eggs and sausages and all her suitcases. It was too exciting to think about. Mary had two weeks to get there. Plenty of time before the 22nd. She looked at the old man behind the bar and spit. Bad Mary looked down from the wagon seat at the skinny Mexican boy, “You can go on home now.” He looked up. “Lady,I ain’t got no home. I sleep down there with the horses. My Momma dead long time. My daddy up an run off, long time too.” The big woman looked all around and scratched her neck. “Look here now, you’re gonna come with me.” She reached over and extended her hand. The boy took it. “You gotta name?” . “My name Rudolfo de la Villa. I got a friend though, he call me Rudy.” “Well, you got two friends now, Rudy de la Villa. Come 1 on, we got a ways to go.” She reined the horses. Free land was waiting, Mary had a future now, free land for a large woman who had worked since she was twelve years old and a young Mexican boy who until now had absolutely nothing to look fdrward too. Bad Mary pulled up in front of the mercantile at the edge of tOWn and stopped. ' .“We’re goin in here and get some stuff. You need a change of clothes and maybe a hat and I need some pants.” “But, you a woman.” “I’m chuckin this dress and I ain’t never wearin one again.” “I’m sorry, lady. I wuz afraid to ask.” “Rudy, your days I of bein afraid are over. You ask me anything you want. You can trust me. From now on, it’s just you and me. In the store they went.” Rudy walked out of the store all smiles in a new shirt and a brand—new hat. Mary came out dressed in canvas pants that were too big, a checked shirt and boots, carrying a holster for the .36. Both climbed up to the wagon seat, Rudy still all smiles as he mashed the hat around making it pointed in front. The big woman gave the horses a light tap with the reins. “Lady, where we goin?” ' “Well, Rudolfo de la Villa, we goin into Oklahoma. In a couple of weeks, they’re givin away free land and we’re gonna get some of it, you and me.” They rode for a while without speaking then Rudy turned toward the woman. “Lady ,1 don’t know your name.” “My name is Mary, Rudolfo de la Villa, my name is Mary. “I’m thankin ya, Miss Mary.” “No, Ruderhank you.” Bad'Mary gave the horses a pop and westward theywent. Rudy moved closer so that he could touch the big woman and gave his hat a slight pull to the left. He put his right hand on hers so he could help drive. She didn’t mind. ' Dagne County residents deserve the best qualified candidate: ’ . TomDugger Dedicated to Education Tom Dugger and several family members graduated from Oklahoma State more! University. At OSU, he was recognized with selection to Phi Kappa Phi and Beta Alpha Psi honorary societies. His wife of 50 years, Ann Dugger, retired from Stillwater Public Schools after a 35-year teaching career in Oklahoma. She currently serves as an Adjunct Professor in the OSU College of Education and Human Services helping train the next generation of teachers. Tom and Ann raised a family in Stillwater, and together they understand the importance of educating our children for the future of our state. For more information about Tom Dugger for State Senate: https://Www.faceb00k.com/duggerforstatesenate tomdugger.com Authorized and paid for by Tom Dugger for State Senate, PO. Box 191, Stillwater, OK 74076